Make A Wish: 2018= 11!


If you haven’t written your letter to 2018 yet, do so TODAY!

Dear 2018,

Thank you for…(insert all of your hopes and dreams as IS in the present and already achieved in your new reality)

2018 = 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8)

2018 is the year for LOVE and PROSPERITY.

Everything you have been wanting was being rearranged in 2016 by breaking down and getting rid of what no longer served you and your soul’s truest happiness.

Everything you have been wanting was being organized and set up in 2017 with the necessary soul-aligned information being gathered. This year was the gathering all of the materials for your soul’s new reality.

And now in 2018 you can go full speed ahead without ANY fears because everything you want comes together in 2018, so long as you continue to have FAITH in the Universe/God and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire by taking inspired actions. Yes, it can be scary and uncomfortable at times, but magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Trust me! I am living proof of this! I have been journaling every single day everything I want into my new reality and it is now becoming into the physical realm. It CAN happen for you, too!

Believe, trust, have faith, stay positive, do your mindset journaling every single day, and follow your soul’s nudges by taking inspired actions. The Universe/God IS helping you with your manifestations. I promise!

Happy 2018! Enjoy it, go forth in faith, and remember what your soul truly desires each time you feel you are a bit out of your comfort zone- magic happens OUTSIDE of the box. Get rid of the box altogether. HAVE FUN and remember your soul’s truest happiness as you move forward into your new reality. The Universe/God IS working FOR you and your highest happiness. Go forward and know love and prosperity for your soul’s truest calling, and your happy life, IS beginning NOW.

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn


Do What You Love!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Are you making decisions based upon “should”? Are you taking actions from a point of feeling like it’s “expected”? Are you spending your time and energy with people who are not fully supportive and encouraging of your life goals? Are you spending time with people who drain your energy or make you feel bad about yourself?

If so, STOP RIGHT NOW. You can choose to stop at ANY moment in time. You are not here to “go with the flow” in life. You are not here to always please other people. You are not here allow 10 to 20 years go by and you still haven’t achieved some of your life goals or live your life by your soul’s truest calling in HAPPINESS!

You are here because you have a PURPOSE in this world. You are here because you ARE worthy. You are here because you DESERVE to live your life in happiness. You ARE worthy of having everything you desire into your life. You ARE allowed to achieve your life goals. You ARE allowed to have your dream job. You ARE allowed to be with your best friend and life partner. You ARE allowed to write that book, start your business, go on that trip you’ve been dying to take, and anything else in your life that you truly desire on your soul’s journey. You ARE allowed to do what you love!

Pay attention to what your mindset is like throughout each day. I challenge you to set your alarm on your phone 4 times tomorrow. Each time it goes off, stop what you are doing and check in with your mind. Are you allowing yourself to think negative thoughts? Are you allowing yourself to focus on the “lack” in your life? What are you thinking? Each time the alarm goes off, stop what you are doing and really set the INTENTION to think positively. Focus on how thankful you are in your life, focus on the phrase “I AM” and insert your life goals that you literally ARE manifesting into your soul’s journey, “I AM on the way to doing/being/having…” Use the alarm method to turn your limiting thinking and state the OPPOSITE of it in your mind as soon as you catch yourself going down a path of negative thoughts.

And remember, just because you were raised to have certain beliefs while growing up emphasized to you by your parents and grandparents doesn’t mean you have to CONTINUE these beliefs as an adult. You get to choose. You have a choice. Are you living your life based upon “should” and expectations? Are you allowing limiting thoughts and beliefs dictate your decisions and actions in your life?

If the answer is “yes”, you know what to do: change your thoughts. It takes practice, just like learning to play piano or learning how to tie your shoes. You can choose at any moment in time to change a limiting thought into a more positive, empowering thought. And I highly recommend you using the phrase “I AM” to help you practice exactly who you want to be and what you truly desire into your soul’s journey.

Go set your alarm for 4 times tomorrow. Check in with your mindset. Re-evaluate your thinking patterns. Practice, practice, practice. Practicing makes progress and progress creates the manifestation. Communicate with the Universe what your intentions truly are in your soul. You’ve got this!

PS- Unblock Into Alignment starts on January 5th! 6 days full of mindset activities, a secret Facebook group, access to my methods and techniques that have helped me to manifest so much into my life this past year! I am here to help you as you take control of your happiness and future. If you are feeling stuck in limiting beliefs and thought patterns, now is the time to unblock them, release them, establish newly empowering beliefs, and learn how to work WITH the Universe to speed up your manifestations! Join here and I’ll see you in the secret Facebook group, time to start manifesting everything you WANT into your life and live by your soul’s truest happiness!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

The Weekend Is Here! Manifesting Into 2018!

Girl Jaclyn

Hi Sensational Souls!

The weekend is here and 2018 is literally upon us. I was reading some spiritual articles this morning and it sounds as if 2018 is the year for love and prosperity. Therefore, I decided to cater my weekly journaling prompts that I give every Friday in my Facebook community, Manifest It!, to help prepare us all for 2018’s year of LOVE and PROSPERITY. Journal out or type out onto your computer the following:

1) What are you thankful for that has happened in 2017? Answer this question 11 times.

2) What are you manifesting right now? WHY do you want to manifest it/them? What progress have you made so far in the manifestation process (anything and everything counts- remember, big steps, small steps, doesn’t matter so long as they are steps)?

3) Complete this sentence 11 times: I AM so thankful for my ability to…(finish by describing the traits you love about yourself and WHY you love these traits about yourself)

4) In love and relationships, I am thankful for…(complete this sentence 11 times and write out your DESIRED loving relationship with your mate as IS/already IN the present- remember, you are manifesting your desired relationship by believing it as IS)

5) WHY are you thankful for #4 (answer 11 times)? FEEL into your whys and relish in the joys you feel as you answer!

5) With respect to what you are manifesting (any and everything), what are you going to do in 2018 to help you SHOW the Universe/God what you desire? You ARE receiving help behind the scenes to speed up the manifestation process! Answer at least 5 times. Prosperity comes when you follow your soul’s inspired nudges- your soul’s calling! Focus on WHAT you are passionate about in life because prosperity follows! How can you serve the Universe and all of its inhabitants?

6) Now that you have brainstormed some ideas in #5, look over what feels good and gives you feelings of inspiration and circle these. Journal/type out WHY you feel inspired by these!

7) What can you do to hold yourself accountable with these inspired actions you have identified? Answer at least 5 times.

8) Read what you wrote in #7 and DO IT! Set calendar reminders in your phone to take these inspired action steps 3 times per week! Remember, consistency is KEY, keep going! Consistency really does pay off and you are SHOWING the Universe/God what you truly want- and you ARE being heard. I promise! KEEP GOING!

9) Free-write your new reality for the next 10-15 minutes. What does your new reality look like? What are your surroundings of colors, textures, sounds, feelings, daily habits, who are you spending time with, etc. Get real specific!The more you FEEL into your writing/typing, the more alive it comes and it helps to speed up your manifestation process! And state your WHYS when writing/typing because this produces more feelings of conviction when you express WHY you desire what you are manifesting!

10) How are you feeling now? Read #7 and #8 one more time and GO DO IT! Start now! There is no reason to wait until 2018, start/continue showing the Universe/God what you ARE manifesting! Daily steps ARE steps towards your soul’s new reality- keep going!

Remember, magic happens outside of your comfort zone. It really does! I am proof of this, so the more you practice, the less uncomfortable you begin to feel because your mind starts shifting towards your new reality and it begins to feel even more REAL as you go. It is supposed to feel odd in the beginning, but just like in learning how to ride a bike, you are learning to shift your mindset and your belief systems into your new reality. And trust me, the Universe/God IS listening and responding. Magic happens behind the scenes at first, and then the physical realm catches up. Your mind CREATES the physical because the Universe/God responds!

PS- Unblock Into Alignment, the 6-day online program, starts January 5th! Learn how to identify and release limiting mental beliefs, establish a newly positive belief system, and learn how to work WITH the Universe in order to speed up your manifestations! 6 days of journaling mindset activities paired with inspired actions, a secret Facebook group, and access to me to help you with this process by answering your questions throughout this program!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Dear 2018, Thank You For…


Hi Sensational Souls!

2018 is almost here and now is a GREAT time to write your letter to the year of 2018 and thank the Universe for everything you have received into your life. Don’t wait for January 1st to start on your soul’s 2018 path, start NOW. You are on a time-travel into the future now that you ARE, have RECEIVED, and AM in your new reality!

Dear 2018,

Thank you for…(finish this letter by writing out all of your dreams as IS in the present)

Enjoy it, have fun, be thankful, and write your letter with true conviction. The Universe IS listening and IS working behind the scenes to help you on your soul’s path towards your new reality. You ARE already manifesting whether you realize it or not right now. Keep going! This is so exciting because you literally write with conviction into existence everything you truly want into your life!

PS- Unblock Into Alignment, the 6-day online program, starts January 5th, 2018! Learn how to identify limiting mental blocks, understand WHY you have them, release them for good, establish a newly powerful mindset belief system, and propel yourself in the manifestation process by learning how to work WITH the Universe to receive your new reality! Click here to sign up into the secret Facebook group! I will add you and I can’t wait to help you unblock your fears, worries, and stress to help you get yourself into universal alignment towards your new reality!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Is Our Life Already Written For Us?


Hi Sensational Souls!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2018 year is off to a great start RIGHT NOW! Remember, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to make changes in your life- start NOW!

Every Wednesday in our Facebook community, Manifest It!, I answer members questions surrounding the law of attraction and manifesting everything your soul truly desires in life. Today I received an interesting inquiry:

Question: Is everything pre-written, or do we write our own destiny?

Answer (Journal Girl Jaclyn):

Love this question! What do YOU think? Everyone has a different belief when it comes to spirituality. I do feel our souls have a reason for being. While I cannot pinpoint the exact origin of our existence, I do feel our souls have a purpose. We all have gifts to share in this world, and each of us are equal to choices of thoughts and feelings in everything that we do. We are POWERFUL beings, and we have the choice to make a change in our thoughts and feelings at ANY given moment in time. In my humble opinion (I am not the higher being to be able to state that my opinion is the be-all truth), we do get to write our own destiny for the most part. What I mean by this is, sometimes life throws us curve balls; but, we get to CHOOSE how to react and respond to some things in life. We also get to CHOOSE to be proactive in many circumstances as well. There are many things that have happened in my life that I would not CHOOSE to experience; but, I do feel everything happens for a reason and it is to help us evolve as beings and souls.

For example, the trauma I experienced in my life has helped me to evolve into who I am in the present. And now I am able to share my gifts to the world because I realize what I can bring to the world in order to serve the Universe and help others. Therefore, I do believe we CHOOSE how we respond and act/react while on our journey. Do I want to spend the majority of my energy focusing on the negative of my past? No. Do I want to spend the majority of my energy living by my soul’s purpose and serving the Universe and all of its inhabitants to the best of MY gifts? Yes. I am writing my soul’s “story” as I go, and the Universe IS listening and helping me along the way as I evolve as a spiritual being. This is so powerful!

Ask yourself the question above and journal around it as part of your daily mindset journaling. I have a section in my journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, in order to help you explore these types of subjects with regards to your beliefs. Journaling these types of questions are really effective in helping you to approach how to take soul-aligned actions in your manifestation process towards your new reality. It helps you to understand your soul’s path and purpose so that you identify and take inspired actions to show the Universe what you truly want for your new reality. And the Universe IS helping you along the way! My life has changed SO MUCH and for the better in 2017 since I started doing mindset journaling on a daily basis. I love it! I AM manifesting exactly what I write down- it’s AMAZING!

My journal workbook is being published through Amazon and Smashwords ANY day now. I cannot wait to help you on your soul’s journey! I cannot emphasize how powerful your mind truly is with regards to manifesting everything you truly into your life. It’s completely magical! Say hello to your new reality!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn