Keep Going!


Hi Sensational Souls!

The weekend is almost here and I want to remind you that even when you are feeling tired, even when you are feeling like you can’t do it anymore, and even if you feel like it’s never going to happen- KEEP GOING!

The reason I say this and believe this with my whole heart is because I have manifested some really WONDERFUL things in my life (and yes, I have even gone through extremely hard times emotionally as well) and the universe tends to bless me right when I’m feeling a little off-kilter! Life is full of ups and downs, no one is able to escape this because even mother nature, itself, experiences both wonderful blessings and perplexing hard times. All the particles in our universe experience a crazy ride every single second of the day! Luckily, we as humans don’t have to ride the same roller coaster as particles do within our phenomenal existence. See? I can find a silver lining in just about anything! Can you imagine having to bump into things as a particle all day, every day? How exhausting! Okay…nerd girl is coming out…

If you are feeling down, feeling hopeless, feeling doubtful, feeling sad, and everything else that has you feeling a negative feeling, stop what you are doing RIGHT THERE and do something that brings about positive thoughts and feelings! This is the beauty of your mind! You can literally change your thought within a split second! What you focus on EXPANDS! So KEEP GOING! Seriously! Acknowledge the negative thought, but don’t let it stick around! Check in with your mindset a few times per day: set an alarm to check in with your thoughts and feelings, set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and go for a walk, set an alarm to reaffirm your positive self-affirmations. Do anything that gets you into that feeling GOOD place as soon as you are feeling negative in any way. You are ALLOWED to be positive and feel happy. You ARE worthy! The universe DOES want you to have what you want.

Blessings tend to happen right when you stop looking for them- they are blessings because they are sweet surprises!

Ask the universe to give you a sign that it’s looking out for you. For example, I asked the universe to give me a sign about the book I’m writing. I have been seeing 1:1111:114:115:116:11, and more 11s ever since! According to the Angel numbers, I knew it was my answer “yes” to go for it! So I did! It’s not published yet, but I’m getting very close to it and I cannot wait to help others with my journaling techniques and methods to shift your mindset- proven to work because it took stubborn, skeptical me from a place of depression and anxiety to now being a more care-free, thankful, and worry-free soul!

Find your passions in this world and ALWAYS follow your soul’s calling. Your intuition IS your soul, so listen to it! You can do this! KEEP GOING!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn


Do You Believe It’s Easy? Or Hard?


Hi Sensational Souls!

Hope your first day of November went really well! Today in the Manifest It! community on Facebook the topic of core beliefs came up around believing something to be easy or hard. For example, this was regards to money, but it can literally apply to anything and everything!

Whatever the topic at hand, think about how you were raised with regards to the belief about it when you were growing up. Did your parents or grandparents tell you it was “easy” to climb up the career ladder? Did they tell you it was “hard” to make money in the world? What about expressing their beliefs to you around love and marriage?

Chances are, you might still be carrying some of their rooted beliefs around with you even today as an adult. So, the next time you think about your life goal and how much you REALLY want it, but feel it’s not happening right now, try doing some mindset work around your childhood rearing and your family’s belief systems that were being told to you. In addition, examine how you feel about your life goal and your beliefs around it today as an adult. If you are still feeling stuck, try journaling out the opposite of your worries, fears, etc. about your life goal. Practice makes perfect! The more you do you mindset work to change your belief systems, your subconscious will start to shift and your life goal won’t seem so “hard” after all!

Keep going and do your mindset work DAILY! You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Need a Quick Boost? Make Some Postcards!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday and it has been a GREAT day!

Here is a tip for you ANY time you need a quick boost: pick out some of your favorite photos, print them off and past them onto index cards (1 photo per index card). Google some of your most favorite quotes, print them off, and past them onto the other side of the index cards (1 quote per index card).

Now that you have a stack of your favorite quotes and beautiful pictures around your home or in your bag, anytime you need a quick boost, just grab one from the deck! This is a great way to lift up your vibration and level up your mindset! Like a sprinter who sprints fast and in a short distance, the adrenaline that the sprinter feels afterward will sort of be like “adrenaline” for your positive mind! Give it that burst of elated energy your mind craves!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

What Is Your Next Version You?


Hey Sensational Souls!

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend has been inspirational for you! Through my mentoring coaching I have found a lot of people have life goals they want to accomplish, but they are uncertain on how to START the process. Part of it is doubt, part of it are fears surrounding responsibility, time management, money, and part of it is feeling as if we don’t deserve to be happy in life.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN achieve your life goals and you CAN start TODAY! You don’t have to take huge, giant leaps towards them; but, it’s good to educate yourself around how to start the process. Plus, starting the process will give you a sense of empowerment and excitement! An idea for your mindset work tomorrow is to write down something you really want to accomplish, have, and/or be in your life. You don’t have to start out big, just pick something- anything. What is needed to carry out this life goal? Google it, look at webpages, join Facebook groups, and start journaling out any and every inspired thought you have around it.

What can you do THIS WEEK to start taking steps towards your goal? Baby steps are okay to do, take inspired actions and KEEP GOING! We all have a gift in this world and it’s so vital to do everything that aligns with your soul! Your soul does have a purpose and it’s eager to start really living life!

If you haven’t done so already, you can join my FREE Facebook Group, Manifest It! and each day I post inspiration quotes surrounding universal abundance, your soul’s calling, and all-around messages that have all of us in the group sharing encouragement with each other!

I’m hoping to launch my journal workbook by Black Friday, November 24th, 2017! I have a special surprise for the launch! So stay tuned!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Visualize It As If It’s Done!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Friday! Some things I’ve done over the years are the use of visualization when it comes to manifesting life goals. For example, I visualize what I want by closing my eyes and feeling myself in the situation living it out in the present moment. Another way is visualizing as an onlooker watching myself interact within the situation, as if I’m spying on myself!

I do mindset work every single day and as I write out my life goals I visualize what I am writing out and I write them out as if they are already DONE! Just like I visualize with my eyes closed that I’m currently in the present moment of it, I write it out and visualize it at the same time with as many details as possible to get into the FEELING of it. Sometimes I type via my laptop and close my eyes while I’m typing it all out. I free flow my writing and typing any way my mind deems it with the intention of positive mindset journaling.

There’s no right way or wrong way to do it, just do it and FEEL your way into it! Commit to doing your mindset work DAILY. Just like you would get up in the mornings and brush your teeth, do your mindset work and do it with true feelings of conviction. Your brain is your engine, it sends all of its commands throughout your entire body. Take the mornings, fill up your engine with your mindset work to give yourself positive mindful energy, and have FUN with it! Set your intention of your day early in the morning before all the noise wants to distract you. I am NOT a morning person, but I love it because I am so much calmer and more relaxed for the day!

Until next week, have a prosperous and abundant weekend!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn