Boom! It’s Done!

Hey Sensational Soul! Happy Friyay! Like the moon, we have phases of emotions that stem from our thoughts. But, I have a question for you: Do you trust the Universe? Well, do you!? This is a great Mastering Manifasting (Manifesting Faster) journaling prompt for this weekend. Why do you, or why don't you, trust the Universe? When … Continue reading Boom! It’s Done!

Are You Wondering Why It Keeps Happening?

Hey Sensational Soul! Happy Friday! I hope you've had an amazing week and you have a beautiful weekend filled with rest and rejuvenation. I was doing my Mastering Manifasting journaling today and I was thinking about how powerful the Universe truly is when it comes to its boomerang effect. Then I started thinking about certain souls who continuously … Continue reading Are You Wondering Why It Keeps Happening?