Need Affirmation Musings?

Hey Sensational Soul! If you are ever wondering how I perform my┬áMastering Your Mindset┬ájournaling in order to CALL IN and manifest my wants and desires into my physical realm, today I'm in a sharing mood! I hope they help you as well during YOUR Mastering Your Mindset journaling. Here are some affirmations I use on … Continue reading Need Affirmation Musings?


You Choose: Fossil Or Diamond

You get that spark of inspiration. You wait a couple of seconds and the doubt starts to set in. You then think about all the reason why it WON'T work. You are now feeling emotions of dread, slight fear, lack of confidence, feeling like you are not good enough. This is your moment to CHOOSE. … Continue reading You Choose: Fossil Or Diamond

Are You Ready For A FREE Mastering Your Mindset Program!?

Hey Sensational Soul! I spent the last 2 weeks getting this epic Mastering Your Mindset 3-Day program put together! Yes, it's FREE! Are you READY!? Take me to my NEW transformation! Enjoy it! Carpe Diem! Journal Girl Jaclyn

We All Have A PURPOSE In Life!

We all have a purpose in this Universe. Some of us go through the majority of our time on earth trying to figure out what our purpose actually IS. Others of us know pretty early on in life here on this beautiful planet. Our Purpose IS The Answer It's our number one passion, our drive, … Continue reading We All Have A PURPOSE In Life!

Are You Settling In Life?

Hey Sensational Soul! I want to remind you that you should NEVER settle in life. You are SO worthy and deserving to achieve whatever it is you want in your life! Never settle in your job, never settle in your relationships, never settle in marriages, never settle with your family and friends, never settle with … Continue reading Are You Settling In Life?