I Can Relate Anything to the Law of Attraction

I recently got approved by Apple who is now hosting my "Manifest It!" podcast channel (so thankful!). If you have iTunes, or you can listen to it on Podbean, I just posted my latest episode about how I can seriously relate anything in the Universe to the Law of Attraction because...


How Acne and The Law of Attraction Work Together

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-shss3-c34d62 I can take anything and relate it to anything else when it comes to the Law of Attraction. And in this episode I'm talking about acne and how it relates to manifesting in the Law of Attraction. Look at this way... Don't forget to grab your free 3-Day Mastering Manifesting Transformation: https://www.manifestit.onlineĀ 

You Have a Manifesting Message!

Hey Beautiful Soul! You have a Manifesting Message! Drop a comment below if this resonates with you and share it with those who need to know it. Have a beautiful week! XOXO Jaclyn

It’s Normal Feeling Like a Pendulum

Our feelings and emotions fluctuate several times per day, sometimes more intense than other days. I want to share with you a type of meditation I like to use to help me remain centered and balance as much as humanly possible...