The Smell of Money…Do You Know…

The Smell of Money…Do You Know…


Hey Beautiful Soul!

We all know perfume and cologne smell differently on each person because of our body’s reactions to the chemicals used in fragrances. Do you know that the “smell” of money also comes from you? That metal smell from coins is not because of the coins, themselves. It’s the reaction from your own body’s particles mixing with the elements that make up the coins that create the smell.

Everything is an energy exchange, including money. Does the “smell” of money leave you feeling positive or negative?

If you don’t like the “smell” of money, then it’s time to start associating the “smell” of money in a positive way, instead!

What is a fragrance you like? Each time you make a deposit on your phone or at the bank, smell your preferred fragrance so that you start associating the “smell” of money in a positive and abundant way!

XOXO Jaclyn


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Why is it So Hard to be Successful?

I think I royally messed up, why is success so easy for some and so hard for others? Life happens and gets in the way sometimes for all of us, no matter how far along your journey are you. It happens. This is how I choose to respond given my royal hiccup. Tag me on IG and let me know how you overcome struggles when they happen to you: 

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When Others Expect You to Fit Into THEIR Idea of Success

When Others Expect You to Fit Into THEIR Idea of Success


Hey Beautiful Soul,

I’ve manifested a TON of blessings into my life in such a short amount of time. I’ve always been someone who is a strong mental health advocate and I want to stress the importance of good mental health when it comes to using the Universe’s laws with respect to energy.

Our life is built upon a mentality of this “or” that led by the systematic expectations from society and those who buy into this role. Last night in our Facebook family group, Manifest It!, a group member posted about how multi-figure income earners have created this “mean girl” mentality and bully others on social media. I know this is based upon…well, expectations put onto them by society’s b.s. system of power and control.

While these particular wealthy souls are laughing at others and making souls feel less of themselves in life, they are actually playing a role that is funneling them into possible confinement of loneliness, depression, and while paying higher taxes to a government system led by “upper class” corrupt and controlling “leaders”. They don’t realize they are buying into the false image of what life is “supposed to be”, based upon expectations from others. This particular group is losing sight of what it means to be “successful, wealthy, and free” in life.

Blind Leading & Blind Following

I normally don’t like to talk about the government system in my work, but I feel this is important to explain how everything is an exchange of energy based upon belief systems, especially when you have blind faith in who you deem as leaders.

These particular multi-figure income earners being referred to in the Facebook group’s discussion last night have created a “mean girl” system of bullying others into making them feel like they are missing out on what constitutes “happiness” and “freedom” in life.

Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed. – Bruce Springsteen

When you view life from a this “or” that mentality instead of a this “and” that mentality, you’re not only limiting yourself from being authentically happy, but you’re limiting yourself from connecting authentically with others and living your life through energetic freedom of bliss. We want to FEEL free with our use of time, we want to FEEL wealthy by the things we purchase, we want to FEEL our way through life.

We are all facets on this gem we call “earth”.

Everything in the Universe is an energy exchange because we all come from the same source of energy. The amount of money you make does not directly measure your worth, nor does it directly measure your happiness. And to view others’ worth by the amount of money they make, what kind of job they have, or what kind of car they drive (the subject at hand in last night’s discussion) is seriously going to leave you feeling extremely lonely in life- even if you become or are a multi-figure income earner- because it alienates you from human connection.

Not everyone who is wealthy lives their lives this way. It’s important for me to state this because everything comes down to your OWN belief systems and your OWN mindset. It truly is your choice in how you choose to live your life. What you focus on is what plays out for you in your reality because the Universe reflects it to you through the compound effect of your focus.

It’s Lonely Up At The Top

Do you know this phrase? This is because some people stray from their soul’s purpose on this planet when their success and their income rises. This does not mean you should shy away from obtaining these things for yourself, heck no! My point is life is meant to live by thriving happily through an authentic energetic state. Throw away the myth of competition and one-directional way of “climbing up the ladder”, so to speak. You’ll just climb up a ladder to loneliness because you’ll lose sight of how the Universe operates with its exchange of energy.

Human connection is created because of building one another up, not tearing one another down.

Society wants you to believe that “top-level” success and money equal authentic happiness. But it’s complete and utter b.s. because human beings crave control. Success and money help you to reach your life’s goals, but what is the common denominator we all seek in life?


We all bleed the same color because we all come from the same source. If anyone is bullying you because of the kind of car you drive, the kind of job you have, or the amount of money you make, remember:

They are living from a fear-based mentality.

You are worthy of success and more financial abundance exactly as you ARE. And if you have a job, or are seeking one, congratulations! You are contributing to society and this is your way of giving back to the Universe.

Focus on everything you do have in the present moment with gratitude and the Universe will serve you more things and experiences to be grateful for in your life and your career.

XOXO Jaclyn

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