The Surprising Lesson: Do You Know This?

The Surprising Lesson: Do You Know This?

Pushing Through The Fear

You know how sometimes we have bad bosses at work and we think to ourselves, “I’d never do that” or “I will never do that if/when I become a supervisor?”

I did some digging around online yesterday with regards to my previous message about dealing with negative feedback and feeling vulnerable as you grow. Needless to say, I learned A LOT about multi-level marketing (MLM) and how public figures grow their income and fame this way.

I recently started a new Instagram account, I want it to be a more inclusive “we” account rather than a hierarchal pyramid of me having a lot of followers over time and me not following as many in return (you know, the typical “influencer” triangle pedigree setup).

Obviously, this means my exposure to others on the platform will not be the same as Instagram’s “popularity” algorithm set-up. However, I do believe it’s important to support each other as best as we can through similar interests and messages we want to express to the world.

I’m forging my own way, my own path. I’ve always marched to the beat of a different drum.

I’ve known for many years almost everything in the world is based upon a hierarchal pyramid with regards to operations:

in business
in the education system
in the government system
and even in clubs and organizations

This is not necessarily a bad thing when executed fairly. Human beings can become power-hungry, though, and this is where I don’t support exploitation in order to “make a buck” or become famous.

Yesterday I did my digging around and realized some people, not everyone, climb higher and higher on their ladder to fame and riches because of networking USING the MLM system (the hierarchal triangle). This doesn’t mean this is the case for every famous person or rich person, no. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, when not taking advantage of others.

Pushing Through The Fear (The Takeaway & Lesson I Learned)

While some may rise to fame and riches using exploitations, others do not (me). Hell, I’m the “Norma Rae” when I see others being taken advantage of, it’s innate for me (regardless of the “system”). The New York Times best-selling author couple here in Texas I was referring to in my other message use the MLM set-up in order to “Rise” to where they are at this moment (pun intended). But, it looks like they got power-hungry.

The reason their clients and book-readers are giving them negative feedback now is that over the past 3 years they have not been completely transparent and acting with integrity about their own marriage towards their customers while charging them $1700 per person for 2-day workshops counseling their clients about how to have a great marriage. And after building their entire business model around this very subject, they out-of-the-blue announce they are divorcing. No mentions of a struggling marriage before that moment.

I found this to be a good lesson to learn for me, and for anyone else who owns a business: it’s a good idea to always be transparent, honest, and act with integrity. I had that “I’m not going to do that” moment yesterday, even though they are not my bosses.

Money and fame are not the solutions to loving yourself and having a happy life.

It’s a byproduct. And while this INFJ personality doesn’t like to play games or “beat the system”, it was a good learning experience for me to observe what is going on here and how this couple is reacting to some of the choices they have made. Well, they are ignoring how they “betrayed” and “duped” their customers and book readers (the public’s words, not mine).

Thank gosh I listened to my intuition with them from 2018, for my soul’s compass did not steer me wrong.

I pushed through my fears of negative feedback within my own work yesterday, reminding myself that just because someone may not like vanilla ice cream (me) doesn’t mean that the ice cream doesn’t taste good. “Different strokes for different folks.”

My ways and methods of running Manifest It! may not create multi-million dollar MLM deals or hypnotize the masses for a “quick fix.” I’m going to continue being me, and continue teaching practical and logical ways of using The Law of Attraction for you all who want to know how to do this for your long-term goals and dreams in your life, and for your long-term happiness and success.

I surrender to the Universe and I am open to receiving any and all blessings coming my way. Are you, too, for yourself and for your life? I hope so! I believe in you, never give up. Keep going.

You’ve got this! Have a great week, talk to you soon!

XOXO Jaclyn

You Dont Succeed Unless You Try
The Best-Selling Law of Attraction Books

The Best-Selling Law of Attraction Books

#1 Best-Seller Don't Feel Stuck!

Hey ManiFASTers,

I received a sweet email from a sweet Canadian. YES! My books are available on,, and .

Basically WHEREVER you live on this beautiful planet, go to your local Amazon’s website and type in “Jaclyn Johnston”.

My books are available EVERYWHERE!

Thank you so much for your email, I hope this helps those of you who are curious about it. Stay safe and healthy, thinking about you and your families.

XOXO Jaclyn

How to Manifest Your Debt Away

How to Manifest Your Debt Away

Happy and Carefree Woman

Hey, Beautiful Soul!

Do you have debt? Even stating the word makes me cringe a little bit. I used to be in $29K worth of debt. I’m talking legalized loan-shark credit cards debt. It was awful. And I used to think there was only one way out of it.

And how you can, too!

XOXO Jaclyn

I Feel Guilty for Wanting to be in Alignment

I Feel Guilty for Wanting to be in Alignment


I’ve been crying, I’ve had anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, sadness, you name the negative feelings and I’ve felt them this week. I’ve been called things I don’t even want to repeat because I believe in equality, and I’m a huge fan of Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy.

I’m criticized because I say things like, “violence doesn’t solve violence.”

Or, “We don’t live in a ‘this or that’ world, we live in a ‘this AND that’ world. But, we cannot accept all our unique features that make up this beautiful planet.”

I felt shame and guilt for publishing my latest podcast episode earlier this week. While it was recorded around the second week of May discussing how to maintain your alignment during fearful and stressful times, a lot in the world has changed since then.

It went from solely worrying about the effects of the pandemic, to now worrying about it AND the inclusion and safety for ourselves and the people we love. The United States is in turmoil and I really don’t know what I can say or do to fix it. I am hurting and I’m scared for everyone. And yet, I am SO THANKFUL other countries in our amazing world are coming together to support love and equality for people of color.

I just want you to know I’m thinking about all of you and I hope you stay safe and healthy during COVID-19 and these challenging times. Always believe in yourself and the power that is within you. Let’s come together and support each other, please.

I will never back down for trying to promote peace and love for everyone.

You are amazing, never forget this.



The Consciousness Collective Success


Beautiful Souls!
I know I have mentioned that I’m part of the Consciousness Collective with Clouds + Dirt, and I want to extend an invitation to you because the doors to the Consciousness Collective are going to close soon!
Being a part of this group has helped me to grow Manifest It! and I know there are some spiritual bossbabes here!
Please click below to learn more information about the Consciousness Collective and don’t procrastinate because the doors to it are seriously closing soon!
XOXO Jaclyn