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Welcome To Your Freedom: A Spiritually Massive Rant


Hey Sensational Soul!

I want to talk about the concepts of attachment and detachment. We are all ONE with the Universe, so why do we allow ourselves to be so attached to the outcome of our own manifestations? It’s time to understand just how freeing it truly is to not give a fuck about the outcome of YOUR life. I feel like just typing this brings about anxiety for probably a lot of you. I have anxiety, too, just hear me out for a few minutes:

You Put In “The Work”

You have your hopes, you journal them out every single day. You perform Mastering Your Mindset journaling with the greatest intentions towards your new reality. Your soul is calling, aching to get out and be free in this world. You perform your mindset journaling with ALL of the details you can conjure up from inside of your imagination. And then you follow it by taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what you truly want for your soul’s manifestations.

This is a mixture of success. You do this DAILY for many weeks on end.

But then you start to get disappointed, sad, and perhaps even cynical because your new reality is not happening already. You start to doubt yourself, your abilities, even your purpose in life. You start to doubt Source, God, the angels, and/or anything else you use to describe your faith of all the particles that make up the Universe. The Divine.

Why is by performing this mixture of manifesting success on a daily basis NOT coming to fruition by now? You are being patient, you are being consistent, you are trying your best to stay in flow and trust the process.

So what gives?

The Reputation of Attachment vs. Detachment

Well, you know how many teachings of the law of attraction state in order to manifest it you must be detached to the outcome of it? I was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer today and he said something to the effect of when you detach FROM your desire, it somehow attracts itself TO you. How does one do this exactly? I call it the freedom of not giving a fuck about the outcome.

You have to be truly okay with the outcome, whatever it is. Yes, you REALLY want your desire; but, if you cling to it so much it can become an unhealthy attachment. The Universe is ALWAYS wanting you to have either exactly what you want; or, something even BETTER is coming to you, FOR you and your soul’s highest happiness. You cannot be happy by seeking from the outside, being happy only comes from within yourself.

Being happy is a choice. And with choice comes empowerment. And with empowerment comes the freedom of setting intentions to call things in TO you. This powerful phenomenon that is CHOICE is what “free will” is all about- if that isn’t freedom I don’t know WHAT is. You have the free will to CHOOSE your soul’s new reality any way you CHOOSE it to be. BUT, choice and freedom cannot speed up your manifestations if you are obsessively clinging TO the outcome of your manifestations. Right?

Attachment Equals Doubt & Fear

Attaching yourself to your desire is actually living in fear that it WON’T happen for you. Furthermore, attaching yourself to your desire is actually living in doubt because you are SO FREAKING ATTACHED to it that you are doubtful it will voluntarily come flowing to you like magnets of energy attracting to each other. Living in fear and in doubt does NOT equal happiness. It will never happen for you this way. This entire “once I have it then I’ll be happy” mindset is complete and utter bullshit. My solution? Just don’t give a flying fuck about the outcome of your desires. I know, I know, it is so much easier said than done. I am human and I completely understand how you are feeling.

I teach so many souls all over the world to learn HOW to empower themselves. I want to point out, and maybe you already know this, but by attaching yourself to your desires you are actually doing the opposite because you are giving away your power TO the outcome of your desire. Therefore, you are essentially giving away your own power to CREATE your own reality. Living with attachments, meaning living in fears and in doubts, is not freeing at all. This is not freedom. Being free IS happiness. Living in freedom is happiness.

And let’s change the word “desire” because when one desires something, it’s inherently stating that one is without. So you are internally acknowledging to yourself that you are WITHOUT when you focus on your desires. Yes, I call them desires, and they ARE desires. But, my point is what you give meaning to expands- and through repetition your meanings become your beliefs. Ahhh…this is all so crazy sounding, right? So let’s simplify it…by not giving a fuck AT ALL about the outcome. Just throw it out of your focus. Stop obsessing over all of it.


Surrendering Does NOT Mean Quitting, It Means Detachment

This does NOT mean you are giving up altogether. This does NOT mean you are quitting Mastering Your Mindset through your daily mindset journaling. This does NOT mean you are quitting taking inspired actions. It just means you are SURRENDERING to the outcome of how and when it comes into your physical realm. You are DETACHING yourself from the NEED of the external. You are detaching yourself and you are, instead, putting forth your faith as your acceptance. Detachment is actually a very normal feeling when you understand just how much you ARE one with the Universe. It’s a choice you make: I AM one with the Universe. Therefore, I ALREADY have everything I need inside of me. My manifestation is ALREADY in existence, the Universe is responding in a favorable way. I am CHOOSING to go forth by taking inspired actions, daily, because I am calm, I am centered, and I trust and know it is done.

You are surrendering to the Universe, the Divine timing, and instead you are thinking, feeling, and DOING from your soul’s place of happiness. You are CHOOSING to think and focus on thoughts that bring you happiness FROM within. You are CHOOSING to feel and focus on thoughts and feelings that bring you happiness FROM within. You are CHOOSING to act, to be, and to DO through the focus of moving towards your life goals BECAUSE it is your soul’s purpose. This is detachment.

The Art of Freeing Yourself…Going Further

How freeing is this? How freeing is it to know that by existing FROM your soul’s purpose, you are not only freer, but you are happier, and AT THE SAME TIME you could care less of the outcome because what you are thinking, feeling, doing, and being RIGHT NOW is so fun! This is being and existing WITH the Universe. This is how your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together SIMULTANEOUSLY to produce magical experiences of manifesting into your physical realm.

Every day is a choice. You get to choose however you want to think, whatever you want to set your intentions around, however you want to feel, and however you want to BE and DO in life. Why not live in freedom? Why not live in happiness? Why not stop obsessing over destination happiness- meaning the “when I have it, then I’ll be happy” mentality? Live in the NOW, perform your mindset journaling every day, yes, most definitely! Take those 5 minutes or even 55 minutes and write everything out exactly how your new reality IS. And then? Then, let it all go. Be thankful for ALL of your blessings you have right at this very moment. Free yourself from the burden of attaching yourself to the outcome.

Remember: the Universe gives you either exactly what you want; OR, something MUCH BETTER is coming FOR you. And it IS coming FOR YOU. It’s a done deal. It’s done, make this choice that it’s done. And just go on about your day living in flow, being free in not giving a fuck about the outcome. Relax, have fun, focus on thoughts, feelings, and actions that feel GOOD to your soul. Yes, take inspired actions DAILY, nothing magical happens inside of your comfort zone. You are ALLOWED to grow and evolve as a being. You ARE allowed to have whatever it is you truly want into your physical realm. It’s done. It’s manifesting right at this very moment. Trust the process, don’t obsess over the “how” or the “when”. Fuck the outcome. The Universe ALWAYS has your back. Always. To be attached to anything or anyone is literally admitting to yourself that you are not in control of your own being, your own happiness, your own freedom.

So FREE yourself. You CAN do this. I am one of the most stubborn souls I know and if I can do it, I KNOW you can, too. Besides, DETACHING yourself from trying to control your surroundings and the outcome is so much more fun! And when you have fun you are existing in flow. And being in flow is communicating to the Universe: I want more of things and events that feel like flow. Before you even realize it, your manifestations ARE in the physical realm. And it’s because you literally did not give a fuck about the “how” and the “when” of the outcome. You made the choice that it’s done and you didn’t dwell on it. You detached from it. It’s TRULY amazing how all of this works!

You Keep Saying “Mastering Your Mindset”…

I realize I have mentioned Mastering Your Mindset journaling a few times now, this is something I performed every single day and over the course of 10 months I literally manifested 99% of my desires. It’s TRULY amazing how everything stems from your mindset and your mindset beliefs. Performing mindset journaling is an empowering and transformational tool in order to SHIFT your mindset, thus your reality. In addition, it’s a wonderfully creative tool in order to speed up your manifestations because performing Mastering Your Mindset journaling actually opens up your abilities to expand your creativity within your mind, meaning this is POWERFUL form of visualization.

To learn more about Mastering Your Mindset and mindset journaling, hop on over to my website: Manifest It! . You can sign up for my FREE take-charge 3-Day program, learn more about my empowering Don’t Feel Stuck! journal workbook available on Amazon, as well as many other transformational programs that truly help you to SPEED UP your manifestations! I take ALL of my mastering manifestation methods and make them available to you, FOR your soul’s calling. If you’re anything like me who loves to live in freedom, your soul will truly thank you!

Thanks so much for reading (if your eyes haven’t gone cross-eyed by now). Go out there and make it a great one! Remember, YOU hold the keys to your own future. Have a GREAT day!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Hey Sensational Soul!

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Carpe Diem!

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We All Have A PURPOSE In Life!


We all have a purpose in this Universe. Some of us go through the majority of our time on earth trying to figure out what our purpose actually IS. Others of us know pretty early on in life here on this beautiful planet.

Our Purpose IS The Answer

It’s our number one passion, our drive, our obsession, our reason for living. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning. It’s what gives us feelings of joy, gratitude, fulfillment, and many more amazingly positive vibrations we emit out into the Universe.

My Purpose

From when I was very young I always knew I was very spiritual. I was deeply spiritual and I didn’t know how to handle my emotions up until about 26. It’s been 9 years and while I still have moments of panic attacks due to anxiety (we are all human), I am MUCH MORE skilled at being able to direct my thoughts and emotions, thus my manifestations.

Even last year I still didn’t really KNOW my purpose in life. It was around July when it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like the white light opened up for me and the Universal angels were singing to me because I finally FULLY got in tuned with my soul. Wow! What a great moment it was when I realized my PURPOSE in this world!

I Could, But My Soul Is Calling Me

I see SO MANY lightworkers, healers, coaches, mentors (whatever you want to call us) online every single day on every single platform. Most of them charge a lot of money in order to help other souls with their mindset work and their manifestations. I was reflecting today and MY PURPOSE is to help as many souls as possible. There are SO MANY souls on this planet who need help and may not have the means to pay $100+ for a program, or $10K for 1:1 personal coaching that lasts a month or two.

While it’s easy to get lost in the mix of all of these healers, and there are thousands of us online, my SOUL is calling me to keep my programs low-cost because my PURPOSE is to help as many people as possible around this globe. I feel GOOD being able to transform so many lives through my book, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, and via my 2 paid VIP Facebook groups.

I get HUGELY warm feelings and my smile breaks out each time someone posts about how my book or my coaching has completely TRANSFORMED their life for the better, and quickly! It makes me so happy! My soul just completely lights up!

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Note: Seriously Committed Souls Wanted!

So send me a message if you are interested! I ONLY want serious souls who are ready to COMMIT to their soul-purpose in life! I take my in-depth coaching very seriously and I am HERE to help kick your spiritual ass into gear and help you SHIFT yourself from a place of lack into a place of Universal ABUNDANCE!

Whether You’re Manifesting Your Soulmate And/Or Anything Else In Life

You’ve totally got this! I’ll see you in the group!

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Have a great weekend and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn