Wait, You’re Telling Me WHAT!??

Hey Sensational Soul!

These past few days have been STRANGE to say the least. Has it been this way for you, too? I feel like the Universe is up to something…and while I may not know 100% what the outcome is just yet…I know the Universe always has my back because I CHOOSE for it to be so.

We all have our hazy moments, those moments of feeling discouraged and wondering, “What is going on here??” But, even during these moments, I highly encourage you to stay grounded, and TRUST the process.

I can count how many times I almost freaked out, and a few times I DID freak out, because I was uncomfortable and fearful of the outcome in my life. Yeah, those panic attacks TRIED to unravel my spirit.

Hindsight 20/20 with Three Examples

Nonetheless, hindsight 20/20, everything truly did work out even BETTER than I could have EVER imagined it to be. I’ll give you three examples:

Example One:

In chronological order, of course, when I fell in love for the first time…ah yes…being young, naive, and my world fell apart when it didn’t happen. Oh my gosh, I was TORN apart inside and outside. I tried ANYTHING to get my mind off of him, including dating questionable suitors.

The truth is, people will make excuses if they aren’t ready. It has NOTHING to do with you. It has EVERYTHING to do with what’s going on with them internally. But, at the time in my younger days, did I know this? Hell no! I actually thought something was wrong with ME. Little did I know at the time that it wasn’t me AT ALL.

But it’s SO EASY to just want to blame yourself, right?

However, at the same time, it DOES have everything to do with you…just not in association WITH the other person. It has to do with what you are ready for in your life, what you are actually calling into your physical realm because it’s about what you are CHOOSING to allow as your highest point of blessings in your life.

Fast forward to now: I’ve been in a very happy relationship with my REAL soulmate/twin flame/best friend for almost 2 years. Did I think I would ever meet someone like him? No. Well, no, until I DECIDED it was time to do so. And our relationship is only getting better and better. I mean, he is 99% of everything I journaled him out to be when I performed my Mastering Manifasting journaling. He’s not European, but he loves to go to Europe and he goes often, so who cares about that 1%.

And our relationship? Well, it’s 100% what I journaled it out to be and it’s AMAZING!!!! I cannot even tell you how much I really wanted a relationship like this, but was unsure if it could actually exist (but it does, and it CAN and DOES, and WILL happen for you, too).

Moral to this lesson: the Universe wants you to have your manifestations, but you have to LET GO and ALLOW the “how” and “when”. Allow your blessings to even be BETTER than you imagine it to be in your mind.

Example Two:

The day my PIPE-DREAM actually CAME TRUE! Whoa…is this for real?? YES! It CAN happen for you as long as you are open to ALL possibilities. I remember it like it was yesterday…

March 6, 2014, I had a vivid and wonderful dream I got pulled up onto the stage at a concert of my most FAVORITE icon in the whole world and we danced to “Dancing in the Dark”. I woke up from my dream laughing and stating to myself, “Wouldn’t THAT be great!?” And then I completely forgot about it as I went about my day.

Fast-forward to one month later (April 6th, 2014): I was front row at his FREE concert. I didn’t move from my standing-spot ALL day (no food, no water, no mother-nature breaks either). I was just SO ECSTATIC that I was in the front! Then he came out onto the stage…my world had turned upside down because I was FRONT ROW. Little did I know…the crowd-surfing happened and I got to feel his black leather boot graze by me. Oh my gosh, my heart is just POUNDING out of my chest. And then??

Then the unthinkable happened…the song came on, he is scanning the crowd, he literally does a double-take at me. He motions with his finger speaking to me with that pointer curling inward a few times, “you come here to me.” My mouth dropped, I thought he was talking about my friend behind me. No, he took my hand, I got up onto stage WITH him, and during the song from my dream, and there he was, Bruce Springsteen was dancing up against me and I could hug him and hold his hand…oh my gosh, my PIPE-DREAM literally CAME TRUE!

Moral to this lesson: the Universe wants you to have your manifestations, but you have to LET GO and ALLOW the “how” and “when”. Allow your blessings to even be BETTER than you imagine it to be in your mind.

Example Three:

This happened last month (January). I was in $29K worth of debt. Scary debt. Like credit card companies wanting to club my knees because they don’t care about my vet bills kind of debt. And I didn’t tell ANYONE about it (except my boyfriend). I was scared, I was ashamed, I was embarrassed. I mean, I’m an entrepreneur and my vet bills were getting higher and higher. I invested a few thousand into my business (ex: tech platforms), but it was mainly my vet bills that had doubled my debt within 6 months from $15K (March) to $29K (in December).

I had a panic attack, okay more like 7 panic attacks, and I told my boyfriend that I didn’t know what else to do because the banks didn’t care about my vet bills. I had asked if they could lower my payments for a few months so I could catch up on my bills. Oh my gosh they did not care AT ALL. All of my accounts were in good-standing, I had a good credit score, I was NEVER late on ANY of my bills because I’m just THAT concerned with paying on time and paying as much as I can.

Regardless, my hands AND my feet were tied and after years of being in “good-standing” and being “current” with my accounts (using their bank lingo here), they did not help me AT ALL. So what did I do? I did the only thing I should have done about 7 panic attacks before then: I surrendered 100%, fully, completely, let it all go, and I just surrendered to the outcome. I mean, what else COULD I do?

Fast-Forward to Two Weeks Later: I was 100% completely OUT OF DEBT. WHAT??? ((blinks a few times, then blinks a few times again)) Yes. I got out of debt, I manifested $30K.

Moral to this lesson: Before you have those 7 panic attacks, just breathe and count to 10 (or to 100) and CALM yourself. The Universe wants you to have your manifestations, but you have to LET GO and ALLOW the “how” and “when”. Allow your blessings to even be BETTER than you imagine it to be in your mind.

The Takeaway in All of This

If you are still reading this, thank you so much for sticking with me as I explain my top three examples of lessons learned and blessings earned from the Universe. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my life-lessons in how I learned to Master Manifasting (Manifesting Faster).

What can YOU do in order to speed up all your manifestations (that you ARE receiving, by the way, it IS happening to you, FOR you)? Relax, trust the process, ALLOW your blessings to come to you however and whenever UPS delivers because the Universe Parcel Service is FOR REAL. Never give up, always give in to the “how” and the “when”, and take inspired actions that move you towards your manifestations DAILY.

Mastering Manifasting journaling is such a POWERFUL way to call in everything you want into your life quickly. This is how I Manifasted 99% of all my life’s goals within 10 months (this was two years ago). People sometimes ask what my 1% was…and it was, and always will be:

The next manifestation I’m currently calling into my physical realm. And that’s the damn truth of the matter.

Have an AMAZING weekend! Keep going, you’re doing so much better than you realize, and I totally believe in you!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Settling? Or Focusing?

Settling? Or Focusing?

Hey Sensational Soul!

When was the last time you asked yourself, “am I settling?”

What are you doing to set your intentions with Manifasting your dreams each day?

What are you continuing to focus on throughout your day, each day?

What do you tell yourself throughout your day, each day?

What do you set as your priorities for yourself and your life?

And are you moving towards your dreams with these priorities? Or, moving away from your dreams?

If you are in ANY way, shape, or form feeling STUCK with moving forward and towards your dreams, it most likely has something to do with your past.


Your past is in the past for a reason: to STAY in the past.

If you are unsure if the reason why you’re feeling stuck is because of the past, it most likely has something to do with the past.


Your past is in the past for a reason: to STAY in your past.

If you know the reason why you’re feeling stuck is because of something that happened in your past, why are you allowing yourself to continue to hold on to your beliefs around it?

There IS a reason…and it has nothing to do with your dreams manifesting into your physical realm (your dreams, themselves).

They are merely your fears playing a role within your stories. Fables because they NO LONGER serve you for your soul’s highest happiness in your present and in your future.

Ask yourself, “am I settling in my life? Am I talking myself OUT of receiving my dreams?”

If that answer is “yes”, know that at ANY given moment in time you CAN turn directions. And you ARE allowed to (if you want to) start down a different, more empoweringmore self-lovingmore ABUNDANT path.

You ARE worthy of being happy. You ARE worthy of receiving your life’s goals and desires.

Be a magnet to your dreams.

Set your intentions and declare them every single day, especially during your Mastering Manifasting journaling.

Declare them as IS in the present. Declare them with REAL conviction. And be open to allowing the timing and the “how” to manifest into your physical realm from the Universe.

PS- I have ONE more spot currently open for a beautiful soul (is it YOU?) who wants to work with me 1:1. This spot IS for YOU if you are ready to tweak your habits of:

Limiting yourself because of your limiting self-talk
Which leads to limiting and negative feelings and emotions
Which, over time, lead you to feeling STUCK.

But you aren’t stuck, you’re just FEELING stuck, and there is a big difference.

This is where I come in:

I teach you HOW to uncover, discover, identify, and RELEASE your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are currently leaving you feeling stuck in your life and with Manifasting all your dreams. Because you don’t have to continue to allow yourself to feel this way.
And I teach you HOW to empower yourself and ANCHOR your newly created belief system that will have you feeling like you’ve been simultaneously pumping iron WHILE relaxing at a day spa, pampering yourself because you are SO WORTHY and you don’t even realize it yet- but you WILL in working with me.
And I teach you HOW to take inspired actions that feel like a HELL YES from your soul’s core so that you are emitting even more POWERFUL Manifasting vibrations into the Universe in order to SPEED UP all your dreams into your physical realm! YES!

What does Socrates say?

It’s about FOCUSING on building the new. And your focus is about to get SO CLEAR with your manifestations.

You are about open that portal with EASE to all your blessings within our gorgeous Universe…you’ll wonder why you waited so long to dive in and start partying with the Law of Attraction!

So, if this sounds like your current situation with feeling stuck and wanting to open your gateway to call in all your desires much faster, reply to this or send me a message on my personal Facebook profile Messenger and let’s talk!

You got obstacles? I’ve got solutions. Let’s do this! Only one spot left for a few months! I will not take on any more for a few months because I completely believe in devoting my time and energy to helping YOU empower yourself and SHIFT your fanny into high-level Manifasting speed!

Have a WONDERFUL rest of your week! I can’t wait to know what comes up for you with regards to settling in your life, what you were doing prior to now, and what you ARE NOW committing to thinking, feeling, and doing going forward in order to keep moving TOWARDS your dreams. You’ve got this! I totally believe in you, Beautiful Soul!

Reply to this and let me know because I want to celebrate WITH YOU!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


The Difference That Could Cause Delay with Your Blessings: Which One Are You?

The Difference Between Activity and Inspired Action

I often talk about taking inspired actions and how important it is in order to SPEED UP your manifestations into your physical realm. I love how Rhonda Byrne in the book, The Secret, describes the difference between taking action/activity versus taking inspired action:

Be aware of the big difference between inspired action and activity. Activity comes from the brain-mind and is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith – you are taking action to “make” your desire happen. Inspired action is allowing the law to work through you and to move you.

Activity feels hard. Inspired action feels wonderful.


Yes, some actions feel like “adulting” duties, but I like to take uninspired actions and turn them around into gratitude. For example, when paying the bills, THANK the Universe FOR the money you received to pay the bills. Do it for each bill you pay.

I click the buttons on my computer and state, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Universe, for the money to pay for my electricity!” And then I move on to the next one.

Take that “activity”, as Rhonda Byrne refers to it as being, and flip it around into gratitude-filled actions!

Do you take inspired actions each day?

Well, do you? Why or why not? An important reason I am able to Manifast (manifest faster) is because I literally take daily inspired actions to propel me towards my manifestations. They can be giant steps or small steps, doesn’t matter. Each step is equally as important.

And doing your Mastering Manifasting journaling IS taking inspired action. Totally! All that is needed is at least 5 minutes per day to write down your gratitude, your manifestations as IS in your present, and what you are NOW doing to say “thank you” to the Universe BECAUSE your manifestations are in your present. How do you give back in your energy exchange with the Universe?

So, which one are you? Do you mainly perform activity/action? Or, do you mainly take inspired actions? Reply and let me know!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

PS: I haven’t opened the doors to the VIP Master Manifesting Membership in a few months because I like to keep this private group small and more intimate.

I am opening the doors for a very brief amount of time!


I have 4 spots, nope, now only 3 spots available between now and when the doors close again on March 1, 2019! ONLY 3! Here are all the details of the Mastering Manifesting Membership:

I know you are tired, I know you are scared, I know you are comfortable with your excuses. But, what you CHOOSE to remain in is what persists and the Universe delivers back to you in its boomerang effect.

Aren’t you ready to level UP in your life?

Are you ready to make some POSITIVE CHANGES in your mindset, in your soul, and in your life-purpose?

Aren’t you ready to get OFF the hamster wheel and start embarking upon your own empowering, soul-driven, no-nonsense societal trap that you ALLOWED yourself to be in all this time?

Who says you HAVE to live your life this way?

Who says you HAVE to remain in your excuses?

Who says you HAVE to make decisions and take actions based upon your fears and shoulds?

Who says you HAVE to exist in your life like a zombie clocking in and clocking out each day like a wind-up toy?


Now, IF you don’t feel any of the above, then obviously you ARE living your soul’s purpose, your soul’s passion, your soul’s drive, and you ARE living your TRUEST and most AUTHENTIC happiness.

And of course, you are paving your path on your SOUL journey and the Universe IS working behind the scenes, re-arranging things on your path, and all of the pieces come fitting together quite nicely with EASE.

When you are faced with a choice, is it a should reaction? Is it a fear-based response?

OR, is it something like this:

I’m going to make this decision, albeit a bit scary, but I’m choosing to make this decision because it’s moving me CLOSER to my soul’s authentic happiness and I KNOW the Universe works like a boomerang.

Whatever I CHOOSE to emit into the Universe through my thought, feelings, and ACTIONS of vibrations, the Universe gives me MORE of the same.

Like attracts like.

Okay, I’m going to make the uncomfortable decision because this feeling of discomfort is ONLY temporary and I know this because it’s unfamiliar to me at the moment.

It’s not unfamiliar to me for in the long-term. Okay, hell yes, I’m going to go this route!

I created the VIP Mastering Manifesting Membership for you because I am HELPING YOU gain CLARITY around what you are CHOOSING to FOCUS on through what I call Mastering Manifasting mindset training AND tuning into your SOUL’S CALLING!

When you are in this membership, you become a Master Manifaster!

I was feeling SO STUBBORN before I changed my manifesting lifestyle and now I can confidently say I AM who I am MEANT TO BE in life and blessings keep flowing to me. I want to share this with you, too!

In doing so, you are learning how to work WITH the Universe so that you are SPEEDING UP all of your manifestations into your physical realm!

I did these EXACT methods, myself, for the past two years and this is HOW I manifested 99% of my life’s goals within 10 months! This is HOW I manifested ALL of my blessings into my physical realm, including find the love of my life and getting myself out of $29K debt!

Things CAN happen so fast FOR YOU once you UNDERSTAND WHY your cognitive behaviors are shielding you from your soul’s TRUEST PURPOSE in your life.

Before becoming a Master Manifaster with this maniFASTing training I was feeling so STUCK being in the struggle all the time. But, then I EMPOWERED myself by PAIRING powerful Law of Attraction methods with mind-SHIFTING cognitive training, and not only have my mindset beliefs completely transformed, but so has MY PHYSICAL LIFE.


This group dives DEEP into cognitive training through the use of Mastering Manifasting mindset journaling paired with my own proven Law of Attraction methods to help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are feeling stuck.

This helps you gain CLARITY so that you can IDENTIFY and RELEASE your mental blocks, dive deeper into your SOUL’S wants and needs that are unleashing into physical existence, thus completely TRANSFORMING your life into everything you WANT it to be! Because you are NOT stuck, you just FEEL stuck.


This group is NOT for anyone who wants to sit around and “wait” for their manifestations to come into their physical realm. This group is NOT for anyone who doesn’t want to do the EMPOWERING and POWERFUL mindset-shifting and soul-shaping training that is IN this VIP group.

▪ This group IS for you if you are tired of running on your hamster wheel and feeling stuck in your life.
▪ This group IS for you if you are ready and OPEN to learning how to work WITH the Universe through Law of Attraction.
▪ This group IS for you if you are ready to dive DEEP into your mindset behavioral habits to understand WHY and WHERE you mentally focus on a daily basis.
▪ This group IS for you if you are seriously COMMITTED to CHANGING your mindset habits, you are seriously COMMITTED to SHIFTING out of limiting mental patterns, and ACCESSING your SOUL’S truest PURPOSE and CALLING in your life.
▪ And this group IS for you if you are COMMITTED to taking inspired actions SHOWING the Universe what you ARE calling into your physical realm (meaning, creating your NEW reality into your physical realm much faster)!


▪ Frequent cognitive-shifting belief training through the power of mindset journaling and your influential use of your visualizations, something that is super KEY in manifesting anything and everything you want into your new reality
▪ Impacting self-empowering audios and videos done by me to further help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are currently feeling stuck in your life
▪ You have way more access TO me with round-the-clock Q&A, I am catering to your specific manifestations through this VIP group!
▪ And you are learning MY proven law of attraction techniques paired with MY Mastering Your Mindset methods to help you SPEED UP your own manifestations because you are learning how to work WITH the Universe through your mindset and your soul!


This is WHY you have to get your spiritual fanny into this group: we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness.

You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

I chose to make this group exclusive to the souls who really WANT their manifestations to SERIOUSLY come into their lives because there are so many people who want their dream jobs, want their soulmate/twinflame best friend relationship, want more money, want authentic happiness, and so much more.

But, I am wanting to work with you and train you with MY OWN PROVEN methods to the select few who are SERIOUS about leveling UP in their lives and calling in all of their blessings into their physical realm more quickly.

So this VIP group has limited spots and I’m ONLY taking on souls who are SERIOUS about creating their new reality, creating their dreams INTO their physical realm, and creating their happiness, creating through love, and creating FOR their soul’s purpose in this world.

If this is you, become a Master Manifaster NOW!

I used to remain in bad relationships, I used to allow myself to be a people-pleaser, I used to CHOOSE to put everyone else’s needs above MY OWN needs because I thought that was what led to a happier life (servant mentality).

But over time, I started to feel suffocated. I mean mentally drained because instead of being PROACTIVE with my thoughts and beliefs, and my actions, I was being REACTIVE.

And being reactive is so dis-empowering.

Being PROACTIVE and choosing to RESPOND rather than react gives you SO MUCH POWER to not only your own self and your own happiness, but also to your own reality that YOU CREATE.

Now, after many years of feeling stuck, I am no longer feeling this way because I learned how to utilize pairing the powerful Law of Attraction techniques WITH mastering my own mindset beliefs, and I learned how to work WITH the Universe. And now it’s YOUR TURN!

I had discovered and uncovered some subconscious beliefs I didn’t even realize I was still carrying with me into my adult life. But this is WHY I was able to completely change my life and my happiness in such a short time span:

Because I made the DECISION that scarcity and fear is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to me. And this is what I am teaching YOU because your happiness, your life, and receiving your life’s goals truly DO matter and you ARE worthy of living by your soul’s authentic happiness and purpose!

I’ve opened the doors for a LIMITED time until March 1st and I ONLY have 3 spots available!

Get your spiritual fanny into this group because we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness. You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

Reply to this email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions for me!

Otherwise, I’ll see you in the group, and remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

I’m Ready to Join NOW!


How do you view the money in this photo?
How you view money, in ALL amounts, is the blueprint to either receiving more or receiving less because the Universe operates in a boomerang effect.
What you communicate TO the Universe through your thoughts, emotions, and actions are what come back TO you. The Universe is always saying “yes”.
So I will ask again:
How do you view the money in this photo?
Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

I Mean, the Microwave is Energy…Right?

Access FREE Mastering ManiFASTing training HERE!

Have a beautiful Sunday, Sensational Soul!

And remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn