Challenges: How Do You View Them?

The above says it all in how I view challenges, but I am curious as to how you view them.

Are they stairs leading up to your goals?
Are they little “obstacles” you get “points” for each time you bop them like a virtual Mario likes to do?
Maybe they are opportunities?
Or, are they limits?
Are they the little air pillows inside of cardboard shipping boxes that you just LOVE to pop because it’s so much fun?
Are they cocktails before noon on a Sunday morning?

However you view your challenges is what will either make them easy to overcome or hard to break through.

The choice is ALWAYS yours to perceive, either way. And what you perceive to exist is what creates and persists.

The Universe reflects more of the same back TO you.

So, how do you view your challenges? And most importantly, how do you decide and choose to overcome them? Hint: you can even change the word, “overcome”, and state something like, “defeat” or “bury”, instead.

Okay, so how do you decide and choose to BURY your challenges?

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Journal Girl Jaclyn

4 thoughts on “Challenges: How Do You View Them?

  1. I know that challenges are the best opportunity for growth but i’m not going to pretend that I sometimes try and avoid them. It’s something I’m working on overcoming at the moment 🙂

    1. Why do you avoid them? What is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen? 🙂

      1. I’m avoiding putting myself out there to do life coaching sessions with anyone that wants to volunteer. The worst that could happen is a completely fail which means I can’t pass my course or the best that could happen is that it goes really well and the person I’m coaching wants to continue for another 4 sessions 😊 I already know that as soon as I start I will be completely fine but it’s that daunting feeling of the unknown that holds me back x

      2. Girl! You can do this! <3 I believe in you! What if you just do a "test" run and just tell yourself it is a practice run ONLY? <3 Don't make it out to be a huge deal, it's only a practice run! <3 You have some fears, but we ALL have fears, and MOST people admire others who take chances because most people hide behind their fears. They will cheer you on! <3 You can do this! <3

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