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Love Is Freedom, Love Is Money, Love Is All That You ARE


The day you release yourself from expectations OF others is the first day of many days of your freedom.

What is your threshold? When do you say to yourself, “enough is enough?”

Why do you think you need permission to be, do, have, and whatever else in your life?

Where are your priorities in life? WHO are your priorities in life? YOU are the priority in life, your happiness is the priority in life!

Why do you think you need permission AT ALL?

You are a living, breathing, moving force of energy 24/7. This is truly fucking PHENOMENON in itself.

Later becomes one day, one day becomes someday. Later is now. One day is now. Someday is now. Life is NOW. Not tomorrow, not one day, not even someday. It is NOW.

We all have fears, we all are imperfectly perfect, we all have doubts and second-guessing. But this is HOW we refine what our soul is truly calling into our physical realm FOR our highest happiness. You have practice rounds, we all have them. We KEEP GOING and we SURRENDER to the how and to Divine timing.

What do you want? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have and do? It already IS! Gain the knowledge about it to help PROPEL yourself and SHOW the Universe what you are seriously calling in.

Stop living in victim mentality, stop expecting and hoping others will SAVE you, stop waiting for your ship to come in! Your time IS. Your time is NOW. Your time and who you strive to be and what you long to do IS NOW. No one is going to save you, YOU hold the power.

There are so many critics out there who provide the SHOULDS. There are so many souls out there who are SCARED. There are so many souls out there who try to instill LIMITING thoughts and beliefs into your soul’s core and this is the reason why…are you ready for it? It’s a big one.


Yes, most of us self-project. This is what we as humans innately do. I am guilty of it, too. I am not a superhuman, I am just like you. I AM unapologetically ME 95% of the time, and then there is that 5% that self-projects out of FEAR.

Do I dwell on it when it happens? HELL NO! I get back up, I put my damn blinders on, and I KEEP THE FUCK GOING! And because I do this…I am calling in all of my blessings and manifestations INTO my physical realm. YES! This is the secret ingredient: consistency, DAILY consistency. You gotta show the fuck up every. Single. Damn. Day.

When you are feeling like shit, show the fuck up. When you are feeling on top of the world, show the fuck up. When you are feeling like just another number in life, show the fuck up. When you are feeling angry, show the fuck up. When you are feeling thankful, show the fuck up.

You SHOW UP in LIFE. Life is NOW. Who you are truly meant to be IS already you, NOW. What you want to do and have IS already you and your life, NOW. We are not promised tomorrow, we only have today.

So what the fuck are you waiting for!? There is no ship coming in. YOU hold the keys to your life and YOU are in the driver’s seat. Stop waiting for others to “rescue” you because it ain’t gonna happen!

The day you release yourself from expectations OF others is the first day of many days of your freedom

You get to DECIDE. Everything is a CHOICE. What do YOU want in your life? WHO do you want to be in life? How do you want to leave your LEGACY in this world? What moves you? What makes you feel so incredibly passionate? What is your DREAM? How do you want to SERVE the Universe and humanity? How do you want to GIVE BACK for all of your blessings you receive?

You have a gift, WHEN will you share it with the world? You have a purpose, WHEN will you serve your soul’s purpose in this Universe? WHEN will you START LIVING? I say it again:

The day you release yourself from expectations OF others is the first day of many days of your freedom.

Your manifestations ARE ALREADY in front of you. All you have to do is get out of your own way of limiting, doubtful, hopeless thoughts and beliefs about receiving your manifestations. All you have to do is get out of your own way of limiting, doubtful, hopeless thoughts and beliefs about BEING your manifestations.

And how do you DO this??

You master your mindset. You TRAIN your cognitive thinking and beliefs to SHIFT from what no longer serves you into your version 2.0 self, your new reality, your ACTUAL soul-aligned and authentically happy and loving being that you ARE. Your past is IN the past for a reason: it’s no longer serving you for your highest happiness.

It’s time to shift INTO your higher, more authentically happy, successful, BADASS, version 2.0 self.

It’s time to unleash your inner superhero of life.

It’s time to SHIFT INTO LIVING and BEING and DOING and HAVING your higher, more authentically happy, successful, BADASS, NEW reality that you ARE manifesting.

It’s time to speed up your manifesting process!

It’s time to SHOW the Universe who is boss! That’s you, by the way!

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And remember: we are not promised tomorrow, we only have TODAY, so…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


The Secret To Allowing It All In

Flirting With Fear

You’ve heard it: just stop the resistance and allow it to manifest into your physical realm.

Okay…yeah…but how do you do this??

I studied law of attraction and cognitive training for 2 years before my physical realm started flooding with blessings I ALLOWED myself to receive.

I’m not saying it takes this long to get IT. I’m just stubborn and it took me a while to get the entire concept. You can literally manifest and allow in so much into your physical realm at ANY time when you CHOOSE to do this:

Stop trying and just allow.

Stop trying to control your surroundings, stop trying to control your environment, stop trying to control by blocking out blessings you are given along the way to manifesting what you really want into your physical realm because you are so fucking focused on it playing out EXACTLY how you want it to play out because you are so damn controlling. It’s okay, you are human. We all fall towards these tendencies from time to time.

JUST STOP. I know you wanna keep holding on to the struggle because you are used to it and it’s familiar…but STOP RIGHT NOW.

By trying instead of allowing you actually miss out on what I like to call, “blessing opportunities”. When you block yourself from seizing opportunities, you are actually blocking yourself from getting even CLEARER with your soul and with the Universe in regards to what you are calling into your realm for your soul’s highest happiness. You may not even realize you’re doing it.

Am I saying if you want $1 million dollars and a pimp walks up to you and proposes a corner for you that you should seize this opportunity?


Well, if you really want to…no judgements. Seriously, you have free-will.

What I’m trying to get through to your “I love the struggle and I love to ache and yearn” mindset is this: just relax…be like the hippie who walks around loving everything in the world. There is beauty in EVERYTHING- and no, you don’t need LSD in order to realize this.

What I am NOT saying is to make decisions based out of fear. When you flirt with your fears, you are actually in a committed relationship with your fears. When you flirt with ease and flow (no resistance), you are actually in a committed relationship with your alignment. That’s right! Alignment! No drug in the world is going to top the feelings of being in alignment with mother nature.

It’s totally fine to pass up on any opportunity that doesn’t feel like a HELL YES in your soul; but, do NOT pass up on opportunities because you are scared out of the outcome not playing out exactly how you want it to be as the controlling human being that you are. The Universe is ALWAYS giving you what you are EMITTING into it with your thoughts and feelings by way of particle vibrations.

If you make decisions from fear, you are going to receive more to be fearful about. If you make decisions from your SOUL ALIGNMENT (the HELL YES this feels exactly what I’m put on this earth to do), you get blessing opportunities, you get what you are manifesting, and it’s usually even BETTER than you could ever imagine!

Stop trying to control your outcome, relax and allow. The Universe either gives you exactly what you want; OR, something MUCH BETTER comes FOR you because the Universe WANTS you to have what you are putting out into it.

What you put out comes back to you. It’s like karma. Everything comes full circle. You put out fearful vibrations into the Universe, you get it back to you through a manifestation. Just relax, stop trying to control and ALLOW the Universe to work its magic.

We are all addicted to the struggle because this is what we are brought up to behaving and expecting: money is hard to receive, I’m a slave to the economy, money is the root of all evil, true love is hard to find, true love means waiting for him/her to realize my worth, no pain no gain, pain is beauty, perfection is happiness, etc.

It’s time to unblock your fears and get yourself into your soul’s truest ALIGNMENT of happiness! And watch how fast the magic happens when you do this. YES! I’m SO serious! Okay? Okay.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn