Love Will Keep Us Alive (Using the Power of Love/Sexual Energy)

The most powerful energy in the Universe is love/sexual energy. While we may not be able to fully comprehend WHY we have these thoughts and feelings (thus vibrations); nonetheless, it’s the most powerful (and depending on one’s view) most important energy in order for us to thrive as human beings.

Why is it so powerful?

You CAN use the energy of love to ManiFAST anything and everything into your physical realm:

Do you want more money in your life? Enter into a loving, committed, positive relationship with it and watch how money energy adapts and shapes towards you from your magnetic energy vibrations.
Do you yearn for your dream career? Enter into a loving, committed, positive relationship with your visualizations and the knowledge you CAN receive around your dream industry and watch how your dream job starts taking shape towards you and your life from your magnetic energy vibrations.
Do you crave for your soulmate/twin flame/best friend to emerge into your physical realm? Enter into a loving, committed, positive relationship with your visualizations and with YOURSELF and watch how your true love takes shape and it becomes REAL within your physical realm due to your magnetic energy vibrations.

If you are wondering why you often feel like you are missing out on happy and loving relationships, I can tell you it’s because you have some fearful and limiting thoughts/beliefs going on right now in your subconscious- and probably your consciousness, too, but you are probably making excuses in order to remain within your comfort zone.

Everything stems from our past

I remember the first time my sweet chemist and I had our first misunderstanding (it wasn’t a fight or an argument, it was truly a misunderstanding). I was reacting from feeling vulnerable based upon my FEARS FROM my past with a certain man. And my sweet chemist? Well, he, too, was reacting from feeling vulnerable based upon his own FEARS FROM his past with certain souls. I misunderstood his intentions and he misunderstood mine.

Now we laugh about it.

But, if we both hadn’t stuck around and had the “this is why” talk, we would probably not be together today. This SHOWS how much each other means to one another because instead of allowing our fears to dictate our decisions and choices, we empowered ourselves as individuals and had the uncomfortable, yet led to massive growth, conversation.

As a result, we came to a mutual understanding and agreement.

Fear happens in all stages of life. He’s almost twice my age and he’s one of the kindest people I have ever met…even so he still has fear. Fear is okay, acknowledge fear and ALLOW it to pass. We did so by choosing not to run from each other and talk it out in an open and honest discussion.

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Side Note

If someone doesn’t want to ACTUALLY sit down with you and TALK everything out with you, let me tell you something:

You are WASTING your time with that soul. They do NOT want to be a mature adult by sitting down and having an honest and open conversation with you. They will use every excuse in the book not to do it, too. And it still has NOTHING to do with YOU, it has EVERYTHING to do with themselves. They are too afraid to change their habitual thinking, feeling, and acting patterns…which means, they are too afraid to look inward at themselves. They refuse to grow into a higher level of happiness for themselves and would rather throw away opportunities because familiarity seems safer to them. And then they just run on the hamster wheel in life wondering why everything is always so stressful for them. Well…

Don’t waste your time on these souls, they LOVE to use excuses and it’s just NOT worth your precious time and energy. Let them miss out on opportunities because it only means someone much MORE suited for you and WAY MORE worthy of receiving your kind and loving heart IS coming to you, FOR you (and for you, only).

TRUST the process when a soul pushes you away and uses excuses to brush you off. Fuck the whole thing, do NOT fuck them (pun intended). If they aren’t willing to be mature and commit to having an honest CONVERSATION, what makes you think they are mature enough to make a commitment in life with you??

Put them in the past where they belong.

Speaking of the past and being fearful…

Journal out the following:

(Think of the last time you got hurt by someone…)

Did I allow them to hurt me again? If yes, why? If no, why not?
What did I learn from this past person and from this past relationship (whether it was requited or unrequited)?
Am I still carrying any fears from my relationship with this person? Why or why not?
What would it mean for me to let these fears go?
What would it mean for me to continue to carry these fears?

You ALWAYS get a choice, you ALWAYS get to make decisions based upon life circumstances. Continue journaling:

Did I make empowering and self-loving choices in the past from that relationship? Why or why not?
What does making empowering and self-loving choices mean to me? What does it look like?

(Now think about the present and your future)

What am I NOW choosing and deciding to think and do going forward both in love and in life?
Finish this sentence 10 times: I am now COMMITTING to thinking…I am now COMMITTING to doing…

The Takeaway

If you honestly answer these questions by either journaling them out by pen or typing them out onto your computer, you’ll have a “aha!” and/or “holy SHIFT!” moment.

Life is NOW, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, not next 10 years. Life. Is. Now. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all been rejected, we’ve all been torn apart emotionally by life and relationships in our past.


It doesn’t mean we HAVE to continue allowing our past pain and our fear to dictate our present and our future. You get a choice. You ALWAYS get a choice.

Do you choose to live your life in the present?
Or, do you choose to live your life in the past?

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Remember, life is NOW, how do you CHOOSE and COMMIT to living it?

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Are You Feeling Discouraged Yet?

It’s the last week of January, about that time of the year are feeling blue about (yet again) our new-year resolutions not panning out as quickly as we want them to in our lives.

Listen, I’m just as much of a lover of instant gratification as the next person; but, I’m here to tell you that with daily, consistent steps (big or small, both count), you CAN and you ARE receiving your all your desires and goals.

Progress is progress, folks. No two journeys are the exact same, nor does it mean you are any less worthy of receiving all your dreams.

So, don’t let your mindset bring you out of focus. You are doing such a great job in both your business and in your life. TRULY. We don’t give ourselves enough credit in this world.

Be persistent in that you NEVER give up. Keep moving FORWARD. And keep your eyes set on the prize.

Oh, and don’t forget to have FUN along the way. Manifesting is a journey, not a destination.

And the quicker you RELEASE your need to control things a certain way, the quicker your blessings come flowing into your physical realm.

ALLOW the however and whenever, just focus on your manifestations being YOURS and FOR you. It’s done! All you gotta do is trust the process and relish in your feelings of ALREADY being who you are striving to be, living where you want to live, receiving everything and everyone you want to receive into your physical realm. You’ve got this!

STAY FOCUSED. Put your blinders on and stop comparing yourself to others, you really ARE doing such a great job! TRULY! KEEP GOING! Next time you feel like giving up and giving in, good. Release your need for the attachment, but do not give up altogether! Your desires are still coming to you, FOR you. Relax and believe.

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And remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Journal Girl Jaclyn

WHEN Is The Money COMING!??

I know what you are thinking and how you’re feeling. Manifesting your desires can be both overwhelming and confusing. I used to be in this exact place 2 years ago.

I wanted to start my own business, publish books, find my soulmate/twin flame and best friend, and get out of debt.
Fast-forward to 2 years later and here I AM.

Did it take me just sitting around and feeling good? Well, yeah, partially.

Did it take me making the decision and commitment to manifesting my desires, no “if…then”, “and when..”, or “but once…”? Well, yeah!

Did it take consistent, daily, decision-making moments in helping me to move closer to my desires? Well, yeah!

Did it require taking inspired action every single day? Well, yeah!

Did I have to bust through my limiting thoughts and my fears when they wanted to buzz around me again? Well, HELL YEAH!

And how did I shoo away the fear flies? I did my Mastering Manifasting visualization/mindset training EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I AM an Olympian of manifesting. I AM a Master Manifaster!

And you CAN BE, TOO! No, SERIOUSLY. I know what you’re thinking! Stop it (insert smiley face).

Law of Attraction gurus teach you that in order to manifest ALL your desires all you gotta do is sit around and feel good and then, bloop, they land into your lap.

Now I’m not saying this doesn’t happen! Of course, it CAN.

What I’m stating is that most Law of Attraction gurus DON’T tell you that when you emit POWERFUL vibrations into the Universe via taking inspired actions, DAILY, well, it speeds up the process of your manifestations! Seriously.

You make the decision, and stick with it. You mentally and physically commit to your desires. Every single day.

And then?

While you believe 1000% that all your desires are YOURS and they ARE manifesting via UPS: Universe Parcel Service, you think, feel, and do things that help you to stay in alignment of feeling GOOD.

So yes, sitting around and feeling good is an ingredient in the formula of manifesting all your life goals and dreams.


It’s not the SOLE ingredient.

And when you take daily, inspired action SHOWING the Universe what you are calling into your physical realm, the Universe works behind the scenes to help you receive it even faster because you ARE taking inspired actions! These are your soul’s nudges, by the way.

Think a thought, you emit a vibration. But, 90% of your fears don’t pan out (you can state this for ANY thought, really, we are talking about a single thought).

Feel a thought, you emit stronger vibrations.

ACT a thought, you emit even STRONGER vibrations because you have both the thought AND the feels propelling you onward.


There is no point in taking actions towards your desires if it doesn’t feel like a HELL YEAH! So, don’t think because you do “this” or take action towards “that” is means you are going to wake up as a millionaire within a week.

Well…anything is possible…but outlook is a lower percentage of this emerging into your physical realm.


When you have a desire, a drive, a YEARNING for freedom in any and every way possible, your vibrations magnify and your soul screams, “More of THIS, please!”

So, what do you do from there? Do you sit still and do nothing?

Or, do you ACT on your passions?

When you act FROM a place of your soul’s calling, your soul’s TRUEST purpose-work in giving BACK to the Universe, and you COMMIT to it (daily), the Universe rewards you with your manifestations more easily and much quicker because your vibrations are SO MAGNIFIED! It’s the boomerang effect: output = input!

There is no point in doing something to make a quick buck. Hell no. This doesn’t work (unless you want to be unethical and you don’t care about integrity…karma, anyone?).

When you follow your soul’s compass, your soul’s yearning to feel FREE in your purpose-work, it doesn’t matter however long it takes for your dreams and desires to emerge into your physical realm BECAUSE you’re having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

You don’t do to get from point A to point B.

You don’t think to get from point A to point B.

You don’t feel to get from point A to point B.

You FLOW IN ALIGNMENT and you realize there is NO destination happiness. It doesn’t exist.

You ARE manifesting ALL your desires and reams, you TRULY are. The time it takes to receive them into your physical realm is COMPLETELY up to you- in how you choose to look at your life and your purpose on this planet.

If you want that soulmate/twin flame/best friend, you gotta learn how to embrace the BADASS that you ARE inside of yourself…otherwise, they will not want to be around someone who isn’t loving towards themselves (that’s not attractive to ANYONE).

You gotta CLEAR OUT what is no longer serving you for your soul’s highest happiness in life and with the energies of others around you.

If you want MORE money into your physical realm, you gotta learn to CLEAR OUT what no longer serves your soul’s highest happiness in your life and with your past/current money beliefs.

Once you CLEAR OUT what is no longer serving you for YOUR highest happiness and YOUR highest success, BAM! Your dreams and desires emerge SO FAST because you are only focusing on what you WANT and you are HAVING FUN being in the flow and alignment of the Universe.

Stop struggling.
Stop wishing.
Stop waiting.
Stop wobbling.

DECIDE and be done with it. If you want to be a millionaire…


It’s done! It’s yours! It’s yours and yours ONLY (because the Universe is so damn limitless and abundant with its energy)!

Embrace it and CELEBRATE yourself because you ARE manifesting it RIGHT NOW. You ARE. The Universe is picking the “however” and “whenever”, all you gotta do is just relax, have fun, stay in flow and alignment as much as you can, and when you have a challenging day understand that this IS normal and it doesn’t mean you fucked it all up!

Now, if you continue to focus on your challenges instead of CELEBRATING ALL YOUR PROGRESSIVE STEPS ALONG THE WAY…well, you get what you FOCUS on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

BUT, it’s okay to have these limiting thoughts. Just make sure you RELEASE them and LET THEM GO because they are not serving your soul for its highest happiness, remember your long-term goal. Remember your WHY you are manifesting all your desires and dreams.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Release Your FEAR & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Change the Way You Look at Things…

…The Things You Look at Change

Think Of It This Way: Money Shifted Its Energy In 5000 B.C.

Before then people bartered things like bags of rice and beans. And then commodities such as salt, tea, and tobacco began to be exchanged. THEN metal objects began to be used as “money”.

Read the above again. I’m just going to let this all sink in for you. Like Dr. Wayne Dyer keenly states:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Oh, and air equals money. You breathe in money 24/7 because money IS air. It’s your favorite food, it’s your favorite hobby, it’s your favorite thought.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

SEXY Money! How to Get on the RECEIVING End of YOUR Abundance