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Being Tougher than the Rest

Being Tougher than the Rest


How many times have you been heartbroken? I mean, legit straight-up felt like you didn’t know how you were going to go on in life heartbroken? The feelings of shock and dread overwhelm you, panic sets in, and then utter despair emerges and takes over your entire mental state.

Strangely, during these intense moments, you experience quite a bit of surrendering because you realize you are no longer in control of the situation or to the outcome of it. Using the Law of Attraction can feel similar to this sometimes.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to learn how to surrender to outcomes by experiencing these types of scary thoughts and feelings all the time. Hell no! What I mean is, that moment when you realize and ACCEPT that you have no control what-so-ever to the outcome of your situation, THAT’S the feeling I want you to embody and practice feeling over and over again in order to harness the art of surrendering to the Universe.

The “chshhhhh” of carbonation as the bottle cap is loosened on a fizzy drink, yeah, THAT kind of surrendering to the energy of the Universe.


Change is an Outlandish Gift

Like with anything in life, change is uncomfortable; however, this is where the magic happens. And what better way to overcome your fears than to head-butt them straight on like the confident and strong icon you admire?

Seriously, what if you asked yourself during your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, “What would (insert your favorite icon) do in this situation?”

As long as it’s not anything criminal (don’t make your first experience with handcuffs be from this type of experience) why not embody some of the very traits and characteristics of them you admire?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings the manifestation.

It also turns you into a total BADASS with the Law of Attraction because you learn how to master surrendering to the Universe’s timing and its way. While change is uncomfortable because it’s new, it can also be very liberating and fun.

I used to loathe change. I was so crazy that I would do literally ANYTHING to keep myself from allowing it to happen. I laugh about it now, but I would freak out if something small got moved a half an inch because it meant something changed in my environment. The energy of the Universe won out every single time I resisted change.

And you know what? I’m so glad it kicked my spiritual ass quite often because change is needed in order to grow and level UP into the soul I can proudly declare that I am today. All of my manifestations would have happened sooner if I didn’t struggle so much.

And all your desires CAN manifest into your physical realm quicker, as well, if YOU stop fighting to control everything around you and the outcome.

universe-1622107 1280

Transform into Your Version 2.0 Self Living Your Version 2.0 Life

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. – Carl Jung

When you stop struggling and instead surrender to the situation and to the outcome of it, YOU FLOAT. It feels like being on one of those pool floats slowly drifting to the tune of the water’s energy. The Universe moves things out of your way that no longer serve you for your soul’s highest happiness.

The “secret order” IS the Universe doing its work to help you receive your desires.

Your manifestations ARE coming to you, this is 100% accurate. However, sometimes you get in your own way by thinking you want something, but you don’t realize something much BETTER is coming to you, FOR you- and soon, IF you allow for it by relaxing on your mental pool float.

If you want to be an actor, you’re becoming an actor. It may not happen in the way you expect it to happen, but the “chaos” of the cosmos has a “secret order” of bringing that Academy Award to you. All you have to do is relax, trust the process, and ALLOW for changes to take place- because your reward is so much sweeter than you even realize.

Honey, I’m tougher than the rest. – Bruce Springsteen


By practicing the art of surrendering creates a much stronger soul that IS you, your version 2.0 self. Before you know it, you’ll be smirking when challenges occur because you KNOW this is all happening for a reason- and that reason is to bring your desires to you, FOR you. Surrendering to the Universe is not a skill you learn overnight, but you CAN learn it and you CAN master it.

If you want help in learning how to master the art of surrendering I have 1, only ONE, spot opening up in a week for 1:1 mentoring with me. It’s you and me, and your fears, but this love triangle is going to go through an enlightening and liberating metamorphosis because you become your version 2.0 self: the Master of ManiFASTing all your desires into your life with ease!

Send me a message if you’re ready to break up with fear and you’re ready to float and flow to your desires. I believe in you, I KNOW you can do this, but it’s time for you to realize you ARE doing this, too.

XOXO Jaclyn

Using Icons to Tap into Your Spiritual Success

Using Icons to Tap into Your Spiritual Success

Spiritual Springsteen

Hey Amazing Soul,

Is there a person you just absolutely adore? And what I mean is, do you look up to them because of their soul’s passionate purpose in our world? I come from an Italian/Irish background and while my Italian side hailed from New Jersey by way of Sicily, I did not have much of an influence by them for my developed admiration for Bruce Springsteen. I’m an only child, I grew up listening to my parents’ musical choices. Throughout my teenage years I was so enamored with Sting from The Police. But, then I listened to the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” album by Springsteen and I was hooked.

Not that I don’t love Sting and The Police any longer, I still love their reggae punk sounds. But, Springsteen spoke to me.

It was like every lyrical line seeped its way into my soul, underneath my layers of fear and self-loathing.

Yes, I was hooked, and there was no escape from it. I was intrigued by his tractor beam beats and held captive by his freedom-loving charisma all at the same time. Yes, this was the beginning of a life-long love affair between the Italian/Irish Springsteen and my Italian/Irish ears.

Little did I know at the time that my bucket-list wish of meeting him in person was going to come true for me in my future!


But it’s not only Springsteen’s lyrical truths and driving beats that have me happily committed to my self-revealing relationship. His love of individual freedom, his persistence for equality for all souls, and his dedication to being transparent in a world full of convoluted “truths” is what I deeply admire in his soul’s purpose-work. Yes, he’s a rock musician; yes, he’s Catholic; and yes, he’s a liberal Democrat. However, he is so much MORE than the titles we put on each other in our society. He’s an unapologetic voice for those who can’t speak loud enough to be heard. He’s an inspiration for the ones who feel mentally, emotionally, and financially beaten down by the ones who impose governmental power through laws. He’s a real man who supports his family with unconditional and interminable love. And he’s a fearless and fun leader for those of us who feel lost and confused by our own soul’s purpose.

Discovering Your Own Spiritual Success

When listening to Springsteen you get hooked. But, when listening to Springsteen live, you discover your own strength and learn how to harness your own power in our world. It’s almost like going to church, but this sermon is to teach you how to embrace your individual, raw, humanly-flawed self, while at the same time giving you hope for the world and its future. Because you DO have powerful influence, and you CAN use your newly harnessed power to weave it through out our society by building even more hope and leadership for future generations.

You are not alone with your thoughts and feelings, all of us have them. And you’re not powerless despite what you may be telling yourself. You have so much more power than you realize. And it’s enough to transform your life if you choose to allow it. Ultimately, you don’t need someone like Mr. Springsteen to give you permission. You don’t even need me to give you permission to live your life by your soul’s purpose and authentic happiness. You have all the instruments you need within you in order to blossom into the badass, amazing soul that you already ARE.

What moves you? What are you passionate about? And what’s stopping you from unleashing it into the world right now?

We all have stories, but the beauty of this is we can take our stories and create new outcomes any time we give ourselves permission to do so.


It doesn’t matter where you came from, what generation you live in, or what your parents did in order to make something of themselves in this world. What matters is what YOU want to do and what gives you the inspiration to wake up each day and transform not only yourself, but the world via your OWN creations. You have a purpose and your job is to discover it and shine as the soul-leaders you crave to be around in life. BECOME the souls you admire. Lead by example, become who you want to attract to you in every realm of your life, including within your career and love-life.

Law of Attraction is a Give-Give Relationship

It’s like karma: what you put out into the world by giving your own energy comes back to you through energy given by the Universe. So, what do you want to give to the world in order to receive what you desire? Our entire being is made up of energetic particles and every activity is an exchange of energy.

How can you show your appreciation to the Universe for delivering your blessings to you before it gives to you?

And it will give you your desires so long as you give your energy first. Whether you give positive or negative energy, the Universe operates in a boomerang effect and reflects more of the same energy back TO you. Everything is an exchange of energy.

This is why I wrote my #1 best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” and my new best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!”

I’m here to teach you how to unlock your own energetic power and transform your life, your business, and your soul’s journey into what you desire to experience.


Everything is subjective within our Universe based upon your own observations. I’m teaching you how to work WITH the Universe in receiving your desires by releasing your energetic fear in order to energetically ManiFAST: Manifest Faster, instead. I believe in you, now it’s time to believe in yourself, too, and use your soul’s energy in a successful way with using the Law of Attraction.

XOXO Jaclyn

Dont Feel Stuck Books

Shaking Up Your Gratitude Routine

mountains green

Soulful Secret Tip

Hey Amazing Soul!

Do you sometimes feel like it’s so hard to receive your manifestations? Do you often wonder why others seem to be receiving much easier than you?

I have a tip that I use each morning when I wake up, which helps me to raise my vibration and practice the compound effect that I use daily with the Law of Attraction.

Shaking Up Your Gratitude Routine

For this week set a calendar alarm reminder in your phone to go off at the same time your regular alarm goes off. As soon as you wake up and reach to turn off your calendar alarm, a phrase of “state and focus on 3-5 blessings you have in your life right now” should be front and center on your phone’s screen.

They can be anything and everything from being able to stand on your own two feet to loving the smell of coffee. The point is to set your intentions each morning by focusing on things you are thankful for in your life while brushing your teeth, turning on your coffee machine, and getting ready for your day.

Do this each morning for the next 7 days and let me know how it goes for you! I completely believe the compound effect helps to speed up all your manifestations into your physical realm because of your consistency with your focus.

Start now!

See you soon and remember to use your affirmations daily. Here is one of mine, feel free to use it.

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

So You Got Called “Fat”

My Video Message


Fearful & Insecure

I remember when I felt super insecure about myself and lived with total worry and fear. I remember when I thought I wasn’t good enough to share my message, to share my gifts, to share my manifesting methods because I thought to myself, “Well, I’m not famous, so why would anyone listen to what I have to say?”

This was 3 years ago. And then I remembered what my Dad used to tell me while growing up (who is now in the sky):

You will always get a “no” if you don’t try.

It’s such a simple and common phrase, yet it’s very true. And so I began trying, but I looked at it as “experimenting”.

The Experiment

I told myself 3 years ago that I was experimenting through my gifts. Yes, again, I was always one who was super insecure and lived with total worry and fear. But, over time through setting intentions with consistent daily efforts of “experimenting”, my mindset system went from scarcity thinking/living to total and courageous abundance in EVERY way!

Does this mean I don’t have any fears, worry, or insecurities any longer? Hell no! I’m human, after all. But, I now know HOW to respond to my mindset whenever a fear, or a worry, or an insecurity wants to surface again. Learning Mastering Manifasting (Manifesting Faster) is a skill, and it’s totally achievable for ANYONE who sets their mind to it, commits to it, and WANTS to learn this amazing skill.

3 years ago I was a meek, docile, scared and insecure girl at 33 years old. Today, I am a 36 year-old woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, share her gifts, rise up like the Phoenix she is after all the $hit she has been through in her life, OWN herself, and OWN it when it comes to the Law of Attraction!

The Outcome

After “experimenting” and Manifasting 99% of my desires within 10 months, I put all of my methods into my 2 books, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” and “Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!” These journaling methods will have you ManiFASTing because writing is such a POWERFUL tool in manifesting with the Law of Attraction. Writing it down creates stronger vibrations because you write with conviction. Why would you write down something that you didn’t believe in or want to believe in?

Even if you don’t like to journal, reading the books help you to SHIFT your thought process because you learn HOW to approach from a different angle.

Are YOU ready to OWN yourself and OWN it with Manifasting with the Law of Attraction? Are you ready to Manifast ALL your desires into your physical sphere? Don’t be scared, it’s quite an easy skill to learn. And if someone like me (a once stubborn, fearful girl) can SHIFT her mindset belief system within 10 months and Manifast SO MUCH into her own life, I KNOW you can, too! I Manifasted:

A brand new car of my choice for free
Getting out of $29K debt (this took 2 years)
A brand new washer/dryer set of my choice for free
My soulmate/twin flame/best friend and we are about 2 years into our relationship now (this was after being single for 9 YEARS)
Meeting my icon, Bruce Springsteen (though, I didn’t know at the time this was manifesting)
Being credited in a Hollywood short film
Starting my own thriving business, Manifest It!
Publishing 2 best-selling books
Starting my own thriving My Manifesting Journal line (am about to start a line of other products)
Bringing myself to 21 lbs lighter without any effort
A blessed and major shift in my work with famous physicists

Grab your copy now and learn the easy skill of Manifasting (Manifesting Faster) because I am 100% confident that you CAN and you WILL Manifast ALL your desires into your life, quickly, if you commit to learning this skill. It’s like learning the lyrics to your favorite song, or learning how to work a new app on your phone. You’ve got this! I totally believe in you! See below and I’ll see you within the pages of my best-selling transforming books!

Even if you don’t like to journal, reading the books help you to SHIFT your thought process because you learn HOW to approach from a different angle. YES! I’m so excited for you!!!!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!