Introducing Manifesting Messages

Manifesting Message

Hey Amazing Soul!

Each month I post manifesting messages on social media to remind you to stay in alignment, trust the Universe’s process, and to take manifesting action so that you are OPEN to receiving ALL your life’s blessings.

These have been a big hit over the past few months, therefore I’m now introducing:

Manifesting Messages

Each month I will continue to post manifesting messages in our Facebook community and on Instagram, but I will now post weekly Manifesting Messages as well! Here’s how it will work:

At the beginning of each month I will post your monthly Manifesting Message, and at the beginning of each week I will include your Manifesting Message for that week in my posts.

My purpose is to encourage you to get into your soul’s manifesting alignment- because this is where the manifestation takes place:

Feeling good and going with the flow (no struggle)
Trusting the process (don’t care about when your desires happen)
Taking manifesting action because it feels like a hell yes! (showing the Universe what you desire)
And being open to any outcome because really, you’re okay with it (being open to the however)

…and then BAM! Your desires come to you faster than the speed of light because you no longer have any attachment to your desires and you feel GOOD, regardless. The struggle and the need is gone, and you’re just flowing with it because you KNOW it’s manifesting to you.

The above photo is my Manifesting Message for you for the month of September.

Happy manifesting!


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