Why Are You Giving Up Already?


Hey Sensational Soul!

I know you know this, but do you REALLY know this? When we see “success” we only see the tip of the iceberg. We do not see the big berg underneath the surface of the ocean. We don’t see the hours people put into their work in order to produce the product, the online program, the published book, the sporting stats, the degree, etc.

We only WANT to see how successful the person is on the world’s stage rather than thinking about all the work they do behind its stage. What I’m telling you is nothing new. So, I have a question for you: why are you giving up already?

Think of your what you’re currently manifesting into your physical realm. Now think of someone who either accomplished it already or has something similar to what you are currently calling into your life. Now go Google them and read about their upbringing, their life, BEFORE they had their “success”. Read about their hustle, their grind, their long hours without anyone seeing or knowing how much work they put into their manifestation.

Did they give up?

Most people give up before they receive their manifestations. And this is WHY they don’t receive their manifestations. How are you doing with your visualizations? How are you doing with your Mastering Your Mindset work each day?

It’s holidays, but it’s not a vacation from your mindset and your dreams!

If you find yourself faltering, what can you start thinking and doing to SHIFT directions so that you STAY on your soul’s path? Sometimes you just need some perspective. And sometimes when you BELIEVE others have it easier than you do with regards to calling in all your life’s dreams, put yourself in their shoes for a little bit. Start reading their story, think about what people have gone through in their lives in order to get from “there” to “here”.

And just because you are “here” doesn’t mean you aren’t getting “there”.
Manifesting is a journey, not a destination. You gotta raise your vibration! You gotta think, feel, and do what feels GOOD to your soul, and you gotta do this the majority of the time. For example, if you love to listen to jazz, turn on the jazz DAILY. If you love dancing, take some classes or dance in your home to some feel-good music. If you love reading, pick up that book or online reading device and starting reading. If you love writing, painting your nails, cleaning, napping, painting, whatever it is, you gotta do it DAILY.

Make it a priority to ensure your mindset is in good standing, this is your life right NOW

Not tomorrow, not next month, not last year, not 10 years ago, not 10 years from today. Your life is right NOW. And you can CHOOSE at any moment to change directions, SHIFT yourself from limiting thoughts and scarcity feelings into abundant thoughts and positive feelings. And then? Then you follow them with soul-inspired, soul-aligned, soul-based ACTIONS. You are vibrating 24/7 with those tiny fast-moving particles. SHOW the Universe what you want more of: things and people who have you feeling GOOD.

And it all starts with YOU. No one else can control your thoughts, no one else can control your feelings, and no one else can control YOU. It’s what YOU CHOOSE to allow to persist.

Allowing change creates positive changes. If you don’t like where your life is right now, allow for the changes to occur. You cannot move forward on your soul’s journey and speed up all your manifestations if you aren’t ALLOWING for them to come into your physical realm. Change creates opportunity.

No one on this planet has it “easy”. Besides, it’s all relative, it’s all a matter of perspective. What is “easy”, anyway? Think about that iceberg I mentioned at the beginning of this message. The tip looks “easy”, the tip looks “successful”. It’s all a matter of perspective, and you can CHOOSE to SHIFT your perspective at ANY moment in time. Empower yourself, put your mindset health in the forefront, put your dreams in the forefront, put your manifestations in the forefront. And when you are faced with having to make CHOICES, follow what your SOUL wants you to do.

What will move you even CLOSER to all your life’s dreams?


When You’re Exhausted And Feel Like Throwing In The Towel To Life


Hey Sensational Soul!

These last few days have been tiring for me having sick pets (both of them): sleepless nights of running outside multiple times with my dog, constantly cleaning up messes from both my dog and cat, and just feeling drained when the sun rises. Not to mention going about LIFE, too. I finally slept 12 hours last night, which is amazing! Let me repeat: AMAZING! Oh my gosh I feel so lucky to have had those hours last night.

This got me thinking how important our mindset truly is for us. Yes, we are constantly running around in life, so super busy, and sometimes you just want to SCREAM because everything piles up on you and doesn’t seem to want to cease AT ALL.

Let’s all take a collective, deep breath: ((inhale deeply, exhale deeply))

Whew! So today I focused on my Mastering Your Mindset journaling around feelings of peace, calm, serenity, and having ENOUGH time in my life to tackle all of my dreams AND take care of the necessities at the SAME time.

What I Journal Out:

– There is ALWAYS enough time to get everything completed.

– I ALWAYS have enough time to get all of my work done.

– I ALWAYS have enough time in accomplishing anything and everything I want in life.

– I AM always supported by the Universe.

– The Universe ALWAYS loves and supports me in life.

– I AM at peace in life because I AM following my soul’s calling.

– Peace and happiness ALWAYS follows me everywhere I turn.

– I AM at one with the Universe and I AM a gift to this world.

– I DO have a purpose in this world and in this life.

– I am ALWAYS okay in everything I do.

– I AM peace, I AM what IS peace, calm, and love.

– I am ALWAYS living by my soul’s truest calling and I am ALLOWED to do so.

– I AM enough, I am MORE than enough in this Universe.

– I am ALWAYS loved, ALWAYS.

– I OWN myself, my weirdness at all, because THIS is MY truth and my truth sets me FREE.

Give it a try! See what comes up for you afterward by following it with 5-10 minutes of free-flow mindset journaling. It’s amazing how much your brain becomes CLEAR and how much you gain CLARITY by performing your Mastering Your Mindset work each day. All you really need is about 5-10 minutes! No excuses, you CAN do this, make a COMMITMENT to it, each day. Routine is a secret to SHIFTING your mindset beliefs, thus SHIFTING your life into now living in true abundance in ALL realms! TRULY!

A Wonderful Side Effect

I freaking lost 18 pounds doing Mastering Your Mindset journaling- ALONE- and it has completely CHANGED my life for the better! And by doing this, I not only lost weight; but, I got CLEAR on what MY soul truly wants in life. I got clarity on my PURPOSE in this Universe. TODAY is the LAST day to take advantage of my brand new AUDIO and DIGITAL Mastering Your Mindset (thus your life) program: Manifesting Your Soul’s New Reality: Gaining An EMPOWERING EDGE In The Law Of Attraction! I’ve slashed my 10-day soul-transformational program from $57 to $37 and TODAY is the very LAST DAY on this promo! This ends at 10pm Central, so don’t wait ANY LONGER to completely TRANSFORM your mindset beliefs, thus your life, just like so many have already done these past few weeks!

You CAN do this. I completely believe in you. I KNOW you have the power inside of you, your soul is ACHING to get out and live in true, authentic, happiness. I’ll see you in the program, and always…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn