Call Me the Black Sheep (I’ll Always Be the Underdog in Society)

When do you get “triggered”? I am rarely offended by anything these days, I am an open-book, I have an open mind, and I’m usually not phased by much because I’ve pretty much seen it all.


I DO get offended when I see people take advantage of others to profit off of them for their own bank accounts, their own power, fame, etc.

Well, today I was royally offended by an email I was sent by a multimillionaire manifesting money guru who likes to use pink-colored fonts, apparently to sugar-coat the BS I started smelling earlier today from the words in her email.

Now, I realize I am “putting myself out there”, but I stand up for MYSELF as much as I stand up for integrity, morals, and ethics. I could be wrong, but my intuition was having a STRONG reaction from her email/posts containing the same message about how she overcame growing up being bullied, being body-shamed, abuse, etc. She pulled at heart-strings about how she overcame a lot of the struggles we face growing up and going through life.

I think it’s amazing to share one’s story- it’s very inspiring and very encouraging. It’s brave and I commend it.

Then I read the next few sentences…

And I broke down into TEARS. I mean, full on, crying, cannot even believe this is how “multi-millionaires” make their money online TEARFESTIVAL.

Look, the majority of us have gone through and seen some SHIT in our lives. And it’s so wonderful to be brave enough to share your story to the world (TRULY is). But, then you ask me to help you by sharing your story to others?

The sugar-coated BS started wafting into my direction as soon as I read her asking me (along with asking THOUSANDS of other souls on her email listserv) to share her story to thousands of more people. I don’t usually post comments when I see something that smells fishy to me, especially because I don’t usually care enough to call attention to it.

But today, I was royally offended. I made a response today, and I’m sure thousands of her fans will troll me, shame me, etc., but it still doesn’t take away the fact that I’m royally offended by her (again, my intuition is telling me this) hidden business agenda/strategy to propel her bank account and fame even more so.

And no, I’m not jealous. I have my own success. As a soul who has experienced a lot of the pain that most of US HAVE experienced in life, I don’t try to profit from others with sugar-coated BS email propositions like the one she sent today “Help me” to help others in the world by “sharing” the link.

Why not let your story and message speak for itself, and if others are inspired (which they will be because it’s a great story) why not let them share it as they please?

Me, the black sheep against the herd of all the white sheep, does not usually get so “triggered” by others. But, your flat and in-genuine request to ask me to market your brand for free (AFTER you’ve played on my fears, insecurities, and basically portray yourself as one who is relatable)? I cannot shake the “fake” I am feeling from this. It’s disheartening to me, it leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth, and hell no I am NOT perfect. I never claim to be. I’m human just like everyone else.

As someone who has been bullied (and still gets bullied), body-shamed (and still gets body-shamed), abused, etc. that most of have gone through in our lives (male AND female), I find it highly offensive to share your story and then solicit for thousands of your fans to share your link because it comes across as…hollow and flat…

And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Help people because you WANT to help people, not because you are trying to gain more fame and more money. Be a leader, a REAL leader, by encouraging others to share THEIR own stories as well (instead of asking for them to share yours so you can profit off them and their friends after pulling at their heart-strings using fears and insecurities as your drive).

And if people want to shame me and troll me for being the black sheep in society, for having the balls to state, “I smell BS through the pink-colored font”, then go right ahead. I know who I am and I believe in being transparent and honest- even in a business strategy…because we are ALL in the same boat we call “helping” others in our world.

I’m posting my response below because there is no sense is venting and purging without showing the truth of my emotional-human-filled triggered moment.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because even I (the positive girl who always finds a silver lining to everything) have downs and emotional moments in life. We are human. It’s part of being human. It’s part of life.

Never shy away from the shining star that YOU ARE! Love you, keep going, you’ve got this, Sensational Soul! And please DO share your life stories because you DO have a gift in this world to share with others!


Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!



There Are Some AMAZING Souls In This World (I Didn’t Used to Feel This Way)

I didn’t realize just how many until I made the decision to step outside of my sphere of consciousness and began observing the energy I WANTED to observe, rather than reacting with emotions at anything and everything that flew my way.

When I worked in retail back in college (cough 18 years ago cough), I absorbed SO MUCH energy from others. And I was young, so I didn’t quite understand the power we have over our own thought-processes.

I still absorb SO MUCH energy from around me because I’m an empath (highly sensitive to the energies around me and very intuitive). When I was younger I had no clue what an “empath” meant.

However, now that I’m older, and technology has advanced when it comes to accessing knowledge, I understand WHY I absorb so much energy around me.

When you understand your WHY in whatever is having you feeling stuck, your outlook comes clearer and your mindset system becomes more manageable.

The Moral to This Realization

Give yourself a break. You are MORE than enough. Instead of focusing on all the energy flying around you, start focusing and practice focusing on what you WANT to observe (ex: gratitude). Doing this daily makes it become automatic for you over time.

Humans crave consistency, so why not use it to your advantage?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestation. Manifesting is a learned skill, just like learning how to win at the game, Monopoly. Manifesting IS a game, so give yourself a break and relax. You’re doing SO MUCH BETTER than you think you are doing.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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XOXO Jaclyn

Boom! It’s Done!

Hey Sensational Soul!

Happy Friyay! Like the moon, we have phases of emotions that stem from our thoughts. But, I have a question for you:

Do you trust the Universe?

Well, do you!? This is a great Mastering Manifasting (Manifesting Faster) journaling prompt for this weekend.

Why do you, or why don’t you, trust the Universe?

When you understand your WHY, it makes it less scary because you can wrap your head around it better.

If you answered that you DO trust the Universe and stated your reason why, take it a step further and finish this sentence 5 times:

I trust the Universe because (insert your why)…and since I do trust the Universe I think…

If you answered that you do NOT trust the Universe and stated your reason why not, take it a step further and finish this sentence 5 times:

I do not trust the Universe because (insert your why not)…and since I don’t trust the Universe I continue to allow my thinking of…

Are You Ready for the Feels?

If you trust the Universe, finish this sentence 5 times:

I trust the Universe, and each time I think about this, I feel…

If you do NOT trust the Universe, finish these two sentences 5 times:

I do not trust the Universe, but if I did, I would think…

I do not trust the Universe, but if I did, I would feel…

All you need is 5 minutes to uncover, discover, and understand your WHYs. And then? Then you understand WHERE your fears and distrust are STEMMING FROM…which is the first step in Mastering Manifasting SHIFTING! Yes! You can do this, I totally believe in you!

PS- I’m still hosting my abundance money workshop: Don’t Hold Back Your Abundance: the FREE 2-Day Money Workshop! We start as soon as we reach 111 members! So invite your friends, forward this email to people you know, and get ready to have some FUN! I cannot wait to train in this workshop!

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know what comes up for you in the above exercises by replying to me. I really want to know your plan of commitment in shifting FROM scarcity and limiting living, into now living and thriving from a place of, “HELL YES I’m totally following my soul’s path and purpose in my business and in my life!”

You’ve got this! Because ALL your desires are ALREADY done! They exist, you just gotta get out of your OWN way, and I KNOW you can do this!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Start Telling Yourself This Daily…

Almost two years ago in August of 2017, when I started writing my first book, I thought to myself:

How cool would it be to be a #1 best-seller?

Then I continued writing my book with this thought in my head, spurring me onward to finish my project. Once my book’s content was done around October 2017, I was ready to edit my book. I thought to myself, again:

How cool would it be to be a #1 best-seller?

Then I thought, there IS a possibility, but I gotta publish my book in order to become this. So, I focused on the task at hand: editing. I searched for an editor and found one I vibed well with (and I STILL love her).

One step at a time.

In December 2017, after my book was edited and the layout design was complete, I remember shaking as I uploaded the manuscript and my cover images into the Amazon publishing portal. I clicked the “submit” button and the waiting began.

You see, I kept myself busy with my overall goal (becoming the #1 best-seller) that I didn’t have time to ALLOW my fears to come into the forefront because I made this choice.

I think I waited 3 or 4 days, but it felt like 3 or 4 years. And SO MANY THOUGHTS went through my mind:

Will my book be good enough for people to like?
Will my book actually help people in their lives?
What if people don’t like my book and I get a lot of 1-star ratings?
What if my book just completely bombs?

When I did a few Google searches to understand the fears writers have, I realized I’m most definitely NOT alone in my thoughts. Even seasonedwriters still have these thoughts and fears (think, first book is a #1 hit, but the second and third books could totally bomb).

The most important part in all of this is that I took my fearful thoughts and I “investigated” them. I reached out with the help of the web through searches, Facebook groups, etc., and I gained the knowledge that is necessary for me to wrap my head around my fears:

So many writers have these limiting thoughts, but does it stop them from writing, anyway?

Well…it’s a choice and a decision they get to make. And it’s a choice and a decision YOU get to make with your desires, too.

It’s Completely Natural & Normal

It’s completely natural and normal to have your fears. It’s completely normal for you to have ALL your thoughts, even the limiting ones. But, what you CHOOSE to do with them…this makes or breaks your success.

I took my fearful thoughts, I gained knowledge around the subject at hand, thus I was able to UNDERSTAND that I’m human, this is natural, this is completely normal.

And because I made this empowering decision, I was able to use my previous question of “how cool would it be to be a #1 best-seller” and turn it into an EMPOWERING MANTRA of:

I AM the #1 best-seller!

Keep in mind, this was a year ago when I published Don’t Feel Stuck! But, because of my DAILY mantra of writing it out and saying to myself, “I AM the #1 best-seller”, I was able to imprint this driven thought into a belief.

How is it a belief if we don’t “see” it yet?

Well, we don’t see with our eyes, we see with our minds. Our eyes are window panes, like projection screens, and our minds are the projectors (the hardware).

When was the last time you did some “spring cleaning” and sprayed some Windex onto your projector lens AND projector screen?

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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We are not promised tomorrow, we only have today.

It’s time to SLAY!

The Sensation of Money!

Hey Sensational Soul!

I have a short, but powerful, Mastering Manifasting journal exercise for you and it’s all about using your senses to Manifast MORE money into your physical realm! So, here we go:

Don’t Think About Money, Just Flow with It

Journal out the following by writing out and finishing each sentence stem at least 5 times:

My favorite scent is…because…
Whenever I hear my favorite song I feel…because…
Each time I taste…I begin to think…because…
It’s so easy for me to be in alignment and flow with the Universe whenever I embrace the texture of…because…
I love the color…because…

Think About Money & Just Flow with It

Good! Now that you know what EXCITES your soul and has you feeling HIGH VIBE, take the word, “money”, and plug it into your journaling from above.


You still gotta write out the sentences in full while plugging in the word “money”. So, look over what you wrote, write little notes in the areas where you can plug in the word, “money”, or make notes where you can re-write the sentences.


When you write out the sentences again, really FEEL into them as you write them out. Seriously. I’m talking full-on writing with conviction. It’s time to SHIFT and LEVEL UP with how you view money energy. Reply and let me know what you come up with and how this transforms your soul’s vibes!

Have a beautiful week!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn