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I appreciate all of your manifesting testimonials from this book,

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And I love each and every one of you!

I published Don’t Feel Stuck!, the life and success-transforming journal workbook, one year ago and it has changed thousands of souls and their lives all over the world! I am SO EXCITED for you and for all your success! Keep sharing your manifestations with me because it’s so much fun to celebrate with you!

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Thank you SO MUCH, again, from the bottom of my heart! Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon, Beautiful Soul!


In Order to Speed Up All Your Manifestations Quickly…

Hey Sensational Souls!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I have some mental food for thought for you:

If you want to be a business owner…

Start gaining knowledge around what business owners do in their daily habits. Gain access to how they think, how they act, and much more in how they became business owners and how they are able to maintain their dream and growing their success.

If you want to be a published author…

Start gaining knowledge around what publish authors did in order to publish their first book. How did they think in the process of publishing their book? What were their daily habits? How do they act even now as a published author? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining their momentum of their published book and new projects?

If you want to be in your most ideal relationship with your soulmate…

Start gaining knowledge around what others did in order to call in their soulmate and ideal relationship. What are their daily habits? How do they think throughout each day? How do they act throughout each day? And now that they have their soulmate and ideal relationship, how are they maintaining and sustaining their loving partnership with their soulmate?

Note: These are the tips and methods I share in my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!, in how I successfully manifested my IDEAL relationship within 10 months of setting my intentions to do so!

If you want to manifest more money into your physical realm…

Start gaining knowledge from your mentors and what they do in order to call in that fun, green stuff (and I don’t mean the fun, green stuff that magical dragons like to puff).

What are their daily energy-flow habits? How do they think throughout each day about money in general? How do they ACT throughout each day? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining a clear flow of money emerging into their physical realm?

Gaining Knowledge is Essential in Speeding Up All Your Manifestations

The point is, you can’t sit and expect for whatever it is you want to manifest into your life to fall into your lap- you may be waiting for a really long time.

You can mentally, emotionally, and physically align yourself to what you ARE manifesting in order for it to QUICKLY manifest into your physical realm.

And you CAN do this!

Part of it is gaining knowledge around what you’re calling into your physical realm. Start reading books, signing up for online classes, surrounding yourself with those who have the same dreams, and mastered the methods that you are wanting to Master Manifasting, so you can learn from them.

Practice Makes for Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation

Daily practice SHIFTS you into alignment with what you ARE manifesting. Practice mentally aligning yourself to already BEING what you want to be and already HAVING what you are manifesting as IS in the present.

FEEL into your positive and elevated feelings you receive when you visualize all of the details.

And then? Make sure your ACTIONS are moving you TOWARDS your soul’s new reality. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are you talking to in order to keep your dream alive? What are you ALLOWING each day in order to stay on your soul’s path?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestation. You’ve got this! Empower yourself, educate yourself, and align yourself into YOUR manifestation because it IS happening! And remember…HAVE FUN along the way! This is YOUR journey and you are SO worthy in having everything you want in your life.

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Because you are Mastering Manifasting with money, you’re Mastering Manifasting anything AND everything else you desire into your life- because everything is ENERGY.

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Are you ready to SHIFT your current money-belief shit, say bye-bye and RELEASE it out of your realm, and ACCESS your easy money flow-channels into an ABUNDANT stream…flowing into your business AND into your personal life!?


Have a great week, beautiful soul! Stay focused, stay committed to the prize, and keep going. You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

WHEN Is The Money COMING!??

I know what you are thinking and how you’re feeling. Manifesting your desires can be both overwhelming and confusing. I used to be in this exact place 2 years ago.

I wanted to start my own business, publish books, find my soulmate/twin flame and best friend, and get out of debt.
Fast-forward to 2 years later and here I AM.

Did it take me just sitting around and feeling good? Well, yeah, partially.

Did it take me making the decision and commitment to manifesting my desires, no “if…then”, “and when..”, or “but once…”? Well, yeah!

Did it take consistent, daily, decision-making moments in helping me to move closer to my desires? Well, yeah!

Did it require taking inspired action every single day? Well, yeah!

Did I have to bust through my limiting thoughts and my fears when they wanted to buzz around me again? Well, HELL YEAH!

And how did I shoo away the fear flies? I did my Mastering Manifasting visualization/mindset training EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I AM an Olympian of manifesting. I AM a Master Manifaster!

And you CAN BE, TOO! No, SERIOUSLY. I know what you’re thinking! Stop it (insert smiley face).

Law of Attraction gurus teach you that in order to manifest ALL your desires all you gotta do is sit around and feel good and then, bloop, they land into your lap.

Now I’m not saying this doesn’t happen! Of course, it CAN.

What I’m stating is that most Law of Attraction gurus DON’T tell you that when you emit POWERFUL vibrations into the Universe via taking inspired actions, DAILY, well, it speeds up the process of your manifestations! Seriously.

You make the decision, and stick with it. You mentally and physically commit to your desires. Every single day.

And then?

While you believe 1000% that all your desires are YOURS and they ARE manifesting via UPS: Universe Parcel Service, you think, feel, and do things that help you to stay in alignment of feeling GOOD.

So yes, sitting around and feeling good is an ingredient in the formula of manifesting all your life goals and dreams.


It’s not the SOLE ingredient.

And when you take daily, inspired action SHOWING the Universe what you are calling into your physical realm, the Universe works behind the scenes to help you receive it even faster because you ARE taking inspired actions! These are your soul’s nudges, by the way.

Think a thought, you emit a vibration. But, 90% of your fears don’t pan out (you can state this for ANY thought, really, we are talking about a single thought).

Feel a thought, you emit stronger vibrations.

ACT a thought, you emit even STRONGER vibrations because you have both the thought AND the feels propelling you onward.


There is no point in taking actions towards your desires if it doesn’t feel like a HELL YEAH! So, don’t think because you do “this” or take action towards “that” is means you are going to wake up as a millionaire within a week.

Well…anything is possible…but outlook is a lower percentage of this emerging into your physical realm.


When you have a desire, a drive, a YEARNING for freedom in any and every way possible, your vibrations magnify and your soul screams, “More of THIS, please!”

So, what do you do from there? Do you sit still and do nothing?

Or, do you ACT on your passions?

When you act FROM a place of your soul’s calling, your soul’s TRUEST purpose-work in giving BACK to the Universe, and you COMMIT to it (daily), the Universe rewards you with your manifestations more easily and much quicker because your vibrations are SO MAGNIFIED! It’s the boomerang effect: output = input!

There is no point in doing something to make a quick buck. Hell no. This doesn’t work (unless you want to be unethical and you don’t care about integrity…karma, anyone?).

When you follow your soul’s compass, your soul’s yearning to feel FREE in your purpose-work, it doesn’t matter however long it takes for your dreams and desires to emerge into your physical realm BECAUSE you’re having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

You don’t do to get from point A to point B.

You don’t think to get from point A to point B.

You don’t feel to get from point A to point B.

You FLOW IN ALIGNMENT and you realize there is NO destination happiness. It doesn’t exist.

You ARE manifesting ALL your desires and reams, you TRULY are. The time it takes to receive them into your physical realm is COMPLETELY up to you- in how you choose to look at your life and your purpose on this planet.

If you want that soulmate/twin flame/best friend, you gotta learn how to embrace the BADASS that you ARE inside of yourself…otherwise, they will not want to be around someone who isn’t loving towards themselves (that’s not attractive to ANYONE).

You gotta CLEAR OUT what is no longer serving you for your soul’s highest happiness in life and with the energies of others around you.

If you want MORE money into your physical realm, you gotta learn to CLEAR OUT what no longer serves your soul’s highest happiness in your life and with your past/current money beliefs.

Once you CLEAR OUT what is no longer serving you for YOUR highest happiness and YOUR highest success, BAM! Your dreams and desires emerge SO FAST because you are only focusing on what you WANT and you are HAVING FUN being in the flow and alignment of the Universe.

Stop struggling.
Stop wishing.
Stop waiting.
Stop wobbling.

DECIDE and be done with it. If you want to be a millionaire…


It’s done! It’s yours! It’s yours and yours ONLY (because the Universe is so damn limitless and abundant with its energy)!

Embrace it and CELEBRATE yourself because you ARE manifesting it RIGHT NOW. You ARE. The Universe is picking the “however” and “whenever”, all you gotta do is just relax, have fun, stay in flow and alignment as much as you can, and when you have a challenging day understand that this IS normal and it doesn’t mean you fucked it all up!

Now, if you continue to focus on your challenges instead of CELEBRATING ALL YOUR PROGRESSIVE STEPS ALONG THE WAY…well, you get what you FOCUS on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

BUT, it’s okay to have these limiting thoughts. Just make sure you RELEASE them and LET THEM GO because they are not serving your soul for its highest happiness, remember your long-term goal. Remember your WHY you are manifesting all your desires and dreams.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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I used to feel this way, and no matter how much I tried to master the Law of Attraction and manifesting money, I just couldn’t break the damn money code.


Then I realized I was looking at money in all the wrong ways!

So, instead of looking at money has having a hold OVER me, I figured out a way to flick the switch and made money work FOR me. For real. Seriously.

It’s really quite simple when you realize how most of us overthink manifesting more money into our lives takes a lot of effort and hard work.

It’s quite the opposite, actually!

And while it may have taken me about 2 years to fully understand HOW TO MASTER ManiFASTing Money,

I’m going to give you some of the most important short-cuts in this 3-part Money Manifesting Workshop!

It’s a week-long workshop emailed straight into your inbox to keep for forever! This way you can always refer back to the Money Manifasting skills I’m teaching you whenever you want a refresher course!

Because manifesting is a learned skill.

And if you can learn how to drive a car, learn the lyrics to your favorite song, and learn how to perform a skill in your work, well then you can DEFINITELY learn HOW TO MASTER Manifasting Money!

Welcome to Unblock Your Money Channels!

In this workshop you will learn:

What IS money energy and how it relates to you.
How to discover and uncover your money beliefs that are currently holding you back.
Learn HOW TO RELEASE your money beliefs that are no longer serving you for your soul’s highest abundance- in your business and/or in your life.
Be able to know how to master the skill of manifesting MORE money into your physical realm with the methods I used to get myself out of $29K debt!
Be able to know how to continue using your NEWLY POSITIVE and ABUNDANT manifesting path going forward so that you can manifest ALL your money desires in your present and for your future!

I’m teaching you the skills and methods I use even now for both in my life and in my business, Manifest It!

Because you aren’t stuck.

You may be feeling stuck, but you aren’t stuck.

There is a HUGE difference.

And we just need to tweak your money beliefs and redirect you towards your NEWLY ABUNDANT path with money.

And you CAN do this. And you ARE ready for these positive changes!

I’ll see you in the workshop, Sensational Soul! I am SO EXCITED for you!

Price is going UP in a few days!

Release Your FEAR & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Change the Way You Look at Things…

…The Things You Look at Change

Think Of It This Way: Money Shifted Its Energy In 5000 B.C.

Before then people bartered things like bags of rice and beans. And then commodities such as salt, tea, and tobacco began to be exchanged. THEN metal objects began to be used as “money”.

Read the above again. I’m just going to let this all sink in for you. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer keenly states:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Oh, and air equals money. You breathe in money 24/7 because money IS air. It’s your favorite food, it’s your favorite hobby, it’s your favorite thought.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

SEXY Money! How to Get on the RECEIVING End of YOUR Abundance

How to Have a Positive Relationship with Money Energy

Hey Sensational Soul!

Yesterday I had posted in a group and got banned because my post talks about money. This got me thinking…you know, this IS the problem so many amazing souls have:

So many of us are NOT allowing ourselves to have a positive relationship with money energy

It’s like it’s one of those “taboo” topics. A lot of souls have a negative relationship with money. And then they wonder why it keeps perpetuating in the SAME direction.

We are so used to our filtering system, meaning we want to accept as true what we are already comfortable and familiar with in our thought-process. We are uncomfy with the unknown and being challenged.

So, how do you fix this cyclical belief-pattern? (and by the way, you CAN)

What you deem to be true (the stories you tell yourself) is your limitation and at the same time your growth- depending on how you CHOOSE to perceive and accept it.

First of all, your old money-belief patterns are NO LONGER serving your soul for your highest happiness. If you are constantly projecting thoughts and feelings of limiting vibrations into the Universe, you’re going to get MORE of the same.

So, you gotta break UP and RELEASE these lackluster beliefs. The past is in the past, each day is a NEW slate, which brings me to my second point…

Secondly, since each day IS a new slate, start each morning listening to motivational audios about how money IS a give-give relationship (and it’s giving TO you, FOR you). There is a plethora of money affirmations online, so take advantage of this, and set your INTENTIONS each morning to a positive mindset about the energy money so you are in the RECEIVING mode.

Thirdly, and you know I was going to say this, you gotta make DAILY commitments to your Mastering Manifasting (Mastering Manifesting Faster!) mindset work. I love to do this through the power of mindset/visualization journaling.

You PROPEL yourself in your desired direction by identifying and examining WHY you have certain beliefs around money energy. And then? Then you SHIFT them by learning HOW to release them from your personal sphere.

Your beliefs are either driven by fear or driven by positive allowance. Think about it like this:

When you are given an allowance via a paycheck, you are stating and affirming to yourself that you “only have” said amount. This is resistance to money expansion.

So, instead…

View and BELIEVE your allowance IS a huge blessing because you ARE able to pay your bills, buy food, get gas, etc.

Each bill you receive, thank the Universe for the allowance you receive to pay your bill. It could always be WORSE. So, why not be THANKFUL for what you ARE receiving.

The Universe works in a boomerang effect, what you put out comes back. So CELEBRATE your allowance! This is HOW you receive MORE!

giphy 2

Practice Makes For Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation!

COMMIT to your long-term results, COMMIT to your daily progression, DECIDE you are receiving MORE financial abundance. DECIDE you are now making your desired changes. COMMIT to your decisions, and SURRENDER to the HOW and then WHEN. It doesn’t matter how or when. Just DECIDE and stay committed to your DECISION.

You think Steve Jobs got his money overnight? You think Michael Jordan became one of the best athletes of all-time overnight? You think people lose 50 lbs overnight? (it’s ALL the same, by the way, money IS the Apple product, money IS the basketball, money IS the weight-loss)

Practice, practice, practice DAILY moving TOWARDS your desires and goals.

RELEASE your limiting thoughts and beliefs because they no longer serve you for your highest happiness.

And if you need help with this, seek the help, gain the knowledge, SHIFT and EXPAND your current reality into your NEW reality. And you CAN! I totally believe in you!

This is HOW I was able to release my old stories I used to be deem as true and once I did so, BAM! Blessings galore came flooding into my life!

Now it’s YOUR turn to shift what no longer serves YOU for your highest happiness. Now it’s YOUR turn to EXPAND your abundance and EXPAND your blessings that ARE already in existence, you just gotta get out of your own way and make ROOM for them. And you CAN!

SEXY Money! My brand new 1:1 (you and me, only) 3-month transforming program that is going to teach you HOW to get on the RECEIVING end of YOUR abundance!

And yes, you ARE abundant and you ARE receiving MORE abundance, you just gotta get out of your own way, beautiful soul!

See below to get all the details of how you are going to TRANSFORM your money energy thoughts and beliefs, and TRANSFORM your flow of abundance by switching directions from output of money into the Universe to input of money flowing into your physical sphere! YAS! Let’s do this!

It’s time for YOU to have a POSITIVE relationship with money! (and you CAN and you ARE)

Have a wonderful Sunday! Send me a message if you have any questions about SEXY Money! I’m SO EXCITED to help you TRANSFORM your abundance!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn