Don’t Let Criticism Stop You

Don’t Let Criticism Stop You


You can be the most perfect person in the world, or you can just be YOU, 100%. Either way, you’ll be criticized for what you do.

So, why not have some fun in life by going after your dreams?

Have a great weekend!

Do You Need a Mindset Audit?

Do You Need a Mindset Audit?


When owning a business or climbing up your career’s ladder, you sometimes wonder what you are not doing that others are doing creating thoughts and feelings that seem you are not enough.

Let’s do a mindset audit for a moment:

a) Do you want to try really hard acting from a place of fear because you think you’re missing out on something?


b) Do you want to follow your soul’s compass and act from a place of ease and alignment?

When you try to fit into shapes others have created for themselves, or they have created with expectations for others, you’ll end up feeling unworthy and burned out. You can try it for a while, but it’s not true to who you are and your soul’s highest happiness (your compass).


The sparks of excitement that come over you when you have a desire or a new idea.

If you stay true to yourself, stay true to your soul’s nudges when taking manifesting action, the unwavering consistency of it is what emerges into your physical realm. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, the Universe doesn’t care. It only reflects to you what you steadily believe to be possible.

If you’ve been trying to cram yourself into other people’s boxes these past few weeks (or months) , you feel like you’re trying so hard, and all of it is not working: no worries! You have permission to stop. Yes, right now.

And, you have permission to start acting by your soul’s compass (those nudges), because your belief of what can happen through positive alignment with the Universe is what plays out over time. If you believe bad things are going to happen, over time, these things will emerge into your physical space. Again, the Universe doesn’t play favorites, it only reflects to you.

Be Like Nike, Just Do It

I urge you to do your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling today by writing and finishing this sentence at least 10 times:

I choose to live by my soul’s compass and listen to my soul’s nudges because…

(finish the sentence with 3 of your top goals in your business/career/life and why it’s important to follow your soul’s compass and nudges)

You’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

It’s My Birthday Month…A Gift For You!

It’s My Birthday Month…A Gift For You!

March 2020 Message

It’s my birthday month!

To celebrate my turning 37, I’m gifting you my 5-week transforming best-selling ManiFASTing program, Manifesting My Soul’s New Reality!

How to access it for FREE: if you like my books, programs, and ManiFASTing work, LEAVE A REVIEW on Google and I’ll send you the secret access for your abundantly effective ManiFASTing path. Just send me a message of your review so I can find it on Google and email you a reply with your secret link!

Have a beautiful week and let’s celebrate your newly empowering manifesting journey together!

XOXO Jaclyn

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Snowy winter landscape at early morning with pine trees, clear purple sky and lots of copy space

2020 is now in full swing! I was looking at my yearly goals earlier today and feeling a big sigh come over me. I tend to feel overwhelmed if I look at everything I want to do accomplish as a whole, all at once.

After a few minutes of wondering why making successful progress sometimes feels like it takes forever to come to fruition, I stopped my limiting thoughts and reminded myself of the following:

It’s okay to take small steps as long as you keep going daily.
To keep from feeling overwhelm, plug into yourself your commitment of one goal for the week or month, depending on how long it will take to either complete it or make a big dent into it.
Put in alarm reminders onto your phone to go off on the same days each week to take forward manifesting action towards your goals.
Put in alarm reminders onto your phone to go off on the same days each week to have “me time” (ex: yoga, meditation, reading, napping, walking, swimming, etc.).
Make sure you get enough sleep, usually between 8-9 hours per night is beneficial. I will also make this commitment!
Give yourself a break and stop exposing yourself to anyone or anything that makes you feel like you’re not enough or not doing enough to reach your goals. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, it just means your focus can be shifted by putting on your blinders so you carpe diem!


Do this starting today for the next 2 weeks. Each day during the next 2 weeks I want you to reply to my message and let me know what you did for that day to take manifesting action in showing the Universe you mean business with your desires.

Bottom Line

You are needed and you have a gift to share with others. Don’t let yourself stray too far from your path of alignment.

And if you do? It’s okay, get back into it by watching a motivational speech each day, listening to a motivational podcast, read a motivational book, create a new vision board (either digitally or physically, or both), and anything else that revs up your vibes.

There is nothing to “wait” for with regards to your desires, you’re just distracting yourself with confusions of missing out.

Your dreams are already yours, so relax. You’re doing a GREAT job! Truly. Remain open to the how and when your manifestations emerge into your physical realm. And fill in the rest of your time with more goals and celebration of everything you’ve accomplished so far in your life. You’re making more moments to celebrate.

PS: Getting out of bed each day and taking manifesting action, no matter how many steps you take, is a reason to celebrate!

XOXO Jaclyn

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