It’s Time to Shock Your Mindset Beliefs


Hey Sensational Soul!

Are you feeling stagnant and stuck right now in manifesting your dreams?

Here are some affirmations to help you SHOCK your stubborn mindset beliefs and TRANSFORM them into aligning yourself WITH the Universe.

Remember, your soul, your mindset, and the Universe work TOGETHER simultaneously. Set your alarm 3-4 times per day to help you to train your mindset from a limiting existence into a soul-aligned, abundant state. With practice, it becomes second-nature and your brain goes on auto-pilot.

And then BAM! Your manifestations start emerging into your physical realm.

Try These Out For Size:

– It’s so much FUN to…!

– I easily…!

– In everything I do I always make the right decision FOR me!

– I am always successful!

– Whenever I…success follows me in total ease and alignment!

– I can relax and have fun with…because the Universe is ALWAYS supporting me!

– I now give myself permission to…in total ease!

– I am in complete flow with the Universe each time I…

– I am so thankful the Universe is supporting me 24/7!

– Whenever I think about…I follow up with taking inspired actions because I fully TRUST and BELIEVE everything always works out FOR me!

– Success is inevitable FOR me!

– My manifestation of…is on its way to me VERY SOON!

– It is so easy to be in complete flow whenever I…

– I am ALWAYS taken care of by the Universe.

– Each time I make a decision, I accomplish my goal!

– I am deeply loved by the Universe.

– I am completely worthy to receive…in ease and in flow because I am a child of the Universe.

– I AM…

Practice makes for progression and progression brings the manifestation. The more you practice at being AWARE of your mindset and TRAIN it with positive thoughts, positive affirmations, and really journal them with CONVICTION, your mindset starts to SHIFT.

Think learning the lyrics to a new song or learning how to complete a task at work on the computer. You can do this! Keep going!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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See you soon!


The Basal Ganglia, Prefrontal Cortex, & Using Both in the Law of Attraction


Hey There, Sensational Souls!

I’m here to help kick your spiritual being INTO GEAR in order to master your mindset, thus master WHATEVER it is you are manifesting into your soul’s new reality! Today we are going to discuss the power of setting intentions through the magic of the brain’s “basal ganglia” and “prefrontal cortex”.

But before we get into that, I want to ask you something: have you ever stopped to take a pause for the cause and evaluated your manifesting situation from a DIFFERENT angle? What I mean is have you thought about the possibility that you are truly MEANT to be in THIS place, right here, right NOW, because this IS part of your journey in manifesting into your physical realm?

How I Manifested 99% of What I Was Wanting Into My Physical Realm Within 10 MONTHS!

As some of you may already know, I love Dr. Wayne Dyer. Here is a quote from him I would like you to read:

If you think about shortages, you’re going to attract more shortage! If you think about what’s missing, you’re going to attract more of what’s missing in your life.

Dr. Dyer is basically saying: if you cling to your desire, you are only creating a lack mentality; thus, your lack mentality gives you more and more of the same: lack. So the Universe IS giving you what you are focusing on, but you may not even realize that you can SUCCESSFULLY manifest from a DIFFERENT angle.

A Different Angle

If your thought process remains in a “wishing” and/or a “once I am” or “once I have” approach, you will always REMAIN in this energy. And guess what? The Universe completely obliges to your request. So start using the power of manifesting from a DIFFERENT angle.

As human beings, our intentions within our focal point REMAIN in our mind for far longer than our patience can really withstand. So how do you speed up your manifestations INTO your physical realm? Routine. That’s right, routine.

Yep, practice makes progress, and progress brings about the manifestation. I say this over and over again and it’s really quite empowering because YOU are more in control of your outcome than you may want to execute by using your patience and learning skills. Do I blame you? No, not at all. We are human, we want INSTANT gratification. And when we don’t get it, we wonder: when it is going to get here? When will it happen? When is it coming? Why hasn’t it come yet?

You Don’t Have to Be A Scientist to Understand How the Brain Functions

Neuroscientists have been able to identify that our mental behavioral patterns stem from a part of the brain called the “basal ganglia”. This region is vital in the development of our memories, our own emotions, and even recognizing patterns in general. Neuroscientists also state that decisions we make stem from a different part of the brain called the “prefrontal cortex”.

So how can we use these two different regions in our FAVOR with regards to manifesting using the law of attraction?

I come back to the effects of routine. Let me say it again: routine. Consistency. Practice. Habitually setting our intentions followed by taking what I call are “inspired actions” in order to SHOW the Universe what it is you truly desire, which speeds up the manifestation process. But remember, the manifestation process speeds up as long as you are NOT focusing on what Dr. Dyer states in his quote about what’s “missing” within your mindset.

Through the process of habitual thinking, comes habitual mental belief patterns and this can either speed up or slow down your manifestation process. Over time your brain begins to go on autopilot when it is being trained through the process of what I like to refer as “Mastering Your Mindset”.

Just like when you learned how to drive a car, or you learn the lyrics to a song, and even learn all of the ingredients to a recipe, you are TRAINING your brain and your mindset to accept these patterns as quote “real”. By training our minds through mental patterns recognized by our basal ganglia, you are making the DECISION to deem these mental thoughts as BELIEFS, thanks to your prefrontal cortex. And through consistent practice of this mental and physical mechanism, your brain starts to go on autopilot and you no longer have to STRUGGLE to accept that what you ARE doing and how you ARE behaving needs any kind of obsessional clinging.

You just relax, it all becomes second-nature to you, and you allow your physical body to go forward with the motions in EASE. That’s right! You start to OWN IT!

Holy Shift: Science Is Truly Amazing!

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work TOGETHER simultaneously to manifest WHATEVER it is you are wanting to bring forth into your physical realm. And you CAN use the power of law of attraction to your favor! Match the frequency of the energy bouncing around within the Universe through billions of tiny fast-moving particles, and you truly DO manifest into your new physical reality! Train your brain, DAILY, through Mastering Your Mindset journaling. Not only is it completely empowering, but it SHIFTS your mindset beliefs from a place of limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, and TRANSFORMS them into now thinking, feeling, being, doing, and LIVING from a place of total abundance in ALL areas of your life- whatever areas you want! Seriously!

YOU are the master of your mindset, not the other way around. YOU are in control of what you focus on, not the other way around. And YOU hold the keys to your vehicle that is your body. Your soul is your engine, your mindset is the steering wheel, and your feelings are the gas that help you to propel yourself into complete and total Universal abundance! When you TRAIN your mindset with repetition and consistency using a powerful visualization tool such as mindset journaling, you are not only making a stronger case FOR your visualizations; but, you are also literally writing your new reality into existence because you are influencing your own energy into the Universe through the motions of your pen and the ink onto paper. Or, if you prefer to type onto a computer, you can do exactly the same thing as well with your own influence on energy. The Universe IS listening, and it IS responding. The Universe is working behind the scenes and it IS rearranging things on your path to help you manifest what your soul TRULY desires in its TRUE happiness in life.

Your Power Is In Your Choices

You CAN do this! You get a CHOICE, so CHOOSE to start living on your soul’s truest path today! Use the power of your brain and how it functions. And with consistent daily repetition you ARE Mastering Your Mindset and you ARE mastering manifesting because your brain has to work less and less over time with consistent practice. It just all becomes second-nature to you and before you know it, you’ve completely manifested EVERYTHING you have ever desired into your physical realm.

Every day is a choice: do you want to live it in total abundance? I know you do! Time to start living the rest of your life in complete blessings that you ARE going to receive, RIGHT NOW. My purpose in this world is to help YOU realize your own inner superhero and I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass INTO GEAR to help you stay on your soul’s truest path in order to SPEED UP manifesting your life’s desires. You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


The Basal Ganglia, Prefrontal Cortex, & Using Both In The Law Of Attraction


Neuroscientists have been able to identify that our mental behavioral patterns stem from a part of the brain called the “basal ganglia”. This region is vital in the development of our memories, our own emotions, and even recognizing patterns in general.

Neuroscientists also state that decisions we make stem from a different part of the brain called the “prefrontal cortex”.

So how can we use these two different regions in our FAVOR when it comes to the law of attraction and manifesting our soul’s NEW reality?

Listen to my new podcast in order to find out!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

How Is Your Relationship With Regret?

Louise L Hay - Best of my Life

Hey Sensational Soul!

As I sit here writing this while watching my pets sleepily snore on a Sunday afternoon, I am (like usual) contemplating life and our role on this planet. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who is stuck in a pattern of “reacting” vs. responding when it comes to life. I saw the fire in this person, their soul aching to get out and live by its true purpose; however, their thought patterns are currently stuck in victim mentality.

While we cannot control how people live their lives or how others think and feel; nonetheless, what we CAN control is how we (ourselves) live our own lives and we CAN control how we (ourselves) think and feel. And this shapes and creates our new physical reality.

I ended my conversation with this individual by saying, “I don’t want to wake up 20 years from now, if I make it that far, and look back full of regrets thinking and feeling I should have done this or that.”

I want to live in the NOW. I want to relish in the beauty of the present moment. And part of being happy on your own soul’s journey is to be grateful for what you DO have in your life right now and the people who are a positive support system. So many of us look back on our memories and either look back on them in gratitude that we are no longer living in the past; or, many of us look back on the past and think, “I was so happy THEN.”

Look, let me be blunt for a second: the past, no matter how good or bad, is IN the past. There is nothing we can do to bring it back. And continuing to live in the past is only STUNTING our ability to be happy in the present.


So how do you let go and ALLOW yourself to relish in your current moments? How can you START truly living your life so that in the future you are not looking back in regret? Here are some tips:

1) Wake up in gratitude. Wake up each morning and while you are getting ready for your day, start telling yourself how “thankful” you are for your bed, your bathroom, your air conditioning, your coffee, your breakfast meal, the ability to be able to breathe on your own, your car, the destination you are going to that allows you to be able to pay your bills each month, your sight, your hearing, your sense of smell, and so much more. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for in your life. Somewhere on this earth, filled with over 7 billion people, someone does not have the same things you are blessed with in your life.

2) Embrace that alarm sound. Set an alarm in your phone at least 4 times per day to go off so that you take 1-3 minutes and stop what you are doing and have a moment of a mental break. Either close your eyes or keep them open, FOCUS on your breathing, clear out all the noise going on in your mind, and just breathe for 1-3 minutes stating, again, how thankful you are for your ability to be able to have these moments. Think about how thankful you are to have your lunch meal from today, being able to get from place to place by your mode of transportation, and everything else that you may take for granted each day.

Doing this 4 times, or more, on a daily basis is TRAINING your mindset to shift from a negative-thinking cycle into a more positive and centered place of being. This allows your mindset to SHIFT from living in stress/fear to living from a place of your soul’s truest calling. This transformation gives your soul its ability to start communicating TO you more as you ALLOW it to do so from a place of gratitude.

3) The Secret of manifesting. Living in the present in gratitude is the root of ALL manifestations. Daily, consistent practice in your thinking patterns WILL shift because you are TRAINING your mindset, thus your mindset beliefs will also shift. Your consistent awareness of how you are thinking FREES you from the burdens of the “shoulds” in your life. Your soul is aching to get out and you don’t even realize YOU hold the keys to the cage you may be holding yourself hostage in with regards to your physical reality. By ALLOWING your soul to live its true purpose, you ALLOW your manifestations to come into your physical realm. How fascinating is this!?

Your soul, your mindset, and the Universe work TOGETHER, simultaneously, in creating your own reality. And you are the MASTER of your mind, not the other way around. Think of it in terms of learning a math problem or getting into the habit of physically working out: at first it seems hard; but, because you keep at it, the process becomes easier and with practice it becomes more like second-nature to you. You then master those math problems or your body gets into better shape!


Those Fast-Moving Particles

You are full of tiny, fast-moving particles that shape you as a human being. In order to change what is on the outside change must begin INWARDLY. Your mindset CREATES your new reality. You hold so much power within you and you CAN master your mindset with the proper guidance and support system. You CAN manifest anything and everything you truly desire into your life. At ANY given moment in time you can CHOOSE to think and create in ANY direction you decide. You get a choice. You get to choose in this moment, right now. Furthermore, by living through your soul’s truest purpose, those inspired ideas that pop into your head (I call them your soul’s nudges) allow you to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire into your life, thus speeding up the manifestation process. So take those inspired actions, sensational soul!

Are You Going To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life?

We are NOT promised tomorrow, we have today, right now. Do you want to continue down the same path you are currently on? Or, do you want to set your intentions and CREATE your new physical reality? How do you want to think back on your present and feel about it? How do you WANT to live your life? Do you want to live it full of regret as the main driving source? What do you WANT to be able to think and say 6 months from now, a year from now, 10 years from now (however much time we have on this planet)?

As I told this person yesterday during our conversation, “As long as you are still breathing, and you haven’t croaked yet, it is NEVER too late to start living the life you truly desire and be happy.”

And I wholeheartedly believe this. You ARE worthy of being happy. You ARE worthy of living the life your soul truly wants to live. And your mindset and soul ARE one with the Universe, they work together simultaneously. You ARE in control of your own new reality. You ARE in the driver’s seat, so where do you want to go and who do you want to be? How do you want to leave your mark on this earth? You can do this, I believe in you.


Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

We All Have A PURPOSE In Life!


We all have a purpose in this Universe. Some of us go through the majority of our time on earth trying to figure out what our purpose actually IS. Others of us know pretty early on in life here on this beautiful planet.

Our Purpose IS The Answer

It’s our number one passion, our drive, our obsession, our reason for living. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning. It’s what gives us feelings of joy, gratitude, fulfillment, and many more amazingly positive vibrations we emit out into the Universe.

My Purpose

From when I was very young I always knew I was very spiritual. I was deeply spiritual and I didn’t know how to handle my emotions up until about 26. It’s been 9 years and while I still have moments of panic attacks due to anxiety (we are all human), I am MUCH MORE skilled at being able to direct my thoughts and emotions, thus my manifestations.

Even last year I still didn’t really KNOW my purpose in life. It was around July when it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like the white light opened up for me and the Universal angels were singing to me because I finally FULLY got in tuned with my soul. Wow! What a great moment it was when I realized my PURPOSE in this world!

I Could, But My Soul Is Calling Me

I see SO MANY lightworkers, healers, coaches, mentors (whatever you want to call us) online every single day on every single platform. Most of them charge a lot of money in order to help other souls with their mindset work and their manifestations. I was reflecting today and MY PURPOSE is to help as many souls as possible. There are SO MANY souls on this planet who need help and may not have the means to pay $100+ for a program, or $10K for 1:1 personal coaching that lasts a month or two.

While it’s easy to get lost in the mix of all of these healers, and there are thousands of us online, my SOUL is calling me to keep my programs low-cost because my PURPOSE is to help as many people as possible around this globe. I feel GOOD being able to transform so many lives through my book, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, and via my 2 paid VIP Facebook groups.

I get HUGELY warm feelings and my smile breaks out each time someone posts about how my book or my coaching has completely TRANSFORMED their life for the better, and quickly! It makes me so happy! My soul just completely lights up!

Are You Seriously Wanting To Uplevel Your Life!?

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And LEARNING how to take back your power, identify and release those pesky mental blocks that keep creeping up into your mindset, and SHIFT into living out your new reality the way your SOUL is calling you to do- YOUR PURPOSE!

Note: Seriously Committed Souls Wanted!

So send me a message if you are interested! I ONLY want serious souls who are ready to COMMIT to their soul-purpose in life! I take my in-depth coaching very seriously and I am HERE to help kick your spiritual ass into gear and help you SHIFT yourself from a place of lack into a place of Universal ABUNDANCE!

Whether You’re Manifesting Your Soulmate And/Or Anything Else In Life

You’ve totally got this! I’ll see you in the group!

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Have a great weekend and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn