Here’s Proof That You CAN Manifest Into Your Life!


Think of something you were able to manifest or accomplish that happened in your life. Was it something that you didn’t think would EVER come to you? Or, was it something you saw slowly coming to you as you worked at it? Either way, this is proof that you manifested/accomplished something you WANTED. Big or small, doesn’t matter. The next time you feel like “it will never come”, just remember all of the things you received and know that this is PROOF things you wanted came to you! Whether they were out of the blue, BAM! Or, you slowly saw it coming to you as you worked towards it. 

This is the PROOF that you can manifest things you want in your life. Don’t give up. Stay focused on the goal as if it’s ALREADY done/present in your life. Practice this daily and it won’t seem so far-fetched for it to actually BE done or in your present life! 

I NEVER thought I would get some things in my life and I got them! It was like Christmas morning each time it happened!  And other things I worked towards and I saw it coming into my reality more and more…it’s a blessing either way in life! 

Don’t give up! Thank the universe for EVERYTHING you have received and brings you joy!  You’ve got this! 

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Are You Wanting Them TO BE Happy? Or, Are They A BONUS In Your Life?


Hi Sensational Souls!

The things you want in life, are you wanting them TO make you happy? Or, are you wanting them as an added BONUS to your happiness? Something to ponder on…

If you make the destination your happiness, you most likely will not get there. Like attracts like, so find anything and everything that brings you joy in the NOW and watch how things start flowing into your life that bring you MORE joy. Release, relax, and have FUN in life. This is the key to being happy and achieving your life goals! And when you have that inspired thought come into your mind, write it down, and then start Googling how you can make it happen! Inspired actions HELP you get closer to your life goals! The universe WANTS to help you, but you gotta SHOW it what you want!

Get rid of the excuses, get rid of the negative thoughts, do things that bring you JOY, and then take inspired actions when you receive those creative downloads. You can do it!!!!

Do What You Love,
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Are YOU Making Excuses? Yeah, I’m Talking To YOU!

Journal Girl Jaclyn (1)

Hi Sensational Souls!

I wasn’t going to write until tomorrow, but I felt called to send an email NOW. Someone on this list serv needs to hear this:

Are you making excuses about your life? Do you want to change jobs? Write a book? Take that trip? Get a divorce? Get married? Have a baby? Own your own business? Lose weight? Pay off your debt? I could go on…

Take a look around you and review your peer situation. Are you spending the majority of your time with loving, encouraging, and supportive family and friends? What about your spouse? What about your coworkers on your lunch break? Are you seriously spending your energy around people who lift you up? Or, are you draining your own self-love and energy around people who are negative and make you feel small in this world?

You are NOT small! Stop playing small! We are NOT guaranteed tomorrow, we only have today. So, if you read this and you think about all of your friends, family members, your spouse, your coworkers, and they leave you feeling uninspired, holy SHIFT it’s time to make some EMPOWERING changes in your life! And guess what? It starts with YOU. Only you have the keys to unchain yourself from your negative Nellys. Only you have the power to start taking positive and self-loving steps into a new and positive journey that you SO DESERVE to be on. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc., you are ALLOWED to be happy in your life!

Start reading empowering books, join empowering Facebook groups, find a mentor, join hobby groups on (for example), there are SO MANY resources out in the world to HELP you on your journey. There is no need to make any more excuses, the only thing holding you back is YOU. It’s not your money, it’s not your time, it’s not your job, it’s YOU (in other words, your fears, your worries, your anxiety, your stress, I could go on…). YOU are holding yourself back. Why are you playing small? We are NOT promised tomorrow, so start taking your power back right NOW.

You CAN do this! I totally believe in you! 🙂 Just start with baby steps if you feel comfortable doing so, and keep going with these steps every single day. Make sure you surround yourself with encouraging people, not those who think small and play in your fears. It’s SO IMPORTANT! I cannot stress this enough- the negative Nellys will just enable your excuses. What are you waiting for? You CAN do this!

Anchor, my 5-day online program starts THIS Friday! For these 5 days I will share techniques and empowering mindset activities that will INSPIRE you and help you to ANCHOR in your new, positive, and self-loving belief system! I helped a friend manifest $6,000 in less than 3 weeks in one of my programs, you’ve got this! Whatever it is, you CAN do this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Life Is Better Living By Your Soul’s Calling


Life Is Better Living By Your Soul’s Calling

Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Thursday! It has been a rough week for me, but I am determined to make it through to FRI-YAY! 🙂

I want to remind you that you should NEVER settle in life. You are SO worthy and deserving to achieve whatever it is you want in your life! Never settle in your job, never settle in your relationships, never settle in marriages, never settle with your family and friends, never settle with how you are being treated by others in life, and yes, never settle when it comes to your daily living!

When you do something out of the approval of others you are not living by your soul’s calling. When you respond to others in a way you feel will make others feel best is not living by your soul’s calling. You are NOT responsible for others, you are responsible for YOU and YOU alone. When you “play small” in order to make other people feel comfortable with you, you’re missing out on some HUGE opportunities in life! Furthermore, you are missing out on your TRUE happiness because you are not following your soul’s path in your journey. I’m not saying you have to completely uproot your entire life in one day; rather, what I’m saying is: the next time you feel that nudge in your gut, it’s your soul telling you how to make your decision in order to best live your life in the HAPPIEST WAY. And you ARE worthy and you ARE allowed to live life in the way you want to live it. 🙂 You only live once.

And remember: just when life feels like it’s falling apart, it may actually be redirecting everything to propel you towards obtaining and living out your life’s dreams. Never settle, never, ever settle. And listen to your gut, it’s your intuition, it’s your soul telling you what to do and how to respond.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Until Monday,
A.k.a.- Journal Girl Jaclyn

Start Training Your Mind DAILY!


Hey Amazing Soul!

Today flew by and I’m so excited to sit down and tell you how important it truly to do your mindset work DAILY. It’s best to do it in the mornings, but you really need to make it a non-negotiable and start committing to doing it DAILY and here’s why:

  1. Our belief systems stem from our childhood and how we were raised. We have both positive and negative beliefs about everything in life. How can you manifest a life goal if you are constantly dancing around a negative belief about it? You just CAN’T achieve your life goal this way!
  2. Use empowering phrases such as, “I AM…”, or “I choose to believe…”, and even “I AM receiving…”. For example, if you grew up having your parents and grandparents telling you that you have to work HARD in order to receive a lot of money, then most likely you subconsciously feel this way as an adult.

    Not everyone is like this, but it tends to be this way- even if you don’t realize it. Our family members who are older than us lived in different times with regards to careers, things have CHANGED. Why stay stuck in a mindset that you have to do something a certain way in order to achieve what you truly want in life?

  3. By doing your mindset work DAILY, you are implementing a new belief system. Repetition mixed with feeling help to CHANGE your belief systems. And if you truly believe that it’s “going to take a long time” to change your belief systems, well, you’re right! You’re right because this is what you BELIEVE.

    I started truly journaling every single day back in May and now we are in October. My life has changed SO MUCH these past few months and it’s because I started implementing a more positive belief system surrounding careers, money, working, etc.

Now It’s Your Turn!

So, what are your life goals? Start using empowering phrases! Write it out or type it out, and then read it out loud to yourself after you finish each day. Write it out or type it out with conviction, say it out loud when you read it to yourself and say it with true FEELING of BELIEF! You CAN do this! It will start feeling like second-nature after a couple of weeks, and you might even crave doing it every day.

Start empowering yourself TODAY- NO MORE excuses! You CAN do this! I totally believe in you!