How to Manifest Your Debt Away

How to Manifest Your Debt Away

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Hey, Beautiful Soul!

Do you have debt? Even stating the word makes me cringe a little bit. I used to be in $29K worth of debt. I’m talking legalized loan-shark credit cards debt. It was awful. And I used to think there was only one way out of it.

And how you can, too!

XOXO Jaclyn

It’s Not Money That You Want

It’s Not Money That You Want

Money is Not What You Want

I had a good conversation with a couple of well-known people about this recently. No matter how much money you have, or how much money you want, it’s NOT the money that you want.

It’s what money represents to you that you want.

Everything is subjective in the Universe. It’s how you choose to perceive it.

Money = Access

This is what so many people believe. And you know what? Yes, this is true, but it’s not SOLELY money that gives you access. There are other things you can do that also give you access to your goals, both in your career and in your life.

For your ManiFASTing this weekend I want you to write out and finish these sentences:

In the world, having a lot of money means… (good and/or bad, what do you think it means in general?)
For me and my life, having a lot of money represents… (answer this at least 5 times with what money symbolizes and represents to you)
The top 3 reasons why I desire to have more money is because I want to feel…

Now take what you wrote for your top 3 reasons and finish this sentence at least 5 times for EACH reason:

Another way I can feel (insert reason) right now in my present life is to… (answer 5 times for each reason, so 15 sentences in total)
Now that I know how to feel (insert reason) right now in my life, I’m committing to doing (insert an action to help you maintain your feeling) daily/weekly.

This is now where you realize you can feel your desired way at ANY moment you choose, and you want to SHOW the Universe you are attracting more events and situations to produce your desired feelings.


It’s not a single thought or feeling that manifests, it’s the thoughts and feelings you focus on most of the time. When you follow what feels good to you you’re maintaining Law of Attraction’s alignment, and the Universe acts in its boomerang effect by reflecting the same or similar to you.

Reply and let me know what comes up for you! Have a beautiful weekend!

XOXO Jaclyn

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You Have a Manifesting Message: February 3 – 9 (FUN)

You Have a Manifesting Message: February 3 – 9 (FUN)

FUN Manifesting Message

You have a Manifesting Message!

Reply and let me know how you are having FUN.

Have a beautiful week!

XOXO Jaclyn

How to Have a Positive Relationship with Money Energy

Hey Sensational Soul!

Yesterday I had posted in a group and got banned because my post talks about money. This got me thinking…you know, this IS the problem so many amazing souls have:

So many of us are NOT allowing ourselves to have a positive relationship with money energy

It’s like it’s one of those “taboo” topics. A lot of souls have a negative relationship with money. And then they wonder why it keeps perpetuating in the SAME direction.

We are so used to our filtering system, meaning we want to accept as true what we are already comfortable and familiar with in our thought-process. We are uncomfy with the unknown and being challenged.

So, how do you fix this cyclical belief-pattern? (and by the way, you CAN)

What you deem to be true (the stories you tell yourself) is your limitation and at the same time your growth- depending on how you CHOOSE to perceive and accept it.

First of all, your old money-belief patterns are NO LONGER serving your soul for your highest happiness. If you are constantly projecting thoughts and feelings of limiting vibrations into the Universe, you’re going to get MORE of the same.

So, you gotta break UP and RELEASE these lackluster beliefs. The past is in the past, each day is a NEW slate, which brings me to my second point…

Secondly, since each day IS a new slate, start each morning listening to motivational audios about how money IS a give-give relationship (and it’s giving TO you, FOR you). There is a plethora of money affirmations online, so take advantage of this, and set your INTENTIONS each morning to a positive mindset about the energy money so you are in the RECEIVING mode.

Thirdly, and you know I was going to say this, you gotta make DAILY commitments to your Mastering Manifasting (Mastering Manifesting Faster!) mindset work. I love to do this through the power of mindset/visualization journaling.

You PROPEL yourself in your desired direction by identifying and examining WHY you have certain beliefs around money energy. And then? Then you SHIFT them by learning HOW to release them from your personal sphere.

Your beliefs are either driven by fear or driven by positive allowance. Think about it like this:

When you are given an allowance via a paycheck, you are stating and affirming to yourself that you “only have” said amount. This is resistance to money expansion.

