BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!- Wanting to Manifest Money!?


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Black Friday!!! Today is such a HUGE day for people who want to spend money- so this got me thinking: what about the people who want to RECEIVE money!? Where is THIS holiday!? Well, I declare EVERY DAY to be the holiday of receiving money!

Every Friday in my AWESOME Facebook community, Manifest it!, I share what is called the “Weekend Challenge”. Normally I give mindset prompts that are more generalized because I know so many souls are manifesting so many different things in life. In honor of Black Friday, I have created the Weekend Challenge around manifesting MOOLAH! So, are you READY!?

Journal out the following:
1) Growing up my parents taught me that money…
2) Growing up my grandparents taught me that money…
3) As an adult I feel money is…
4) Why do I feel money is this way?
5) True or false: money is just a piece of paper.
6) Why is it true or false?
7) What would happen to me if I chose to release my limiting beliefs around money?
8) What is the best thing that could happen if I released my limiting beliefs around money?
9) Continuing to HOLD ON to my limiting beliefs around money allows me to…
10) Releasing my limiting beliefs around money allows me to…
11) Continuing to live in scarcity means I am…
12) Embarking upon my new path and releasing scarcity around money means I am…
13) True or false: money is merely a piece of paper.
14) Why is it true or false?
15) What does it mean to be “rich”?
16) To be “rich” means I CANNOT do/have…
17) To be “rich” means I DO NOT feel…
18) To be “rich” means I AM NOT…
19) True or false: being rich is just a state of mind.
20) Why is it true or false?
21) It would be so much easier not to create wealth so that I can continue to…

Re-read what you wrote, circle words that stand out to you, and re-evaluate WHY you have the beliefs you have around money.

22) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I CHOOSE to believe…
23) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I AM COMMITTING to…
24) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I celebrate my breakthroughs by acknowledging that money is ONLY…

You have to dig deep and journal/type out how YOU feel, and discover your own mindset blocks around it. This is how you EVOLVE with your beliefs about anything and everything. There is no “answer” from the outside, you have to look INTERNALLY in yourself to discover YOUR answer. Exploring inward within yourself IS the answer to change! You’ve totally got this!!!! Just be real and be raw with yourself. Once you examine and identify your limiting beliefs around anything (this applies to anything, just change the subject from money to whatever it is you are manifesting), it’s easier to CHOOSE a new direction for yourself! Remember, everything is up to YOU, so listen to your intuition, listen to your soul’s calling, and take inspired actions towards your new dream reality! You can do this!!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Giving Thanks EVERY DAY!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks in advance for everything you want to manifest into your life is the ROOT of the manifestation process! So on this day I would like to remind you how powerful your soul is in our universe:

Use visualization as you journal out and anchor in your writing’s creation into existence!

Draw your new dream reality with colorful pencils or markers to help bring the visualization to life!

Read your new dream reality on paper or on your computer screen OUT LOUD to yourself!

Start ACTING from your new dream reality’s presence! How would your next-level self think and behave? How would your version 2.0 self feel?

Write out everything you are so thankful for in your life and incorporate your new dream reality! Then state WHY you are grateful to all of it! So for example, I have a cat and a dog. I want my upcoming journal workbook to be a best-seller. So I would write something like, “I am so very thankful for my pets because they are loving, loyal, and so much fun to be around. I am also incredibly thankful that my journal workbook is on the New York Times best-seller list! I am truly blessed and I feel this every single day! Thank you, Universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Whatever you are wanting to manifest into your new dream reality, the most important part of it is to be THANKFUL to it! Visualize it, create it onto paper/onto your computer screen and into colorful images, read it out loud to yourself, starting acting from your new dream reality’s place, and FEEL into it! Give thanks for all of your life’s blessings and mesh your new dream reality’s blessings into one powerful gratitude expression!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Deciding with Clarity = Manifesting!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Wednesday! A member in our amazing Facebook community, Manifest it!, had a breakthrough and I’m so excited for her! She talks about the power of focus and how has helped her to make progress in her manifesting process! Yes! So happy for her! This is wonderful!

If you are unsure of what you want the universe is receiving mixed signals. If you decide what you want, but then go back and forth about it, the universe is reading from you that you are unsure of what you want. Also, don’t be afraid to be super clear about what you want when communicating with the universe! For example, don’t just say, “I want more money.” How is the universe going to respond? It will give you a penny or a dime on the ground that you find while going about your day. And don’t get me wrong, this is GREAT! I am ALWAYS thankful for everything I receive that is for my highest good. What I mean is, when you do your mindset journaling each day, write out, “I want $10,000.00 CASH received! I AM receiving $10,000.00 CASH received! I received $10,000.00 CASH!”

So, you got clear with the universe by telling it what you specifically want. Now comes the part to SHOW the universe what you will do with what you specifically want. I do this by literally journaling about things like the above every single day in my mindset journaling! Then I write out exactly what I AM doing with the $10,000.00 cash received, such as: 1) $2,000.00 is going to the SPCA; 2) $2,000.00 is going to my living expenses; 3) $2,000.00 is going into my savings accounts; 4) $2,000.00 is bringing my credit card balance to $0.00; and 5) $2,000.00 is going into my checking out for fun money!

This is just an example, of course, you can dream up whatever you want! It doesn’t have to be money either! Say you decide 100% you want to travel to Greece. Okay, so you have decided this and you are telling the universe this in your daily mindset journaling! Now, write out what you plan to do with regards to going to Greece: what time of year are you going (spring, summer, fall, winter)? How long are you going to be in Greece? What are you doing while in Greece? What are some sights you are seeing? Who are the people you are traveling with on this trip? What are you wearing? What does your hair look like? What are your travel companions dress and hair looking like while in Greece?

You are showing the universe through visualization! Another way to be clear in what you want and showing the universe that you are completely focused on your decision is to create a vision board full of things all about Greece with visual photos, quotes, anything you want! And then hang it somewhere where you will see it very often to help you stay focused on your manifestation with excitement! You can even create a savings account at the bank and start putting your “Greece” money towards this account each month! The point is, you have to DECIDE with clarity- then take inspired actions around it, DAILY, to stay focused on it! Look at it as you are moving TOWARDS this life goal and as you take steps each day through your mindset journaling (writing everything out as in the present) and other inspired actions, the universe is listening to you and IS helping you along the way to speed up the manifestation! You will start to see that the universe is rearranging things in your life, shifting things around to make way for your manifestation!

Whatever you want, the universe is your oyster! You’ve got this! Keep going! You’re doing AMAZING! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to those who don’t celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Do You Listen To Your “Story”?

unnamed (1)

3 hours of sleep. I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and I’m so tired because my Zoe cat was so sick last night. BUT, I cannot let it deter me from my soul’s purpose!

Every single day it’s important to stay on your path, don’t fall into the “story” you COULD allow to give you excuses for not buying that healthy food item, for not showing up on a live stream for your business, for not doing your mindset journaling for 10 to 15 minutes, for not finishing your book you are writing, for not doing your 30-minute cardio, for not WHATEVER it is that you CEMENTED for your daily disciplines to help you speed up the manifestation!

You will feel more in alignment and in flow when you STICK to your daily commitments! I do them, even when sick, and this is how I make progress because I am SHOWING the universe what I truly desire and want. The universe is responding to my vibrations I am emitting and helping me out! And it’s because I’m sticking to my daily non-negotiables and I always feel more into alignment and flow after I complete them!

I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! You’ve got this!!! Don’t forget to do your mindset journaling today! Journal out your goals as if they are IN the present! Done! Already completed! As IS in life! And what can you do right now to help speed up the manifestation by SHOWING the universe so it can help you along?

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Celebrate All Of Your Successes & Blessings!


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Monday! I have been thinking about how important it is to celebrate ALL of your successes and blessings in life: big and smaller ones. A lot of the time us humans focus on comparing ourselves to other people’s success and blessings. Even if we aren’t blatantly focusing on it, our subconscious seems to want to constantly compare to other people’s lives and blessings.

A good chunk of manifesting your life goals are to focus on your OWN successes and blessings every single day, no matter if it’s a successful and tasty breakfast you made or a job promotion.

So, I’m here to remind you that you ARE doing great and you ARE manifesting your life goals! Take 10-15 minutes each day, do your mindset journaling around everything you feel blessed about in life, past successes, current successes, and restructure your mindset around what success means to you. For example, when you were growing up, did your parents or your grandparents instill to you that success comes from a lot of hard work? As an adult, do you still feel this way deep down? NEWSFLASH! You don’t have to encompass the same beliefs you had when you were younger.

When you think of the word “success”, what comes to mind for you? Why do you hold these beliefs? What makes your beliefs around success so concrete and vital? Why?

Answer these questions in your mindset journaling and see what comes up for you! And THEN, use the argument to rebuke why it is in fact NOT true with each point you come up with that provides negative feelings and negative thinking. When you have made your argument, start writing down some things you’ve done in your past and present that actually ARE successes and blessings in your life! And then celebrate them by allowing yourself to feel the joy and satisfaction that comes from your celebration!

Time to tell your limiting beliefs you are NO LONGER going to allow them to control your mindset! Relish in your daily blessings and accomplishments, celebrate ALL of your successes, bigger and smaller, because they are ALL vital in your life! Like attracts like with regards to the law of attraction. So be kind to yourself, be more accepting of YOU, and be thankful for everything that brings you joy. Practice, practice, practice: practicing makes progress, and progress brings the manifestation into the physical realm. You’ve got this! Enjoy life and HAVE FUN!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn