An Author’s Collision Course With Mindset and Law of Attraction


Hey Sensational Soul!

My book was featured in an article the other day, you can read the answers to my being interviewed HERE.

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So if you have been thinking about joining to dive into even DEEPER training with me and have more Q&A access to me, do it THIS WEEKEND! Here is some more info on what the VIP Manifest It! group entails:

I am SO EXCITED, I have created Don’t Feel Stuck! The VIP Manifest It! Group FOR you because I am HELPING YOU gain CLARITY around what you are CHOOSING to FOCUS on through what I call Mastering Your Mindset training AND tuning into your SOUL’S CALLING! I was feeling SO STUBBORN before I changed my manifesting lifestyle and now I can confidently say I AM who I am MEANT TO BE in life and blessings keep flowing to me. I want to share this with you, too!

In doing so, you are learning how to work WITH the Universe so that you are SPEEDING UP all of your manifestations into your physical realm! I did these EXACT methods, myself, last year and this is HOW I manifested 99% of my life’s goals within 10 months! Things CAN happen so fast for you once you UNDERSTAND WHY your cognitive behaviors are shielding you from your soul’s TRUEST PURPOSE in your life.

Before doing Mastering Your Mindset training I was feeling so stuck being in the struggle. But, then I EMPOWERED myself by PAIRING law of attraction methods with mind-SHIFTING cognitive training, and not only have my mindset beliefs completely transformed, but so has MY PHYSICAL LIFE.

This group dives DEEP into cognitive training through the use of Mastering Your Mindset journaling paired with my own proven law of attraction methods to help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are feeling stuck. This helps you gain CLARITY so that you can IDENTIFY and RELEASE your mental blocks, dive deeper into your SOUL’S wants and needs that are unleashing into physical existence, thus completely TRANSFORMING your life into everything you want it to be! Because you are NOT stuck, you just FEEL stuck. There is a BIG difference.


This group is NOT for anyone who wants to sit around and “wait” for their manifestations to come into their physical realm. This group is NOT for anyone who doesn’t want to do the EMPOWERING and POWERFUL mindset-shifting and soul-shaping training that is IN this VIP group.

This Group IS For you IF:

This group IS for you if you are tired of running on your hamster wheel and feeling stuck in your life.

This group IS for you if you are ready and OPEN to learning how to work WITH the Universe through law of attraction.

This group IS for you if you are ready to dive DEEP into your mindset behavioral habits to understand WHY and WHERE you mentally focus on a daily basis.

This group IS for you if you are SERIOUSLY COMMITTED to CHANGING your mindset habits, you are SERIOUSLY COMMITTED to SHIFTING OUT OF limiting mental patterns, and ACCESSING your SOUL’S truest PURPOSE and CALLING in your life.

And this group IS for you if you are COMMITTED to taking inspired actions SHOWING the Universe what you ARE calling into your physical realm (meaning, creating your NEW reality into your physical realm)!


The VIP Manifest IT! Group has:

▪ frequent cognitive-shifting belief training through the power of mindset journaling and your influential use of your visualizations, something that is super KEY in manifesting anything and everything you want into your new reality
▪ Impactful self-empowering audios and videos done by me to further help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are currently feeling stuck in your life
▪ You have way more access TO me with round-the-clock Q&A, I am catering to your specific manifestations through this VIP group!
▪ And you are learning MY proven law of attraction techniques paired with MY Mastering Your Mindset methods to help you SPEED UP your own manifestations because you are learning how to work WITH the Universe through your mindset and your soul!


This is why you have to get spiritual ass into this group: we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness. You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

I chose to make this group exclusive to the souls who really WANT their manifestations to seriously come into their lives because there are so many people who want their dream jobs, want their soulmate/twinflame best friend relationship, want their weight to fall off of them, want more money, and so much more; but, I am wanting to work with you and train you with MY OWN PROVEN methods to the select few who are SERIOUS about leveling the fuck up in their lives and calling in all of their blessings into their physical realm.

So this VIP group has limited spots and I’m ONLY taking on souls are SERIOUS about creating their new reality, creating their dreams INTO their physical realm, and creating their happiness, peace of mind, creating through love, and creating FOR their soul’s purpose in this world. If this is you, come join our small and closed group!

It’s a 6-month subscription access for $27- are you ready to TRANSFORM your life!?

I used to remain in bad relationships, I used to allow myself to be a people-pleaser, I used to CHOOSE to put everyone else’s needs above MY OWN needs because I thought that was what led to a happier life (servant mentality). But over time, I started to feel suffocated. I mean mentally drained because instead of being PROACTIVE with my thoughts and beliefs, and my actions, I was being REACTIVE.

And being reactive is SO dis-empowering.

Being PROACTIVE and choosing to RESPOND rather than react gives you SO MUCH POWER to not only your own self and your own happiness, but also to your own reality that YOU CREATE.

Now, after many years of feeling stuck, I am no longer feeling this way because I learned how to utilize pairing the powerful law of attraction techniques WITH mastering my own mindset beliefs and I learned how to work WITH the Universe.

I had discovered and uncovered some subconscious beliefs I didn’t even realize I was still carrying with me into my adult life. But this is WHY I was able to completely change my life and my happiness in such a short time span:

Because I made the DECISION that scarcity and fear is NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO ME. And this is what I am teaching YOU because your happiness, your life, and receiving your life’s goals truly DO matter and you ARE worthy of living by your soul’s authentic happiness and purpose!

Get your spiritual ass into this group because we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness. You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

See you in the group and remember…

Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Video Blog Update: Fears, Honesty, Bullies,Transitions, Shifts


Go within your soul and your mindset beliefs (they work together WITH the Universe) in order to SHIFT and live in your authentic happiness.

Video Blog Update: Fears, Honesty, Bullies,Transitions, Shifts


Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!


Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

I DID IT! I SLASHED all my DIGITAL/AUDIO/VIDEO programs for 3 days ONLY!

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

PS- I’ve OPENED the DOORS again to the Don’t Feel Stuck! VIP Manifest It! Group!

Everything you need to know is in the link below and if you have any questions about the programs and/or the VIP group, send me a message by replying to this email or on my Facebook/Instagram/Minds/Blog page!

3 days ONLY!!!! Prices are going back UP Sunday night (11/25/18)!

Happy Black Friday MEGA Mindset Manifestation FREEDOM Celebration!

Click HERE to receive all the details and options!


Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Conscious Conditioning


Mastering Your Mindset Conscious Conditioning

It’s FRIDAY! Every Friday in our amazing Manifest It! group is Mastering Your Mindset day! I post mindset journaling prompts to help you get clear around what you are manifesting! In order to SHIFT your subconscious (where your beliefs are rooted), you have to create an imprint into your conscious mind.

Practice makes progress, and progress brings about the manifestation

This also goes for when you have challenging moments of feeling doubt, hopelessness, guilt, unworthiness, confusion, and anything else that have you thinking and feeling limiting beliefs.

What you are thinking and feeling IS normal, the more you get comfortable with this, the easier it gets to lean into your faith with yourself and in the Universe.

There is ALWAYS a reason WHY for your thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, change is a GOOD thing in life. Let’s dig into understanding your WHY and let’s start brainstorming and committing to healthy changes that EMPOWER you.

So let’s get started!


Journal out the following:

1) Finish this sentence: Right now I am manifesting (insert) and I am feeling like it is easy/hard (you pick which one) to do because…(finish the because part at least 10 times)

2) With regards to what you answered in #1, WHY? What is the REASON for this?

3) True or false: I deeply trust my own decision-making abilities in my life. Why or why not?

4) Now that I know WHY I either do or do not trust my own decision-making abilities in my life, I am feeling (finish this sentence 10 times).

5) Answer this question 10 times: what can I do in order to release any distrust or deepen my trust I may have about myself and my life?

6) What can I do in order to deepen my faith in my soul and the Universe? Answer at least 10 times.

7) Now that I have ideas on how I can learn to trust myself, deepen my trust within myself, trust the Universe more, and understand what my soul/intuition is communicating to me, I am feeling…(answer at least 10 times)

8) Finish this sentence 10 times: starting RIGHT NOW I am committed to…in order to deepen my self-love and my faith in myself and in the Universe’s timing and the “how”.

9) Write this out with complete conviction 10 times: I AM open, relaxed, and trusting the Universe to do its magic. I AM committed to taking inspired actions around my soul’s calling on a daily basis!


Really get raw and honest with yourself. Practicing mindset thoughts create mindset beliefs. Mindset beliefs are magnets that attract more into your realm. You CAN shift your thoughts, your focus, and what you are attracting. It takes practice, and conscious practicing creates the imprint into your subconscious. You’ve got this!

Follow your soul’s calling, your soul’s nudges are when you are feeling inspired, so take inspired actions and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire. The Universe IS manifesting it all for you, raise your vibration and TRUST yourself, TRUST your soul, and TRUST the Universe- for it knows the timing and the “how”.

You can do this! Have a wonderful weekend!

Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Why I Don’t Buy into Hype & Bullshit (And Why I Live Life Like I Declare to Live It)



After someone left a very cryptic 1-star Amazon review either about (or not about) my beloved creation, Don’t Feel Stuck!, I did some self-reflecting today. Let me be frank and transparent for a few minutes:

A lot of people do like me because I’m kind, I’m positive, I’m loyal, I’m driven, and I’m honest.

BUUTTTTT…there are a lot of souls (mainly women) who do NOT like me because I AM honest, I’m blunt, I don’t give a shit about image, I don’t follow the masses, I’m intelligent, and I’m super independent. For whatever reason, some people find me intimidating because I go against the grain of society and I see right through bullshit. As an INFJ on the Meyers-Briggs chart, I see right into your SOUL.

Sure, I like to follow laws, rules, and policies; however, I do not DEFINE myself nor my life by them. I am the Norma Rae and the Gloria Steinem in everything I do with my life. If something doesn’t seem fair, equal, or justified, I sure as hell speak my opinionated mind about it! And I don’t give a flying fuck who you are or what your “status” is in this world. To me, we are ALL equal of the same elements of red blood.

Who I Am Now vs. Who I Used to Be

I am fearless, though I did not used to be this way while growing up. I used to be terrified of people, of the world.

I am an original in my thinking, though I used to think it was what was “wrong” with me while growing up and TRYING to fit into society.

I am an introvert, though I used to believe this was going to limit me in creating success in my life.

I am opinionated and not afraid to speak up to protect myself and my loved ones. Though this used to, and sometimes still does, land me in hot water. I used to think it was “wrong” to speak up in order to protect myself and my loved ones because society tries to instill fear as a means of control.

I am all kinds of characteristics and traits that will either have you finding me to be a breath of fresh air in a superficial world; or, you will be repulsed by me because I don’t like to sugar-coat anything in life.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me. It doesn’t matter what YOU think of me. And it doesn’t matter what I think of YOU either.

What Ultimately Matters for Yourself

What matters is how you choose to love yourself. What matters is how you choose to live your life. What matters is how YOU choose to think, to feel, to believe, and what you decide to do while you are on this planet in your current physical form.

Why do you think you HAVE to live a certain way because others are doing this? Why do you feel you HAVE to push down feelings of true happiness because others try to make you feel guilty for living your life the way you WANT to live your life (and they aren’t)?

And really, WHY are you doing the things you are doing in your life? Is it because it’s safer this way? Comfortable? Reliable? Familiar? Depressing? Hopeless? Tiring? Daunting? Mundane? Fun? Joyful? Exciting? In alignment with ease and flow? Challenging? I could go on asking the “why” …

What matters is your own happiness. What matters is your own fulfillment. What matters is your soul’s journey, not anyone else’s. What matters is what YOU choose while at the fork on the road each day: do you tell your fears to fuck off and you go forth towards your manifestations to speed the process up? Or, do you succumb to your fears, and therefore stifle your manifestations further into the horizon?


What Do You Choose Now?

Either way, you create your story that you deem to be “reality”. Either way, you hold the keys to your life. Either way, you get to choose and decide what you want to focus on each day. Everything is a choice. Do you quickly react with full emotion? Or, do you stop and think it through before you decide to respond that is in the best way for your soul’s highest happiness?

Your choices either move you CLOSER to your manifestations and it speeds up the process; or, they push you farther away from them. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks…it only matters what YOU think, FOR yourself, FOR your life, FOR your happiness.

And blur the rest.

Blur your past disappointments, they are no longer in your present and future.

Blur the people who hurt you and left you feeling completely broken-hearted while down on your knees crying with confusion.

Blur the “no’s”, blur the critics…they are just insecure about themselves anyway.

And focus on what truly matters to you, FOR your happiness and your self-love.

Focus on what makes you feel in ease and in flow as a unique gift of Mother Nature.

Focus on what you ARE manifesting and calling into your physical realm because what you focus on expands.

Focus on your goals, your dreams, and your desires…and blur the opinions that others try to force upon you in hopes that they instill fear into your OWN soul (because let’s be honest: you are worth SO MUCH MORE than this).

It does not matter one bit what anyone thinks of you. It only matters what YOU think of yourself, what YOU plan and take inspired action towards during your time on this planet. It only matters what your OWN opinions are of YOUR self and YOUR life.

But Are Our “Flaws” REALLY Flaws Anyway?

We all have “flaws”, but are they really flaws? Maybe they are our strengths and we just don’t know how to embrace them full steam ahead. So many self-project anyway. They want to tell you who you are because deep down, underneath their own fears, they wish they could be like you. They wish they could be as strong and unique as you. They wish they could live in full freedom like you do. They wish they could unleash their own soul and live by their soul’s highest and happiest purpose in our Universe- like you do.


So, whether you find me to be a sweet, rare stardust of cosmic mystery; or, a passionate, remote and hard-to-read serious wolf…I don’t care! And neither should you of what anyone thinks about you.


Always stay true to yourself and keep going, keep moving TOWARDS your manifestations. The Universe IS working behind the scenes to rearrange everything on your path FOR your life’s goals to manifest into your physical realm.

All your manifestations are being delivered by UPS: Universe Parcel Service. You’ve got this!


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Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn