Donate & Help Save The Animals of The California Wildfires

Hey Sensational Soul! Hope you've had a great weekend! I'm attaching this article with multiple animal organizations that are needing support to help save animals who are victims of the California wildfires. Please help donate money/supplies to help these groups! Thanks for reading and for your consideration. Have a wonderful week! Change Your Mindset … Continue reading Donate & Help Save The Animals of The California Wildfires

Donate and Save A Life

Hey Sensational Soul! I am a HUGE animal lover and I just added a donations page to my website. Each month I make a donation to various animal organizations. I am deeply touched by the ASPCA. No pressures, of course, I am just the spreading the message to prevent animal cruelty. Have a WONDERFUL weekend! … Continue reading Donate and Save A Life

What I Journal (An Entry)

Hey Sensational Soul! I had such a low vibe yesterday and for a good portion of this morning. I decided to throw on my most favorite song (on repeat) and journal out what my soul truly wants to do in this world! In keeping with the theme of transparency, I have decided to disclose and share … Continue reading What I Journal (An Entry)