Stop Trying So Hard

Stop Trying So Hard

Christmas Gift Secret Santa

Hey Beautiful Soul!

This holiday season I urge you to be your own not-so-secret Secret Santa because the Universe has a gift for YOU right now:

Replace the words “try”, “trying”, and anything else along these lines within your vocabulary to something much more acceptable through self-appreciation. The harder I try at anything, the more frustrated I become and the harder it is to manifest it- WHATEVER it is I’m manifesting into my physical sphere.

You are much better than this! Truly. You don’t need to “try” at anything, you can “do” instead. The word “do” is more empowering than “try”, “do” is a choice and a decision.


Choose words in your vocabulary to use daily so that they become habitual behaviors of self-love and acceptance. The moment you decide to fully accept yourself and love yourself, the moment your manifestation emerges into your physical realm because you STOP trying so hard.

Has any other Law of Attraction teacher ever told you to struggle in order to manifest- and ManiFAST (manifest faster)?

There isn’t anything “wrong” with you and you’re certainly not doing anything “wrong” either. You are manifesting everything you focus on, so focus on yourself just as you ARE:

A uniquely gifted soul who has purpose and who is allowed to experience passion and joy in your life.

You are allowed to manifest everything you desire, and it’s all within arm’s length, bouncing around through elemental particles all around you. Funnel them into your physical sphere by appreciating who you ARE, because there is nothing wrong with you, Beautiful Soul.


XOXO Jaclyn

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Happy December!

Happy December!

December 2019 Message

Hey Beautiful Soul!

Happy December! I have a question for you and please be honest: when was the last time you did your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling? It can be a pen to paper or typing onto your computer. 2019 is nearing the end and I encourage you to journal out all the good things (big and small) that happened for you this year and why you are thankful for them.

Use this month to write into reality! Take 5 minutes and journal out everything you desire as being in the present, or already having been experienced in the past, and why you are thankful for them.

Once you have done this, finish your journaling by writing out:

I fully surrender to the Universe and to the outcome because I know I am always receiving blessings with ease. I now allow the Universe to work its magic because I’m focusing on joy and peace in my life.

Reply and let me know what comes up for you! How are you feeling now that you are giving the Universe permission to work its magic? What are you now choosing to focus on while your manifestations emerge? The moment you FULLY surrender to the Universe and to the outcome, BAM! Your manifestation emerges into your physical realm faster than the speed of light.

I believe in you.

XOXO Jaclyn


Using Sleep to Manifest Money

It’s Part II of the 2-Part “Resting to Rejuvenate Your Success” Series! Part II is about using sleep to manifest money!

Do you know how much your life improves very quickly when using sleep with the Law of Attraction? This is a 2-part series I collaborated with Health Bloggers Community for using Rest to Rejuvenate Your Success. Learn the secrets to the science of sleep for both your body weight and staying youthful in this episode.

Tag me on IG and let me know what you think: 

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I Don’t Have A Black Friday Sale

I Don’t Have A Black Friday Sale


Hey Beautiful Soul,

Happy Black Friday! I hope you’re resting today and getting over your food coma from yesterday’s festivities. Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom and then watched reruns of FRIENDS all day. Afterwards, I took a nap and spent some time with my sweet chemist.

I really hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are enjoying your Black Friday!

I am spending the day doing house chores: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. I haven’t actually taken advantage of any Black Friday deals, except for sales on groceries! Haha. What are you doing today? Reply and let me know how your Thanksgiving was for you.

The Holidays Are Here! But I’m Not Doing A Black Friday Sale

I’m not doing a Black Friday sale. I decided a week ago that I’m doing a Holiday Gift Giving Bundle that is 67% off with 10% of ALL sales going to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline!

Whether you or someone you know needs help with learning how to manifest faster when it comes to their desires, my Holiday Gift Giving Bundle contains 2 of my best-sellers:

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You get Q&A access with me during the course of the 5-week program through email or Facebook Messenger so I can help you get even clearer about your soul’s calling and mastering the Law of Attraction!


Have a beautiful weekend, Amazing Soul! I wish you and your loved ones plenty of rest and relaxation. Remember to use your affirmations daily.

Tip: Use affirmations as passwords, it will subconsciously program your mindset! I do this all the time and it totally works!

XOXO Jaclyn

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