You’ve Asked the Universe For Your Desire, Now What?

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Soulful Secrets (I’m Sharing with You)

Hey Amazing Soul!

So, you’ve asked the Universe for what you want, but now you’re feeling confused about how to get it and why it hasn’t shown up yet. I used to be in your exact shoes. I was feeling confused, frustrated, and hopeless when it came to improving my life.

But, then I performed an experiment on myself in 2017 and I manifested 99% of everything I ever wanted into my physical realm within 10 months!

When it comes to the Law of Attraction I have methods (secrets) I use to manifest everything into my life (including my business)- and now I’m sharing them with you!

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My Soulful Secrets will cover manifesting using the Law of Attraction to funnel your desires into your sphere around money, your business, your ideal relationship, and general happiness and peace of mind.

I’m so excited for you, Amazing Soul!


Don’t Give a Damn

Authority Magazine

Hey Amazing Soul!

I came back from vacation to find My Featured Story with Authority Magazine! Thanks so much to Fab Giovanetti and to Authority Magazine for featuring my work! I’m so blessed to be able to share my passions to the world.

It got me thinking about some of my book readers and clients who are leveling up, trying to level up, and who are just plain confused about how to make the Law of Attraction work for them.

You constantly hear instructions like, “match your energy vibration to your desire.” After studying the Law of Attraction on a continuous basis for 2 years before I performed my 2017 experiment on myself I had realized what Abraham Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Secret and others are always teaching. It really IS true in how to master the Law of Attraction.

But don’t stress yourself out about it, just don’t give a damn.


It’s a game, a board game, a bingo game, a trivia game, Russian Roulette, whatever kind of game you want it to be, it’s that. And it’s NOT a game at the same time…((insert rolling eyes and a verbal uggghhh)).

When you look at quantum physics more closely, you understand that anything and everything can happen all at the SAME time. This means…were delusional.


Stop stressing yourself out about the HOW in order to try and figure it all out with the Law of Attraction. Nikola Tesla, an amazing and underrated physicist, has a famous quote I always love to use:

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

So what does this all mean for YOU? It means your manifestations emerge into your physical sphere because you funnel those fascinating elemental particles into your deluded space, because you always get to CHOOSE what you want to FOCUS on regardless of the “situation”. I put it in quotes because everything is all relative depending on how you choose to deem it as “fact”.

What Are You Vibrating Into The Universe?

The Universe is made up of energy. YOU are made up of energy. YOU are the Universe, and the Universe is YOU. You’re in the driver’s seat while on your journey. Vibrate your fun-loving particles instead of vibrating your fearful particles. They are all the same particles anyway; so really, why do you want to ALLOW your deluded mind to dis-empower you? You’re in the driver’s seat, Beautiful Soul! Yes, YOU! The Universe operates in terms of energy vibrations.

Do you want to know why you have fear? It’s because you have conditioned yourself to believe that fear is real. You have similar heightened energetic responses when you are in love and when you are feeling fear:

Rapid heartbeat, eyes dilate, breathing becomes shallow and quick, you feel like your heart is about to leap out of your chest because of your energetic excitement. These are vibrations of energy.

What you believe to exist is what creates and persists. – Me

Fear and love are more intense vibrations because you place importance onto these types of feelings and emotions. A thought is just a thought. What manifests is what you focus on most of the time. A belief is a thought you condition yourself to deem as real over time.

So, why not start practicing newly empowering and positive habitual vibrations of energy? After all, Nikola Tesla states the Universe operates with vibration, and all the spiritual gurus keep telling you to “match” your energy vibration to those of your manifestations.

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Empowering Prompts to Use During Your Mastering ManiFASTing Journaling:

1) Write out and fill in the blank 5 times: I am the Universe because I am made up of the same particles that (insert a desire you want) …are made up of as well.

2) Finish this sentence 5 times: I choose to believe change and taking inspirational actions open more doors for me to receive my manifestations much faster. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

3) Finish this sentence 5 times: I am committed to doing… (insert some things you can do to help keep you on your soul’s path towards your manifestations) this week! I’ve got this!

4) Now…go do them! What are you waiting for, Amazing Soul!?

It’s not that cash, soulmates, dream careers, and all your other desires are SEPARATE from you. We are all made up of the same elemental particles in our Universe. So, this means


Cheers to that!

There’s no need to struggle with the Law of Attraction, tell yourself, “Frankly, my Dear, I don’t give a damn.” Because really who gives a damn? It’s all relative based upon what you CHOOSE to deem as real. What is “real” is what plays out over time through chosen observation.

So, be delusional! Enjoy yourself! Either be delusional with fear, sadness, and everything else that brings you down in life; or, be delusional like you are watching your favorite musician at a live concert after smoking a doobie. Either way, you get to choose how you want to feel most of the time in your life. The Universe will reflect it all back to you, output = input. It’s like karma. And I think that’s pretty groovy.

PS- If you want more help in learning how to not give a damn about the Law of Attraction so that you can speed up all your manifestations with your funneling techniques, hop into my Don’t Feel Stuck! VIP Mastering Manifesting Membership before June 30th (when the doors close).

Have a beautiful week! Reply and let me know what you learned from this, I really want to know!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

Be Like Dr. Seuss: Resilient with Your Beliefs


Resilience does pay off. Do you know how many times Dr. Seuss was turned down from his dream of publishing his now known children’s books? He was turned down 27 times and now he’s the #1 ALL-time best-selling author of children’s books. Year after Year.

Resilience pays off. Maybe it’s the Pisces in Dr. Seuss, Dr. Albert Einstein, and in me…but seriously, our stubborn spirits will NEVER give up. I get turned down left and right, and yet I still manifest some amazing blessings into my physical sphere. If I gave up after the first 18 times I was turned down, I wouldn’t be where I am TODAY.

Side note: I lost count how many times I’ve been turned down for my ideas because I don’t care. It’s not actually rejection, it’s redirection, anyway. And this is what I CHOOSE to believe.

The Law of Total Probability

The Law of Total Probability is the likelihood of an event happening. For example, you know the phrase, “history repeats itself?” Why do you think this is the case? The probability of this is usually because people don’t want to go outside of their comfort zone, so they keep making decisions based upon what has already happened. Thus, history keeps repeating itself.

And the more you follow this, the greater the probability of the event happening.

Your beliefs are due to your past experiences. So, when you give more attention to the past, it tends to repeat itself over and over again because these are the focal neurosignals you emit into the Universe.

The Universe operates in a boomerang effect. It will reflect back TO you what you put out into it through particle vibrations stemming from your brain. The very brain that is an illusion because it’s merely a bunch of tiny, fast-moving particles bouncing around to make up its “solid” matter.

Pause to let this sink in…

However, if you start implementing NEW thinking habits, the likelihood of your NEW thinking will create into your physical reality because of the vibrational shifts taking place over time, again, stemming from the neurosignals of your brain.

Note: the more you train your brain consciously, the more you train your brain subconsciously, too. This further enhances the probability of the outcome. Resilience. SHOW the Universe who is boss!


Taking the Law of Probability a Few Steps Further

You may also know the phrase, “actions speak louder than words.” A thought is only powerful if you give it enough focal attention of importance. Otherwise, a thought is just a thought. We have thousands of these “thoughts” every day.

A belief is a thought with a lot of focused attention towards it. You can CREATE your beliefs, you can RELEASE your beliefs as well. Beliefs have a more intense vibrational communication with the Universe than thoughts do because of your focused attention over time. The cause and effect of focused attention is feeling.

And your actions, well they have an even GREATER intensity of vibrational communication with the Universe because your beliefs drive you to make decisions. And when you make decisions, you follow them with physical action.

A Mathematical Manifestation Formula

a + b + c = d

a = thought (neursignal containing particle vibrations)
b = belief (neurosignal containing particle vibrations)
c = action (neurosignal contain particle vibrations)
d = manifestation (result)

a (thought) + b (belief) + c (action) = d (manifestation)

All contain particle vibrations stemming from your brain’s neurosignals. When added together manifestations emerge into your physical sphere.

Let’s break this probability down even more:

a = thought
b = belief (a + feeling)
c = action (b + decision)
d = manifestation (a + b + c)

Therefore, we can conclude the probability of a manifestation emerges with continual focused attention on your thoughts, feelings, and even your beliefs.

Because your beliefs are HOW you determine your decisions and actions.

a + b + c = d

The Law of Attraction Method

This is why in the Law of Attraction the emphasis is on your beliefs. However, with MY proven Law of Attraction methods, I take it even further by mixing in choosing empowering decisions followed by taking soul-inspired actions in order to SPEED UP your manifestations into your physical realm.

So, the likelihood of the probability of your manifestations emerging into your physical sphere are greater when you believe, but also when you take soul-inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what you are funneling into your sphere via your brain’s heightened vibrational energy.

Remember, your entire body (including your brain) is an “illusion” because your body IS seven billion billion billion (yes, that many) of tiny, fast-moving particles bouncing around and creating vibrational influences of already existing energy.

And this is what IS the fabric of our Universe: energy made up of billions of fast-moving particles. You ARE the Universe. You ARE energy. Therefore, you ARE your manifestations because manifestations IS energy. You ARE the creator of your perceived reality because you ARE your own reality.

This takes the phrase, “high vibes”, to a whole ‘nother level!

So, be like Dr. Seuss: be resilient. Don’t give up after one “rejection”. Like Einstein states, “Success is failure in progress.” Really, everything is a compound effect in life. Your beliefs of probability is what can either slow down or speed up your emerged manifestations into your physical sphere.


Get Results Quickly!

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Have a beautiful weekend and remember…

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

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Top 1

Why I Refuse to be Confined to a Box


And Why I REFUSE to Give In

I was super excited, I was asked to be featured in a story that gets syndicated to a huge publication. I felt like, “YES! This is another successful step for me as an author and in my business!” I was crying happy tears, thanking the Universe in gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts in helping others.


Family. We all got ’em. And they aren’t always the most positive people, especially if they do not understand how the compound effect works with achieving goals in life. While throughout the 1950’s-1980’s most people had one job/career, most people in the present day have multiple lines of work for their career.

And really, this is totally okay.

I can count around 50 (or even more) people I know both online and offline who have multiple lines of work. This is “the new normal” in our society. And it’s TOTALLY okay. This does not mean your soul’s purpose-work can’t be done because you aren’t bringing in millions of dollars doing ONLY this one job each day. This does not mean you are NOT successful because you aren’t solely clocking in and out a few times per day being in a building outside of your home.


Your soul’s purpose-work IS your soul’s purpose. You do it because you want to do it, it gives you PURPOSE in your life. You wake up every day looking forward to helping others in the world, however that may be through your purpose-work. Living your life with a positive mindset and doing your soul’s purpose-work IS successful because you are doing what makes you happy.

Your multiple lines of work equal SUCCESS in today’s career world, if YOU so choose to look at it this way. Because really what is “success”, anyway? It can mean happiness in your life, and it can mean being a CEO of a multi-million dollar organization. Hell, it could mean having a “side hustle” that gets praise from various OTHER lines of work from time-to-time.

Success is not tied to one stream of work, like it used to be viewed in the 1900’s.

It’s no offense to the 1900’s because we have come a long way to make things more equal in the career realm, and we have many souls throughout history to thank for this.

Multiple lines of work can add up to BIG results through the compound effect. Most multi-millionaires today have multiple lines of work going at the same time.

But, again…what is “success”, anyway?

Success is WHATEVER you choose it to be, period.

Success is whatever you choose it to be, despite how others view it. This is the reason why so many souls do NOT go after their dreams in life. This is the reason why so many souls FEEL STUCK. It’s all because of other viewpoints that other people have about what “success” means. There are always going to be people, including family, who are going to give you the, “butttt….” and fill it with limiting reasons or their own ideas of what something “is” in our world.

Don’t be like those people. Don’t even listen to those people.

Whether or not my featured story ends up on even BIGGER media platforms does not dictate my success. I believe in the compound effect, I believe in it because it fucking works.

And I believe in YOU, period.

So go out there, kick some ass doing your soul’s purpose-work, and never let others try to make you feel like anything less than a successful person living your soul’s successful life. Because you are a rockstar and you deserve nothing but the best.