Soulful Secret Tip: You Become It

Whether you want to become a best-selling author near the greats who are the #1 New York Times Best-Selling Authors, a 6-figure CEO working to help others achieve their own dreams, or being in your ideal relationship with your best friend/soulmate/twin flame, a secret I use in order to call in ALL my own desires is...

Remember Your Why & Tell Them to F Off

Change is a GOOD thing, even if it's scary sometimes. And even if you don't always understand why things are happening in the way they do, you eventually realize the "why" of how everything comes TOGETHER...

Caution: When You Say Yes the Universe Says Yes to You

I used to be completely fearful with everything I did in my life, I mean with EVERYTHING. I would make decisions that were safe and easy so that I wouldn’t have to think or feel anything outside of my comfort zone. But...

Soulful Secret Tip: Create Your Kick-Ass Affirmations

We all have ups and downs with our moods and emotions, it's natural with being human. But, it's good to have a "go-to" list in order to help bring you back onto your soul's path of manifesting your desires into your physical realm even faster!

Have You Always Felt Like An Outsider? If So, This One’s For You

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you don't "belong" with the "in" crowd? That no matter what you say, how you dress, what you brought to lunch each day, and how you ran laps or shot hoops in gym, you were always on the cusp of something great?