I Don’t Have A Black Friday Sale

I Don’t Have A Black Friday Sale


Hey Beautiful Soul,

Happy Black Friday! I hope you’re resting today and getting over your food coma from yesterday’s festivities. Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom and then watched reruns of FRIENDS all day. Afterwards, I took a nap and spent some time with my sweet chemist.

I really hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are enjoying your Black Friday!

I am spending the day doing house chores: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. I haven’t actually taken advantage of any Black Friday deals, except for sales on groceries! Haha. What are you doing today? Reply and let me know how your Thanksgiving was for you.

The Holidays Are Here! But I’m Not Doing A Black Friday Sale

I’m not doing a Black Friday sale. I decided a week ago that I’m doing a Holiday Gift Giving Bundle that is 67% off with 10% of ALL sales going to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline!

Whether you or someone you know needs help with learning how to manifest faster when it comes to their desires, my Holiday Gift Giving Bundle contains 2 of my best-sellers:

The 5-Week Transformation Program, Manifesting My Soul’s New Reality


My #1 best-selling ebook, Don’t Feel Stuck!


You get Q&A access with me during the course of the 5-week program through email or Facebook Messenger so I can help you get even clearer about your soul’s calling and mastering the Law of Attraction!


Have a beautiful weekend, Amazing Soul! I wish you and your loved ones plenty of rest and relaxation. Remember to use your affirmations daily.

Tip: Use affirmations as passwords, it will subconsciously program your mindset! I do this all the time and it totally works!

XOXO Jaclyn

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Transparency: Why I Don’t Care About Selling, Why Bullying Should Stop, & Why I Love Honesty


I have been feeling discouraged lately. I have been feeling off-kilter. I have been feeling like I’m about to make a HUGE transition with my business. I started Manifest It! as Journal Girl Jaclyn a year ago and I have made huge progress in my business, in my own mindset beliefs and life, and most importantly, in my soul-purpose of helping others live happy lives.

There are many spiritual leaders online. I’ve never been really one who likes to sell. I like to share my cognitive training and law of attraction methods that work for ME and share them with others because I know if my stubborn-self shifted, then ANYONE can shift as well! I want to HELP, so I do not charge an arm and a leg for my programs. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in myself or my content. I totally believe in my content, I KNOW it works. I don’t feel good charging thousands of dollars for a program, how can I help the people who want and need some guidance this way? It just doesn’t feel in alignment for me.

Who I AM Versus What is Not in Alignment

Yes, I am not a millionaire. Yes, I am in debit investing in my business, and yes, I do manifest money from unexpected sources (thanks TO the Universe). And yes, there ARE a lot of bullies online and there ARE scammers online. I’m not pinpointing to anyone by my previous sentence, I am speaking in the general sense.

For the past year I have been thinking about shifting my business into a certain direction and just a few days ago I have decided to finally pull the trigger. So, I am taking on this direction and I feel SO AMAZINGLY GREAT about it! It feels right, it feels in alignment, it feels like it will continue to help people because it goes so well with my published books.

I love helping people and if my books and my content make me millions of dollars, then great. If my books and my content make me a few thousands of dollars, then great. If my books and my content make me feel ALIVE and at ONE with the Universe because I’m helping other souls then GREAT!

Money is just energy. Money is just particles in the Universe. Money is NOT my soul’s purpose-work. My soul’s purpose-work is to help others who REALLY WANT HELP through empowering cognitive Mastering Your Mindset training paired with proven law of attraction methods through one of the most POWERFUL tools of manifesting.

And, this is through the use of journaling/writing because it deeply enhances your visualizations, it deeply helps you uncover and release what is no longer serving your soul’s highest happiness in your life, and it deeply helps you to speed up receiving all your manifestations more rapidly.


My Why, I Hate Bullies, & Being Honest

And this is WHY I do what I am doing. This is my ultimate WHY I am continuing to do by pushing forward and, like I usually state, “keep going.” And this is WHY I do not care if anyone buys my online programs. It’s Black Friday, it’s a great time to celebrate and share my content with others who truly want some help with their mindset beliefs and with manifesting. Black Friday is a great time to have a sale, why not?

I spend between 10-16 hours per online program creating my training and putting them up online. I charge because I work to help others. But, I do not feel right charging thousands of dollars because I DO want to help others who really WANT help. I am not defending myself, NO WAY. I know there are a lot of online bullies out there, and I know there are scammers, too. I am simply trying to be 100% transparent and 100% honest about who I am and what my soul’s purpose-work is while on this planet.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and my message. I hope you all had an amazing holiday and that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!


Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

I DID IT! I SLASHED all my DIGITAL/AUDIO/VIDEO programs for 3 days ONLY!

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

PS- I’ve OPENED the DOORS again to the Don’t Feel Stuck! VIP Manifest It! Group!

Everything you need to know is in the link below and if you have any questions about the programs and/or the VIP group, send me a message by replying to this email or on my Facebook/Instagram/Minds/Blog page!

3 days ONLY!!!! Prices are going back UP Sunday night (11/25/18)!

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

Click HERE to receive all the details and options!


Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!- Wanting to Manifest Money!?


Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Black Friday!!! Today is such a HUGE day for people who want to spend money- so this got me thinking: what about the people who want to RECEIVE money!? Where is THIS holiday!? Well, I declare EVERY DAY to be the holiday of receiving money!

Every Friday in my AWESOME Facebook community, Manifest it!, I share what is called the “Weekend Challenge”. Normally I give mindset prompts that are more generalized because I know so many souls are manifesting so many different things in life. In honor of Black Friday, I have created the Weekend Challenge around manifesting MOOLAH! So, are you READY!?

Journal out the following:
1) Growing up my parents taught me that money…
2) Growing up my grandparents taught me that money…
3) As an adult I feel money is…
4) Why do I feel money is this way?
5) True or false: money is just a piece of paper.
6) Why is it true or false?
7) What would happen to me if I chose to release my limiting beliefs around money?
8) What is the best thing that could happen if I released my limiting beliefs around money?
9) Continuing to HOLD ON to my limiting beliefs around money allows me to…
10) Releasing my limiting beliefs around money allows me to…
11) Continuing to live in scarcity means I am…
12) Embarking upon my new path and releasing scarcity around money means I am…
13) True or false: money is merely a piece of paper.
14) Why is it true or false?
15) What does it mean to be “rich”?
16) To be “rich” means I CANNOT do/have…
17) To be “rich” means I DO NOT feel…
18) To be “rich” means I AM NOT…
19) True or false: being rich is just a state of mind.
20) Why is it true or false?
21) It would be so much easier not to create wealth so that I can continue to…

Re-read what you wrote, circle words that stand out to you, and re-evaluate WHY you have the beliefs you have around money.

22) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I CHOOSE to believe…
23) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I AM COMMITTING to…
24) Now that I have evaluated my beliefs around the energy of money, I celebrate my breakthroughs by acknowledging that money is ONLY…

You have to dig deep and journal/type out how YOU feel, and discover your own mindset blocks around it. This is how you EVOLVE with your beliefs about anything and everything. There is no “answer” from the outside, you have to look INTERNALLY in yourself to discover YOUR answer. Exploring inward within yourself IS the answer to change! You’ve totally got this!!!! Just be real and be raw with yourself. Once you examine and identify your limiting beliefs around anything (this applies to anything, just change the subject from money to whatever it is you are manifesting), it’s easier to CHOOSE a new direction for yourself! Remember, everything is up to YOU, so listen to your intuition, listen to your soul’s calling, and take inspired actions towards your new dream reality! You can do this!!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn