It’s Not Money That You Want

It’s Not Money That You Want

Money is Not What You Want

I had a good conversation with a couple of well-known people about this recently. No matter how much money you have, or how much money you want, it’s NOT the money that you want.

It’s what money represents to you that you want.

Everything is subjective in the Universe. It’s how you choose to perceive it.

Money = Access

This is what so many people believe. And you know what? Yes, this is true, but it’s not SOLELY money that gives you access. There are other things you can do that also give you access to your goals, both in your career and in your life.

For your ManiFASTing this weekend I want you to write out and finish these sentences:

In the world, having a lot of money means… (good and/or bad, what do you think it means in general?)
For me and my life, having a lot of money represents… (answer this at least 5 times with what money symbolizes and represents to you)
The top 3 reasons why I desire to have more money is because I want to feel…

Now take what you wrote for your top 3 reasons and finish this sentence at least 5 times for EACH reason:

Another way I can feel (insert reason) right now in my present life is to… (answer 5 times for each reason, so 15 sentences in total)
Now that I know how to feel (insert reason) right now in my life, I’m committing to doing (insert an action to help you maintain your feeling) daily/weekly.

This is now where you realize you can feel your desired way at ANY moment you choose, and you want to SHOW the Universe you are attracting more events and situations to produce your desired feelings.


It’s not a single thought or feeling that manifests, it’s the thoughts and feelings you focus on most of the time. When you follow what feels good to you you’re maintaining Law of Attraction’s alignment, and the Universe acts in its boomerang effect by reflecting the same or similar to you.

Reply and let me know what comes up for you! Have a beautiful weekend!

XOXO Jaclyn

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I’m Giving Away $50 on Valentine’s Day!

I’m Giving Away $50 on Valentine’s Day!

Grateful (1)

Yes, you read that correctly. In honor of my officially trademarked “Manifest It!” business AND Valentine’s Day, I’m running a contest ONLY in the Facebook Manifest It! group and within my email’s listserv. (if you’re not on it yet, go here and click on the banner at the top to get your free training!)

Contest Details

There are 3 Options to be entered to win $50 via a Paypal transfer straight from me to YOU:

1) In honor of Valentine’s Day if you’ve purchased Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! and liked it, please leave an approved Amazon review and message me a screenshot of it. Once it’s live on my book’s Amazon page, I’ll enter you into the contest with 1 entry!


2) If you like my books and/or online programs/trainings, leave me a Google review on my Manifest It! business listing, message me a screenshot of it, and I’ll enter you into the contest with 1 entry!


3) Do #1 AND #2 and you’ll get triple the entries!


I can’t wait to know who wins on Valentine’s Day! You have to be either in the Manifest It! Facebook group or on my email’s listserv to be eligible. I’ll put names into a bowl and draw on Valentine’s Day through a video. I’ll put your first name with your last initial or beginning of email address so you can remain anonymous if you’d like.

Manifest It! is officially trademarked and I’m celebrating by giving away $50! Whoo hoo! Have a great week! If you have any questions, let me know.

Love you all!

XOXO Jaclyn

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Mixing It Up for The Sake of Money

Mixing It Up for The Sake of Money


Hey Gorgeous Soul!

This new year of 2020 has had a lot of MAJOR changes for many souls. I used to loathe change, but I didn’t realize at the time that my loathing change kept me from receiving all my desires.

Now, I embrace change because this means all my desires have the ability to enter into my physical sphere at any time.

I’ve been writing my upcoming money book for about 6 or 7 months now. I was feeling stuck around it for the past month (I know, I said I was feeling stuck…pun not intended). I hadn’t meditated during the day in a while, so I did it for 3 minutes each day this week by starting a new type of meditation I have recently learned.

I’ve now been sparked with an idea for my upcoming book. I want to mix it up (change it up) because I really want this book to be lighthearted AND educational with regards to manifesting all your money desires!

After all, it’s not worth it if it’s not fun, right?

The Law of Attraction emphasizes you get what you focus on, and I definitely want this book to be fun for you to read while you ManiFAST money!

Whether you are new to my realm or you have been on this journey with me for a while, I like to refer to money as “chocolate bars”. Elemental particles that make up our Universe also make up the delicious treat.

Just reflecting about how particles of elements that ARE the Universe ALSO ARE ingredients that make up chocolate shaped into square bars, teardrop morsels, and even dainty flakes changes my perspective on how money IS in existence.

And money IS in existence FOR us because:

Perception is reality.

I invite you to reply to this message and let me know why you currently find money hard to receive. I really do want to know because it helps me with the editing process of this book for you to read and learn from with regards to manifesting money successfully with ease.

Yes, you ARE manifesting your money desires successfully with ease because you ARE allowed to do so. Reply and let me know what your current hang-ups are with WHY you find it to be hard to receive more money into your physical realm.

Remember to use your daily affirmations, feel free to use one of mine:

I’m always attracting abundance to me!

XOXO Jaclyn

Photo credit: Paxton Maroney