Fake It Till You Make It? How You ManiFAST Given Your Excuses

Fake It Till You Make It? How You ManiFAST Given Your Excuses

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Hey Beautiful Soul!


…and then write down 5 dreams you have. I’m talking the types of dreams that make you feel scared. Not, “I want to win the lottery.” I’m talking about, “I want to make $10K per month, I want to wear a little yellow polka dot bikini ((sing the song)), I want to be in a healthy and loving relationship with my soulmate and best friend now, I want to travel to Australia and help the wildlife…” Those kinds of dreams. The ones that make you go, “oohhhh…((eyes get bigger)).”

Training Your Brain’s Filtering System

And then, you guessed what I want you to do now…write down, “I AM…” and follow it with powerful forms of energy vibration. All you need is 3-5 minutes per day to write it down, and then take 10 minutes each day and move your bouncy energy particles that make up your rear-end!

SHOW the Universe who is BOSS!

The Universe IS responding. Period. Done. YES.

You have the potential, we all have the potential, there is no need to overthink it, just go for it, start, do, realize EVERYONE has fear. So what? We all have fear and those who make it (meaning, ManiFAST their dreams and desires) are the ones who “fake it” (meaning, use visualizations, take daily steps of action, keep going, stumble a little and keep going, the cycle continues…) over and over again with that burning desire each day.

I totally believe in you. You’ve got this! Don’t forget to have FUN (For your Unlimited Net worth), too!

XOXO Jaclyn


Are You Tired of Being Tired of Life? How I Quickly Overcame This

I live with daily anxiety, but I refuse to let it control my life. This is how I overcame it controlling me, and instead, took my life from living in scarcity to now living in total abundance! Mindset and mental health is everything and there is nothing to be ashamed of about it. Tag me on IG and let me know your thoughts on this episode: https://www.instagram.com/journalgirljaclyn

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This Checklist Works with Using the Law of Attraction

This Checklist Works with Using the Law of Attraction


Hey Amazing Soul!

I made this checklist for when I have my moments of anxiety and worry, and it helps me to get back into my soul’s alignment with the Universe. And then I am able to surrender much easier.

PS- When I do this, BAM! My desires emerge so quickly! I had a breakthrough the other day after a few weeks of being hard on myself and I’ve had 2 amazing blessings come through this week! Definitely use this checklist!


And grab my FREE 3-Day Mastering Manifesting program at: https://www.manifestit.online

XOXO Jaclyn

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety in The Washington Post

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety in The Washington Post


A couple of months ago I was interviewed for a story written by a clinical psychologist and Professor, Jelena Kecmanovic, for The Washington Post.

This story is about the evolution of anxiety and features some tips on how to deal with having anxiety being in a technologically advanced world.

Tap Me to Read “Could Our Efforts to Avoid Anxiety Only Be Making It Worse?”

What are some ways you respond to having anxiety? Reply and let me know!

Remember, with manifesting the Universe reflects to you through its boomerang effect what you choose to focus on most of the time. So, having moments of anxiety does NOT mean you will not receive your desires.

I believe in you, you’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

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