How-to with Online Businesses (Free Tips FOR the Entrepreneurs)

Hey Sensational Soul!

I’m on vacation right now, but I’ve had quite a bit of questions asked to me over these past 2 weeks about how one starts or advances their online business. I don’t teach programs about it, but I am happy to give tips to those of you who are interested. So here we go:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is a compound effect.

1) Set up a blog, email subscription list, website, social media accounts, etc. and post each day. It does cost money, depending on the platform.

2) Pay auto-bots on Instagram to expose your profile/brand. It will expose you to thousands of people.

3) Get testimonials from people who have been helped by your content (you know, your purpose-work). Post your testimonials all over your platforms so others can see how your content helps others in their lives.

4) Pay Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to advertise whatever it is you want to advertise (books, brand, profile, etc.).

5) Invest in coaches who have done it to learn how to master your online business growth (or do it with trial and error over time, or both).

6) Charge for your programs (auto programs, Facebook group programs, however you do them), run freebie workshops/trainings to grow your audience, gift people sometimes (literally give freebies without any expected exchange), charge 1:1 clients and work with them to HELP them (remember, purpose-work).

7) Give free content each day on all your platforms (ex: blog, Facebook post Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).

8) Hire tech people to help you with things you may not know how to do on your website, blog, or with your auto programs.

9) Hire ad strategists or marketers to market your brand/products.

10) Have a team of clients to handle your customer service inquiries (if you can afford it).

11) Do the above and be consistent EVERY SINGLE DAY because little steps add up to big results. Do your mindset work, too, shift your beliefs that it can’t be done into that it CAN be done. You CAN do this, it’s a full-on commitment, full-on constant working behind the scenes, and full-on daily habitual action.

It is NOT 100% being on a yacht, being in the Virgin Islands with champagne around you 100% of the time (although that idea does sound nice). It IS hard work and it DOES take dedicated daily consistency.


Okay, that’s my in-a-nutshell how to grow an online business. The majority of your profits will come from your online programs and 1:1 clients. But, don’t just do it because you want the money, hell no! Do it because you want to HELP others along their soul’s journey. You want to HELP, not because you want a “get rich quick” method.

Remember, this is your soul’s PURPOSE work, so even if you don’t get paid a dime, you still keep going because it feels AMAZING to you to help others in their lives (in whatever your business may be).

Speaking of hope, I hope this has been helpful to those who have been asking about online businesses! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Journal Girl Jaclyn


I Got Blocked by Manifestation Babe


I got blocked by “Manifestation Babe” because of my comment yesterday stating I was offended by her request to help others by “sharing” her content came across as flat and hollow to me (by playing on our insecurities and fears).

I want to be 100% transparent.

Yes, money is just money, and nothing more (it has zero value to it because it’s just energy). What you choose to DO with the money, this is a different situation.

Yes, she is a multi-millionaire because she markets herself very well with her California Hollywood life she shares online. Yes, people are drawn to it because they want the same amount of money and freedom, too (we are human and humans want FREEDOM). I always liked her posts.

But, her post yesterday was misleading and offensive. And thousands of souls eat it up and further line her pockets by her “share my link” request. I was hoping to have a conversation with her because private messaging doesn’t seem to happen with her.

I Wanted to STAND UP for Myself AND for Others.

Be a real leader, help women because they deserve to be empowered in real life, in real every day situations. Don’t disguise your marketing attempts, be transparent as a leader. I am all for souls having more money- I am ALL for ALL souls to have more money. Be transparent. Be real. Be honest.

There are so many souls in the world who long for food, shoes without holes in them, a bed to sleep in, clean water, etc.

Don’t run and hide by blocking someone because you offended them. When I offend others I have a conversation with them in hopes to resolve whatever happened.

We are all equal and we all deserve to live happy, abundant, healthy, and loving lives. If you are a manifestation guru and/or entrepreneurial leader reading this, just remember, showing photos of yourself in a Hollywood life and disguising your marketing agendas by playing on women’s fears and insecurities is not exactly leading behavior.

At least, in my humble (who cares what I have to say) opinion.

I have success, I manifest a lot of money, too. But, I lead by example, because EVERYONE deserves to know the truth in life. I do not run from anything life throws at me.

To the Reader:

You are enough, just as you are. When you purchase from another, make sure you are buying because you want to learn how to love yourself, not because you are playing into the fake Hollywood lifestyle that you are only furthering to the person you are purchasing from. And yes, we all deserve to get paid for our services, but my message is do not buy into the “lifestyle” so many show-boat online without thinking about WHY you make their purchases.

There are some AMAZING leaders online who have wonderful programs that help you to love yourself. Really a lot of amazing people out here who truly want to help the world through various topics (such as money, for example).

Not everything is what it looks like online. Money is only money, that is all it is. Truly. Just be careful what you “buy into” when it comes to what is real.

I say, fuck it all, and lead by example. Be REAL.

PS- I may offend you, and I am truly sorry if I do. This is not my goal, I am speaking from my gut, underneath the layers so many try to hide under.

Manifesting money comes in all forms and all realms. It is a blessing in any amount in any way it comes to you.

What you choose to do with the money is what I am describing in the above.

You ARE enough, you ARE worthy, and money is a byproduct of your life. It’s the cherry on top, the whipped cream on your sundae-life. It’s just money, it’s just energy.

My SEXY Money and Unblock Your Money Channels programs center around money mindset beliefs, but what you don’t realize (until you take the programs) are that money is a byproduct and I’m actually teaching you HOW TO LOVE yourself and EMPOWER yourself and EMPOWER your LIFE (get back into the driver’s seat, put yourself into “drive” and fly on your soul’s path of happiness). So many souls tell me they realize my true program training from these programs, and your happiness is priceless. Life is priceless.

So love it, live it up, and go after your dreams because you are SO WORTHY and DESERVING to do so! Share YOUR story of YOUR life, I encourage you to do so!

And you know what? I’m opening up the free Manifest It! group to anyone and everyone who want to help other souls. Share your story, share your purpose-work with others, talk about what you DO on this planet to help others. We are in this boat TOGETHER. You’ve got this!

XOXO, Share Your Gifts to the World!


Call Me the Black Sheep (I’ll Always Be the Underdog in Society)

When do you get “triggered”? I am rarely offended by anything these days, I am an open-book, I have an open mind, and I’m usually not phased by much because I’ve pretty much seen it all.


I DO get offended when I see people take advantage of others to profit off of them for their own bank accounts, their own power, fame, etc.

Well, today I was royally offended by an email I was sent by a multimillionaire manifesting money guru who likes to use pink-colored fonts, apparently to sugar-coat the BS I started smelling earlier today from the words in her email.

Now, I realize I am “putting myself out there”, but I stand up for MYSELF as much as I stand up for integrity, morals, and ethics. I could be wrong, but my intuition was having a STRONG reaction from her email/posts containing the same message about how she overcame growing up being bullied, being body-shamed, abuse, etc. She pulled at heart-strings about how she overcame a lot of the struggles we face growing up and going through life.

I think it’s amazing to share one’s story- it’s very inspiring and very encouraging. It’s brave and I commend it.

Then I read the next few sentences…

And I broke down into TEARS. I mean, full on, crying, cannot even believe this is how “multi-millionaires” make their money online TEARFESTIVAL.

Look, the majority of us have gone through and seen some SHIT in our lives. And it’s so wonderful to be brave enough to share your story to the world (TRULY is). But, then you ask me to help you by sharing your story to others?

The sugar-coated BS started wafting into my direction as soon as I read her asking me (along with asking THOUSANDS of other souls on her email listserv) to share her story to thousands of more people. I don’t usually post comments when I see something that smells fishy to me, especially because I don’t usually care enough to call attention to it.

But today, I was royally offended. I made a response today, and I’m sure thousands of her fans will troll me, shame me, etc., but it still doesn’t take away the fact that I’m royally offended by her (again, my intuition is telling me this) hidden business agenda/strategy to propel her bank account and fame even more so.

And no, I’m not jealous. I have my own success. As a soul who has experienced a lot of the pain that most of US HAVE experienced in life, I don’t try to profit from others with sugar-coated BS email propositions like the one she sent today “Help me” to help others in the world by “sharing” the link.

Why not let your story and message speak for itself, and if others are inspired (which they will be because it’s a great story) why not let them share it as they please?

Me, the black sheep against the herd of all the white sheep, does not usually get so “triggered” by others. But, your flat and in-genuine request to ask me to market your brand for free (AFTER you’ve played on my fears, insecurities, and basically portray yourself as one who is relatable)? I cannot shake the “fake” I am feeling from this. It’s disheartening to me, it leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth, and hell no I am NOT perfect. I never claim to be. I’m human just like everyone else.

As someone who has been bullied (and still gets bullied), body-shamed (and still gets body-shamed), abused, etc. that most of have gone through in our lives (male AND female), I find it highly offensive to share your story and then solicit for thousands of your fans to share your link because it comes across as…hollow and flat…

And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Help people because you WANT to help people, not because you are trying to gain more fame and more money. Be a leader, a REAL leader, by encouraging others to share THEIR own stories as well (instead of asking for them to share yours so you can profit off them and their friends after pulling at their heart-strings using fears and insecurities as your drive).

And if people want to shame me and troll me for being the black sheep in society, for having the balls to state, “I smell BS through the pink-colored font”, then go right ahead. I know who I am and I believe in being transparent and honest- even in a business strategy…because we are ALL in the same boat we call “helping” others in our world.

I’m posting my response below because there is no sense is venting and purging without showing the truth of my emotional-human-filled triggered moment.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because even I (the positive girl who always finds a silver lining to everything) have downs and emotional moments in life. We are human. It’s part of being human. It’s part of life.

Never shy away from the shining star that YOU ARE! Love you, keep going, you’ve got this, Sensational Soul! And please DO share your life stories because you DO have a gift in this world to share with others!


Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!


The Sensation of Money!

Hey Sensational Soul!

I have a short, but powerful, Mastering Manifasting journal exercise for you and it’s all about using your senses to Manifast MORE money into your physical realm! So, here we go:

Don’t Think About Money, Just Flow with It

Journal out the following by writing out and finishing each sentence stem at least 5 times:

My favorite scent is…because…
Whenever I hear my favorite song I feel…because…
Each time I taste…I begin to think…because…
It’s so easy for me to be in alignment and flow with the Universe whenever I embrace the texture of…because…
I love the color…because…

Think About Money & Just Flow with It

Good! Now that you know what EXCITES your soul and has you feeling HIGH VIBE, take the word, “money”, and plug it into your journaling from above.


You still gotta write out the sentences in full while plugging in the word “money”. So, look over what you wrote, write little notes in the areas where you can plug in the word, “money”, or make notes where you can re-write the sentences.


When you write out the sentences again, really FEEL into them as you write them out. Seriously. I’m talking full-on writing with conviction. It’s time to SHIFT and LEVEL UP with how you view money energy. Reply and let me know what you come up with and how this transforms your soul’s vibes!

Have a beautiful week!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Are You READY to SERIOUSLY ManiFAST All Your Desires!? And Quickly!?


So many souls have shared with me how my Don’t Feel Stuck! books are transforming their beliefs AND transforming their lives for the better because they are Manifasting (Manifesting Faster)! I’m extremely thankful for my workbooks to be near Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, The Secret, and Louise Hay!

Thank you SO MUCH, to everyone, who has taken a chance on my work and are now seeing your results! Much love to you ALL!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn