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Self-Potential & Releasing Your Inner Superhero


Hey Sensational Soul!

Happy Friday! I was doing some writing earlier today and I realize a lot of us feel STUCK in our own lives because we don’t take the time to celebrate our achievements AND we don’t realize our self-potential. We are so busy being our own worst critic that we completely bypass our own inner badass superhero. Well it’s time to say “hit the road” to your insecurities and speed UP your manifestations into your physical realm!

Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest It!, I give empowering mindset shifting journaling prompts to help YOU breakthrough your mental roadblocks!


Here is a taste of what you get to help you bring out your inner badass:

▪ What are 5 things from this week that you are grateful for and/or are proud of yourself for that happened?

Start the sentence with something like: I am thankful for…I am grateful for…I am so proud of myself for…(x 5).

Then state WHY you are grateful for them and proud of yourself for them: I am thankful for them/grateful for them/proud of myself because…(x5)

▪ What are you good at (personality traits, skills, etc.)?

Answer at least 10 times. Start it with: I AM…

▪ Think long-term. How do you want to be remembered from your lifetime? Why do you want to be remembered this way?

Answer this question at least 5 times, start the sentence with something like: I want to be remembered for…because…

▪ Think back on your life. Think and journal out 20 accomplishments you’ve had in your life and state WHY you are thankful/grateful/and proud of having accomplished them. 20- no cheating!
▪ Finish this sentence 15 times: If I knew I could not fail, I would be doing…because…
▪ Look at what you journaled out for the 15 sentences above and list them from least scary to most scary.



Start thinking of ways you can bring yourself CLOSER to your manifestations. What needs to be involved? Who can you talk to in order to obtain knowledge around it? Are there books you can buy or a class you can enroll in (either online or in person)? Review your “good at” list and start implementing. You CAN do this!

Combining the power of law of attraction with training your mindset thoughts and beliefs are a sure-fire way to SHIFT yourself from living in a place of lack and limit INTO living in a place of happiness and abundance. You gotta do the mindset work AND you gotta take those inspired actions!Repetition TRAINS your mindset and communicates TO the Universe what your soul truly desires.

Put on your superhero cape and start creating some magic! The Universe is YOUR oyster. You’ve got this! Have a wonderful weekend.

PS– Have you signed up for my FREE 3-Day Mastering Your Mindset training yet!?

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Set Your Intentions And Watch The Magic Unfold


Hey Sensational Soul!

Today was a crazy busy day- and I was starting to feel hopeless about my entire soul’s purpose. I decided to take it one hour at a time:

I focused on my end-results, what is it that I TRULY desire and would make my soul super happy? When I started FEELING into these thoughts, my mood started to elevate.

I did my Mastering Your Mindset journaling around setting my intentions of the above. When writing it all out in detail, my visualization tactics became more intense.

Then I read what I wrote and while I read it I did my best to FEEL into it all again.

Afterward I felt better!

Then I wrote down:

The Universe fully loves and supports me, always! The Universe WANTS me to be (insert manifestation)! I am fully ALLOWED to have (insert manifestation) and I AM worthy of receiving (insert manifestation)! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Universe IS helping me and I AM on the way to receiving (insert manifestation)! Thank you!

Then I thought about what I can do to help propel myself into my soul’s new reality:

– I wrote down everything I would be doing if I already had my manifestations IN the present.

– I also wrote down everything that would already be done and already have been taken care of that I am currently working towards.

– I thought about what I wrote down. I then crossed off anything that I cannot take care of or start doing right now, in these next few months.


I was left with a few things I didn’t cross out and I realized:

This IS what I am going to do to set my intentions for my new reality to fully manifest!

SHOW the Universe what you truly desire by taking inspired actions. When you take inspired actions you are actually setting very STRONG intentions to the Universe. And the Universe has no way but to respond favorably when you take ACTIONS, thinking and feeling and acting FROM the place of already having received your manifestations!

This is EXACTLY what I did last year when I manifested SO MUCH into my life!

Fears be gone, INTENTIONS are what I choose to focus on each day. And you can do it, too. I completely BELIEVE in you.

You’ve totally got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn