The Power of Two Paths…and Einstein!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


God Always Takes the Simplest Way- Albert Einstein


Hey Sensational Soul!

Newsflash: if you think you will receive your manifestation in ease, well, you WILL! If you think you have to work your ass off in order to receive your manifestation, well, you WILL!

There Are 2 Directions For Your Soul’s Path:

1) the path of constantly grinding and hustling all day, every day, feeling drained, stressed, and suffocated


2) the sweet path of least resistance by being in flow and doing things that feel GOOD to you. Allowing the process to take place however and whenever- being flexible to the outcome and relishing in all of your current blessings WHILE at the same time taking inspired actions and moving towards your manifestations!

Either path is going to take you to your manifestation into your physical realm. The Universe DOES want you to have your manifestation, it’s merely responding to what you focus on and how you focus on it. You ARE manifesting what you want into your physical realm, it’s a matter of what path you are on between the 2 paths from above. Which path do you CHOOSE?

You Choose Your Path

You have chosen your path. Now it’s time to plant the seeds to see your manifestation come to fruition. Make sure you water your seeds daily. In order to do this don’t overly water them out of desperation in order to see them blossom.

You wouldn’t do this to a plant, would you?

When you water your beloved plant in wait for your flowers to bloom, you relax and trust the process of its gestation. You know the flowers are going to bloom because it’s part of Mother Nature. The Universe knowingly brings the flowers into fruition. So you water your seeds little by little, caring for them, sending them loving vibes, and trust the process knowing your flowers ARE in the process of blooming. So do the same for your manifestations! Plant your seeds by doing your Mastering Your Mindset work and taking inspired actions- daily!

Your Seeds Need Time to Gestate

Keep taking inspired actions each day, SHOW the Universe what you are manifesting. The Universe IS working FOR you, TRUST. Relax, go in the direction of what feels like a HELL YES to you. If it doesn’t feel good to you, then it’s not for you. That’s OKAY, this means something SO MUCH BETTER is FOR you!

Plant a few seeds, water and care for them each day, and relax trusting in the process as you move forward more and more. And when your flowers (your manifestations) bloom, move down your soul’s path and grow yourself EVEN MORE (grow MORE flowers). You can even plant more seeds on your path while the others are gestating. You get TO CHOOSE how fast or how slowly you want to go with planting and caring for your manifestation seeds that ARE blooming!

It’s Never Too Late to Change Directions

Don’t worry! You CAN choose at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction. If you realize you are on a path FULL of resistance and you want to now go down the path of least resistance, well, you CAN! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction on your path if you try something out and you realize over time it no longer feels like a HELL YES for you. It’s perfectly OKAY to change directions! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction if you want to do so. There is no such thing as a “shoulda” when it comes to life.

The souls on the outside who you perceive to judge you do not understand the magical ingredients to manifesting all of your life’s goals into your physical realm.

Do they pay your bills?

Do they buy your food?

Do they nourish your soul’s calling?

What does it matter what they think? They are only living in FEAR, but you are NOT living in fear.


This Is Who You Are

You are a strong, loving, seizing, and fun soul who understands what life is TRULY about: living by your soul’s purpose. And because you are this, and DECIDE to FOCUS on such things as these, you are given blessings and are living in abundance in ALL ways within the Universe.

You understand the process of manifesting can be taken one of the two ways mentioned at the beginning of this blog. You understand that you ARE manifesting your wants and life’s goals. You ARE learning and growing as the beautiful soul that you ARE. You ARE leveling up and you ARE realizing more and more each day that you get a choice. You get to choose.

You understand now that freedom comes with following your soul’s calling and living your life in the flow of feeling GOOD. You understand that by relaxing and going forth each day in taking inspired actions, moving towards your manifestations, is SHOWING the Universe what you truly want into your physical realm.

You Get It

You get it. You understand it. You realize these 2 paths are CHOICES in life. You realize and understand that your own happiness, your own soul’s calling, is what TRULY matters in your life. You ARE worthy and deserving to be happy and you are understanding this. You ARE making such wonderful progress and it’s perfectly okay for the gestation period to last however long it needs to gestate for your manifestations because everything happens in perfectly Divine timing. TRUST the process, you ARE getting your manifestation.

It’s a choice:

1) I choose to now fully allow my manifestation to come into my physical realm

2) I choose to now be on the path of least resistance by following my soul’s calling each day in taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what I truly want into my life

3) I choose to now ALLOW myself to live by my soul’s purpose because I AM worthy to do so.

Relax, go have fun, do your Mastering Your Mindset journaling every single day. Thank the Universe through your mindset journaling just how blessed you ARE right here, right now, in life. Thank the Universe for helping you behind the scenes in rearranging everything on your path because you TRUST that the Universe is giving you either exactly what you want; or, something SO MUCH BETTER is on its way into your physical realm!

Allow your flowers to blossom. Mother Nature never forces, so why should you?

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Failure Is Success In Progress- Albert Einstein


Failure Is Success In Progress- Albert Einstein

Hey Sensational Soul,

Today has been a HARD day for me. I am currently sitting on the couch with a glass of pink moscato and trying to remind myself that tomorrow is a NEW day! I had a quick, but great vacation celebrating my sweet chemist’s birthday and going to the Eagles concert (as a birthday surprise for him). This past week has been so wonderful.

Now The Test

Today has been very testing for me. I have been working non-stop: I updated my website again, added new content, writing for my new book and for my VIP Facebook groups (and sometimes feeling writer’s block), not to mention writing for my new podcasts and blogs, working with the physicists, and I haven’t been able to sleep these past few days because of everything that is going on in my mind. I feel like a mixture of internal wheels constantly turning and physically I am a zombie. I feel like there is NOT ENOUGH TIME in the day to get everything that I want to get done!

Failure Is Success In Progress

I really love Einstein, and this quote speaks to me these past few days, “failure is success in progress.” Transparency alert: I am so worried about “failing” after producing SO MUCH content all over world-wide web that I am exhausting myself from worry. What if EVERYTHING I’m doing doesn’t pan out for me in my business? What if ALL of the money I am investing in order to help people through various media platforms falls flat? What if no one wants to pay me for my online programs? What if souls don’t like their results from my programs???????? This is the BIG one!

Taking The Leaps By Making Choices

I have taken some HUGE faith-based leaps these past few weeks: I started my own podcast AND YouTube channel, I launched my first online program with audio and digital formats, I launched my first free 3-Day Mastering Your Mindset online program (totally different from what I was doing before), and I have even appeared on videos in my Facebook community, Manifest It!, a couple of times. I am seriously leveling UP.

And you know why? It’s because deep down I have made a CHOICE. I have DECIDED. I am DONE with living from fear, I am DONE playing small, and I am DONE remaining in my comfort zone. I know there are only 24 hours in each day, but you know what? I am taking inspired actions each and every single day and I am moving towards my soul’s desire to help as many souls as I possibly can via the worldwide web. And the more souls I can help, the more I can give back through charity donations to various animal organizations and to science medical research.

Focusing On The Results: Giving Back

I AM keeping my end-goal in mind. I AM focusing on my end-results. I have this vision of spending my time coaching my soul-based, soulmate clients in my VIP Facebook groups each and every single day. I have this amazing image in my mind of donating a few thousand of dollars MONTHLY to various charities and to humanitarian research. I want to HELP GIVE BACK.

While I have spent the last few days worried about coming across as “silly” or not “perfect”, I am so drained that at this moment I don’t even care how I come across in this blog post: this IS me. Tired, zombie-like, still in flow, still propelling, still driving, still visualizing, still GOING, me. Every day. Every. Single. Day.

Keep Going! The Universe IS Super Abundant

Whatever it is you are manifesting- and believe me, you ARE manifesting it- KEEP GOING DAILY. The Universe is rearranging things on your path to help you along the way. And if it doesn’t feel like a HELL YES, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Follow your soul’s calling. I am following my soul and it feels so freaking good even though it’s super scary at times.

So what if I “fail” at something I am doing right now. As Einstein puts it, “failure is success in progress.” Therefore, I am NOT failing at all. I can be redirected, but I can NEVER fail. My mindset is continuously leveling up, and it’s super important to remind yourself that we ARE manifesting either exactly what we desire; OR, something MUCH BETTER is coming into our physical realm right at this moment. It’s on the way. It’s literally FOR us. The Universe is super abundant.

Strip It All Away & It Comes To This

If I impact 10 souls instead of 10,000 souls, well, at least I can take what is monetarily given to me and I can give back to humanity and to the Universe in the best way I can. And this, feels AMAZING. Keep going! Do your mindset journaling and take inspired actions each day! Big steps, small steps, it doesn’t matter. Just KEEP GOING, you’ve totally got this! I believe in you!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

ATTENTION! Are You TIRED Of Feeling Stuck?


Hey Sensational Soul!

Are you TIRED of feeling stuck!? I have an empowering training FOR YOU May 11-13thHere is what the transformative boot-camp entails:

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Here is what you will discover from the powerful boot-camp training:

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– And you are going to learn HOW to ESTABLISH a newly and empowering POSITIVE mindset belief system so you can be more OPEN and ALLOW your manifestations to come into your physical realm!

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If you already have my book and you found it be powerfully transformative, give a positive review on Amazon, send me a message, and I’ll send you an extra BONUS 2-day training on top of our 3-day boot-camp!

Have a GREAT week, and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Holy SHIFT…Science Is Amazing! Albert Einstein Had It Right


If you’ve never felt any of the thoughts and feelings in the above quote, then you’ll never be able to fully manifest what you are truly desiring into your life.

Hear me out because I realize this is a direct contradiction to what a lot of the law of attraction emphasizes in order TO manifest your desired reality.

Everything around us is energy and energy is interminably changing based upon influences; however, energy in itself is a constant.

There is a quote by Dr. Albert Einstein with regards to conservation of energy, “This law means energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

So how does the photo quote with regards to our FEELINGS tie in with the law of attraction and the law of conservation of energy?

Your brain is made up of matter, and matter is made up of tiny fast-moving particles that make up our phenomenal Universe. Each time we set an intention through thought, we are creating an INFLUENCE of energy through neural signals. It’s amazing! If you are unsure of what I mean, check out this video of scientists being able to capture neurons firing from a fish’s thoughts.

And guess what!? We actually don’t see with our eyes, we see with our mind– I briefly touch on this in my book, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance.

Our thoughts produce feelings because we give POWER to our thoughts and CHOOSE to focus on them.

Think of it this way: there is a fork on the counter. You see it and acknowledge it’s a “fork”. Do you have intense feelings that produce from it? Probably not. However, when you see a $100 bill, your thoughts most likely focus on words such as, “abundance” and “prosperity”. From there, you start producing feelings from more thoughtful words that all tie together from your initial thought when you first saw the $100 bill.

My point is…

Your thoughts are just that, thoughts. Your feelings are produced from thoughts because you CHOOSE TO FOCUS on your thoughts and give them power and credibility. And your feelings that you choose to focus on produce your beliefs. And your beliefs produce your RESULTS. They ALL produce results in a chain reaction because they are all linked together stemming from your particles that are constantly shifting and being influenced within your brain. Whew, that was a mouthful!

While scientists are still learning so much about the brain and how it operates, I’m here to tell you that everything is temporary because of how energy is influenced.

Back to the photo quote

You fall in love with someone and they hurt you, really badly. And you swear to yourself you will never get hurt like this again. You are scared to be hurt like this again. So you choose to do whatever you can to KEEP from producing these kinds of thoughts and feelings once more in your life.

Then you see a happy and laughing couple out in public and you think, “I wish I had that. Why doesn’t this ever happen to me? Everyone else can find love so easily.” Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Law of attraction states, “like attracts like.” Law of conservation of energy states energy “can only be transformed from one form to another.” Therefore, you are choosing to create your own reality. Whether you are moving in the direction TOWARDS what you truly desire, or moving in the direction AWAY from what you truly desire (out of feelings such as being hurt, embarrassed, scared, etc.), you ARE creating your reality.

Magic happens outside of your comfort zone

If you want your soulmate and ideal relationship, or you desire to publish that book, or become monetarily wealthy, or drop a few pant sizes…the point is, TAKE THE CHANCES. Get outside of your comfort zone. Mix up that energy that is going on within your realm. What does Dr. Einstein state about results?

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

You cannot EXPECT your desired new reality if you keep on thinking, feeling, and DOING the same thing over and over again. Yes! I’m trying to kick your spiritual ass into gear! You CAN do this! WHATEVER you desire into your new reality DOES exist- and you propel it into your physical reality by CHOOSING to think you ALREADY have it into existence, by FEELING into your thoughts, by creating your newly empowering mindset, and ACTING and DOING from this place! This is where the magic literally comes into play!

Shift your mindset, I promise you it DOES shift your beliefs with daily repetitive practice. And science has backed that writing helps to anchor in your beliefs and anchor in your manifestations through visualizations…thus speeding up the process to literally manifest into your physical realm.


We only have today, we are not promised tomorrow. So WHAT are you waiting for!? WHY are you choosing to allow yourself to remain in feelings of being stuck in life? YOU hold the power in your mind, YOU hold the power in your feelings, YOU hold the power in your actions, and YOU hold the power in your reality. Are you ready to take back your power and live in happiness, live in joy, live in calm and peace, live in total emotional and physical freedom?

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn