Being Tougher than the Rest

Being Tougher than the Rest


How many times have you been heartbroken? I mean, legit straight-up felt like you didn’t know how you were going to go on in life heartbroken? The feelings of shock and dread overwhelm you, panic sets in, and then utter despair emerges and takes over your entire mental state.

Strangely, during these intense moments, you experience quite a bit of surrendering because you realize you are no longer in control of the situation or to the outcome of it. Using the Law of Attraction can feel similar to this sometimes.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to learn how to surrender to outcomes by experiencing these types of scary thoughts and feelings all the time. Hell no! What I mean is, that moment when you realize and ACCEPT that you have no control what-so-ever to the outcome of your situation, THAT’S the feeling I want you to embody and practice feeling over and over again in order to harness the art of surrendering to the Universe.

The “chshhhhh” of carbonation as the bottle cap is loosened on a fizzy drink, yeah, THAT kind of surrendering to the energy of the Universe.


Change is an Outlandish Gift

Like with anything in life, change is uncomfortable; however, this is where the magic happens. And what better way to overcome your fears than to head-butt them straight on like the confident and strong icon you admire?

Seriously, what if you asked yourself during your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, “What would (insert your favorite icon) do in this situation?”

As long as it’s not anything criminal (don’t make your first experience with handcuffs be from this type of experience) why not embody some of the very traits and characteristics of them you admire?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings the manifestation.

It also turns you into a total BADASS with the Law of Attraction because you learn how to master surrendering to the Universe’s timing and its way. While change is uncomfortable because it’s new, it can also be very liberating and fun.

I used to loathe change. I was so crazy that I would do literally ANYTHING to keep myself from allowing it to happen. I laugh about it now, but I would freak out if something small got moved a half an inch because it meant something changed in my environment. The energy of the Universe won out every single time I resisted change.

And you know what? I’m so glad it kicked my spiritual ass quite often because change is needed in order to grow and level UP into the soul I can proudly declare that I am today. All of my manifestations would have happened sooner if I didn’t struggle so much.

And all your desires CAN manifest into your physical realm quicker, as well, if YOU stop fighting to control everything around you and the outcome.

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Transform into Your Version 2.0 Self Living Your Version 2.0 Life

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. – Carl Jung

When you stop struggling and instead surrender to the situation and to the outcome of it, YOU FLOAT. It feels like being on one of those pool floats slowly drifting to the tune of the water’s energy. The Universe moves things out of your way that no longer serve you for your soul’s highest happiness.

The “secret order” IS the Universe doing its work to help you receive your desires.

Your manifestations ARE coming to you, this is 100% accurate. However, sometimes you get in your own way by thinking you want something, but you don’t realize something much BETTER is coming to you, FOR you- and soon, IF you allow for it by relaxing on your mental pool float.

If you want to be an actor, you’re becoming an actor. It may not happen in the way you expect it to happen, but the “chaos” of the cosmos has a “secret order” of bringing that Academy Award to you. All you have to do is relax, trust the process, and ALLOW for changes to take place- because your reward is so much sweeter than you even realize.

Honey, I’m tougher than the rest. – Bruce Springsteen


By practicing the art of surrendering creates a much stronger soul that IS you, your version 2.0 self. Before you know it, you’ll be smirking when challenges occur because you KNOW this is all happening for a reason- and that reason is to bring your desires to you, FOR you. Surrendering to the Universe is not a skill you learn overnight, but you CAN learn it and you CAN master it.

If you want help in learning how to master the art of surrendering I have 1, only ONE, spot opening up in a week for 1:1 mentoring with me. It’s you and me, and your fears, but this love triangle is going to go through an enlightening and liberating metamorphosis because you become your version 2.0 self: the Master of ManiFASTing all your desires into your life with ease!

Send me a message if you’re ready to break up with fear and you’re ready to float and flow to your desires. I believe in you, I KNOW you can do this, but it’s time for you to realize you ARE doing this, too.

XOXO Jaclyn

Welcome Change to Receive Faster

Welcome Change to Receive Faster

Hey Amazing Soul!

It’s the middle of 2019 and I am wondering how you’re doing with your goals for this year? I found my list I created in January and looked at it again. I accomplished 2 goals out of the 8 goals on it so far.

Sometimes you feel like your desires and goals are being stagnant, as if you feel like it will always be this way.

But, it doesn’t mean it will always be this way! It just means it’s time to switch up your routine. Change is a good thing, it allows for new opportunities, new doors to be opened, new energy to come into your life for your manifestations to arrive even faster.

Your desires ARE manifesting. No need to “wait” for them, move on to the next goal so you don’t obsess over it. Allow for ALL your blessings to come to you, however and whenever.

Think of it like your favorite pastry baking in the oven: you don’t want to pull it out of the oven and start eating it when its not fully ready yet.

Everything is taking place FOR you. How do you approach receiving your manifestations?


Welcome Change into Your Life

Do you ALLOW for your goals to funnel into your physical realm?

Change is necessary in order to receive all your blessings. I know change can be scary sometimes, but being outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. And if you’re unsure of which direction to take when it comes to allowing your desires to funnel into your physical realm, I have the answer:

Your soul is your compass.

Look at your list of goals you made early in 2019 (and if you haven’t made a list of goals, make one now, it’s not too late). Pick 1 desire and start planning your manifesting action for THIS month. Right now.

Clear out physical items around you that no longer serve your soul for its highest happiness about your goals. Make way for new blessings to come to you, however and whenever.

99% of the time it turns out better than you can imagine.

Chances are you are so hung-up on the details of how you want it to be that you aren’t allowing for even BETTER blessings to come to you WITH EASE.


You Have to Let Go of the “How” in Order to Allow for Your Soul’s Desires

It’s okay if you don’t believe in yourself right away. Just keep taking steps to SHOW the Universe what you are calling into your physical sphere.

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestations!

Listen to your soul and believe your desires ARE yours, it’s done! The Universe is taking care of the “how” and “when”. Your job is to believe it’s DONE and take manifesting action to show the Universe you mean business.

Remember your daily affirmations and mantras, feel free to use mine:

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

PS- If you’re feeling unsure about your soul’s calling in your life, and how to funnel your desires into your physical realm, this means it’s time to get CLEAR on what you want!

Soulful Sunday Secrets Are Coming!

Soulful Sunday Secrets Are Coming!

Hey Amazing Soul!

I have a fun surprise for you and it starts all the amazing changes that are going to take place with Manifest It! in order to help you ManiFAST!

Soulful Sunday Secrets

Every Sunday I’m going to pop into your inbox and give you a manifesting secret of mine that I use each day in manifesting all my desires into my life! There are 2 reasons for why I’m doing this on Sundays:

1) Sunday is the start of a new week, so why not begin your new week with some manifesting mojo that will help you with the Law of Attraction?

2) Sunday is a GREAT day to relax and reflect, so why not relax and reflect with some of my manifesting methods that I successfully use for YOU to use, too?

What You Can Expect with Manifest It!’s Changes

This August will mark 2 years since I began my entrepreneurial journey as a Law of Attraction Mindset expert. But, I didn’t get to where I am now without ALLOWING for changes to take place.

I know it’s familiar to keep thinking, feeling, and doing what you’ve always done, but aren’t you tired of the same thing, day after day, in your life? One of the many reasons why I’m able to ManiFAST with ease is because I ALLOW for change to take place around me.

ManiFAST Banner Water

Apply It

So, this weekend for your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, I want you to write out how you are now going to allow for changes in your life and WHY you are now allowing for changes to take place (hint: so you can make room for the space of your blessings to come in).

Reply and let me know how this goes for you! And, you may even be inspired to take some actions around your home to make space for your blessings. I’ll see you on Sunday for our first Soulful Sunday Secret!

PS- Do you use daily affirmations? Here is one of mine, feel free to use it!

I’m Always Attracting Abundance to Me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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Learning to Embrace Change to ALLOW for Your Manifestations!

Hey Sensational Soul!


What you are thinking, everyone, at some point in time, thought it, too.
What you are feeling, everyone, at some point in time, felt it, too.
What you are doing as a result of the above, everyone, at some point in time, has done it, too.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, and your actions are nothing to feel like an alien over. You are human, and there are 7 billion humans on this planet, so stop beating yourself up over it.

What you think, feel, believe, and do (as a result from your beliefs, which produce from your thoughts and feelings) is normal and natural.

Now what may feel unnatural is CHANGE. But, with practice at accepting it, embracing it, and processing it, change CAN become normal and natural for you.

The Universe has one constant behavior: change. Let me state this again. The Universe has one constant behavior: change.

YOU are made up of the Universe. So change is actually quite normal and natural. And if you lean into your faith in the Universe (your genetic make-up and your reason for existing as YOU), you are blessed with either EXACTLY what you are manifesting into your physical realm; or, MUCH BETTER comes to you, FOR you and your soul’s highest happiness.

So, why are you CHOOSING to continue your struggling and continue to “fight” change?

Blessings cannot come to you, FOR you if you resist change.

But, how do you learn to EMBRACE change and be comfortable with it?

Whether you are manifesting your ideal RELATIONSHIP, and/or you are manifesting more MONEY into your business/life, and/or you are manifesting your peace of mind and HAPPINESS by following your SOUL’S purpose-work in your life, or it’s ALL of the above…

You still get to CHOOSE whether you want to ALLOW for change to take place in order to MAKE ROOM FOR your BLESSINGS to come flowing into your physical realm.

Struggle = resistance
Struggle = keeping your manifestations away from you
Struggle = taking longer time for your dreams and desires to manifest into your physical realm
Struggle = STAYING EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE right now in your life

Change IS a good thing. Change ALLOWS for ALL your dreams and desires to manifest, and quickly because the Universe LOVES speed.

I Challenge You to Journal Out the Following:

What am I currently manifesting into my life?
Why am I not receiving it into my physical realm as of yet?
What can I start thinking, instead, to ALLOW room for my manifestations to emerge into my physical realm?
What can I start feeling, instead, to ALLOW room for my manifestations to emerge into my physical realm?
What can I start DOING, instead, to ALLOW room for my manifestations to emerge into my physical realm?

You can do this! Remember what I stated about struggling in the above. Keep going, ALLOW for changes to take place and STOP struggling. There is NO NEED to struggle. You’ve got this!

And remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Surrender By Falling Into The New Season!


Hey Sensational Soul!

Fall is just around the corner for us, do you know what this means?

It’s a GREAT time to let the people and things that no longer serve us FALL away from our soul’s life. Yes!

Listen, I know change is super scary at times. I even have troubles with it from time to time.

BUT, like how Mother Nature shows us, allowing things to take their natural course and allowing them to fall away is actually a GOOD thing.

Just like in the beautiful auburn and amber leaves, by allowing what is no longer needed in your life MAKES ROOM for the new and even MORE abundant blessings to come to you.

If I had continued clinging on to what was not serving my SOUL for its highest happiness, I would STILL be feeling 100% STUCK in my life today.

But I did something most of us as humans will NOT do:

I let the shit go. I let it ALL go. And I ALLOWED it all to take its natural course.

What fell away, fell away.

What stayed, stayed.

And guess what?

Not only did my SURRENDERING to the Universe and ALLOWING for people and things to take their natural course

(in other words, I didn’t try to FORCE the outcome nor did I try to CONTROL my surroundings, I just let it all happen the way it was meant to happen)

I actually manifested WAY MORE BLESSINGS into my life than I thought could be possible!

For example, the A/C in my car was broken. I just wanted to have it fixed. I kept envisioning my A/C working beautifully, cold air on full blast, each time I got into my car.

And then?

And then I just SURRENDERED. I surrendered to the outcome. I surrendered to HOW and WHEN my A/C in my car is fixed. I just focused on it already BEING fixed.

And I didn’t obsess about it, I just relaxed and trusted in the timing and the way of the Universe KNOWING it was done and already in existence.

And I got a brand new car within about 3 months, a brand new car of my CHOICE.

You see?

THIS is how you let Mother Nature take its course. THIS is how you let what is no longer needed for your highest happiness fall away from your soul’s journey.

THIS is how you manifest what you are wanting into your physical realm.

The Universe knew EXACTLY what was best for me. All I wanted was a fixed A/C in my car.

I SURRENDERED and ALLOWED for whatever to happen, happen. I just had faith that it was fixed…

…and not only was my A/C fixed in my car, but I got a HUGE surprise out of it on top of it!

So now that the fall season is literally in a few days, how about practicing the art of surrendering and let’s see what YOU manifest into YOUR physical realm!

Let nature take its course, let what is no longer needed go.

Be OPEN and ALLOW for newly, more up-leveled blessings to COME TO you- and they come much more quickly when you relax and stop trying to control every fucking thing in your life.

Change IS good. Change IS needed…why do you think we have 4 seasons? If we had 1 season for the rest of our time on earth, can you imagine how exhausting our lives would be? And don’t get me started on seasonal depression…

You see!?

Blessings ARE on their way to you, all you gotta do is get out of your own way!

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Are you ready to turn the key and turn on your life for REAL?

Are you ready to turn the key and turn ON your abundance?

See you in the group!

Unleash Your Soul, Unleash Your Freedom

Journal Girl Jaclyn