Writing Into Your New Reality…For REAL!

No More Whispering! Your Subconscious Is At Stake This is WHY I stress the importance of doing mindset journaling and mindset work on a DAILY basis because you are imprinting into your subconscious by consciously training your mindset: The subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest and our beliefs shape our lives. … Continue reading Writing Into Your New Reality…For REAL!

Choices: We All Have Them…Breakthrough Time!

Hey Sensational Soul! Oh my gosh I have had a couple of breakthroughs this past weekend! So crazy to think about it because I realize now that THIS was the reason WHY I have been feeling a bit stuck manifesting my newest goals while on my soul's journey through life. What did it take in … Continue reading Choices: We All Have Them…Breakthrough Time!

Thank Gosh For Free-Will In Love…Or We Could All Be Donald Trump’s Puppet

Many people are curious about whether or not the law of attraction works on attracting a specific person in a specific way to you. Let me introduce the concept of "free-will"...you might be actually quite GLAD that it exists when you REALLY think about it! Carpe Diem! Journal Girl Jaclyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng7u_Yu93Fo&t=330s      

Are You Ready!!?

Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive! Hey Sensational Soul! Are You Ready!!? Are you ready to fully surrender into YOUR full-on happiness? Are you ready to FULLY surrender into the "how" and the "when" of the Universe's way? Because YOUR manifestation IS READY and waiting FOR YOU! ________________________________________________________ Your manifestation is COMPLETELY YOURS and YOURS ALONE! And WHEN you DO fully surrender, your manifestation COMES TO YOU so much … Continue reading Are You Ready!!?

Needs? Who Needs Them!?

  I had NO CLUE the camera had cut off part of my face...hop into the Facebook Manifest It! group for frequent FREE Mastering Your Mindset training! I'm SUCH a rookie with videos! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8-dSRWhglY&t=4s