Are You Addicted to the Struggle of Wishing?

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Money Is Seriously Coming TO You, FOR You

Are you doing IT!? Come on, you know what I mean. Are you living in love? When you wake up in the mornings do you just go through the motions? Or, do you put your two feet onto the ground and start doing everything from a place of love? What do you love? Is it … Continue reading Money Is Seriously Coming TO You, FOR You

The Secret To Allowing It All In

You've heard it: just stop the resistance and allow it to manifest into your physical realm. Okay...yeah...but how do you do this?? I studied law of attraction and cognitive training for 2 years before my physical realm started flooding with blessings I ALLOWED myself to receive. I'm not saying it takes this long to get … Continue reading The Secret To Allowing It All In

New Podcast! You’re HUMAN

Thank Gosh For Free-Will In Love…Or We Could All Be Donald Trump’s Puppet

Many people are curious about whether or not the law of attraction works on attracting a specific person in a specific way to you. Let me introduce the concept of "free-will" might be actually quite GLAD that it exists when you REALLY think about it! Carpe Diem! Journal Girl Jaclyn