What If They Don’t Like You?


You want to own your own business, you want that dream job, you want that loving relationship, you want more positive friends, you want more money, you want success in your life! But, what if they don’t like you? Here’s how I handle it…


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Looking For Your Feedback About Money

Looking For Your Feedback About Money

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Hey Beautiful Soul!

The outline of my upcoming ManiFASTing money book is in place and I have been writing and editing around it. Here is a sneak peek of it, reply and let me know if I’ve left out anything you’d like for me to address in the book?

I’m here to teach you and I want to mix it up and use various ways people learn such as through: visual, audio, kinesthetic, through smell, taste, etc.

Declutter your wallet and old receipts
Reflect on why you have current money beliefs and the past influences from others to bring about your beliefs
Reflect on origins of the Universe and how energy works within it
New thought angles about what money IS (my teachings)
Implement them through daily practice (fun exercises that range from writing to smelling, tasting, hearing, doing, etc.)
Using ManiFASTing action to have FUN: For your Unlimited Net worth (your anchoring process of FUN)
Trust the Law of Attraction’s process for your FUN


Let me know if I missed anything you’d like for me to address around the topic of money energy and money beliefs. Have a great week!

XOXO Jaclyn

Photo credit: Paxton Maroney

Mixing It Up for The Sake of Money

Mixing It Up for The Sake of Money


Hey Gorgeous Soul!

This new year of 2020 has had a lot of MAJOR changes for many souls. I used to loathe change, but I didn’t realize at the time that my loathing change kept me from receiving all my desires.

Now, I embrace change because this means all my desires have the ability to enter into my physical sphere at any time.

I’ve been writing my upcoming money book for about 6 or 7 months now. I was feeling stuck around it for the past month (I know, I said I was feeling stuck…pun not intended). I hadn’t meditated during the day in a while, so I did it for 3 minutes each day this week by starting a new type of meditation I have recently learned.

I’ve now been sparked with an idea for my upcoming book. I want to mix it up (change it up) because I really want this book to be lighthearted AND educational with regards to manifesting all your money desires!

After all, it’s not worth it if it’s not fun, right?

The Law of Attraction emphasizes you get what you focus on, and I definitely want this book to be fun for you to read while you ManiFAST money!

Whether you are new to my realm or you have been on this journey with me for a while, I like to refer to money as “chocolate bars”. Elemental particles that make up our Universe also make up the delicious treat.

Just reflecting about how particles of elements that ARE the Universe ALSO ARE ingredients that make up chocolate shaped into square bars, teardrop morsels, and even dainty flakes changes my perspective on how money IS in existence.

And money IS in existence FOR us because:

Perception is reality.

I invite you to reply to this message and let me know why you currently find money hard to receive. I really do want to know because it helps me with the editing process of this book for you to read and learn from with regards to manifesting money successfully with ease.

Yes, you ARE manifesting your money desires successfully with ease because you ARE allowed to do so. Reply and let me know what your current hang-ups are with WHY you find it to be hard to receive more money into your physical realm.

Remember to use your daily affirmations, feel free to use one of mine:

I’m always attracting abundance to me!

XOXO Jaclyn

Photo credit: Paxton Maroney