So, instead…

View and BELIEVE your allowance IS a huge blessing because you ARE able to pay your bills, buy food, get gas, etc.

Each bill you receive, thank the Universe for the allowance you receive to pay your bill. It could always be WORSE. So, why not be THANKFUL for what you ARE receiving.

The Universe works in a boomerang effect, what you put out comes back. So CELEBRATE your allowance! This is HOW you receive MORE!

giphy 2

Practice Makes For Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation!

COMMIT to your long-term results, COMMIT to your daily progression, DECIDE you are receiving MORE financial abundance. DECIDE you are now making your desired changes. COMMIT to your decisions, and SURRENDER to the HOW and then WHEN. It doesn’t matter how or when. Just DECIDE and stay committed to your DECISION.

You think Steve Jobs got his money overnight? You think Michael Jordan became one of the best athletes of all-time overnight? You think people lose 50 lbs overnight? (it’s ALL the same, by the way, money IS the Apple product, money IS the basketball, money IS the weight-loss)

Practice, practice, practice DAILY moving TOWARDS your desires and goals.

RELEASE your limiting thoughts and beliefs because they no longer serve you for your highest happiness.

And if you need help with this, seek the help, gain the knowledge, SHIFT and EXPAND your current reality into your NEW reality. And you CAN! I totally believe in you!

This is HOW I was able to release my old stories I used to be deem as true and once I did so, BAM! Blessings galore came flooding into my life!

Now it’s YOUR turn to shift what no longer serves YOU for your highest happiness. Now it’s YOUR turn to EXPAND your abundance and EXPAND your blessings that ARE already in existence, you just gotta get out of your own way and make ROOM for them. And you CAN!

SEXY Money! My brand new 1:1 (you and me, only) 3-month transforming program that is going to teach you HOW to get on the RECEIVING end of YOUR abundance!

And yes, you ARE abundant and you ARE receiving MORE abundance, you just gotta get out of your own way, beautiful soul!

See below to get all the details of how you are going to TRANSFORM your money energy thoughts and beliefs, and TRANSFORM your flow of abundance by switching directions from output of money into the Universe to input of money flowing into your physical sphere! YAS! Let’s do this!

It’s time for YOU to have a POSITIVE relationship with money! (and you CAN and you ARE)

Have a wonderful Sunday! Send me a message if you have any questions about SEXY Money! I’m SO EXCITED to help you TRANSFORM your abundance!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Using the Law of Attraction to Becoming Debt-Free!

person flipping $100 cash

As of yesterday I am officially debt free! I’m about to tell you some tips and tricks I used to Manifest It!:

Last year, early on in 2018, I declared to myself 2019 is the time to turn it all around. COMPLETELY around. I was $15K in debt in March of 2018, but by December of 2018 my debt had grown to $29K (insert multiple panic attacks)! I was DONE, D.O.N.E., DONE.

Even if this meant getting 2 jobs AND running my business at the same time, I’ve committed to myself that I AM getting out of debt once and for all. The vet bills from my animals being sick and the few investments I made into my company, Manifest It!, combined, had thrown me into a mindset of being tired of staring at these bills from the legalization of loan sharks that we phrase as “loans” and “credit cards”.

Yes, you can’t make money if you don’t spend money. And it’s true that vet bills are high; but, I was tired of being a newer business owner AND being in debt at the same time.

So I did it. I cut up ALL of my credit cards. Manifest It! is a company that is making money, but I was ready to take it to the next level. And you cannot manifest MORE money into your life if you are constantly staring at the bills you have and then feeling the weight from them.

I don’t care who says you can, you cannot manifest MORE money if you have a heavy emotional burden tied to your bills. Law of Attraction doesn’t work this way.

If you have been following me for quite some time, you know that I’m a huge lover of SHOWING the Universe what you are currently manifesting into your physical realm. Yes, Law of Attraction is partly feeling good most of the time and mentally/emotionally calling in all your manifestations. BUT…

…you also have to follow up with taking inspired actions! SHOW the Universe what you are wanting in your life. This will SPEED UP all your manifestations!

The First Steps

I took the first inspired step in turning my financial ship around by cutting up my cards- all of them. That’s right. No more temptations, no more investing into my business. I made the commitment and I already FELT better because I KNOW the banks cannot take MORE money from me than I already have signed up for in their knee-clubbing agreements.

My 2019 goal that I wrote in December 2018:

I am now going to work on a financial plan of taking inspired actions to be out of my debt within the next few years (at the most). This includes many things that I have already done to bring me MORE money into my physical realm.


Fast-forward to today, January 10, 2019

I received a HUGE financial blessing that I really didn’t think I would get! I mean, I literally surrendered to the Universe 2 weeks ago crying and feeling completely defeated about my debt and receiving money. I was tired of worrying, I was tired of feeling stressed about my $29K debt, and I was literally hugging my dog in tears saying out loud, “Please, Universe, I give up and I give in. Please help us, please.” And I laid next to my dog, hugging him, sobbing like a baby, and accepted the outcome- HOWEVER and WHENEVER.

2 weeks later, yesterday, my debt was completely gone! COMPLETELY gone. I received a huge financial blessing and I’m here to tell you that Law of Attraction really DOES work! Believe 100%, be consistent, and surrender to the timing and the how.

self-care doesn't mean going into debt

Successful Steps: Moving Towards Your Financial Freedom

While it’s not often that huge lump sums of money come flying into your sphere, there ARE ways to help clear out your money blocks in order to make room to ALLOW more money to come flowing into your bank account:

1) Be thankful for everything you DO receive (such as your paycheck, saving $5.00 here, getting something free there, etc.)

2) Think long-term plan and resist ALL temptation that doesn’t move you TOWARDS your long-term plan of being financially wealthy (I have a big goal I’m working towards because I am declaring Manifest It! to be worth over $1 million in a few years).

3) The past is in the past, you cannot change it. So, do NOT focus on it. Accept your responsibilities and move FORWARD towards your long-term plan. Your past does not dictate WHO you ARE nor your present or future reality. Be thankful for the lessons and knowledge you gained from your past.

4) Have faith in the process. The Universe ALWAYS works FOR you, whether that is continuing to feel “broke” or allowing yourself to change your financial situation, it’s up to YOU how you choose to think and feel the majority of the time.

5) Take empowering, inspired actions! For example, I cut up my credit cards. This was step one in turning my ship around. I FELT better in doing just that…money is JUST energy. That’s all it is.

6) I perform my ManiFASTing journaling DAILY. No skipping a day, not even one day. If it’s 5 minutes of journaling or 2 hours of journaling, I perform it DAILY. I call into my physical sphere exactly how I want my reality to be as IS in the present- and this TOTALLY WORKS because this is HOW I manifested 99% of my life goals and dreams into my physical reality within 10 months! YES!

7) Understand that manifesting is a journey, not a destination. You ARE going from point A to point B, but the points don’t TRULY matter while on your soul’s journey. You are learning, growing, evolving, and as long as you are OPEN to learning and open to ALLOWING changes to happen in your life, you ARE manifesting ALL your dreams and desires. This is not Hollywood. This is life.

8) Get into the driver’s seat and use your soul as your compass. YOU are in control of your present and future. YOU hold a very powerful energy within you (this is your mindset and your soul) and they work together WITH the Universe simultaneously to bring you your desired results FOR you and your life. YOU are the Captain of your ship, so OWN your power and make the Universe work WITH you, FOR you in a faster way by releasing your fears and ALLOWING for the outcome. The Universe either gives you exactly what you want; OR, something MUCH BETTER comes to you, for you. Always!

9) Have patience, for patience is a virtue. Most of my financial and life blessings happen because I completely relinquish my need to control the outcome. Usually as soon as I release the NEED of a certain outcome, BAM! My blessings just start flooding into my physical realm. It takes practice to learn HOW to relinquish trying to control the outcome. And it takes practice to shift your mindset from a limiting and negative state INTO a more positive and abundant state.

But you CAN do this. I know if I could and CAN, then you most definitely CAN! I’m one of the most stubborn souls in the Universe. If I could master this Law of Attraction stuff, I KNOW YOU CAN, too!


This is YOUR Year!

This is the year of YOUR financial freedom! Declare it, affirm it daily through your Mastering Manifesting journaling, and SHOW the Universe you mean business by taking inspired actions to speed up all your financial manifestations! Whoo hoo! So much fun!

Are you READY to master manifesting MONEY?

If so, give yourself permission to do so right NOW and right HERE!

XOXO Jaclyn