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Why Are You So Hard on Yourself?


Hey Amazing Soul!

Sometimes having a good cry, releasing all the pressure you build up from your own thoughts you start to believe are true, is necessary in order to thrive. Notice I say “thrive”, not “survive”. It always dumbfounds me when people put on facades in an attempt to convince others they are interminably strong and everything in their life is perfect. What is “perfection”, anyway?

This is not the kind of life we are meant to thrive in.

When you observe natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest, and even the Aurora Borealis, do you see perfect symmetry? No! Every year millions of people flock to these places because they want to see asymmetrical beauty. Do you think the Grand Canyon would be as breath-taking if it had only one dimension?

Stop Limiting Yourself, Set Your Limits to be Limitless

Our Universe is limitless, and YOU are made up of elemental particles, the same particles that make up our Universe. Why are you limiting yourself? What you define as “beautiful” or “perfect” is because YOU define it as “beautiful” or “perfect”? Or, are you allowing others to sway your opinions when it comes to the definition of real beauty?

Careful, I could be asking a trick question…

Hint: you’re supposed to reply to me and ask, “What is ‘real beauty’, anyway?”

What you perceive to believe is what creates and you receive.

Beauty and perfection are both perception. That’s all it is. We over-complicate what these definitions mean underneath our layers of fear and insecurity.

For your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, I urge you to:

1) Finish this sentence stem at least 10 times with 10 different answers: I am being so hard on myself because…

2) List out 4 things you love about yourself (they can be anything and everything).

3) For each 4 things you list, give 3 reasons WHY your 4 things are unique and beautiful.

4) Then finish this sentence stem at least 10 times with 10 different answers: I am a total Badass at life because…

Can you think of anyone else who has what you have, exactly to the Universal formula you entail? Even identical twins have different personalities…

I want to know: why have you been hard on yourself? What do you realize you love about yourself now? And why are you a total Badass at life?

Reply and let me know!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST!

XOXO Jaclyn

Why I Refuse to be Confined to a Box


And Why I REFUSE to Give In

I was super excited, I was asked to be featured in a story that gets syndicated to a huge publication. I felt like, “YES! This is another successful step for me as an author and in my business!” I was crying happy tears, thanking the Universe in gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts in helping others.


Family. We all got ’em. And they aren’t always the most positive people, especially if they do not understand how the compound effect works with achieving goals in life. While throughout the 1950’s-1980’s most people had one job/career, most people in the present day have multiple lines of work for their career.

And really, this is totally okay.

I can count around 50 (or even more) people I know both online and offline who have multiple lines of work. This is “the new normal” in our society. And it’s TOTALLY okay. This does not mean your soul’s purpose-work can’t be done because you aren’t bringing in millions of dollars doing ONLY this one job each day. This does not mean you are NOT successful because you aren’t solely clocking in and out a few times per day being in a building outside of your home.


Your soul’s purpose-work IS your soul’s purpose. You do it because you want to do it, it gives you PURPOSE in your life. You wake up every day looking forward to helping others in the world, however that may be through your purpose-work. Living your life with a positive mindset and doing your soul’s purpose-work IS successful because you are doing what makes you happy.

Your multiple lines of work equal SUCCESS in today’s career world, if YOU so choose to look at it this way. Because really what is “success”, anyway? It can mean happiness in your life, and it can mean being a CEO of a multi-million dollar organization. Hell, it could mean having a “side hustle” that gets praise from various OTHER lines of work from time-to-time.

Success is not tied to one stream of work, like it used to be viewed in the 1900’s.

It’s no offense to the 1900’s because we have come a long way to make things more equal in the career realm, and we have many souls throughout history to thank for this.

Multiple lines of work can add up to BIG results through the compound effect. Most multi-millionaires today have multiple lines of work going at the same time.

But, again…what is “success”, anyway?

Success is WHATEVER you choose it to be, period.

Success is whatever you choose it to be, despite how others view it. This is the reason why so many souls do NOT go after their dreams in life. This is the reason why so many souls FEEL STUCK. It’s all because of other viewpoints that other people have about what “success” means. There are always going to be people, including family, who are going to give you the, “butttt….” and fill it with limiting reasons or their own ideas of what something “is” in our world.

Don’t be like those people. Don’t even listen to those people.

Whether or not my featured story ends up on even BIGGER media platforms does not dictate my success. I believe in the compound effect, I believe in it because it fucking works.

And I believe in YOU, period.

So go out there, kick some ass doing your soul’s purpose-work, and never let others try to make you feel like anything less than a successful person living your soul’s successful life. Because you are a rockstar and you deserve nothing but the best.


The #1 Biggest Regret in Life

Woman Water

Hey Amazing Soul,

When you think back on your life, is there a moment that comes to mind you wish you had seized an opportunity? For example, one moment was when I was about 6 or 7 years old and I was at Sea World. I was asked by the staff to sit on top of Shamu. I was too scared to do it at the time.

Whenever I think about beautiful marine life I wish I had said “yes” and taken the chance to know what it felt like to be THAT close to such a gorgeous creature (note: I am in NO WAY approving of Sea World’s operations). It’s not every day you can say you sat on top of a Killer Whale.

Which brings me to my next point…

Warning: This is Not for the Weak

My next point…being in the present and creating…more regret.

So many people’s top regret in their later years of life is not taking chances when presented with opportunities. Why is this? It’s because it’s so much easier to view from hindsight 20/20 than to carpe diem the future.

I’m going to get morbid for a moment, but it’s because I want to put something into perspective for you:

We all know we are going to transition from this planet one day. We all know older people who have lived a longer time on earth. When the top regret of older souls is not taking more chances in their past, then why aren’t you listening to this collective acknowledgement when it comes to your OWN life?

When we hear about young people passing away, we think something along the lines of, “they had so much life they could have lived.” We feel sadness for them and their families because they were “too young” to transition.

Well, you ARE alive right now, so why are you stopping YOURSELF from seizing YOUR opportunities?

When Fear Becomes Too Fearful

Fear. When you read the word, what do you think of next? What kind of feelings come over you? We all have it. Fear of judgments, fear of being rejected, fear of failing, fear of not knowing, fear of being disappointed, fear of change, fear of anything and everything you allow yourself to talk yourself OUT OF doing in YOUR life.

When you become a parent, you want what is best for your child. But, don’t you think it’s odd that you want to encourage your child to seize opportunities and LIVE life to their fullest while at the same time you prefer to hit the “pause” button on your own life?

Whether you want to publish a book, make an album, learn to paint, sell your paintings, become a jeweler, become an actor/actress, go back to college, go to college, travel more, get married, have children, the list goes on. Whatever it is, anything and everything…the Universe is your oyster.

There is ALWAYS a way to expand your knowledge, plan, take soul-inspired actions, and move forward achieving your dreams and desires. There is always what I like to call “a loophole” with regards to the “rules” of life.

It’s Never the “Right” Time

What do you want? I’m serious. What do YOU want? Forget about others for a moment, what is it you really are so passionate about in life? And why haven’t you at least started doing it yet?

If you are allowing fear to dictate how you choose to decide and respond in your life, take a U-turn! There is a PLETHORA of knowledge in our world with just a few clicks of your keyboard and your mouse.

It’s never the perfect time to get started…except that right now is the perfect time to get started.

You might be surprised at how quickly you receive your dreams and desires if you just go for it. Each day, keep going, each day keep defining, keep refining, and polishing your new reality.

And there are plenty of online mentors and experts who can help guide you along your newly ABUNDANT and SOULFUL path manifesting your version 2.0 life. Pick up the phone, click around on your mouse, join Facebook groups, email some mentors, pick up some books, open your Kindle, you are NOT alone on your journey. These mentors are here to HELP guide you because they understand how you are feeling right now. If they could manifest their new reality, so can YOU! I totally believe in you!

Pretend You’re Your Icon at the Starting Location on the Game Board of Life

The person you admire was once in your exact shoes with their mindset beliefs as well. And if they could shift their thoughts and beliefs from scarcity-thinking into successful-thinking, you can do this, too! Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen for anyone and everyone who wants it bad enough. Does this kind of sound like you? It does because your soul is ACHING to be unleashed and free to live life the way you are meant to live it. Starting NOW.

And your manifestations CAN and DO happen quicker than you believe them to when it comes to the Law of Attraction! All you gotta do is believe it’s done, SHOW the Universe what you are passionate about by taking soul-inspired actions, and keep going daily. The Universe works behind the scenes 99% of the time before your manifestations emerge into your physical sphere.

For this weekend I challenge you to Google your passions, your dreams, and your desires, and start piecing together what you are committed to doing in order to expand your knowledge and expand your horizons. Then, I want you to start taking soul-inspired ACTION, Beautiful Soul. Yes! I’m talking to YOU!

Show the Universe who is Badass BOSS (hint: YOU). You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

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When Thinking About Life, Remember This

Remember This

Hey Amazing Soul!

Happy Friday! On Wednesday I talked about existing in fear and encouraged you to explore your reasons for why you need approval from others.

Well, how did it go? Even if the opinion of others isn’t holding you back, is there anything at all that is holding you back from taking inspired actions and SHOWING the Universe your desired new reality?

Remember who is the “Badass Boss” of your life, hint: YOU!

Are you whispering all your gifts you contain within you because you have guilt about your past or present?

Are you whispering all your gifts you contain within you because you have anxiety of what could “go wrong”?

Are you whispering all your gifts you contain within you because you don’t know where or how to start?

Whatever it is you are learning to ManiFAST into your physical realm, understanding what is important, but understanding WHY is even more important.

From There You Can Begin to Untangle the “Knots” of Your Limiting Beliefs

I encourage to journal out (or type out) the following by answering at least 5 times:

If I had NO fears whatsoever, I would…
If I knew I could do ANYTHING I want, I would create/do…
What would I need to believe and do in order to receive what I am currently manifesting?
How can I bring my manifestation closer to me? (are they enrolling in classes, hiring a coach/editor/therapist, seeking advice from an expert, etc.)

And it doesn’t have to be so hard, only if you CHOOSE for it to be hard then it will be hard to shift your mindset.

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestation.

Every little step you take, not to sound too much like Sting and The Police, but every step you DO take each day helps you to SHOW the Universe through your physical vibrations, “More of THIS, please.”

And from there you can relax, enjoy the present moments, enjoy all of your blessings you have NOW, and compound your gratitude mixed with forward movement, daily. Steps are steps, doesn’t matter how big they are, the Universe responds to your vibration of energy.

I posted a quote on social media yesterday and it stated:

You are stars, so shine. You are Mother Nature, so bloom.

The Universe, Your Mind, & Your Soul Work Together Simultaneously

The Universe operates in a boomerang effect, output = input. By practicing the art of surrendering to the process, trusting that you are calling it into your physical sphere, and letting go of the need to control the outcome…

BAM! Your manifestations emerge into your physical realm in the way you choose to observe them (or, even much BETTER than you imagined).

This happens because before now you didn’t believe it was possible. However, you practiced training your mental focus, you took inspired actions from your soul nudging along, and you funneled those particles into the shapes of your desires.

Output = input. Compound effect.

Your manifestations ARE happening for you, they’re already in existence. You get to DECIDE whether or not you are done holding on to the past and worrying about the future.

Relax, trust the process, and carpe diem, Beautiful Soul!

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Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn