Suicide Doesn’t Have To Be The ONLY Choice


Please call, you are not alone in this Universe. The national suicide prevention hotline TRULY helps you: 1-800-273-TALK. You can also text HOME to 741741 for free in the US.


How Do You Write YOUR Story?



Do you react or respond?

When things happen, do you instantly react? Do you allow your emotions to take over? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to completely overrule the circumstance? Do you allow OTHERS to dictate what you should think and/or how you should feel?

Or, do you respond? Do you stop and internalize, and THEN either respond verbally or through actions? Do you take ownership of your thoughts and feelings?

Everything in life is circumstantial. Everything in life is a reflection of how you respond to the circumstance in the moment. How you respond is what sets the path for your future circumstances because you literally create what you focus on by giving power to it within your mindset.

Whether you realize it or not, you ARE training your mindset every day from circumstances in your life.

Pause for the cause.

YOU are the only person who is in control of YOU. If you allow your mindset to immediately go to the negative and limiting thoughts, you are training your mindset to do so on a continuous basis. However, if you start training your mindset to pause first, internalize and examine the circumstance, and THEN respond, you can start to realize that:

1) This moment is truly temporary.

2) You can acknowledge your thoughts/feelings and then allow them to pass through you because they do NOT have control over you OR the circumstance at hand.

3) And the more you train your mindset to understand #1 and #2 you no longer react, but now respond, which is SO MUCH MORE empowering!

Your life is YOUR story. Your reactions and responses make up your stories. How do YOU want to write YOUR story? What persists in your mindset is what exists for your outcome. What you focus on is what continues. What you allow is what helps to create your story, your path in life. What do you allow: reaction or response?

You are in so much more control than you think…it all starts from your visualizations. Writing is such a POWERFUL way to visualize. Mindset journaling speeds up your manifestations because it enhances your visualizations. So write YOUR story the way you DESIRE it to be.

Your soul path is calling for you.

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

What If…


What if you were to tell your fears to go take a hike? What if you were to 100% completely let out the total badass in you? What if you were to take each day one at a time and totally LOVE yourself? How would this feel? What would you think? How would you act?

Take 10 minutes and do your Mastering Your Mindset to journal this out. It’s time to OWN yourself exactly who you want to be, exactly who you are meant to be, and exactly who you ARE. And then? Then start thinking from this place, start feeling from this place, and start acting from this place!

Practice makes for progression and progression makes for the manifestation! Love yourself, love the YOU that IS your soul’s calling. Love the YOU that is your soul’s path. And GO take inspired actions- daily- to propel you forward towards your new reality. The Universe IS listening, the Universe IS responding (behind the scenes- trust me!), the Universe IS delivering- and it CAN happen real fast!

You’ve got this.

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn