Can You Transform Grief Using the Law of Attraction?

Life is so funny because you’re going about your day, you’re doing your thing, everything is fine…and then you write down the date and burst into tears. I explore how the brain functions with grief and how it actually relates to manifesting, YES! Here is the link to my blog post about it for more information: Tag me on IG and let me know your thoughts! @journalgirljaclyn 


Dealing with Negativity During the Coronavirus

Everything that is “real” in your life is based upon your own perception, including how others treat you and how you choose to respond to what happens around you. This is how I’m choosing to deal with negativity (in general and from others) while we all get through the Coronavirus epidemic. Hint: looking at things from a place of humor helps.

Plus, a fun manifesting exercise I’m doing each day to help speed up the manifestation process!

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How Are You? (Negativity During the Coronavirus)

How Are You? (Negativity During the Coronavirus)

Gilley and Zoe

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I want to thank EVERYONE so much for your kind messages over the past few days. This past week has been trying on my mindset from online trolls calling me a Hollywood “yacht girl”, my work being called “snake oil”, to having lost my little cat, Zoe, 2 days ago. She was my sweet girl I had for 12 years. Gilley, my dog, and I are now trying to get adjusted to living without her. I feel a little better now, but I will admit losing her is not easy for me. We wish our pets could stay with us and transition with us at the same time.

I’m sure given our world’s current situation there is a lot of anxiety right now for most of us, including me. I really hope you are not listening to anything that is being said except for what the CDC and WHO publishes with regards to your medical well-being.


For your mindset and mental well-being, I encourage you to take my:


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If you have or haven’t already taken it, I encourage you to do it because your perspective about the world and everything around you shifts every few months (whether you realize it or not). Please let me know how this program has helped you, I really want to know!

Also, I have a list of books I recommend for your mental well-being and your success during our time of social/physical distancing.



Lastly, keep doing your daily affirmations, mix them up every couple of weeks to keep them fresh and exciting within your mindset. Here is one I am currently using, feel free to use it as well:

I AM always moving forward & I trust the process of receiving with ease.

Please, please stay home and only go to the grocery store/pharmacy when needed. Stay safe and healthy and I thank you so much, again, for all that you ARE and all that you DO because you are an important soul in our world. Much love to you!

XOXO Jaclyn

Dealing with Anxiety During the Coronavirus

Do you have anxiety, too? Are you having panic attacks during the pandemic of the Coronavirus? Here are my mindset tips to help you during this time.

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*Disclaimer: please consult the CDC or your doctor for medical advice or treatments.