The Domino Effect


Hey Sensational Soul!

I found this in my files from a year ago and I feel someone needs to read it (maybe again):

Not everything has to be the way you are and have been living. Yes, some things we don’t have choices, but most things we DO have choices. The Universe gives you more and more of struggle and negativity when you focus on negativity and fight with situations rather than making choices TO help you to feel better.

And This Is The Key Point

Make choices and take action TO make you feel better. Otherwise, you stay trapped, stuck, sad, depressed, stressed, resentful, etc.

Resist the negativity by taking action and making choices TO help you to feel better and TO help you feel at ease and happy.

The path of least resistance gives you much better happiness. This is why it’s important to DO what makes you happy. Then more happiness comes your way in life BECAUSE you are happy. And then you are happy and it keeps going this way.

The Domino Effect

Everything is a domino effect because of vibration of energy. Focusing on and making choices that make you feel stuck, sad, stressed, etc. will only give you MORE of that. Vibration of energy.

Focusing on and taking action that make you feel at ease, comforted, breathable, calm, peaceful, etc. will only give you MORE of that. Vibration of energy.

And it keeps going. Domino effect. Energy is a constant.

You get to choose.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Let’s Talk About Mac and Cheese, Chocolate, and Steak and HOW It All Relates to Money!


Hey Sensational Soul!

Today I was thinking about money and how souls tend to feel STUCK with regards to the “cheddah”, pun intended because I’m about to start talking about my beloved macaroni and cheese. But first, before this part-Italiana gets into pasta, she wants to remind you of this:

Whatever it is you are manifesting into your physical realm, and you ARE manifesting it, speeds up its process via HOW you focus on it and HOW you emit those feeling GOOD vibrations into the Universe. If you are feeling anxious and nervous about it, then the Universe is going to give you MORE things to feel anxious and nervous about. If you are feeling like it’s a HELL YES, feeling free, feeling like “whatever, I don’t care about it coming because I know it’s ALREADY mine!”, then the Universe responds accordingly by giving you MORE things to feel like a HELL YES about.

The more you practice at feeling like a HELL YES through positive thoughts, positive feelings, following your soul’s positive vibes, taking inspired actions, the more your manifestation speeds up into your physical realm. It’s a done deal. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s on its way to you as we SPEAK!

NOW. Let’s talk about a topic EVERYONE loves to talk about and that is, of course, SEX! Oh wait, that’s in a different blog: MONEY! Actually, I could relate the two topics of sex and money together…but I feel like talking about macaroni and cheese because I love it so much and I know a lot of females LOVE cheese just as much as I love cheese. Also, everyone loves chocolate…and for you men out there…STEAK and CHICKEN!


So, if you are still with me in this blog post, these are things I’m going to enlighten you about with regards to HOW to call in more of the green paper stuff into your physical realm.

Macaroni and Cheese

Just saying the phrase causes my senses to salivate. That hot, creamy, yellow goodness melting onto pasta noodles, thus melting into your mouth as you take each bite. How could one NOT like mac and cheese? It’s such a wonderful, memory-making comfort food. Some of us remember our moms making it for lunch as we watched our favorite TV shows or read our favorite books. This cheesy goodness is all over the place in grocery stores for us to enjoy and lick the gigantic spoon afterward.


And Chocolate

Chocolate is such a silken rich and smooth texture that literally climbs over your taste buds and begs to be devoured into your being with each and every bite. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, mandarin chocolate, there is SO MUCH out there that our soul and bodies love to treat ourselves with in area of food.

And Steak and Chicken

I’m not much of a red meat-eater, but I do enjoy chicken in my salads or in my egg rolls. Regardless of whether it is red meat or white meat, that juicy, tender stuff easily fills up our bodies with its flavor. Tacos, soups, sandwiches, salads, skewers, or even by itself, it just tastes GOOD!

Now that I have your taste buds reeling with excitement, when you think of you favorite foods (whatever they ARE), you crave them and produce internal sparks of excitement as you go to obtain them. Right? You pick up the box or packet in the grocery store and put them into your cart. You drive to the restaurant to order them either to sit down and eat or drive away to take home. Some of us even order them online and eagerly wait for the package to arrive to our doorstep.

The Point Is

You know your favorite foods exist and that’s just the end of it. You ACCEPT that they exist and you ALLOW yourself to obtain them for your enjoyment. You ALLOW yourself to obtain them and enjoy them because you have made the CHOICE to do so. Right? You decided: I am craving a burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and secret sauce…I’m going to get one right now, or for dinner later tonight. It’s decided. It’s DONE. And then you move on not worrying about how you are going to get one or when you will get one because you KNOW it’s yours for the receiving and you will eat one when you are hungry for it. It’s claimed, it’s signed, sealed, and delivered right into your mouth FOR you.

Now on to the Money

Receiving money is the SAME process. It truly is. Money is LITERALLY everywhere. The government actually prints it from paper and ink. The Universe is SO ABUNDANT with money. Money DOES grow on trees. Money IS easily accessible and easily able to receive your own mouth- if you so choose to eat it. I know, that sounds crazy, right? But, my point is it’s ALL a choice! ALL of it. You get to, THANKFULLY, choose what you want to eat for your meals, and you CAN do the same with money.

Next time you think about money, start thinking about your favorite food instead. You think of ALL the things about your favorite food that create such exciting and elated thoughts and feelings…and then you claim it, you accept it, and you allow yourself to receive it. You go and get it, and then you CHOOSE to eat it. Done! There’s no long, drawn-out, stressful process with it. You just crave it, it excites you, and you figure out a way to go get it and receive it. Receiving money is the SAME process.



Mastering Your Mindset with Money

Every day when I perform Mastering Your Mindset journaling I write out how thankful I am to have received ALL of my blessings into my life- including my income. Do I weigh my gratitude of my income more heavily than I do of my other life blessings? No. I literally ALLOW myself to be thankful for it, truly be thankful for it, through my mindset journaling, AND I thank the Universe for all of my income that is on its way to me. But I don’t just stop there. I also journal out everything I AM doing with my received income. For example, I donate to various animal organizations on a monthly basis. This is something I am ALREADY doing. So I journal it out thanking the Universe to be able to provide me the income to do so. And then I mesh it all together in my writing, or my typing onto a computer, with thanking the Universe for all of my income I AM receiving because it allows me to serve humanity and the planet by being able to donate and travel to part of the world where I can learn more about how I can give back and serve through science and medical research.

I don’t worry with stress or anxiety HOW and WHEN I am doing this, I just ACCEPT it, claim it, signed, sealed, and delivered. It’s done. And I know I’m doing it, I’m not going to worry about the how or the when. I’m just going to keep taking inspired actions around my life’s goals on a daily basis and keep moving forward towards it. I imagine myself IN the moment of doing. And I do it daily. And then I journal out and brainstorm ways I can help myself to move even MORE SO into the direction of my manifestations. And then I take physical steps of actions because it feels like a HELL YES to me, to my soul, to my PURPOSE.

Now, does this mean I don’t journal out the house I am living in with my received income? I do that, too, yes! By all means, get very detailed around what you ARE doing, where you ARE living, what you ARE wearing, who you ARE spending time with, and how you ARE giving back to humanity and to the Universe. Please, get very detailed around it. The more detail you provide of ALL the things you ARE doing, the more positive feelings conjure up within your being- thus communicating to the Universe I want MORE things and moments that produce these kinds of thoughts and feelings into my physical realm. Your mind, your soul, and the Universe work together SIMULTANEOUSLY in manifesting everything you ARE manifesting into your physical realm. And you ARE manifesting right now.

What are your goals in life? What ARE you doing with the money? Money is just money…there is no positive or negative to it. All it is is just energy- it’s a tool of exchange. So what ARE you doing with the money? And HOW are you focusing on receiving it? Is it a positive and thankful process? Or, is it a negative and stressful process? If it’s the latter, flip it in your Mastering your Mindset journaling. State the opposite, TRAIN your brain (your mindset) to view money from a DIFFERENT angle that is more positive. What can you DO with your income that serves humanity and the Universe?

We Live In A World Full of Exchange

Sitting around on your couch waiting for money to drop into your lap is not going to speed up the manifestation process. Now, maybe one day a relative passes and you do receive money, or maybe a refund comes in from somewhere that you had no idea you were being overcharged for, sure. These things DO happen, but if you want to SPEED UP the process of receiving money, start thinking and feeling and DOING what is going to move you CLOSER to what feels like a HELL YES within your soul- because it is your gift to the world. Receiving money, just like receiving your favorite foods, is a process of exchange. You give money and you receive your favorite foods. Same thing with receiving money, you perform the exchange process. And you DECIDE that it’s a done-deal. You make a CHOICE that it’s yours. And you don’t dwell on it, you don’t worry about it, you don’t stress about it because these are the kinds of vibrations you are emitting into the Universe.

You just DECIDE it’s a done-deal and you relax, do things that feel GOOD to you and your soul, take inspired actions moving you FORWARD towards your manifestations to SHOW the Universe what you truly want into your physical realm, and you ALLOW for your money to flow into your physical realm however and whenever. You relax, you allow, it’s ONLY money. It’s ONLY energy. It’s ONLY an exchange of energy.

I Challenge You

For your Mastering Your Mindset journaling, empowering and transformation mindset activities that I provide in my VIP manifesting group, Don’t Feel Stuck! In-Depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn, I challenge you to perform your mindset journaling (either writing or typing onto a computer, doesn’t matter) and I want you to explore your favorite food. I want you to go into great detail of every little thing you LOVE about your favorite food. Spend at least 5 minutes on this.


Then I want you to start a separate paragraph and switch the word of your favorite food and replace it with the word “money”. I know, this sounds silly. But it works! The point of this is to get you to realize that it’s ONLY MONEY. And all of those feel-good POSITIVE vibes that manifest within you from going into detail around your favorite food can be with money as well. It’s how you CHOOSE to view it. Read it to yourself out loud, laugh at it, just do it. Take 5 minutes and do it.

And then? Then take 10-15 more minutes and perform your Mastering Your Mindset journaling about how thankful you are with ALL of your blessings you have received into your physical realm- including money. And journal out everything you ARE doing in exchange for the money you ARE receiving- how you help humanity, how you give back, how you serve the Universe. And all of your dreams you want to experience in receiving your money. And really relish in it. Make love to your journaling around it. See, I told you I could tie in sex with money…I mentioned this earlier in my blog post.

But seriously, almost everyone loves sex, so make love to your journaling while you are performing your mindset journaling around how THANKFUL you are to receive ALL of your income that you are CONSTANTLY receiving. And what you ARE doing with it, both in serving the Universe and in enjoying your life. Because we are all meant to enjoy our lives. We are WORTHY of enjoying our lives. And we are ALLOWED to enjoy our lives. So allow yourself to receive. Get out of your own way. It’s ONLY money.

Affirm this to yourself (but plug it in with the word of your own favorite food):

Money IS my favorite food. My favorite food IS money. My favorite food LOVES me and I LOVE my favorite food. Money LOVES me and I LOVE money. My favorite good is SO EASY to receive. Money is SO EASY to receive.

Get what I’m driving at here? It’s ONLY money. It’s all an exchange of energy. How do YOU want to exchange this energy starting today!?

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And don’t think I don’t kick your spiritual ass into gear with mindset work, because this is how I help keep you accountable and how you can empower YOURSELF in SHIFTING from living in a limiting mindset, thus limiting life, into a more ABUNDANT mindset, thus ABUNDANT life! YES! It IS possible, I have many clients who can attest to this. And I can attest to it because it only took my stubborn ass 10 months to wrap my head and soul around it. Life is MEANT to be lived in abundance and in FUN! And with great food and great love!

Thank you so much for reading and as I always say…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

PS- Find out more information about who the hell I am and what I do at . Have a wonderful day and week!

When You Are Feeling Low Vibe- Transparency


Sensational Soul!

We all have these days…you just feel like things are taking so long to come to fruition. I understand how you feel. I know it can be frustrating when you have your life goals and desires you really want in your life- and you really want them now. Why is it taking so long? Why is it so hard? Why do others seem to obtain so easily?

Believe me, I, too, have asked these questions. You see last year during this month I had NO idea I was going to publish a book. I always wanted to write and do something to help others, but I didn’t actually see myself doing it. I was scared. I feared failure. I feared what others would think of me.

Today I am feeling low vibe. I am going to be transparent with you for a moment and disclose something: when I envisioned my book being published, I envisioned thousands of souls all over the world using it to help them manifest their dreams and a better life for themselves! I published at the beginning of January. I have sold hundreds of books, I have received SO MANY success stories from souls all around the world from my book. And today? Today I am feeling sorry for myself because I thought by now, the end of May, my book would have reached MANY more souls around the world. I thought by now I would have had thousands of sales- which means thousands of LIVES are being changed for the way better!

I spent today napping, writing, watching reruns of Big Bang Theory, and just reflecting on why it seems other people can quickly achieve their goals and it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve published and I feel like I am so far behind with my business, Manifest It!, as Journal Girl Jaclyn. These last 2 weeks I have lost email followers, people have dropped out of my free Facebook group, I just feel like I’m totally losing my connection to the souls I really want to help. I work full time for physicists, so I am often feeling like “I don’t have enough time to grow my business”. This is my story I am telling myself, anyway, for the reason why I am moving at a turtle-like pace these past few months.

This is where I know I am human: I am comparing myself and my own success to other people. We all have ups and downs, we are human after all. I received another 5-star review on Amazon today and it totally lifted my spirits! I am truly thankful to be able to help the hundreds of people I have helped so far. So why am I so melancholy?

I am trying to control everything again…I cannot do this because this only pushes the manifestations further away. I’m telling you all of this because I learned last year that you CANNOT try to control your surroundings, or your environment. You cannot and should not try to FORCE anything. And we ALL have gifts that influence the world, we cannot and should not compare ourselves to other people’s success.

When you have a low vibe day like this it is important to remember and remind yourself of ALL of your blessings- even the small ones like that yummy piece of chocolate.

So this is what I asked myself today during my Mastering Your Mindset journaling:

1) Why do I feel so sad?

2) What has happened in the last year that I am proud of happening?

3) Around this time last year what was I hoping for in my life?

4) Why do I want to manifest what I currently want to manifest?

5) What are my current challenges in overcoming my blocks in order to manifest what I am currently manifesting?

6) What do I love about myself and about my business? What do I love about my life? What do I love about my relationships with others?

7) Feeling the way I do today is only a “story” I am telling myself. Why is it only a “story”? What can I say, think, feel, and do to rebuke my “story”?

Try these out in your mindset journaling and let me know what you come up with, you’ve got this! Remember, everything is temporary, even your own thoughts and feelings. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes; but, don’t allow it to unpack and live within your mindset. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, and allow them to pass through you because they are only “stories”.

Focus on the thoughts and feelings that empower you and lift you up. Surround yourself with a support system that elevates you. And most of all, focus on what you DO WANT because the Universe has a special time and a special way for your soul’s highest happiness. It can be hard to realize this sometimes. TRUST the Universe, it IS manifesting exactly what you want. Relax, have fun, and enjoy your soul’s path along the way.

Tomorrow is a new day. Usually having low vibes are followed by wonderful breakthroughs. A wave pulls back before it surges forward. A bow pulls the arrow back before it propels forward. You’ve got this! Keep going!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

A Key Ingredient In Speeding Up Your Blessings!


Hey Sensational Soul!

I was reflecting quite a bit today about how quickly I was able to help manifest some SERIOUS blessings into my and my soulmate’s life. You see, he is extremely talented in the world of science. He has invented some pretty interesting things that almost EVERYONE uses on our planet. Science is truly amazing!

Last night we were discussing how he has come so far in his career over the years: it’s because most of his life he has had GREAT appreciation in everything he has done- even the small things in life and in his career.

This got me thinking about how I have been able to quickly manifest my own blessings over this past year due to focusing on my being grateful.


I performed an “experiment” these past few months and it totally WORKED!

I did my Mastering Your Mindset journaling every single day and I wrote my soulmate’s blessings into existence. It’s the exact method I used for myself last year, but these past few months I used my methods and purely focused on HIM and HIS blessings.

When you set your intentions of gratitude and appreciation for what you ALREADY have, you open yourself up to even MORE blessings.

The Universe is responding by giving you MORE things to feel appreciation for because you are sending out THAT kind of vibration: appreciation. In addition, you are CREATING into existence within the physical realm what is STEMMING from your mind (your intentions you create).

Your mind literally creates your reality


While I was busy experimenting for my soulmate’s blessings- and it TOTALLY worked- I also vibrated VERY similar blessings into my OWN life! We both received similar blessings last week, one day apart. Crazy, right!?

Coincidence? I think not.

You know the phrase, “What goes around comes around?” Well, this is exactly how you can SPEED UP your own manifestations:

Set your intentions through appreciation of blessings for OTHERS. The Universe receives your vibrations and ALSO blesses YOU with the same!

BUT, you cannot create manifestations for others if your TRUE agenda is really to only create for yourself. You have to APPRECIATE, really APPRECIATE, and send blessings and positive intentions FOR others- and mean it.



While I may have been focusing on manifesting my soulmate’s AMAZING blessings for his career and in science, I also received some WONDERFUL and similar surprises, myself, because of the energy I was influencing through my tiny, fast-moving particles that make up my brain. Everything is energy, EVERYTHING.

So how do you speed up your blessings to come into your life?

APPRECIATE. Appreciate everything you already have, appreciate everything you ARE manifesting as IS in the present tense (it already manifested and you have it), and bless others around the world through your positive intentions!

Whether it’s through monetary energy, visualizations, through Mastering Your Mindset journaling, meditation, or through volunteering/physically helping others, more and more blessings WILL manifest into your physical realm when you set your intentions through appreciation of blessings for others.

Appreciation leads to MORE blessings to appreciate. Energy is ALL around us…and as I type this, two commercials for two of my soulmate’s inventions have just come onto the TV.

Speak and it comes! Get ready! And enjoy your blessings!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Just When You Start To “Give Up” On It- The Universe Delivers!


I want to share something with you:

I manifested SO MUCH into my life last year. I have been currently manifesting MORE things into my life and lately I have been having trouble manifesting something I REALLY want. I have to remind myself that the more I OBSESS over it, the more need and attachment I am giving to it- which actually pushes it away because I’m subconsciously thinking this:

Where is it? Why isn’t it here? When is it going to get here? I don’t have it and I don’t understand why I don’t have it. I don’t have it and when am I going to get it? Why don’t I have it yet?

When you desire something SO BADLY, you are actually pushing it away because you are subconsciously focusing on the LACK of it existing.


So what did I do? I started doing my Mastering Your Mindset journaling around being relaxed, calm, and trusting the Universe KNOWING it’s manifesting and I already have it. I write with conviction such as:

It is so easy to be me 100% every single day and receiving…

I receive…every single day in total and complete ease just for being me!

I am so thankful I can be relaxed, calm, and go about my day knowing I easily receive…!

The Universe is ALWAYS providing…to me in total ease because all I have to do is just be me!

The Universe loves me and wants me to have…!

Every single day I easily receive…just for getting up and living out my purpose in this Universe, it is SO EASY to do this!


I have been doing my mindset journaling along these lines for 3 weeks now and guess what!? I was just “giving up” on my desire of REALLY wanting it so badly and I found out today that I am receiving something that helps PROPEL me towards it even more! Yeah!

So my point is, want your desires. Keep your end-results in mind, but don’t obsess over them manifesting into your physical realm. Relax, trust, believe, and KNOW the Universe is manifesting them- don’t give up on them, but “give up” on them in that you give up on the TIMING of them.

It’s total magic when you SURRENDER and allow the Universe to deliver your manifestations because they come much more quickly!

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As always…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Are Feeling STUCK In Limiting Thoughts & Feelings


Hey Sensational Soul!

Happy Saturday! Above is a sneak peak of my empowering mindset-shifting journal workbook that has ALREADY transformed SO MANY souls all around the world these past 5 months! Every day I receive messages of feedback from souls who have:

– Received their dream career (no matter their age)

– Lost a lot of weight

– Quit smoking

– Received abundance in cash by thousands of dollars

– Received their soulmate and ideal relationship

– Sold their homes/cars in 1 day

– And most of all…are NOW living in calm, peace, joy, and in total control of their mindset!

It’s only been a few short months since this book was published, but YOUR transformations into YOUR desired new reality can happen at ANY moment!

Let’s Examine

Law of attraction states that “like attracts like”. If you deem your dreams to be “hard” to receive, this is what the Universe is going to continue to deliver to you. If you deem your new reality to be “easy” to receive, this is what the Universe bestows upon you.

Everything in our Universe is energy. This means what we are vibrating out into the world through our tiny, fast-moving particles that make up our human shell (including our brain matter) is what we are SETTING INTENTIONS and asking for in return.

Don’t Stress!

We are human. We all have good days and we all have bad days. There is NO REASON to beat yourself up when you are feeling low energy. It’s perfectly OKAY to acknowledge this. Acknowledge these negative thoughts, but ALLOW them to pass through you. We ALL experience the same thoughts and feelings/emotions. Even those celebrities you admire, they ARE human just like us.

What matters is what we CHOOSE to focus on because what we focus on EXPANDS. So don’t stress about “doing this all wrong”, just relax and know YOU are in control every moment of the day. YOU are in the driver seat of your mindset. All you need is just some help and guidance on HOW to focus on what you truly desire so that it easily manifests into your new reality! You’ve got this!

Practice Makes For The Progression, And Progression Brings The Manifestation

Just like you learned how to walk when you were baby, you ARE shifting your mindset and transforming your mindset. When a baby learns how to walk and constantly falls down, it doesn’t give up. So neither should you! The baby just gets back up and continues persevering towards its end-result. This is what you ARE doing for your dreams and your desires, too, by practicing how you WANT to feel each day by training your mindset! It’s SO EMPOWERING to know that you ARE manifesting your new reality!

The Universe works behinds the scenes as you train your mindset and SHIFT your mindset beliefs. So keep going! You ARE manifesting your dreams into your physical realm. I spent all of last year doing this on a daily basis and I manifested SO MUCH into my life IN JUST A FEW, SHORT MONTHS! It’s so crazy amazing how phenomenal the Universe truly is! I took ALL of my manifesting methods and put them into THIS! You CAN do this, too!

PS- My Mastering Your Mindset 3-Day bootcamp starts on May 11thIt’s a private Facebook group filled with empowering mindset activities to help YOU take back YOUR POWER and TRANSFORM your mindset beliefs! You are going to learn HOW to go from living in limiting thoughts and beliefs to NOW being the master of your mind, thus your life! Your thoughts create feelings and your feelings create beliefs.

So let’s turn it all around for you! It’s a FREE 3-Day bootcamp! Send me a photo of you holding my book, a screenshot of your Amazon order with your name tied to it, or leave a positive review of my book on Amazon in order to gain access to this transformative bootcamp! See you in the group!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Holy SHIFT…Science Is Amazing! Albert Einstein Had It Right


If you’ve never felt any of the thoughts and feelings in the above quote, then you’ll never be able to fully manifest what you are truly desiring into your life.

Hear me out because I realize this is a direct contradiction to what a lot of the law of attraction emphasizes in order TO manifest your desired reality.

Everything around us is energy and energy is interminably changing based upon influences; however, energy in itself is a constant.

There is a quote by Dr. Albert Einstein with regards to conservation of energy, “This law means energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

So how does the photo quote with regards to our FEELINGS tie in with the law of attraction and the law of conservation of energy?

Your brain is made up of matter, and matter is made up of tiny fast-moving particles that make up our phenomenal Universe. Each time we set an intention through thought, we are creating an INFLUENCE of energy through neural signals. It’s amazing! If you are unsure of what I mean, check out this video of scientists being able to capture neurons firing from a fish’s thoughts.

And guess what!? We actually don’t see with our eyes, we see with our mind– I briefly touch on this in my book, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance.

Our thoughts produce feelings because we give POWER to our thoughts and CHOOSE to focus on them.

Think of it this way: there is a fork on the counter. You see it and acknowledge it’s a “fork”. Do you have intense feelings that produce from it? Probably not. However, when you see a $100 bill, your thoughts most likely focus on words such as, “abundance” and “prosperity”. From there, you start producing feelings from more thoughtful words that all tie together from your initial thought when you first saw the $100 bill.

My point is…

Your thoughts are just that, thoughts. Your feelings are produced from thoughts because you CHOOSE TO FOCUS on your thoughts and give them power and credibility. And your feelings that you choose to focus on produce your beliefs. And your beliefs produce your RESULTS. They ALL produce results in a chain reaction because they are all linked together stemming from your particles that are constantly shifting and being influenced within your brain. Whew, that was a mouthful!

While scientists are still learning so much about the brain and how it operates, I’m here to tell you that everything is temporary because of how energy is influenced.

Back to the photo quote

You fall in love with someone and they hurt you, really badly. And you swear to yourself you will never get hurt like this again. You are scared to be hurt like this again. So you choose to do whatever you can to KEEP from producing these kinds of thoughts and feelings once more in your life.

Then you see a happy and laughing couple out in public and you think, “I wish I had that. Why doesn’t this ever happen to me? Everyone else can find love so easily.” Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Law of attraction states, “like attracts like.” Law of conservation of energy states energy “can only be transformed from one form to another.” Therefore, you are choosing to create your own reality. Whether you are moving in the direction TOWARDS what you truly desire, or moving in the direction AWAY from what you truly desire (out of feelings such as being hurt, embarrassed, scared, etc.), you ARE creating your reality.

Magic happens outside of your comfort zone

If you want your soulmate and ideal relationship, or you desire to publish that book, or become monetarily wealthy, or drop a few pant sizes…the point is, TAKE THE CHANCES. Get outside of your comfort zone. Mix up that energy that is going on within your realm. What does Dr. Einstein state about results?

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

You cannot EXPECT your desired new reality if you keep on thinking, feeling, and DOING the same thing over and over again. Yes! I’m trying to kick your spiritual ass into gear! You CAN do this! WHATEVER you desire into your new reality DOES exist- and you propel it into your physical reality by CHOOSING to think you ALREADY have it into existence, by FEELING into your thoughts, by creating your newly empowering mindset, and ACTING and DOING from this place! This is where the magic literally comes into play!

Shift your mindset, I promise you it DOES shift your beliefs with daily repetitive practice. And science has backed that writing helps to anchor in your beliefs and anchor in your manifestations through visualizations…thus speeding up the process to literally manifest into your physical realm.


We only have today, we are not promised tomorrow. So WHAT are you waiting for!? WHY are you choosing to allow yourself to remain in feelings of being stuck in life? YOU hold the power in your mind, YOU hold the power in your feelings, YOU hold the power in your actions, and YOU hold the power in your reality. Are you ready to take back your power and live in happiness, live in joy, live in calm and peace, live in total emotional and physical freedom?

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn