A Special Gift: Feeling High Vibe!


Hey Sensational Souls!

In honor of my book now being on Goodreads.com I am feeling high vibe today and want to give you a special gift! You know, when I was writing my first book, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, I did not feel like a published author AT ALL. I had so many fears around looking at myself as so; nonetheless, the kept pursuing my dream of having a published book.

If we allow our fears to control our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, and our LIVES, we will never be happy. Getting out of your comfort zone is growth. Growth leads to expanded consciousness, which leads to more happiness. If I had allowed my fears to completely take over while I was writing my first book, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And you know what? I am proud of myself. I took a big leap of faith followed by taking inspired actions and the Universe delivered! I’m just like you, maybe a few steps further along on my soul’s path; however, I AM just like you. You ARE just like me. And you ARE worthy of being happy, too. You ARE worthy of receiving your dreams, but you can’t just sit around waiting for them to come to you. No way, you gotta start taking inspired actions TOWARDS your dreams to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire. The Universe truly IS listening and is ready to help you. It works behind the scenes, but it’s ready to help you so much!

What does your soul long for in life? What do you want to achieve via your life goals? What can you do to give back to the Universe as a “thank you” for receiving your dreams? How can you give back to our planet, our humanity, our existence? Everything is energy- EVERYTHING is energy. It’s a give-give relationship between your soul and the Universe. Start planning how you can take steps, daily, to keep moving towards your dreams. Pave your soul’s path, you ARE worthy of it and you ARE allowed to do so. Law of attraction is real. Physics is real: particle vibrations are real, and they are moving 24/7 by your influence. So how do you want to move your realm’s particles? How do you want to SHAPE your new reality? What you seek is seeking you.


I’m feeling high vibe today, tomorrow is March and it’s my birthday month. I’ve decided in honor of now being on Goodreads.com, and it being my birthday month, I am giving you all a special treat! Starting today until March 31st, 2018 I am offering a lifetime membership to my VIP Facebook group, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! In-depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn, for a one-time entrance access of only $99! YES! You read correctly! LIFETIME ACCESS to my VIP love group for only $99! “Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!” consists of more in-depth access to ME and MY proven coaching methods, unlimited Q&As, even MORE mindset journaling prompts to help you identify and release your limiting mental blocks around love, learning how to establish a newly positive mindset belief system within your soul and to the Universe, anchor your newly powerful mindset belief system into your soul’s core so it feels like second-nature, and empowering yourself to follow your soul’s nudges to take inspired actions in order to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire in love to help SPEED UP your manifestations! YES!

If you are truly ready to start manifesting your soulmate and ideal relationship, do NOT wait to take advantage of this big gift! Note: my birthday-month gift ends March 31st, 2018. See you in the group!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn


Get Ready Because I’m About To Kick Your Spiritual Ass


Sensational Souls,

If you think anyone or anything from the OUTSIDE of yourself is going to save you, fix you, help you, etc. you are going to remain exactly where you are right now. If you look to the outside in any way either from other souls or from material items (ex: such as money) in order to save you, fix you, or have you thinking, “Once I get…then I’ll be happy”, you are going to remain exactly where you are right now. The power is WITHIN YOU. I’ll say it again this way: YOU have the power and it is WITHIN you- it’s your soul.

NO ONE and NOTHING material wise is going to fix you. NO ONE and NOTHING material wise is going to save you. The ONLY way you can get from point A to point B is to get in touch with yourself by going WITHIN and communicating with your soul and what its PURPOSE is on this planet. What is your soul’s CALLING? What is it yearning to do? What are you truly passionate about in life? And don’t say, “$1 million dollars” because that is NOT the answer to happiness. Until you can get in touch with your SOUL and what your SOUL’s PURPOSE is in this Universe, you will remain exactly where you are. Until you open yourself up and allow your SOUL to guide you, you are going to remain exactly where you are right now. Until you STOP seeking validation, happiness, acceptance, etc. from the OUTSIDE (other souls and/or material things), you are going to remain exactly where you are right now. The “if…then” scenarios you have going on in your mindset will continue to give you more “ifs” and not any certainties. The “if…then” scenarios you have going on in your mindset is what has you feeling and being stuck. My suggestions?

1) Read some books about Buddha
2) Read some books about Rumi
3) Read some books from Abraham Hicks
4) Read some books from Dr. Wayne Dyer
5) Read some things from the Bible (or anything else you use to help you in your faith)
6) Meditate/learn how to meditate
7) Do your mindset journaling DAILY around gratitude for what you currently have and around gratitude for your dream as IS being in the present (mesh the two gratitude intentions so they blur as one gratitude– the Universe doesn’t know what is reality and what is reality…and what is reality…and what is actually reality…) <– it’s ALL relative!
8) Do your daily mindset journaling using my journal workbook: Don’t Feel Stuck! I’m one of the most STUBBORN souls that exist, and if I could and do change my mindset into now being and living in a state of abundance and gratitude, so can you!
9) Make sure to take time FOR yourself and give yourself TLC (tender, loving, care) at least once per day for at least 10-15 minutes at a time
10) If you pray, pray in gratitude for everything you have in your life (ex: sight, hearing, being able to walk, having a home with a roof, a bathroom, food, etc.).

When you give thanks as though you have already received what you want, you are emitting a powerful, positive attraction to the Universe. – Rhonda Byrne

And it’s NOT too late to start NOW. At any moment in time you CAN and you ARE allowed to turn it around. So don’t beat yourself up over it, just get back on your soul’s path by changing your limiting/negative thoughts and feelings and REPLACE them with positive, grateful, and empowering thoughts/feelings. Anytime you catch yourself thinking a limiting/negative thought, STOP what you are doing right in that moment and state THE OPPOSITE of it. Replace this limiting/negative thought with, “I AM…” and/or “I am THANKFUL…”.

You CAN do this! I believe in you! Keep going! Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, you ARE worthy to receive your dreams and you ARE manifesting your dreams when you CHOOSE to think, feel, and live by what feels GOOD to you and it’s going towards your soul’s calling. The Universe DOES have your back, have faith and trust that you ARE manifesting so many blessings into your life. Be open, allow, and let the Universe take care of the “how” and the “when”. Relax, have fun, love yourself, and stay on your positive path. YOU CAN DO THIS!

I told you I was gonna kick your spiritual ass! I’m not afraid to do it either because you ARE SO WORTHY of being happy- go within yourself and get in touch WITHIN, get in touch with your SOUL for it knows the way. Much love to you all!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Mindset Journaling: Are You…?


Hi Sensational Souls!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! When you perform your mindset journaling, are you:

1) Getting VERY specific about what you are manifesting? For example, if you are manifesting more money, are you journaling out something like, “I AM so thankful I received $10,000.00 in CASH deposited into my bank account in complete and total ease!” Whatever it is you are manifesting, don’t be afraid to go into strong details.

2) Writing out with complete conviction what you are DOING to give back to the Universe and what you are DOING with what you manifested? For example, if you are manifesting opening your own business, are you journaling out how you give back to charities at all? Are you journaling out what you are doing on a daily basis now that you have your own business manifested?

3) Having a specific goal-date in mind? For example, you are manifesting a new car by January 1, 2019! It’s good to have a date in mind, repeat it is good to have a date in mind, but it is NOT best to obsess over the date. Humans have a better tendency to work TOWARDS something when they have a goal-date on their radar. It’s perfectly okay to move the goal-date, but it’s NOT advised to change your goal. Again, it’s perfectly okay to move the goal-date, but it’s not advised to change your goal. The GOAL (what you are manifesting) stays the same, ALWAYS, as you perform your mindset journaling every single day. Think about this way: when one goes to college for a bachelor’s degree, the aim is to obtain it within 4 years. However, sometimes it takes people 5, 6, 7, or more years. And this is perfectly okay! The GOAL stays the same, the date CAN be moved.

4) Making a plan? So you do your mindset journaling every single day. GREAT!!! This is so wonderful to keep your mental focus very clear. Are you following up with taking inspired actions? Whenever you get an inspired idea, what do you do then? Do you write it down? Do you let it escape your brain? Are you making plans TOWARDS your manifestation? What can you do to get moving and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire? Make a plan and start taking inspired actions! You CAN do this!

5) Journaling specifications every single day as IS in the present? For example, “Now that I AM making $10,000.00 CASH received, I…” I urge you to complete this sentence at least 15 times during your mindset journaling.

6) Reading what you journal out each day? Do you read it out loud to yourself? Help anchor in your mindset journaling by re-reading it to yourself afterwards, and then reading it OUT LOUD to yourself before bed! Of course, you are doing this DAILY because you are performing your mindset journaling DAILY!

Check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are doing these things with your mindset work. PS- if you are seriously ready to manifest your desires into the physical realm, join my VIP tribe on Facebook: Don’t Feel Stuck! In-Depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn! Every weekend for 4 weekends I am going to help kick your spiritual bum to sticking to your manifestation goals! If you need someone to help you stay accountable, HERE I AM! But, it’s up TO YOU on how accountable you want to be FOR yourself.

I am READY to teach you all of my manifesting methods! Each weekend I give mindset activities to help you identify and unblock limiting thoughts/beliefs, establish a newly positive mindset, and with my more personal in-depth coaching around your catered questions you will be able to anchor your newly empowering mindset into your soul’s core! This is going to help you to follow your soul’s calling and take inspired actionsto SHOW the Universe what you truly desire- thus speeding up your manifestations! For ONLY $99, a private Facebook group, 4 weekends with MORE access to me, Q&A sessions, lots of mindset activities, and it’s all catered to YOUR manifestations!

BONUS! The files I put into the group you can download and take them with you afterward! So let’s go, let’s STOP procrastinating and START manifesting! You CAN do this, I totally believe in you! See you in the group!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Enjoying The Little Things In Life


Sunday mornings…creamy caramel flavored coffee…tiny red/brown birds chirping outside of my balcony…and a young couple enjoying the early morning hours by him giving her a piggy-back ride as they take their morning stroll.

It’s the little things in life that we sometimes forget to relish in, Sundays make for a great day to self-reflect and get back in touch with your soul’s true purpose in life. Some things I like to do to show the Universe how thankful I am for all of the little things (and big blessings) in life are:

▪ Journal out all of my blessings while performing my mindset journaling
▪ Spend time in nature, which is a good time of the year to do so here in Texas
▪ Meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes
▪ Enjoy pleasing music because it elevates my vibrations
▪ Light a vanilla bean candle to bask in the sweet smell
▪ Enjoy one of my favorite drinks (coffee) and self-reflect
▪ Painting trees with vivid colors and accented strokes
▪ Snuggling with my pets (1 cat and 1 dog) with blankets and pillows all around us
▪ Reading books about the power of the brain
▪ Reading online articles about particle vibrations and astronomy
▪ Zoning out to sounds of birds chirping early in the morning hours

There are so many MORE things I am so blessed to be able to experience, these are only just a few. Writing them out while doing your mindset journaling lifts your mood and vibrations. Try it! And whenever you have a moment of feeling overwhelmed or you are feeling very stressed, refer back to your “feeling good” list. I even like to post it on my fridge to remind myself to partake in some of these things as much as I can because life can be so hectic sometimes. I encourage you to make your own “feeling good” list and do the same! Show the Universe just how thankful you are for ALL of the blessings in your life. The Universe is listening and will respond accordingly for your soul’s highest happiness.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn


THIS Is Why I Do What I Do And Why I Published My Book!


Hey Sensational Souls!

Happy Friday! I have received some great reviews this week in my AMAZING Facebook community, Manifest It!, and even on AMAZON! People’s lives are seriously starting to change for the BETTER! Their new year’s resolutions are starting to take shape and/or have completely manifested! I’m SO HAPPY for everyone so far! THIS is why I do what I do and why I published my book! THIS is my soul’s purpose in life! You hold within your brain, your mindset, a hugely powerful mechanism of manifesting ANYTHING your soul desires! My goal? To help you realize it and help YOU empower yourself to take control of your own powerful manifesting tool: your mind, your soul, and the Universe working altogether simultaneously. Pretty amazing, right? Well, it IS!

And in honor of Friday’s Mastering Your Mindset in the same Facebook group, I am posting more mindset journaling prompts to help YOU master your mindset! You’ve got this! Are you ready? Here we go:

1) One of the reasons why you manifest is because you are loving yourself and trust your soul/the Universe. List 5-10 things you are still holding on to, but NOW you are forgiving yourself for them. Start it by writing: I am now forgiving myself for…because…

2) I have (insert desire) and now that I have it/am it, I am feeling…answer this 20 times!

3) Each time I am feeling out of alignment/low vibe, I am committing to myself to…finish the sentence 10 times!

4) Now that I have forgiven myself for things that no longer serve me, I am feeling…finish the sentence 20 times!

5) When I get in touch with my soul’s calling, I am feeling…answer 30 times!

6) Some things I could do right now/starting this week to help speed up my manifestation is/are…finish the sentence 15 times!

7) Free-write for 5-10 minutes some thoughts, ideas, anything at all that have downloaded into your mind now that you are more in touch with your soul.

Want more mindset work to help YOU master your own mindset and speed up your manifestations? Get in this group! My journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, is now available both in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com. Take control of YOUR mindset, use your power to communicate WITH the Universe, and learn how to speed UP your manifestations. You can totally do this, I really DO believe in you! Take one day at a time and write with complete and total conviction.

Have a great weekend! And…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn