New Year or No New Year: Become a Master at Manifesting

What you focus on expands. If you are constantly worrying about not having enough money, you’re going to get MORE of the same. So, instead, focus on how thankful you are to have what you ARE currently receiving because this is what will expand, too.

If you are constantly stating that “all the good ones are taken“, then you are going to continue to receive mismatches in the love department. So, instead, focus on how thankful you are to receive love from ALL AROUND you via your family, friends, pets, etc. This will expand into your romantic life, as well.

If you are constantly wondering when your new business is going to take off or when your dream career will manifest, you’re going to continue wondering when this will all happen for you. So, instead, focus on how it IS yours and it IS manifesting- right now! It’s happening, the order has been placed and it’s YOURS and YOURS alone.

The Boomerang Effect of Expansion

I know you understand this logically. I’m here to tell you with practice it becomes easier to make that SHIFT of desirable direction when you are aware of your thinking and feeling patterns in the stories you tell yourself and believe to be true. Keep practicing your thoughts and feelings that you ARE living in your version 2.0 reality. Practice makes for progression and progression brings the manifestation!

I know, it’s easier said than done. However, don’t let that excuse dictate your current reality. What is right now will not be this way for forever. So, look forward to your new blessings coming into your reality! And thank the Universe for everything you are receiving so it responds to you in ways you WANT it to respond to you. It’s the boomerang effect.

You’ve got this! Happy New Year, even though it doesn’t really matter. It’s a happy state of living that TRULY matters! Want to MASTER your MANIFESTING skills? Join the perfect ABUNDANCE path for YOU!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


When You Feel Like a Royal Failure…What Do You Do?

by PocketArtDesign

When life smacks you upside your head and knocks you down on your knees.

When life has never had you feeling so scared that you feel like you’ve cried out all the tears that can possibly come out of your body.

When you keep holding on and you keep looking at the positive side of everything, but you don’t understand how or why it’s not working for you yet.

When you feel like a royal failure at life and maybe you just aren’t cut out for it and this is why you feel like you’ll never amount to anything you are passionate about in your soul’s purpose.

When you don’t understand, you’re beginning to think you’ll never understand, and you are at the Universe’s mercy in needing help to make things better and easier for you.

When you’ve fully surrendered to the Universe, you’ve thrown your hands up into the air, you’ve literally cried out to the Universe, God, and the angels, “Please help me…I’ll do anything, please help me with…”

What do you do? What do you think, and feel, and DO during these life moments? How do you get through each day? How do you find the answers? What can you do to make it easier on you?


You never give up. You keep going and you keep moving towards all your hopes and dreams. You keep at it every single day. You keep holding onto your beliefs that it IS getting better for you and you ARE moving closer to all your manifestations.

You are right here, in this very moment, right now, for a reason. And this reason you may not fully understand right now; but, it doesn’t mean you will never understand it.

It also means you are not going to be in this exact situation for forever. 3 months from now or even 6 months from now you could totally be in a different place in your life. You keep going. You keep moving, one foot in front of the other, and you keep holding your hopes and believing that everything you ARE manifesting IS yours and yours FOR you.

When life knocks you down, you pray and you thank the Universe for everything you have received thus far and for everything you are receiving. You get back up and you keep going. You do whatever it is you have to do to help yourself move FORWARD each day, step by step, positive feeling by positive feeling.

Focus on the end-result, not on the current situation.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer states, “look at every obstacle as an opportunity.”

We all go through some real shit in our lives, but we KEEP GOING. And I know you can do this.

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Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Trust the Process…My New Mantra

Do you have a favorite phrase or mantra that you use? The ones I really love are:

Trust the process
Knowledge is power
Patience is a virtue

I use these phrases daily to help me stay focused and centered while on my soul’s journey in manifesting my current life-goals.

You see, HOW you talk to yourself is crucial to HOW you live your life. It’s so easy to go back to that familiar place of being stressed, freaking out, having anxiety and panic attacks, and anything else that is related to your fearful and limiting thoughts.

I understand how you feel. Life is not always roses and lollipops. Life has its ups and downs. This way of life IS normal, and you aren’t the only one who experiences fear and stress. Understand that mastering manifesting is not a skill you master and THEN everything just magically comes together into perfect harmony. Once you understand that mastering manifesting is a journey (a process), something you continue to LEVEL UP into and GROW with while on your soul’s path, you relax and surrender because you UNDERSTAND it’s not a one-time, fix-all (poof!) abracadabra magical potion. It’s simply not. Once you understand this, you start ALLOWING the Universe to respond to you in a more favorable way.

The Boomerang Effect

The Universe is a boomerang effect because what you emit into it most of the time through your beliefs and feelings will, in turn, come back to you through MORE of the same/similar method. This is why so many people who talk about the Law of Attraction state to STOP thinking and feeling the way you DON’T want to think and feel. I always remind you that 1 thought or 1 feeling you have is NOT going to instantly manifest MORE of the same back to you.

No need to freak out, no need to over-analyze it all, no need to panic.

Rather, what you think and give power to over time becomes your beliefs, and what you believe have responses of feelings that are tied to them. And THIS is what I’m talking about when I refer to manifesting more of the same/similar into your realm. It’s not one, single instance, it’s what you constantly put out into the Universe that reflects to you in a similar fashion.

What are some mantras and affirmations you can start stating to yourself each day? Google positive and motivational quotes and write down the ones that speak to you the most. Like for me, the ones I use above, help me to remain centered and focused with my manifesting mindset so that I can manifest with more ease into my life.

This is so important because life IS full of ups and downs. There is no way around it, no matter who you are on this planet. It is what it is, and this is just the way it is- for now. Change is the only constant in this Universe, so this is something you can DEFINITELY bank on when it comes to your expectations in life! Everything else that you are thinking and feeling, you can SHIFT and change directions, make a U-turn, at ANY time you choose.

Trust the Process!

Your manifestations ARE coming to you, FOR you. The Universe works behind the scenes until its ready to present to you your blessings and manifestations at the most Divine moment in your life. The “waiting” doesn’t need to happen because there is nothing to wait for, you just keep going, keep moving, keep grooving, and each day make a conscious effort to be THANKFUL for everything you currently have in your life, and mesh it with being THANKFUL for everything you are manifesting as already IS in your new reality. And I have a secret to tell you: your “reality” and your “new reality” are the same.

You don’t see with your eyes, you see with your mind. If you are constantly thinking things are “hard” to manifest, then you will constantly believe this to be true, thus you will receive the same effort in return from the Universe. See it all in your mind the way you desire it to be and work on shifting your mindset beliefs- THEN you will come to know how quickly things can shift FOR you as a response from the Universe.

The Answer is Always Yes

Again, it’s not the “if/then” process, it’s setting your intentions in ways you desire them to be as already IS in your mindset beliefs. If you think and believe all the good things happen to everyone else but you, then the Universe says “yes”. If you think and believe that manifesting your life’s goals and dreams are hard to do, the Universe says “yes”. If you think and believe manifesting your soulmate/twin flame and ideal relationship is hard to do, the Universe says, “yes”.

Think of it like a mirror: what you consistently see in your mind is what is reflected to you. What you consistently think and believe is what is reflected to you. What you consistently INTEND to think and believe is how shifts take place, and your shifts are reflected to you. Consistency pays off, big time.

Get over yourself! The answer is ALWAYS “yes”. And we are continuously learning and growing. Embrace the uncertainty and trust the process. Lean onto your faith in the Universe with full-steam ahead. Manifesting is not a diet, it’s a journey. Manifesting is a learning skill. Manifesting IS something you CAN do if you allow yourself to shift your beliefs and practice at maintaining your consistency, daily. Do your daily mastering manifesting journaling, BECOME the Master Manifaster than you CAN become. You can do this!

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Have a WONDERFUL day!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Why Is It So Hard for Me, But Not for Others?

Yes, even I have these similar conversations within my head from time to time. And especially when I stretch myself outside of my comfort zone and I do not see instant results.


Hush that inner critic! We are so conditioned to LISTEN to our fearful and limiting thoughts. We are so comfortable with the struggle. Understand that having these thoughts is completely normal. You ARE normal (contrary to what some of your family members might say…haha).

Embrace yourself 100% because you are human, the people around you are human, and even your most favorite celebrity icons are also human. We ALL go through the exact same thoughts and feelings about our lives from time to time. Be kind to yourself, always, and don’t be afraid to unleash your eccentricity!

My Limiting Thoughts Were Back

Last night I was online and reading some of the reviews for one of my “biggest competitors” in the Law of Attraction area. I bought their journal workbook almost 1 year ago when it was $9.00 cheaper on Amazon. I didn’t finish their workbook because I couldn’t really identify with it. Yet, last night I was revisiting their book reviews and I could not figure out how they have HUNDREDS of 5-star reviews for their workbook, and why their company is worth $1 million. I have even taken their free online program out of curiosity. Again, I couldn’t identify with the surface-based methods. However, I guess people DO identify with it all because this person is very successful in the Law of Attraction industry.

Now, does this mean there is something I’m doing WRONG? Deep down, I don’t believe so. But my inner critic wants to beat myself up over all of this. Why is it so much easier for this person, but not for me, to build a $1 million empire?

By playing INTO my fears and self-pity, I am only expanding upon them because I feel “I am not good enough”. But here’s the thing, this person ALSO had these same thoughts, fears, and feelings at one time as well. They weren’t born with a $1 million empire, they had to build it (and yes, clever marketing does factor in how others emotionally ACT with pressing the “purchase” button- something they excel at in their business…wink!). At least you know I’m honest!

Why Am I Telling You All of This?

I am telling you all of this because regardless of your own inner critic, you are completely NORMAL. What is “normalcy” anyway? Embrace your quirks, embrace your weirdness, embrace all your personality traits because you ARE normal.

I’m also telling you all this because having your thoughts and feelings are perfectly okay to experience; however, what you continuously focus on EXPANDS. So, acknowledge your inner critic…and then RELEASE it. Let it go. Remind yourself that EVERYONE has similar thoughts and feelings from time to time. You ARE normal. There is NOTHING wrong with you.

Each of us have our own journey, each of us. It doesn’t mean you aren’t getting what you are manifesting into your life. YOU ARE RECEIVING all your manifestations, but by focusing on feeling sorry for yourself or wondering WHEN it’s going to happen will postpone seeing it emerge into your physical realm. You get what you focus on the majority of the time. So, relax, you ARE still manifesting all your dreams and desires. They ARE still coming to you, FOR you!

So, What Can You Do to Stay in Alignment?

As we all know, “like attracts like”. One thought isn’t going to make or break receiving your manifestations. I have made a list of things I like to do to bring myself back into alignment while on my soul’s journey and I want to share them with you! Remember, be gentle and loving towards yourself because you ARE normal in your thoughts and feelings. We just don’t want to ALLOW our limiting thoughts and feelings to unpack and stick around.

Take each day as it comes rather than trying to tackle everything at once. Growth and change happen over time, not in one day. No sense in overwhelming yourself!


Perform your Mastering Manifesting/Mastering Your Mindset journaling, daily, by focusing on gratitude. By focusing this way, it brings a sense of calm to you and shifts your perspective. In addition, by doing this daily, you’re able to master your skill of shifting your perspective over time through this type of consistency.


When you do you have moments of fear and/or anxiety that creep up, remind yourself that EVERYONE goes through similar thoughts and feelings sometimes. It’s not a flick of the switch, you don’t just one day have a bunch of fears and then the next day they never come back. You are learning to RELEASE your fears and anxiety when they come to the surface. By doing so, this speeds up the manifestation process because it’s not what you continually focus on most of the time.


Google to gain knowledge around what you are currently fearing. When you gain knowledge of your fears and HOW to tackle the issue at hand, it’s not so scary because you then get back into the driver’s seat and respond in empowering ways in order to release them.


Watch and/or listen to motivational and inspirational videos and podcasts. I love to do this, especially in the mornings because they help me to set my intentions for the day! Such a game-changer when you do this each morning.


Visualize your manifestations AS IS in your reality. For 5 minutes I conjure up all the thoughts and feelings to emit those magical vibrations into the Universe- and I do this DAILY. During these 5 minutes I do not allow myself to focus on anything else, only that all my manifestations ARE already in my present. So much fun!


State 1-5 things you are thankful for each morning while getting ready for your day, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, always.


State 1-5 things you are thankful for that happened during the day before falling asleep at night.


Celebrate ALL your steps going forward: the big steps AND the small steps. You must reward yourself for everything you do, or you will stay stuck in that cyclical pattern of limiting thoughts. You ARE allowed to celebrate yourself because you ARE moving forward. It IS something to celebrate!
Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice these the easier it becomes to quickly SHIFT back into alignment. Again, the goal is not to entirely void feeling your limiting and fearful thoughts. Rather, the goal is to quickly RELEASE them so that you are not continually focusing on them most of the time. The Universe responds to what you BELIEVE to be true. Your fears and limiting thoughts are NOT real, they are just moments of stories you are choosing to deem as real.

We have thousands of thoughts and feelings each day. So, why not take control of yourself and empower yourself in the way you are MEANT to live your life? We are all made up of the elements of the Universe, we are all equal, and we all deserve to live our lives through our eyes of positivity. So, go out there and seize each day and love yourself! You ARE worthy of being happy and you ARE receiving your manifestations. Trust the process because your manifestations are being delivered by UPS: Universe Parcel Service!

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Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

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Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn