You can't fix problems of violence by pigeon-holing and stereotyping under bias pretenses.


Why I Refuse to be Confined to a Box

I was super excited, I was asked to be featured in a story that gets syndicated to a huge publication. I felt like, "YES! This is another successful step for me as an author and in my business!" I was crying happy tears, thanking the Universe in gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts in helping others. But...

Keep Your Blinders On & Focus!

  No matter what you do, there are going to be people who criticize and judge your spiritual ass. Ultimately, it doesn't matter AT ALL what others think of you. Of course, you want to do your best job and it does feel good to be praised for your hard work. But what I'm emphasizing … Continue reading Keep Your Blinders On & Focus!

Everything You WANT Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Hey Sensational Soul! I have been talking to a few of my clients and while¬†fear plays a prominent role in our lives, I want to send you a friendly reminder with regards to fear and who we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with in our lives. Ask Yourself The next time you feel you are holding … Continue reading Everything You WANT Is On The Other Side Of Fear