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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports my work! My book has officially reached best-seller status in its category on Amazon and I am SO THRILLED it continues to help souls every single day!

I appreciate all of your manifesting testimonials from this book,

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And I love each and every one of you!

I published Don’t Feel Stuck!, the life and success-transforming journal workbook, one year ago and it has changed thousands of souls and their lives all over the world! I am SO EXCITED for you and for all your success! Keep sharing your manifestations with me because it’s so much fun to celebrate with you!

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Thank you SO MUCH, again, from the bottom of my heart! Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon, Beautiful Soul!


Do You Settle in Love?

Hey Sensational Soul!

I remember when I used to allow totally different treatment when it came to love. I used to feel as if I wasn’t “good enough” unless a man loved and accepted me. Granted, I was really young when I felt this way; nonetheless, I didn’t truly figure it ALL out until my early 30’s.

I was 26 when I decided I was “done” with men and relationships and spent almost a decade learning more about myself- mainly because I was terrified of getting hurt again by another man. I did, however, grow STRONGER in my self-love, my faith in the Universe, and when I was ready to call in my IDEAL relationship, I did it within 10 months!

I did my Mastering Manifasting journaling DAILY, even if I had challenging days. I never put it off, even if I journaled for only 5 minutes. I journaled with conviction everything I wanted in my soulmate and best friend. I journaled everything I wanted in my IDEAL relationship.

And I spent those 10 months having 100% faith in the process because in the Law of Attraction, you gotta surrender to the Universe’s timing and its how.

There are beliefs about love we tend to hold on to because of what happened in our past.

And sometimes we don’t even realize we are still holding on to them! We think we have our beliefs in the way we WANT to have them about love, but then when we are faced with decisions in love we sometimes go the opposite way for fear of getting hurt again. And sometimes we make decisions because it’s easier, more familiar, and safer.

But Does This Mean We Are Settling in Love?

When I performed my Mastering Manifesting journaling in setting my love and ideal relationship intentions every single day, I was able to ask myself a series of questions to help me discover, uncover, and then release what I no longer wanted to hold on to in my love beliefs. And then I established and anchored in my version 2.0 BADASS Master Manifaster self in LOVE!

For example, I always knew and understood that human beings aren’t perfect. However, because I wanted to look at the most positive things and focus on those in everyone, I was at the same time compromising my own self-respect and healthy boundaries that need to be in place in order to draw in healthy and supportive energy from others.

And I didn’t even realize HOW MUCH I was doing this before I started calling in my soulmate and ideal relationship.

Below is an excerpt from my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Manifest Your Ideal Relationship, now available on Amazon!

Journal out the following:

1) True or false. For each of these statements answer whether it is true or false and why you feel it to be so.

• I believe the Universe/God/the angels are on my side. Why or why not?
• I am completely okay with being human and knowing I am not perfect. Why or why not?
• I believe the romantic partner I am currently manifesting is completely accepting of me as an imperfect human being. Why or why not?
• I believe my romantic partner IS on his/her way to my physical realm. Why or why not?

What Is It For You??

I wanna know! Reply to this email and tell me what you discovered in the above prompts. I always love to hear people’s success stories through self-discoveries and with their manifestations.

Manifestations are both in big and small events. So, celebrate yourself in EVERYTHING you discover, uncover, and DECIDE what you CHOOSE to continue to hold on to in your beliefs or release. Either way, you deserve to celebrate yourself because you ARE steps closer to your IDEAL relationship! It’s part of becoming a Master Manifaster in everything in your life, including in LOVE.


PS- I’m offering FREE, EXCLUSIVE training to guide you throughout Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! and below is how to get access to it for over the course of 4 weeks! I cannot wait to help empower you as YOU manifest YOUR soulmate/twinflame and ideal relationship! See you in the training!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

In Order to Speed Up All Your Manifestations Quickly…

Hey Sensational Souls!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I have some mental food for thought for you:

If you want to be a business owner…

Start gaining knowledge around what business owners do in their daily habits. Gain access to how they think, how they act, and much more in how they became business owners and how they are able to maintain their dream and growing their success.

If you want to be a published author…

Start gaining knowledge around what publish authors did in order to publish their first book. How did they think in the process of publishing their book? What were their daily habits? How do they act even now as a published author? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining their momentum of their published book and new projects?

If you want to be in your most ideal relationship with your soulmate…

Start gaining knowledge around what others did in order to call in their soulmate and ideal relationship. What are their daily habits? How do they think throughout each day? How do they act throughout each day? And now that they have their soulmate and ideal relationship, how are they maintaining and sustaining their loving partnership with their soulmate?

Note: These are the tips and methods I share in my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!, in how I successfully manifested my IDEAL relationship within 10 months of setting my intentions to do so!

If you want to manifest more money into your physical realm…

Start gaining knowledge from your mentors and what they do in order to call in that fun, green stuff (and I don’t mean the fun, green stuff that magical dragons like to puff).

What are their daily energy-flow habits? How do they think throughout each day about money in general? How do they ACT throughout each day? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining a clear flow of money emerging into their physical realm?

Gaining Knowledge is Essential in Speeding Up All Your Manifestations

The point is, you can’t sit and expect for whatever it is you want to manifest into your life to fall into your lap- you may be waiting for a really long time.

You can mentally, emotionally, and physically align yourself to what you ARE manifesting in order for it to QUICKLY manifest into your physical realm.

And you CAN do this!

Part of it is gaining knowledge around what you’re calling into your physical realm. Start reading books, signing up for online classes, surrounding yourself with those who have the same dreams, and mastered the methods that you are wanting to Master Manifasting, so you can learn from them.

Practice Makes for Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation

Daily practice SHIFTS you into alignment with what you ARE manifesting. Practice mentally aligning yourself to already BEING what you want to be and already HAVING what you are manifesting as IS in the present.

FEEL into your positive and elevated feelings you receive when you visualize all of the details.

And then? Make sure your ACTIONS are moving you TOWARDS your soul’s new reality. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are you talking to in order to keep your dream alive? What are you ALLOWING each day in order to stay on your soul’s path?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestation. You’ve got this! Empower yourself, educate yourself, and align yourself into YOUR manifestation because it IS happening! And remember…HAVE FUN along the way! This is YOUR journey and you are SO worthy in having everything you want in your life.

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Everything is interconnected when it comes to manifesting MORE into your business, your life, and in leveling up with your happiness. This program’s focus is you learning HOW TO manifest MORE money into your life; but, it’s also a transforming program to help you Master ManiFASTing ALL your ABUNDANCE within ALL realms of your life! This is why I chose to make this program 1:1 and for 3-months. HOLY SHIFT!

Because you are Mastering Manifasting with money, you’re Mastering Manifasting anything AND everything else you desire into your life- because everything is ENERGY.

I’m kicking your spiritual ass into gear and helping you stay accountable as I mentor you and educate you with ALL my Manifasting secrets I used, myself, in transforming my money beliefs and now being able to call in MORE and MORE money into my physical realm with EASE on a continual basis. This is THE deep-dive, magic-inducing, Mastering of all Mastering programs!

And YOU get to turn ON your money flow, which you previously thought was impossible to do. And YOU get to start receiving NOW. Because the Universe likes speed, and it’s waiting, and it’s ready for you to access your SOUL’S communication to your truest, most authentic money-flow with complete and total EASE.

Are you ready to SHIFT your current money-belief shit, say bye-bye and RELEASE it out of your realm, and ACCESS your easy money flow-channels into an ABUNDANT stream…flowing into your business AND into your personal life!?


Have a great week, beautiful soul! Stay focused, stay committed to the prize, and keep going. You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

10 Steps to Manifesting MORE Money!


Hey Sensational Soul!

I just wrapped up Manifesting REAL Love with Ease: the FREE 4-Day Workshop!, and it was AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in it and are now currently manifesting their ideal relationship with ease!

Whatever you are manifesting into your physical realm, there is a common root in the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t quite figured out what this root is just yet…well, this is where I come in.

Most Law of Attraction gurus tell you that in order to manifest you must feel good most of the time. Yes! This IS true, but there are other ingredients to the Law of Attraction. And if you want to Master Manifasting (Master Manifesting Faster), I have some tips for you I’m sharing below.

In December of last year I declared 2019 the year of MONEY! As soon as I declared it, fully surrendered to the outcome of my $29K debt, and released my need for money, BAM! I manifested $30K, cash received, and now I am debt-free!

Here are some tips to help you along your Money Manifasting journey:

Journal out how much money you are wanting and what you are doing with it. Write it in past tense or present tense. Start with, “I am so thankful for $X because…” When one says, “financial freedom”…the Universe doesn’t really know what that means. It could mean 1 penny! So don’t be afraid to get specific.
Think about how much money you have received (in ANY way) over the course of last year and journal out WHY you are thankful to have received it.
Now that you know WHY you are thankful to have received all the money you received last year, what are some reasons to be thankful for money in general (journal them out)? For example, “Money provides the Internet service I use, thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Now, in order to meet your money goal that you ARE currently manifesting into your physical realm, what all can you DO to save you more money in your life? Journal out your ideas. For example, do you NEED the cable package you are currently paying for each month? Make some room in your life with your financial channels!
Create a vision board with your money goals! Do you want to buy a home? Put your dream home on your vision board. Do you want a new car? Put your dream car on your vision board. What has you excited about your life goals? Put it ALL on your vision board and don’t be afraid to create multiple vision boards through multiple platforms (ex: a cork board, your phone background, your desktop/laptop background, magnets on your fridge, etc.).
Use the opposite rule with your money beliefs! Journal out your NEWLY ABUNDANT money beliefs. Growing up, if you were told and began to believe, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well…what is money made of in the rectangular-shaped form with green ink on it?

The Money Takeaway

So you see, Manifasting MORE money into your physical realm not only requires the basic Law of Attraction ingredients of thought; but, if you want to SPEED UP your Manifasting with money, start mixing up your abundant mindset beliefs with taking inspired actions (vision boards, cutting out extra costs with things, etc).

PS- SEXY Money! is my brand new 1:1, 3-month, private program to teach you how to Master Manifasting Money!

In this program you will:

RELEASE your current limiting money mindset beliefs
Be able to establish your newly ABUNDANT money mindset beliefs
And UNBLOCK your money energy channels so that you are ALLOWING money to freely flow into your physical realm with ease!
PLUS! There are MORE surprises with your abundant transformation!

Just like with pipes in your home, beliefs can sometimes get “clogged” within the pipes of your mindset. But no fear! This program transforms your money energy beliefs by empowering YOU to RELEASE your money shit, create your RICH mindset and RICH energy vibrations, and make room for ALL your money desires that start flowing into your life- and quickly!

Life is meant to be lived in ease and flow of feeling good about yourself and your life. Stop punishing your happiness by continuing to allow yourself to be chained to your limiting money beliefs.

You are going to learn HOW to command the Universe to start working FOR YOU with money. Before you know it, you’ll be Mastering Manifasting with money in complete flow and ease!

Your limiting beliefs are no longer working FOR you, but the Universe IS ready and waiting to deliver to you exactly what you desire with money; OR, you are receiving MUCH MORE in financial blessings TO you, FOR your happiness, and FOR your life in the abundant and rich way you are meant to be living it- NOW.

Oh my gosh I am SO EXCITED for you! It’s such a freeing feeling to be guided and trained in how to get into the driver’s seat of your life and of your abundance. I’ll see you in the program, beautiful soul! I’m so READY to teach you!

And I cannot wait to hear what YOU manifest from SEXY Money!

Remember, YOU are in control of your reality. The Universe is a boomerang effect, a mirror reflection, and just like with karma:

What you put out comes back to you. So put out your abundant and financially free-flowing vibrations, beautiful soul!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

The Secret to the Law of Attraction in Love

Some days I still have to pinch myself. I went from being single for 9 years to receiving my SOULMATE and IDEAL relationship within 10 months of setting my manifesting intentions in love! He came into my life a little over a year ago and things are getting better and better between us.

How Did I Do It?

Read the secret to the Law of Attraction in love below:

▪ Every single day I did my Mastering Manifasting journaling. Whether my day was a good day or a bad day, I COMMITTED to doing my manifesting journaling every single day.

▪ I set my intentions by writing as if he ALREADY was in my life and our relationship was ALREADY in existence. I wrote as IS in the present and/or I wrote as if it already happened.

▪ During each day when I wasn’t performing my Manifasting journaling I would relax, trust, and BELIEVE that he was on his way to me. I completely surrendered to the Universe’s timing and the “how” he would come into my life in the physical realm.

▪ I spent a few times per day and took the time to VISUALIZE he and I together. Whether we were hanging out at home, out at bookstores, the symphony, museums, in Europe, wherever and whatever we were doing, I took a couple of times per day and spent between 3-5 minutes visualizing him and our relationship already in existence.

Here is an Example of My Mastering Manifasting Journaling

My soulmate is so sweet, super freaking intelligent, funny as hell, witty, romantic, honest, extremely loyal, logical and sensitive with a good head on his shoulders, positive disposition, responsible, caring, likes animals, and is always open with his communication towards me (and I towards him).
He is older, European, has passion for his job in scientific research, abundant in all ways, loves to travel, and we are best friends first and foremost. He understands I sometimes like to be alone and I understand his need for space as well. We love to talk about science, history, psychology, poetry, philosophy, and we can talk for hours. He and I have such an amazing relationship because we mesh so well together as best friends who are in love with each other.

Sometimes we go to bookstores during the weekends and sometimes we like to stay at home and watch movies. We like to frequent the symphony and we LOVE to travel, especially to Europe. We love to learn about different cultures around the world and we both have such a passion for helping humanity and animals. We love to give back to humanity and to the Universe by serving through donations, helping organizations for science and medical research, and we can literally talk for hours. We mesh SO WELL together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe, God, and the angels for bringing us together! I fully surrender and trust that the Universe will bring me exactly who I want, or someone even BETTER is coming into my physical realm- and soon. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!


And this is exactly how I would perform my Mastering Manifasting journaling each day. Some days I would mix it up in the details, but this is the overall journaling I performed with setting my intentions into the Universe. And then I would relax, do things that please me, and just KNOW he was on his way to me.

And Guess What!? He IS This Person!

He is 99% of what I would write down every single day- and I am SO VERY BLESSED! I went from 9 years of being single and constantly thinking, “I will never find him” and “it is so hard for me to be able to find him”, to this past year thanking the Universe every single day for literally manifesting him into my physical realm! And our relationship is EXACTLY how I visualized it to be!

Believe Me: Your Soulmate & Ideal Relationship IS Out There!

You either receive EXACTLY what you want; OR, someone even BETTER is coming FOR you! All you have to do is BELIEVE and SURRENDER to the Universe’s timing and the “how”.

Performing this kind of visualization journaling is such a POWERFUL tool in manifesting! So, keep doing your Mastering Manifasting journaling EVERY SINGLE DAY! Relax, trust, believe, surrender, and watch how fast you receive your new reality in LOVE!

PS- In honor of Valentine’s Day and my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!, I’m launching FREE, EXCLUSIVE video guidance training with ME over the course of 4 weeks delivered straight into your inbox! That’s right! Just copy and paste your Amazon order number into the sign-up template and BOOM! You’re in, and we can start working together in speeding UP your LOVE manifestations!

I’m SO EXCITED for you! You’ve got this, Sensational Soul!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn