Soulful Secret Tip: Self-Alignment Checklist


Life is like a roller coaster, there’s ups AND downs, including with your thoughts and emotions. One thing I do to help get my soul back into alignment whenever I have wobbly moments is to create a self-alignment checklist and I keep it in my wallet in my handbag for a quick grab.

I create my self-alignment checklist when I’m feeling IN alignment. But, I use the checklist when I need to get myself BACK INTO alignment.

For your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling (and to create your checklist), write out:

Right now I’m thinking… (literally write this out so when you’re thinking negative thoughts you can finish this sentence in the moment either by talking to yourself or writing it out)
Right now I’m feeling… (literally write this out so when you’re feeling panicked, stressed, scared, etc. you can finish this sentence in the moment either by talking to yourself or writing it out)
I acknowledge you and I now choose to release you because you are not serving my soul for my highest happiness.
I am now choosing, instead, to think… (finish this sentence right now with empowering thoughts you want to think, so when you’re in a negative state you can switch directions with your empowering intentions in that specific moment)
I am now choosing, instead, to feel… (finish this sentence right now with descriptions of feelings that you want to feel, so when negative thoughts strike you can switch directions BECAUSE of your empowering intentions through your chosen focus)

Self-Alignment Checklist: Mission Accomplished

Great job! This handy self-alignment checklist is a guide for you for anytime you feel wobbly while on your soul’s path of manifesting. Of course, you can always change your open-ended answers at any point in time. The beauty of this is you’re giving yourself permission to choose how you want to think and feel going forward.

Acknowledge the negative thought/feeling, allow it to pass through you, set your empowering intentions and go forth in that direction. You’ve got this!

See you soon, and remember to use your daily affirmations. Feel free to use one of mine below:

I am always attracting abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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