She Completely Overhauled Her Happiness! A Personal Story


I am SO PROUD of this woman because she COMPLETELY overhauled her happiness, thus her life, in just a few, short months! THIS is what I live for, THIS is why I have such a passion to help others, and THIS is what truly excites me to wake up every morning and carpe diem! Please read her unedited story below:

We need to talk…

So this is me, no makeup, no filters, no editing. A real true #Iwokeuplikethis . Unlike the ones who post that trying to fake how pretty they are, this has a different point.

For one thing, I have been lying to you guys for years. I sincerely apologize for that. Some of you knew the truth but most didn’t. The truth is I am not 40 or 41 or 42 or forty anything. I am FIFTY years young.

For years, I based my value on my looks and was downright obsessive about it. I was so insecure about my weight, about my bare natural face, about my age and about many, many things. But this face is my face and I love it. This body is my body and I love it too, no matter what I weigh. Whether it be heavy like I am now from quitting smoking or a size 7 like I was a year ago.

I didn’t mean to be this shallow. My father, he made fun of “fat, disgusting slobs” or in his eyes, unattractive people, helped make me this way. When I was 12, and he told me no to the second pork chop at dinner because I wasn’t as slim as he thought I should be, even though I was only a size 3. That contributed. So I spent years terrified that I was never attractive enough. My poor beautiful Mom contributed by example because she was a victim of the same thinking and didn’t know better. She had been married to my father after all.

I have been on a spiritual journey the last several months. You may have noticed I haven’t been around as much. Now I know this face, this body, this weight, this age, they are not who I am. This physicality is just the vehicle for this great ride called life. I take care of this body because it is my temple. It contains the God within me.

So I quit smoking in February. I quit drinking. I quit soda. I quit coffee. I have gone 80 to 90 % raw vegan. I had already been vegan for years. More importantly, I forgave everyone, including myself and developed some next level gratitude. And I learned to LOVE myself. And not give a shit about others opinions of me or my life or what they think I should or should not be doing or how I look.

So while I am still a work in progress, I am a totally different friend than you had 6 months ago. For the better. And I am thankful for every single one of you!!!! My priorities are different now. My core person, while in a lot of ways was on the right track before, is a new person.

And I am SO THANKFUL!!! I would also like to thank Steve Ross for writing ‘Happy Yoga’, Gabrielle Bernstein for ‘May Cause Miracles’, Russell Simmons for ‘Do You!’, ‘Super Rich’ and ‘Success through Stillness’, Eckhart Tolle for ‘A New Earth’, Jaclyn Nicole Johnston for ‘Don’t Feel Stuck!’ and Jen Sincero for ‘You are a Badass’!!!!

Additionally I would like to thank Alyse from the YouTube channel Raw Alignment. Also Fully Raw Kristina and Dr. Laura Lambaer.

And thank you to a certain unnamed person not on any of my social media nor ever has been, for teaching me patience, how to forgive someone who thinks they are always right, how to transcend others opinions when they think they know how your life should be better than you do, how to keep peace around someone with a very low vibration and how to cut people out of my life for my good.

And most of all my inner guide for leading the way!!!!!

Chella Casselli


Just When You Start To “Give Up” On It- The Universe Delivers!


I want to share something with you:

I manifested SO MUCH into my life last year. I have been currently manifesting MORE things into my life and lately I have been having trouble manifesting something I REALLY want. I have to remind myself that the more I OBSESS over it, the more need and attachment I am giving to it- which actually pushes it away because I’m subconsciously thinking this:

Where is it? Why isn’t it here? When is it going to get here? I don’t have it and I don’t understand why I don’t have it. I don’t have it and when am I going to get it? Why don’t I have it yet?

When you desire something SO BADLY, you are actually pushing it away because you are subconsciously focusing on the LACK of it existing.


So what did I do? I started doing my Mastering Your Mindset journaling around being relaxed, calm, and trusting the Universe KNOWING it’s manifesting and I already have it. I write with conviction such as:

It is so easy to be me 100% every single day and receiving…

I receive…every single day in total and complete ease just for being me!

I am so thankful I can be relaxed, calm, and go about my day knowing I easily receive…!

The Universe is ALWAYS providing…to me in total ease because all I have to do is just be me!

The Universe loves me and wants me to have…!

Every single day I easily receive…just for getting up and living out my purpose in this Universe, it is SO EASY to do this!


I have been doing my mindset journaling along these lines for 3 weeks now and guess what!? I was just “giving up” on my desire of REALLY wanting it so badly and I found out today that I am receiving something that helps PROPEL me towards it even more! Yeah!

So my point is, want your desires. Keep your end-results in mind, but don’t obsess over them manifesting into your physical realm. Relax, trust, believe, and KNOW the Universe is manifesting them- don’t give up on them, but “give up” on them in that you give up on the TIMING of them.

It’s total magic when you SURRENDER and allow the Universe to deliver your manifestations because they come much more quickly!

PS- Tomorrow we start Mastering Your Mindset, the FREE 3-Day Bootcamp in a private group on Facebook! If you’ve purchase my hugely selling book, send me a message with either a photo of you holding my book or of your order confirmation and I’ll add you to the group! BONUS! If my book has helped you, leave me a review on Amazon and I’ll send you bonus 2-day Mastering Your Mindset transformational materials!

As always…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

3 Key Questions:


Hey Sensational Soul!

My client sent this TED Talk video to me and I find he speaks a lot of what I teach to so many souls all around the world: live by your soul’s calling because what seems impossible is actually possible! The only reason why you deem it to be impossible is because you THINK it is impossible. And what you give power to in your thoughts become what you BELIEVE to be as “truth”.

And what do I teach? I teach so many beautiful souls to learn HOW to change their thoughts and mindset beliefs! And it CAN be done! I am one of the most stubborn people out there and I totally did it last year- and I manifested SO MUCH into my life that I am truly so thankful and blessed every single day.

Check out what he has to say, and pay close attention towards the end when he proposes the 3 Key Questions. It’s the same approach I teach my clients (who are now manifesting SO MUCH into their own lives) and that I teach in my journal workbook (readers send me such wonderful manifestation messages to me on a daily basis about HOW QUICKLY they are now manifesting into their own lives!):

Watch the short TED Talk

Have a wonderful Sunday! And remember, tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Are Feeling STUCK In Limiting Thoughts & Feelings


Hey Sensational Soul!

Happy Saturday! Above is a sneak peak of my empowering mindset-shifting journal workbook that has ALREADY transformed SO MANY souls all around the world these past 5 months! Every day I receive messages of feedback from souls who have:

– Received their dream career (no matter their age)

– Lost a lot of weight

– Quit smoking

– Received abundance in cash by thousands of dollars

– Received their soulmate and ideal relationship

– Sold their homes/cars in 1 day

– And most of all…are NOW living in calm, peace, joy, and in total control of their mindset!

It’s only been a few short months since this book was published, but YOUR transformations into YOUR desired new reality can happen at ANY moment!

Let’s Examine

Law of attraction states that “like attracts like”. If you deem your dreams to be “hard” to receive, this is what the Universe is going to continue to deliver to you. If you deem your new reality to be “easy” to receive, this is what the Universe bestows upon you.

Everything in our Universe is energy. This means what we are vibrating out into the world through our tiny, fast-moving particles that make up our human shell (including our brain matter) is what we are SETTING INTENTIONS and asking for in return.

Don’t Stress!

We are human. We all have good days and we all have bad days. There is NO REASON to beat yourself up when you are feeling low energy. It’s perfectly OKAY to acknowledge this. Acknowledge these negative thoughts, but ALLOW them to pass through you. We ALL experience the same thoughts and feelings/emotions. Even those celebrities you admire, they ARE human just like us.

What matters is what we CHOOSE to focus on because what we focus on EXPANDS. So don’t stress about “doing this all wrong”, just relax and know YOU are in control every moment of the day. YOU are in the driver seat of your mindset. All you need is just some help and guidance on HOW to focus on what you truly desire so that it easily manifests into your new reality! You’ve got this!

Practice Makes For The Progression, And Progression Brings The Manifestation

Just like you learned how to walk when you were baby, you ARE shifting your mindset and transforming your mindset. When a baby learns how to walk and constantly falls down, it doesn’t give up. So neither should you! The baby just gets back up and continues persevering towards its end-result. This is what you ARE doing for your dreams and your desires, too, by practicing how you WANT to feel each day by training your mindset! It’s SO EMPOWERING to know that you ARE manifesting your new reality!

The Universe works behinds the scenes as you train your mindset and SHIFT your mindset beliefs. So keep going! You ARE manifesting your dreams into your physical realm. I spent all of last year doing this on a daily basis and I manifested SO MUCH into my life IN JUST A FEW, SHORT MONTHS! It’s so crazy amazing how phenomenal the Universe truly is! I took ALL of my manifesting methods and put them into THIS! You CAN do this, too!

PS- My Mastering Your Mindset 3-Day bootcamp starts on May 11thIt’s a private Facebook group filled with empowering mindset activities to help YOU take back YOUR POWER and TRANSFORM your mindset beliefs! You are going to learn HOW to go from living in limiting thoughts and beliefs to NOW being the master of your mind, thus your life! Your thoughts create feelings and your feelings create beliefs.

So let’s turn it all around for you! It’s a FREE 3-Day bootcamp! Send me a photo of you holding my book, a screenshot of your Amazon order with your name tied to it, or leave a positive review of my book on Amazon in order to gain access to this transformative bootcamp! See you in the group!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Check Out What Others Are Saying!


Hey Sensational Soul!

Happy hump day! It’s a new month, spring is officially in the air, and it’s a great time to really cleanse yourself and start tuning into what it is your soul TRULY desires while you are on this journey we call life.

See what some other sensational souls are saying about taking control of their mindset and manifesting total blessings into their lives, too!

Check it all out here!

Wow! Such awesome desires being manifested into so many beautiful lives! This is exactly WHY I created this book (to help as many wonderful souls as possible ALL around the world)!

Grab your copy in the link below, send me a message with a photo of you holding my book or your Amazon order confirmation w/your name on it, and I’ll add you to my FREE 3-day bootcamp that is starting May 11th! If you are SO TIRED of feeling stuck in your life, you need to get this book and get into the bonus 3-day bootcamp in one of my private Facebook groups!

Don’t Feel Stuck! Grab the journal workbook here!

It’s TIME FOR SOME POSITIVE CHANGES in your life and I totally believe in you. I am one of the most stubborn people in the world and if I could do it last year and manifest a $hit load into my life, I KNOW you can, too! See you in the group!

Happy hump day!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Don't Feel Stuck!