Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

New Year

Can you believe this is the last day of a decade (again)? I remember 1989, 1999, 2009, and here we are at 2019! So crazy how time flies.

Tomorrow, in our Facebook Manifest It! family group, we are doing Write into Reality! It’s a week-long experience for setting your intentions for 2020 in the way you desire to experience 2020, both mentally and emotionally.

What this means is I am going to give you some mindset exercises each day for a full week (that you can use over and over again) so that you can switch your mental and emotional gears into giving yourself the confidence boost to take Manifesting Action.

I’m going to do these exercises WITH you, so if you have any questions, ask them inside the FREE Facebook family group and let’s ring in 2020 together in ManiFASTing everything we all desire with ease!

PS- We are also doing a group accountability to cut sugar from our diets so that way we can feel cleaner and have more energy!


I’m doing a FREE program inside the group for a couple of months:

Manifesting Moolah (Money)

Energy is such a POWERFUL force, why not ManiFAST more money for each other using group visualization with our energy with me as your guide? I’m SO EXCITED for everyone. I cannot wait! Tomorrow is going to be a big day…but you know me, I like to surprise with gifts, so I may just start this program TODAY.

Happy New Year 2020!

XOXO Jaclyn

A Thriving Life Photo

You Will Manifest Money This Way


Here I was responding to a ManiFASTing group member tonight and it all of a sudden hit me. So, I had to pick up my microphone and get it out before it escaped my mind: in order to manifest more money, we gotta do this together…

This is going to be so much fun!

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A Thriving Life Campaign (my brand new project within Manifest It!)

Using Sleep to Manifest Money


It’s Part II of the 2-Part “Resting to Rejuvenate Your Success” Series! Part II is about using sleep to manifest money!

Do you know how much your life improves very quickly when using sleep with the Law of Attraction? This is a 2-part series I collaborated with Health Bloggers Community for using Rest to Rejuvenate Your Success. Learn the secrets to the science of sleep for both your body weight and staying youthful in this episode.

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Soulful Secret Tip: Money Is…

Soulful Secret Tip: Money Is…

Money Money

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I recently took a poll in my free Facebook community, Manifest It!, and received a noteworthy response about wanting to learn how to manifest more money into your life. I’m in the middle of writing my money book and so I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a little sneak peak about what’s inside the book, as well as ask you a question about your money beliefs.

Money Is…

I want you to take a moment and ask yourself the following:

What does money represent to me?

There is no right or wrong way to answer this, truly. Money IS whatever and however you choose to approach it. Money is paper, money is mathematical figures on computer screens, money is your favorite scent, money is your bed and comfy sheets, money is.

One of the main ways I was able to wrap my head around the concept of money was by doing the following a few times per week:

Go on a date with money. Instead of fearing its existence, decide to have a healthy relationship with it. This doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate $1, hold that $1.00 piece of paper in your hand while sipping your favorite beverage, wearing your favorite makeup and/or favorite pair of shoes, while listening to your favorite music. Go on a date with money and enjoy your experience with it while holding this piece of paper. If you don’t have a piece of paper of $1 money, then open your bank account and love the mathematical figures on your computer screen. Money is how you choose to approach it.

Apply It!

Try this exercise out 2-3 times this week and let me know how it goes for you! Also, I have a question for you:

If you have a fear around money, why do you have this fear about it? Reply and let me know, I’m curious because I’m 99.9% sure I had the same fear as you two years ago.

Have a beautiful day and remember to use your daily affirmations.

I am always attracting abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

Soulful Secret Tip: Manifest More Money Using This!

Soulful Secret Tip: Manifest More Money Using This!


Hey Amazing Soul,

You’ve heard it before, especially from me, “Money is just energy.” And really, that’s all it is. That’s all it is because it’s paper and mathematical figures on computer screens. Nevertheless, so many souls feel stuck around manifesting more money into their lives. Note: if this is you, you are NOT stuck, you just FEEL stuck, there is a big difference. Here are my tips to help you unblock your mental money woes.

Journal Out the Following:

1) Write down how much money you need right now for this month only. Notice I said, “need” and “this month only”.

2) Write out in detail what you need it for and why you need it. Think in terms of visualizations. Describe it through your journaling in detail such as:

Each month I pay $X for my rent/mortgage so that I can come home at night to a warm and comfy apt/house filled with beautiful purple and black furniture. My pets greet me at the door each night when I get home from work, and when I get home I can fully relax on my big, cushioned purple couch with blue blankets!

3) Write down everything you can think of about money that is a negative belief. For example, “Money is a limited resource.”

4) Now write down the OPPOSITE of these negative beliefs about money and state your fact for why the opposite is true. For example, “Money is just energy, and energy is incredibly abundant because it makes up our entire Universe and our planet! I am energy, too!”

5) Take what you wrote in #1 for why you need the money for this month, only, and re-write your sentences in a way like:

Thank you SO MUCH for $X, I am able to pay $X each month for my apt/home and I feel so blessed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Do it for each reason why you need the money for this month.

6) Now take a piece of paper and write “money” on the center of it. Circle the word and write around the bubble all the POSITIVE things about how much money you receive each month in your life. For example, “Money is good because I can buy healthy food, and ice cream, too!”

7) Now that you KNOW how much money comes to you, write out and finish this sentence at least 20 times ANY and EVERY way you are now ALLOWING abundance to flow into your physical realm:

I am ALWAYS abundant with money because…


Great job! Take a few minutes and reflect on what you’ve learned from this exercise. Reply and let me know what comes up for you- I’m excited to celebrate your growth with you!

Remember to use your affirmations daily, feel free to use mine below.

I am always attracting abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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