UPS: The Universe Parcel Service


Hey Sensational Soul!

Are you allowing your fears to continue sneaking up on you? Are you allowing your doubts and limiting thoughts and beliefs continue to take hold of your mindset?

What you allow is what continues

Luckily for YOU, your manifestation you ordered IS on its way to you via UPS: The Universe Parcel Service

All you gotta do is relax, trust, and believe it’s on its way!

And how do you do this?

Every Friday in my free Facebook group, Manifest It!, I give empowering Mastering Your Mindset prompts to help identify your limiting thoughts and beliefs so that you are more AWARE of what you are allowing to continue. Here is a sneak peek of what we uncover and discover:

Journal out the following:

1) I believe (insert goal) is hard to manifest because…(answer as many times as needed)

2) When I think about not receiving (insert goal) I continue to allow…(answer at least 10 times)

3) When I think about not trusting the Universe in receiving (insert goal) I continue to allow…(answer at least 10 times)

4) Why? By not trusting the Universe I continue to allow…BECAUSE (explain the whys from #3)

When you’ve identified your whys, you realize it’s your THINKING that holds you to your whys and a thought can be changed at any given moment

5) Now that I know what I am allowing myself to continue to do, I CHOOSE to change my thinking and my actions by committing to follow my soul’s calling. I am now choosing to…(answer at least 20 times)

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If this sounds like you, then you are perfect for the group! I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass into gear and you have open access to me and HOW I became a master manifesting badass- and I’m ready to share it with YOU- if you are ready!

Don’t Feel Stuck! The VIP Manifest It! Group

Be sure to check out the description section for the group to join! See you in the VIP group, can’t wait to help you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn




You Gotta Stop Being So Hard On Yourself


Hey You! Yeah, you.

You Gotta Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Now, Explain THIS One In Logical Terms: The Universe Is Full Of Surprises!


So there I was at university today and checked my mailbox. I saw an EdTech magazine addressed to me. I have never received this magazine before. It’s a higher education technology magazine, and who isn’t curious about technology?

Well, I decided to open it and I began thumbing through it. An insert fell out on to the ground. I picked it up and my eyes saw it: “MANIFEST”.


This is a postcard insert inside of a tech magazine I have never been sent before and it’s addressed to me. And this postcard is the response card that you mail OUT and mail back to the company if you want to subscribe to the magazine.

THIS is what I’m talking about!

It makes NO logical sense as to why the response card has the company name as “MANIFEST” for their own company.

I looked up the address and it doesn’t appear to exist as an actual address either.

Furthermore, I looked up the parent ownership of EdTech and CSW Inc. owns this magazine.

Do you believe in the power of particles, NOW??

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

PS- My VIP group is still going for $27 for a 6-month subscription! Closing the doors in the near future…



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It’s All Relative: This Spiritual Gangsta Is Coming Out Again


Hey Sensational Soul!

Look, I don’t care who you are, we are ALL equal on this planet. We all bleed the same color, we all come from the same source of tiny particles traveling through us.

That toe you wished you hadn’t inherited from you dad is an illusion- yes. It’s fluid. It’s not a sold. We are made up of 6 key elements in the human body:

1) Oxygen

2) Carbon

3) Hydrogen

4) Nitrogen

5) Calcium

6) Phosphorus

We are also made up of other elements, but these are the main ones. Don’t believe me? Seek the Periodic Table if you want proof of elemental existence. This means we ARE the Universe. This does NOT mean you cannot have faith and spirituality- and frankly, I don’t care what your faith and spirituality is because in my eyes it is ALL the same because everything is equal. You can believe in WHATEVER you want, I don’t care. What I care about is that we are ALL equal on this planet, even animal beings.

When you push on your arm that came from you mother, this is a bunch of particles moving around because of the force of influence you created FROM your mind.

Your heart would not pump if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your fingers and toes would not wiggle if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your lashes wouldn’t bat up and down if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your lungs taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your eyes fill up with tears wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your vocal chords wouldn’t produce sounds and the music you love if it wasn’t for your brain.

Your sex organs wouldn’t do a damn thang for your climax if it wasn’t for your brain. Yes, I went THERE.

My point? EVERYTHING stems from the brain.

The brain is responsible for SO MUCH in our lives. And if it weren’t for the particles flying around formulating your brain, you wouldn’t have thoughts, feelings, emotions, vibrations, and everything else in the above sentences.

And guest what else? Get ready for this…this is good stuff:

The brain is an organ made up of elements, and your mindset can be TRAINED.

Yes, I love it!

You know when you are out and about and you see people walking their dogs? And then you see some people’s dogs walking them? And then you shake your head because that person can’t seem to get control of their dog?

So the next time you feel yourself being controlled by your mind, start thinking about how you are walking your mindset and training IT because YOU are the master of your mindset thoughts and beliefs while on your soul’s walk through this world. Your mind is not your master. You are made up of elements, your brain is made up of elements, everything is energy and change is constant.

Embrace change, embrace the new, embrace being able to be the POWERFUL soul that you ARE because you ARE the Universe, you came from the Universe, and you are a Divine child of the Universe. You ARE the Universe. You have so much more power than you realize and/or let yourself embrace.

It’s time to level UP in Mastering Your Mindset, and it’s time to level UP within your soul’s journey. Your soul is ACHING to live by its calling, your soul is ACHING to emerge and really live life in the way you are MEANT to live your life. You hold the keys, you are in the driver’s seat, and YOU are the master of creation set by choice, setting intentions, taking inspired actions, and following these through repetition and complete TRUST in your soul and the Universe.

Your manifestation is ALREADY in existence, you just need to call it into your physical realm. Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together SIMULTANEOUSLY. You’ve got this! You ready to kick some spiritual ass into gear and FINALLY allow yourself to be open and receiving your life’s goals and soul’s wants!? Are you tired of running on the hamster wheel yet?

Don’t Feel Stuck! The VIP Manifest It! Group: Doors are open again, ONLY $27 for a subscription of 6 months! See you in the VIP Facebook group:

Oh, and money is the air you breathe, your soulmate/twin flame is trying to find YOU, and your dream career is ready for YOU…all you gotta do is open yourself up and ALLOW yourself to receive it.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Think Of It This Way: Money Shifted Its Energy In 5000 B.C.


Before then people bartered things like bags of rice and beans. And then commodities such as salt, tea, and tobacco began to be exchanged. THEN metal objects began to be used as “money”.

Read the quote again. I’m just going to let this all sink in for you.

Oh, and air equals money.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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