How Do You Write YOUR Story?



Do you react or respond?

When things happen, do you instantly react? Do you allow your emotions to take over? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to completely overrule the circumstance? Do you allow OTHERS to dictate what you should think and/or how you should feel?

Or, do you respond? Do you stop and internalize, and THEN either respond verbally or through actions? Do you take ownership of your thoughts and feelings?

Everything in life is circumstantial. Everything in life is a reflection of how you respond to the circumstance in the moment. How you respond is what sets the path for your future circumstances because you literally create what you focus on by giving power to it within your mindset.

Whether you realize it or not, you ARE training your mindset every day from circumstances in your life.

Pause for the cause.

YOU are the only person who is in control of YOU. If you allow your mindset to immediately go to the negative and limiting thoughts, you are training your mindset to do so on a continuous basis. However, if you start training your mindset to pause first, internalize and examine the circumstance, and THEN respond, you can start to realize that:

1) This moment is truly temporary.

2) You can acknowledge your thoughts/feelings and then allow them to pass through you because they do NOT have control over you OR the circumstance at hand.

3) And the more you train your mindset to understand #1 and #2 you no longer react, but now respond, which is SO MUCH MORE empowering!

Your life is YOUR story. Your reactions and responses make up your stories. How do YOU want to write YOUR story? What persists in your mindset is what exists for your outcome. What you focus on is what continues. What you allow is what helps to create your story, your path in life. What do you allow: reaction or response?

You are in so much more control than you think…it all starts from your visualizations. Writing is such a POWERFUL way to visualize. Mindset journaling speeds up your manifestations because it enhances your visualizations. So write YOUR story the way you DESIRE it to be.

Your soul path is calling for you.

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn


I’m Here To Kick Your Spiritual Ass Into Manifesting


What are you WAITING for!? Tomorrow is never promised. Nothing in life is perfect, no one in this world is perfect. Ask yourself the following:

1) Am I living by my limits? If so, WHY?
2) By continuing to think, feel, and DO what I have been and currently am, what am I continuing to allow?
3) WHO am I trying to please? Why?

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Do You Forgive?


Hey Sensational Souls!

I have a question for you: do you forgive yourself for your past and/or present? Most of us stay stagnant in life because we are so hard on ourselves, but really we (ourselves) are our harshest critics. The majority of people spend the majority of their energy focusing on themselves. The ones who spend the majority of their energy focusing on others are only doing so because they are too SCARED to look inward and become more AWARE of their soul’s calling. Think about it. The majority of people who spend the majority of their energy focusing on others are the types of souls who would rather feel comfortable in “the same” day-to-day mindset, even if they are truly not happy and they do not love themselves. And why would we want to spend the majority of our OWN energy trying to please others who do not even love themselves?

You are currently manifesting your life desires, right? Are you allowing your inability to forgive yourself keep you from receiving your new reality? It’s okay if you are right now because you get TO CHOOSE at ANY time to change directions. You ARE allowed to change directions any time you desire, you do not have to continue down the same path you were before because it NO LONGER serves you for your soul’s highest happiness. You ARE allowed to be happy, and you are not expected to always please others by “should” or “need” or any other story you tell yourself that doesn’t speak to your soul’s path!

I was thinking about one of my own life goals and I realized SO MUCH this past week: I realized that by continuing to allow my own “stories” I continue to deem as “truth”, I am allowing myself to remain stagnant. It is no wonder I haven’t received this specific manifestation just yet!

During my mindset journaling I asked myself the following:

1) What is my biggest challenge at the moment with regards to manifesting my desire?
2) What am I telling myself throughout the day, each day, with regards to my desire?
3) WHY am I telling myself these thoughts throughout the day, each day, with regards to my desire?
4) What happened while growing up that cause these types of thoughts I tell myself throughout the day, each day?
5) How can I still fulfill my need of self-love, but in choosing a different mindset direction?

Once I was able to identify and understand WHY, I could start focusing on forgiving others, and most important, forgiving myself. While forgiveness does not always happen instantaneously, it DOES happen because you have a new mindset direction you ARE using and you ARE shifting through daily conscious practice. And in doing this you are opening your soul’s and mindset’s channel of communication WITH the Universe!

Your soul and your mindset work with the Universe simultaneously, so CLEAR OUT what no longer serves you for your highest happiness, and make way for your new reality to come speedily into your physical realm! It may feel uncomfortable for a few days in doing so, but I promise you will feel so liberated afterwards and when you UNDERSTAND where these “stories” are coming from within your mindset, you are able to release them much more easily and quickly. Then? Notice, while in ease, as the magic starts to happen for you. Whew! That’s a weight off our backs!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Dr. Wayne Dyer Said It


I’ve been stuck in bed for the last 2 days with horrible tonsil allergies. Can’t sleep, can’t eat much; however, my brain is constantly going like the Energizer bunny. I began thinking about how much potential we have as human beings because of our brain, yet we refuse to utilize it in the way we are meant to utilize it. I admit, today I put off my Mastering Your Mindset journaling (mainly because I feel so bad physically). However, I realize given the prompts that I am currently using…I am actually choosing to stay “ignorant” because I fear what may come up during my mindset journaling. I fear what I will realize. Last week was such a powerfully confronting week for me mentally and emotionally. I am not sure if I can handle another round of this holy shifting experience! It was super confronting and I had several Eureka moments.

Nonetheless, I didn’t get to where I am TODAY by choosing to ignore my brain’s capacity. I didn’t get to where I am TODAY with all of my blessings I received by choosing NOT to investigate WHY I was remaining stagnant in my life. I didn’t get to where I am TODAY with EVERYTHING I manifested in the SAME YEAR (last year) by choosing to deny and run away.

I was able to receive my new reality BECAUSE I utilized my brain and developed my mindset in the most soul-empowering rewarding way- and not all rewards come sugar-coated and wrapped in beautiful packaging. Sometimes your AMAZING rewards come covered in dirt, think of gemstones. Sometimes you have to DIG DEEP, first, and identify your limiting blocks and learn how to RELEASE them– which is TOTALLY doable by performing daily Mastering Your Mindset journaling. I am one of the most STUBBORN people in the world and if I could do it, and am still doing it last week and this week, I KNOW you can do it, too! Keep going! You CAN do this! Give yourself a pat on the back, you ARE doing great! Give yourself a break, stop being so hard on yourself, keep exploring your soul and your mindset, you ARE leveling UP this way and the Universe IS rewarding you. I promise! You’ve got this!

I am SO READY to stare tomorrow in the face and…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Give Yourself The Love That You Need


I know how you feel: you want to know why you haven’t received your manifestations yet, why other people seem to receive their own much more easily, why others have it easier in general, and even “why can’t I just get to my goal ALREADY!?” I understand how you feel. I, too, have my moments.

In fact, I’m going to disclose something about myself to you: I am VERY hard on myself. I am much harder on myself that most people are on me. I am a recovering perfectionist. I say “recovering” because I’m human and my former habits still show themselves sometimes. But, the truth is we, as individuals, should be loving and gentle to ourselves SO MUCH- and daily. As humans we tend to seek approval, love, and comfort from the outsidesuch as family, spouses, friends, bosses, and things like shopping, drinking, eating, smoking, physical acts, and using social media.

I often state how important it is to be thankful for everything you have. And I do mean it IS very important, it is the cornerstone of receiving your manifestations. In addition, loving yourself and being gentle with yourself as much as possible, as much as you can CONSCIOUSLY, every single day is an important ingredient to manifesting your dreams. The reason? Doing this in repetition helps to SHIFT your subconscious to where you long to be in life- and you CAN do this!

If you are feeling in a bit of a slump lately, know that it IS only temporary.

Here are some tips that have helped me to feel better in loving myself and I continue to use them even now:

1) One reason I love Jaclyn is because…(finish the sentence 20 to 25 times)
2) Every day Jaclyn deserves to feel…(finish the sentence 10 to 15 times)
3) Making a commitment to loving myself DAILY means I am…(finish the sentence 15 to 20 times)

Reflect on what your Mastering Your Mindset journaling comes up for you and start NOW in loving yourself. Start NOW in being gentle with yourself. Start NOW in celebrating everything you ARE and everything you DO. There is no need to focus on beating yourself up, there is no need to focus on what all you “need” to do. You’ve got this!

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Have a great week!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn