The Domino Effect


Hey Sensational Soul!

I found this in my files from a year ago and I feel someone needs to read it (maybe again):

Not everything has to be the way you are and have been living. Yes, some things we don’t have choices, but most things we DO have choices. The Universe gives you more and more of struggle and negativity when you focus on negativity and fight with situations rather than making choices TO help you to feel better.

And This Is The Key Point

Make choices and take action TO make you feel better. Otherwise, you stay trapped, stuck, sad, depressed, stressed, resentful, etc.

Resist the negativity by taking action and making choices TO help you to feel better and TO help you feel at ease and happy.

The path of least resistance gives you much better happiness. This is why it’s important to DO what makes you happy. Then more happiness comes your way in life BECAUSE you are happy. And then you are happy and it keeps going this way.

The Domino Effect

Everything is a domino effect because of vibration of energy. Focusing on and making choices that make you feel stuck, sad, stressed, etc. will only give you MORE of that. Vibration of energy.

Focusing on and taking action that make you feel at ease, comforted, breathable, calm, peaceful, etc. will only give you MORE of that. Vibration of energy.

And it keeps going. Domino effect. Energy is a constant.

You get to choose.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


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Choices: We All Have Them…Breakthrough Time!


Hey Sensational Soul!

Oh my gosh I have had a couple of breakthroughs this past weekend! So crazy to think about it because I realize now that THIS was the reason WHY I have been feeling a bit stuck manifesting my newest goals while on my soul’s journey through life.

What did it take in order for me to BREAKTHROUGH feeling stuck in my latest mental bump?

Well, I stepped outside of myself and became my own client. I signed up for my latest soul-digging, FEAR RELEASING, 12-Day TRANSFORMATIONALLY SHIFTING ALIGNMENT course, and NOW I understand WHY I was feeling so stuck around what I am currently manifesting!


It’s like a huge light bulb just went off in my own head and I feel this WEIGHT LIFTED from my shoulders! Just by digging into my, “why may I NOT want what I actually want?” along with MANY MORE soul-digging questions and fear-releasing Mastering Your Mindset activities, I was able to successfully RELEASE and say BYE-BYE to what no longer serves my mindset beliefs for the present and going forward.

YES! I feel so FREE, I feel much CLEARER in my mind, and I feel FREER in both my soul and my mindset beliefs.

It’s like going to the spa for your mental health and your happiness!

Just when you feel yourself crawling back into your shell, feel into the awkwardness and the uncomfortableness while making the CHOICE to push THROUGH it, BREATHE THROUGH IT, and keep going!

A wave pulls back before it surges forward!

I’m running a very special promo for a LIMITED TIME on my newest AUDIO and DIGITAL 12-Day soul and mindset transformational program:

Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive!

That’s right…you are going to get to know EXACTLY what I do during my Mastering Your Mindset journaling in addition to HOW I train my mindset to SHIFT from scarcity beliefs INTO beliefs of freedom, abundance, clarity, and making the empowering choices to surge forward by taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what I am truly wanting into my life!

WHATEVER it is you are currently manifesting you CAN actually have it! Our mindset, our thoughts, and our feelings/emotions that we vibrate into the Universe are what either open a portal to RECEIVING, or they all can keep us feeling a bit stagnant and STUCK in life.

Either way, we get to CHOOSE if we want to CLEAR what no longer serves us for our soul’s highest good; or, we can CHOOSE to remain where we are currently at in life.

It’s a choice and either way, YOU are in the driver’s seat. This girl is in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini (I actually had a dream last night I bought a bright blue one- LOL!) and she’s ready to SPEED UP her manifesting process by CLEARING OUT what no longer serves her soul for its highest HAPPINESS! While I don’t care if I ACTUALLY drive a sports car, this is not on my wish list, I hope you do understand my metaphor here!

Topics we are CONQUERING during the 12-Day course:

• Purge Your Worries In Order To Ask For What You Really Want!

• Past & Present: Your Beliefs

• Thinking, Feeling, & Doing The Opposite In Order To Shift!

• Using I AM In Order To Empower YOU

• Using Big Visions As IS & Planning & Executing While Calling In Your Manifestations

• And Making The Impossible POSSIBLE!

I’m SO EXCITED to teach you and HELP you empower yourself and take control of your manifesting process! You deserve and are worthy of living your life in happiness in everything you are manifesting and I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass into gear! You’ve totally got this!

My special promo is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so click here to take you to the PROMO!

And don’t forget…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn



Hey Sensational Soul!

You get a choice, you get to DECIDE. What do you want in life? What is truly calling for you to have, be, and do before your shell exits this physical planet?

You are put onto this earth for a PURPOSE. You can have, be, and do ANYTHING your heart and soul desires!

Get Clear

Get CLEAR on what your soul’s calling is in life. You will know it because it gives you reason to wake up each day and get out of bed. It gives you thoughts and feelings of passion and drive. It gives you the urge to vibrate into the Universe by taking inspired actions to receive MORE of it!

You get to DECIDE! This is the beauty of manifesting and it is SO EMPOWERING!

And then here comes the part where Mastering Your Mindset comes into play (for your advantage, of course):

Now you get to DECIDE if you want TO BELIEVE you can have, be, and do ANYTHING your soul truly wants into your physical realm. And you CAN!

Be Relentless

You know how I emphasize to commit to DAILY Mastering Your Mindset work? Well, I’m serious! For almost a year I have been manifesting a big dream into my life and while I AM still manifesting it, I haven’t shut out any and every blessings that have come for me along the way! No way! Why would I want to shut out ANY and EVERY blessing?

Point is, I am DECIDING that it’s DONE and each day I work on SHIFTING my deeply rooted beliefs around this topic both on a conscious AND a subconscious level. Yep! Life is a journey and if I manifested 100% of everything I truly want into my life right NOW, what would be the fun in continuing on this journey?

I AM deciding to BELIEVE I AM manifesting it and I AM manifesting it! I see progress each month, patience is a virtue. I tell myself this every day. And my mindset HAS shifted SO MUCH from a year ago. I AM deciding to BELIEVE I deserve it and I am worthy of it!

How Do I Do This?

– I watch motivational videos for about 30 minutes each day.

– I perform my Mastering Your Mindset journaling every day stating that I AM, I HAVE, and I AM doing everything I am currently manifesting as if I ALREADY have it into my physical realm!

– I also dig into my mindset journaling and ask myself WHY I feel I am not worthy of deserving of having it so that I can IDENTIFY my hang-ups.

– And then ask myself, “what could I be doing to SHIFT this thinking and this belief?”

And I know that even though my subconscious beliefs are still rooted, I AM working consciously to decode, identify, and RELEASE these thoughts and beliefs that are NO LONGER SERVING ME for my highest good!

Practice makes for progression and progression makes for the manifestation, yes! I AM manifesting into my physical realm…

And so can YOU! I totally believe in you, beautiful soul! I really do, so KEEP GOING! You CAN do this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn



God Always Takes the Simplest Way- Albert Einstein


Hey Sensational Soul!

Newsflash: if you think you will receive your manifestation in ease, well, you WILL! If you think you have to work your ass off in order to receive your manifestation, well, you WILL!

There Are 2 Directions For Your Soul’s Path:

1) the path of constantly grinding and hustling all day, every day, feeling drained, stressed, and suffocated


2) the sweet path of least resistance by being in flow and doing things that feel GOOD to you. Allowing the process to take place however and whenever- being flexible to the outcome and relishing in all of your current blessings WHILE at the same time taking inspired actions and moving towards your manifestations!

Either path is going to take you to your manifestation into your physical realm. The Universe DOES want you to have your manifestation, it’s merely responding to what you focus on and how you focus on it. You ARE manifesting what you want into your physical realm, it’s a matter of what path you are on between the 2 paths from above. Which path do you CHOOSE?

You Choose Your Path

You have chosen your path. Now it’s time to plant the seeds to see your manifestation come to fruition. Make sure you water your seeds daily. In order to do this don’t overly water them out of desperation in order to see them blossom.

You wouldn’t do this to a plant, would you?

When you water your beloved plant in wait for your flowers to bloom, you relax and trust the process of its gestation. You know the flowers are going to bloom because it’s part of Mother Nature. The Universe knowingly brings the flowers into fruition. So you water your seeds little by little, caring for them, sending them loving vibes, and trust the process knowing your flowers ARE in the process of blooming. So do the same for your manifestations! Plant your seeds by doing your Mastering Your Mindset work and taking inspired actions- daily!

Your Seeds Need Time to Gestate

Keep taking inspired actions each day, SHOW the Universe what you are manifesting. The Universe IS working FOR you, TRUST. Relax, go in the direction of what feels like a HELL YES to you. If it doesn’t feel good to you, then it’s not for you. That’s OKAY, this means something SO MUCH BETTER is FOR you!

Plant a few seeds, water and care for them each day, and relax trusting in the process as you move forward more and more. And when your flowers (your manifestations) bloom, move down your soul’s path and grow yourself EVEN MORE (grow MORE flowers). You can even plant more seeds on your path while the others are gestating. You get TO CHOOSE how fast or how slowly you want to go with planting and caring for your manifestation seeds that ARE blooming!

It’s Never Too Late to Change Directions

Don’t worry! You CAN choose at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction. If you realize you are on a path FULL of resistance and you want to now go down the path of least resistance, well, you CAN! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction on your path if you try something out and you realize over time it no longer feels like a HELL YES for you. It’s perfectly OKAY to change directions! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction if you want to do so. There is no such thing as a “shoulda” when it comes to life.

The souls on the outside who you perceive to judge you do not understand the magical ingredients to manifesting all of your life’s goals into your physical realm.

Do they pay your bills?

Do they buy your food?

Do they nourish your soul’s calling?

What does it matter what they think? They are only living in FEAR, but you are NOT living in fear.


This Is Who You Are

You are a strong, loving, seizing, and fun soul who understands what life is TRULY about: living by your soul’s purpose. And because you are this, and DECIDE to FOCUS on such things as these, you are given blessings and are living in abundance in ALL ways within the Universe.

You understand the process of manifesting can be taken one of the two ways mentioned at the beginning of this blog. You understand that you ARE manifesting your wants and life’s goals. You ARE learning and growing as the beautiful soul that you ARE. You ARE leveling up and you ARE realizing more and more each day that you get a choice. You get to choose.

You understand now that freedom comes with following your soul’s calling and living your life in the flow of feeling GOOD. You understand that by relaxing and going forth each day in taking inspired actions, moving towards your manifestations, is SHOWING the Universe what you truly want into your physical realm.

You Get It

You get it. You understand it. You realize these 2 paths are CHOICES in life. You realize and understand that your own happiness, your own soul’s calling, is what TRULY matters in your life. You ARE worthy and deserving to be happy and you are understanding this. You ARE making such wonderful progress and it’s perfectly okay for the gestation period to last however long it needs to gestate for your manifestations because everything happens in perfectly Divine timing. TRUST the process, you ARE getting your manifestation.

It’s a choice:

1) I choose to now fully allow my manifestation to come into my physical realm

2) I choose to now be on the path of least resistance by following my soul’s calling each day in taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what I truly want into my life

3) I choose to now ALLOW myself to live by my soul’s purpose because I AM worthy to do so.

Relax, go have fun, do your Mastering Your Mindset journaling every single day. Thank the Universe through your mindset journaling just how blessed you ARE right here, right now, in life. Thank the Universe for helping you behind the scenes in rearranging everything on your path because you TRUST that the Universe is giving you either exactly what you want; or, something SO MUCH BETTER is on its way into your physical realm!

Allow your flowers to blossom. Mother Nature never forces, so why should you?

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

The Basal Ganglia, Prefrontal Cortex, & Using Both in the Law of Attraction


Hey There, Sensational Souls!

I’m here to help kick your spiritual being INTO GEAR in order to master your mindset, thus master WHATEVER it is you are manifesting into your soul’s new reality! Today we are going to discuss the power of setting intentions through the magic of the brain’s “basal ganglia” and “prefrontal cortex”.

But before we get into that, I want to ask you something: have you ever stopped to take a pause for the cause and evaluated your manifesting situation from a DIFFERENT angle? What I mean is have you thought about the possibility that you are truly MEANT to be in THIS place, right here, right NOW, because this IS part of your journey in manifesting into your physical realm?

How I Manifested 99% of What I Was Wanting Into My Physical Realm Within 10 MONTHS!

As some of you may already know, I love Dr. Wayne Dyer. Here is a quote from him I would like you to read:

If you think about shortages, you’re going to attract more shortage! If you think about what’s missing, you’re going to attract more of what’s missing in your life.

Dr. Dyer is basically saying: if you cling to your desire, you are only creating a lack mentality; thus, your lack mentality gives you more and more of the same: lack. So the Universe IS giving you what you are focusing on, but you may not even realize that you can SUCCESSFULLY manifest from a DIFFERENT angle.

A Different Angle

If your thought process remains in a “wishing” and/or a “once I am” or “once I have” approach, you will always REMAIN in this energy. And guess what? The Universe completely obliges to your request. So start using the power of manifesting from a DIFFERENT angle.

As human beings, our intentions within our focal point REMAIN in our mind for far longer than our patience can really withstand. So how do you speed up your manifestations INTO your physical realm? Routine. That’s right, routine.

Yep, practice makes progress, and progress brings about the manifestation. I say this over and over again and it’s really quite empowering because YOU are more in control of your outcome than you may want to execute by using your patience and learning skills. Do I blame you? No, not at all. We are human, we want INSTANT gratification. And when we don’t get it, we wonder: when it is going to get here? When will it happen? When is it coming? Why hasn’t it come yet?

You Don’t Have to Be A Scientist to Understand How the Brain Functions

Neuroscientists have been able to identify that our mental behavioral patterns stem from a part of the brain called the “basal ganglia”. This region is vital in the development of our memories, our own emotions, and even recognizing patterns in general. Neuroscientists also state that decisions we make stem from a different part of the brain called the “prefrontal cortex”.

So how can we use these two different regions in our FAVOR with regards to manifesting using the law of attraction?

I come back to the effects of routine. Let me say it again: routine. Consistency. Practice. Habitually setting our intentions followed by taking what I call are “inspired actions” in order to SHOW the Universe what it is you truly desire, which speeds up the manifestation process. But remember, the manifestation process speeds up as long as you are NOT focusing on what Dr. Dyer states in his quote about what’s “missing” within your mindset.

Through the process of habitual thinking, comes habitual mental belief patterns and this can either speed up or slow down your manifestation process. Over time your brain begins to go on autopilot when it is being trained through the process of what I like to refer as “Mastering Your Mindset”.

Just like when you learned how to drive a car, or you learn the lyrics to a song, and even learn all of the ingredients to a recipe, you are TRAINING your brain and your mindset to accept these patterns as quote “real”. By training our minds through mental patterns recognized by our basal ganglia, you are making the DECISION to deem these mental thoughts as BELIEFS, thanks to your prefrontal cortex. And through consistent practice of this mental and physical mechanism, your brain starts to go on autopilot and you no longer have to STRUGGLE to accept that what you ARE doing and how you ARE behaving needs any kind of obsessional clinging.

You just relax, it all becomes second-nature to you, and you allow your physical body to go forward with the motions in EASE. That’s right! You start to OWN IT!

Holy Shift: Science Is Truly Amazing!

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work TOGETHER simultaneously to manifest WHATEVER it is you are wanting to bring forth into your physical realm. And you CAN use the power of law of attraction to your favor! Match the frequency of the energy bouncing around within the Universe through billions of tiny fast-moving particles, and you truly DO manifest into your new physical reality! Train your brain, DAILY, through Mastering Your Mindset journaling. Not only is it completely empowering, but it SHIFTS your mindset beliefs from a place of limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, and TRANSFORMS them into now thinking, feeling, being, doing, and LIVING from a place of total abundance in ALL areas of your life- whatever areas you want! Seriously!

YOU are the master of your mindset, not the other way around. YOU are in control of what you focus on, not the other way around. And YOU hold the keys to your vehicle that is your body. Your soul is your engine, your mindset is the steering wheel, and your feelings are the gas that help you to propel yourself into complete and total Universal abundance! When you TRAIN your mindset with repetition and consistency using a powerful visualization tool such as mindset journaling, you are not only making a stronger case FOR your visualizations; but, you are also literally writing your new reality into existence because you are influencing your own energy into the Universe through the motions of your pen and the ink onto paper. Or, if you prefer to type onto a computer, you can do exactly the same thing as well with your own influence on energy. The Universe IS listening, and it IS responding. The Universe is working behind the scenes and it IS rearranging things on your path to help you manifest what your soul TRULY desires in its TRUE happiness in life.

Your Power Is In Your Choices

You CAN do this! You get a CHOICE, so CHOOSE to start living on your soul’s truest path today! Use the power of your brain and how it functions. And with consistent daily repetition you ARE Mastering Your Mindset and you ARE mastering manifesting because your brain has to work less and less over time with consistent practice. It just all becomes second-nature to you and before you know it, you’ve completely manifested EVERYTHING you have ever desired into your physical realm.

Every day is a choice: do you want to live it in total abundance? I know you do! Time to start living the rest of your life in complete blessings that you ARE going to receive, RIGHT NOW. My purpose in this world is to help YOU realize your own inner superhero and I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass INTO GEAR to help you stay on your soul’s truest path in order to SPEED UP manifesting your life’s desires. You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn