Start Training Your Mind DAILY!


Hey Amazing Soul!

Today flew by and I’m so excited to sit down and tell you how important it truly to do your mindset work DAILY. It’s best to do it in the mornings, but you really need to make it a non-negotiable and start committing to doing it DAILY and here’s why:

  1. Our belief systems stem from our childhood and how we were raised. We have both positive and negative beliefs about everything in life. How can you manifest a life goal if you are constantly dancing around a negative belief about it? You just CAN’T achieve your life goal this way!
  2. Use empowering phrases such as, “I AM…”, or “I choose to believe…”, and even “I AM receiving…”. For example, if you grew up having your parents and grandparents telling you that you have to work HARD in order to receive a lot of money, then most likely you subconsciously feel this way as an adult.

    Not everyone is like this, but it tends to be this way- even if you don’t realize it. Our family members who are older than us lived in different times with regards to careers, things have CHANGED. Why stay stuck in a mindset that you have to do something a certain way in order to achieve what you truly want in life?

  3. By doing your mindset work DAILY, you are implementing a new belief system. Repetition mixed with feeling help to CHANGE your belief systems. And if you truly believe that it’s “going to take a long time” to change your belief systems, well, you’re right! You’re right because this is what you BELIEVE.

    I started truly journaling every single day back in May and now we are in October. My life has changed SO MUCH these past few months and it’s because I started implementing a more positive belief system surrounding careers, money, working, etc.

Now It’s Your Turn!

So, what are your life goals? Start using empowering phrases! Write it out or type it out, and then read it out loud to yourself after you finish each day. Write it out or type it out with conviction, say it out loud when you read it to yourself and say it with true FEELING of BELIEF! You CAN do this! It will start feeling like second-nature after a couple of weeks, and you might even crave doing it every day.

Start empowering yourself TODAY- NO MORE excuses! You CAN do this! I totally believe in you!

Want to Up-level Your Life? Up-level Your Environment!



Hi Amazing Soul!

Today I want to propose to you an idea revolving around up-leveling your life. We all have life goals and dreams we want to achieve. Regardless of what they are, in order to up-level to the next version of yourself, sometimes it’s really great to up-level your environment and surroundings as well. What do I mean by this? I mean like when you were a kid and your parents told you to go “clean your room”- but this time I mean your home!

We are working on aligning to your next-version self, so becoming your next-version self involves not only aligning in a mental state, but also in areas of which you spend the majority of your time on a DAILY basis. Daily positive mindset, daily positive environment! YES! I’m talking to YOU!

Clear Your Space to Make Room for MORE Blessings

If you are aligning to receive more money, get your wallet out and throw away old receipts, organize it, put some dollars in there (doesn’t matter on the amount), and get clear about your money goal. How can you invite more money to flow into your life if you keep old receipts that are no longer for your needs? A clean and organized wallet will not only help you to feel more at ease about your wallet in general, but it will allow for more abundance to flow into your wallet!

The point is, you gotta FEEL abundant- and opening your clean wallet to feel those dollar bills against your finger tips will help you to FEEL more prosperous and abundant! Feeling a bunch of receipts won’t make you FEEL abundant- it will remind you of expenses, not of profits (unless it’s a deposit slip).

What about your closet? Do you have old clothes that you no longer wear? Clear them out! How can you invite a marriage you truly want if you take up ALL of the space in your closet? Clear out the old clothes and shoes, and make a nice space for your “spouse”. If you want newer, more expensive clothes, you still need to clear out the “old” to make way for the newer threads!

What about your garage? Yes, don’t think I was going to fail to mention the number 1 junk space. Are you wanting a new car? Or, do you expect that when you get married there will be more cars? Tidy up the garage, throw out the old stuff that no longer serves you so that you can align to your next-version self! And even clearing out the older stuff will make more room for your “spouse’s” car (it will fit in so nicely with that extra space).

Look around your home and locate where you spend the majority of your time. Tidy it up, clean it up, make it look and FEEL more like your next-version self because you have to start aligning to it. The Universe won’t know to help bring it into your life if you are constantly living in the past- and I do mean this metaphorically AND literally when I say this.

Align Yourself

It’s good to align yourself as if it’s already in the present because when the Universe brings it to you, it will feel like, “Oh yeah, I was hoping for that!” This is partly how to manifest your life goals! Look at it this way:

A completed puzzle represents your life goal. Start putting the pieces together and don’t worry about HOW you will get to the last piece of the puzzle. Just relax and trust that by aligning the pieces together the universe IS helping you to complete the puzzle with that last piece. Don’t worry about how it will get finished, just start doing and taking the inspired action on a daily basis!

Remember, you can’t focus on, “Well, once I have it THEN I’ll be happy.” You have to start doing things and FEELING happy in the present to invite MORE abundance and prosperity into your life! Enjoy the journey of putting the puzzle pieces together- it wouldn’t be called a hobby if people didn’t like putting the pieces together.

So relax, clear out your literal space so you can be more calm and at ease within your surroundings as you align mentally with up-leveling your life. One clears off a table to begin putting a puzzle together, clear off your “table” so the Universe can help you to complete the puzzle that IS your life goal. It’s happening! The Universe is ALWAYS working FOR you!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

Why These 5 Emotions Are Crucial To Getting What You Want!


Hey Amazing Souls!

So here I was today sitting in traffic on the way home and I began thinking, how can I convey to my clients and audience that what you TRULY want doesn’t come from a place of “need”? And I came up with this:

Think of something you REALLY want to accomplish in life. Is it more money? Is it losing weight? Is it finding a loving and encouraging relationship with someone else? Is it a new career? Is it writing a book?

Whatever it is, think about it for a second and then ask yourself:

When I think about this want, do I think about it from a place of a positive mindset? Or, do I focus on it and go to a place of negativity around it?

Have you ever stopped and actually associate HOW you FEEL when you think about what it is you TRULY want?

For Example…

Let’s say you want more money. Are you thinking, “I need more money so I can pay for…”, or “I wish I had the money for this…”, or “Must be nice they can afford that…”?

When you create these types of thoughts you are actually sending off negative feelings throughout your soul and body, thus the Universe. Look at the words again, do you see anything positive about those phrases? NO! So why would more money come flowing into your life if you are telling the Universe you don’t deserve to have it!?

Another Example…

Let’s say you want a more loving, encouraging, and supportive relationship with someone. Are you thinking, “I don’t deserve (insert the person you love)…”, or “I’m afraid to try with (insert the person you love) because it may not last and I’ll feel really horrible…”, or, “I’m not good enough to be with (insert the person you love)…”.

Examine these phrases, do you see a lot of positive words in the above phrases? NO! So why would a loving, encouraging, and supportive relationship come flowing into your life if you are telling the Universe you don’t deserve to have (insert the person you love)!?

Full Circle

Let’s circle back to the one thing you TRULY want to achieve in your life. If you were to have it ALREADY in your life, and I mean in the present day, it’s already happening and it’s completely YOURS, how would you feel RIGHT NOW? Think of 5 emotions you would feel ALREADY having what you truly want as if it’s done, it’s yours, it exists right now.

My example: being a published author

1) Successful and proud of myself.
2) Excited and exhilarated for helping others with my book.
3) Validated in the book world.
4) Abundant in life for my accomplishment.
5) Ready to carpe diem EVERY day.

Now that you have established these 5 emotions with regards to ALREADY having your life goal, what comes to mind? Do you feel more positive? Do you feel a little more inspired and motivated?


The Why…

Here is the WHY for needing to FEEL these 5 emotions: you need to start ACTING from this place of a positive mindset, abundance, prosperity, love, and happiness! FEEL as if your life goal has already happened and start ACTING from this place because this IS who you ARE! This IS your soul’s calling!

Think about these 5 emotions again and this time around really FEEL into these emotions surrounding your life goal. I mean really VISUALIZE yourself living your life goal and FEEL the 5 emotions you established surrounding your life goal. Do you feel that difference?

If not, then you’re not taking the time to really do this! I’m telling you, it works!

Take the time in the morning when doing your mindset work and do this kind of activity. Write out or type out your life goal as if it’s DONE and do this for at least 5 minutes each day. Or, close your eyes and visualize yourself living your life goal as if it’s already YOURS because the universe responds to vibrations and feelings.

Think about it in terms of physics: everything is matter, everything IS made up of particles that vibrate in the Universe. Your brain is matter, your brain IS made up of particles and guess what, your brain has sensory reactions to your thoughts. I could go on and on about how fascinated I am with the brain, it’s such a magical organ!

You are literally emitting vibrations into the Universe with your thoughts and feelings. You are communicating with your mind, your soul, and with the Universe every single second of the day. Even at night while you are sleeping you are communicating by emitting vibrations into the Universe.


Do you want to keep telling yourself you “don’t deserve” that pay raise? Or, that (insert loved one’s name) “would never be happy being with me”? Or, there are so many “others who qualify” for your dream job? Each time you talk to yourself this way, you are literally telling the Universe through vibrations and feelings that this is more of what you want in your life.

Instead, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and really FEEL and VISUALIZE yourself already having your life goal as IS. If you do this as a daily practice, you’ll be training your mind and subconsciously telling yourself, thus the Universe, that your life goal is not so inconceivable to bring forth into your own reality.

Use self-loving affirmations daily, listen to positive music, or a motivational speaker who inspires you. Do all of this stuff in the morning to set the INTENTION for your day- and do it DAILY! You CAN do it and you CAN have what you want! You just have to FEEL your way into it. And while you are going about your day, don’t worry about thinking that it’s not manifested just yet.

I say this because you’re actually setting off a subconscious vibration and feeling of LACK when you do so. Just relax, don’t worry about it, and chill out after you do your morning mindset each day in setting your intentions. Let it go and release it into the Universe, and mentally RELAX. Everything is going to be okay.

Start Being Happy Now

You will NOT be “happy” IF you get your dream goal. You have to start BEING happy NOW. You have to start now so that the Universe can match your vibration and feelings. Like attracts like, the Universe is TOTALLY working FOR you, so train yourself to start emitting more positive thoughts and feelings into the world. Practice! Humans are attracted to confident souls, train your confidence within yourself- I know you can do it!

I’m Here To Motivate You On Your Journey!

Welcome! I’m Here To Motivate You On Your Journey!

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Hi Sensational Souls!

I’m running a testing email to make sure it goes through!

Today was a GREAT day! I made my list of things that I need to do for the week and I incorporated my desired wants in my list so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming or boring (depending on how you look at it). For example, I made this list:

1. Wash the dishes
2. Do laundry (DONE!)
3. Build website (DONE!)
4. Launch new program (DONE!)
5. Hire a book editor (DONE!)
6. Vacuum my home
7. Get groceries

I committed to doing something that I find to be boring first so that I can do what I desire next! It’s like when you were a kid and your parents told you to finish your homework before you could go outside and play with your friends. Today my “homework” was laundry and then I got to do the things I desired afterward!

This is a great way to stay on task while exploring your inspired downloads for your life goals you want to achieve (for me it’s writing and publishing a book and building my mentoring business). Whether you are wanting to find a new career path, start a new relationship, get clear about your life goals, and/or lose weight, incorporating your weekly “must-do” list with your desires makes it much easier to get the “homework” done first before you play with the universe!

This is my test email, so I hope you get it! Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn