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Hey Amazing Soul!
Know how I unexpectedly ManiFASTed more money into my life:
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This Checklist Works with Using the Law of Attraction

This Checklist Works with Using the Law of Attraction


Hey Amazing Soul!

I made this checklist for when I have my moments of anxiety and worry, and it helps me to get back into my soul’s alignment with the Universe. And then I am able to surrender much easier.

PS- When I do this, BAM! My desires emerge so quickly! I had a breakthrough the other day after a few weeks of being hard on myself and I’ve had 2 amazing blessings come through this week! Definitely use this checklist!


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It All Works Together Simultaneously

It All Works Together Simultaneously

Universe Quote

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together simultaneously. How? Well, you either TUNE INTO your soul’s calling, or you don’t. And what you focus on is how you train your mindset to behave on a habitual basis. And the Universe reflects back to you what you focus on most of the time. It’s not about having a single thought, it’s about having the thought with certainty.

Your Brain is a Phenomenal Instrument

There are trillions upon trillions of particles of energy just flying around you, that make up YOU, including your brain matter. And they are flying around colliding with each other 24/7, like being inside one of those money machines where the money flies all around you as you grab at the cash.

Crazy, right?

But how do you funnel these magical particles into your DESIRED SHAPES, into your physical realm, such as your dream career, your ideal relationship, or your dream car? Even into more money?

By using what some neurologists call Mindful Meditation. I like to call it Mastering Manifesting Journaling, whereas you literally:

Write into Reality

I’ve discovered how powerful Mindful Meditation can really be, especially when you write down your intentions as being in the present moment. The reason for this is, according to Christopher Bergland from Psychology Today (tap me for the full article):

A series of studies led by Andrew Hafenbrack found that mindfulness helped counteract deep-rooted tendencies and lead to better decision-making. The researchers found that a brief period of mindfulness allowed people to make more rational decisions by considering the information available in the present moment, which led to more positive outcomes in the future.


Nothing is Separate When It Comes to the Force of Energy

How you use your brain is how you KNOW if you are following your soul’s calling or not. So, being mindful, being aware, is what creates habitual thought behaviors, thus influencing whether or not you take manifesting action with your desires.

Nothing is separate or outside of itself. Not even your brain’s energy (your decision-making abilities), your soul’s energy (where your TRUEST calling lives), and not even the Universe’s high-speed particles flailing about (the same particles that make up the shape of you).

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together simultaneously in the Law of Attraction.

This means everything you desire is ALREADY in existence!

What emerges into your physical realm is how you DECIDE for your desires to be. If you believe them to be unattainable, then they will continue to hover around you at bay. If you DECIDE to allow yourself to be AVAILABLE to them, BAM! Your desires come funneling into your physical realm at warped speed because you are firm and steady with your empowering decision (no wobbling).

It’s ALL up to YOU, Amazing Soul!

See you soon, and remember to use your daily affirmations. Feel free to use one of mine below:

I am always attracting abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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Go on a Date with Money, Honey!


Hey Amazing Soul!

When was the last time you went on a date with money?

In my latest featured article with Clouds+Dirt I share with you some of my ManiFASTing methods about, you guessed it, the magical green stuff! No, not THAT magical green stuff…

Reply and share some of your money manifesting stories with me, I’m dying to know! Have a great day and don’t forget your daily affirmations, you can use mine below if you’d like:

I always attract abundance to me with ease,

XOXO Jaclyn

Learning How to Funnel Those Particles into Manifestations!


Hey Amazing Soul,

When you wake up each morning, what are your habitual thoughts? Be honest with yourself, now. What are your typical, habitual thoughts while brushing your teeth and turning on the coffee machine? If you’ve answered to yourself something along the lines of producing limiting and scarcity thoughts, it’s okay! We are going to change this starting NOW!

Funnel Those Particles into What You Want, Baby!

Morning Rituals:

1) Take a Post-It note or an index card and write on them some of your current favorite empowering affirmations.

2) Set one or two of them next to your alarm clock on your nightstand. Each morning when you wake up, read them to yourself a couple of times (and out loud) because you are training your brain to start thinking and BEING in a positive state.

3) Set one or two more of them next to your coffee machine and do the same!

4) Turn on a podcast of a motivational speaker, so that when you are finished getting ready you have set your intentions for your day!

Nightly Rituals:

5) And…you guessed it…every evening when you are climbing into bed, your notes are there to remind you to state your positive affirmations and go over the highlights of your day before you fall asleep. Think and state to yourself some of your favorite moments in your day. Mesh them with your positive affirmations when you talk to yourself.

Practice Makes For the Progression & Progression Makes For Your Manifestation

Manifesting is a LEARNED skill. I repeat, anyone can LEARN how to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

You want to train your mindset to create habits. Routine, consistency, and practice make for the progression…and progression brings your manifestations.

In addition, when you mesh your affirmations with your favorite moments of your day or even your favorite moments of the week (you can do this in the morning or at night), your brain is accepting what IS with what you ARE calling into your physical realm. So call it all in, call in anything and everything your soul craves because you ARE receiving it!

One More Tip & Trick

6) Set an alarm on your phone to go off 3 or 4 times per day so that you can continue training your mindset with positive affirmations- consistency is the funneling INTO your physical realm. Train your conscious, which will train your subconscious, and train yourself to start listening to what your SOUL is calling you to do. If it ain’t coming from your SOUL for your life goals, then it ain’t worth it!

The Material Will Follow

When you live by your soul’s calling, your most authentic calling for your life, the Universe responds favorably! Yes, the material items are wonderful to have, but what I’m talking about is your soul’s HIGHEST happiness. The material items will follow with EASE when you live by your soul’s truest PURPOSE.

And SURRENDER to the Universe’s timing and its “how” because the timing and the “how” is not your job to try and figure out. Don’t worry about the “when”, just relax and have FUN with your life, your journey is supposed to be happy and FUN. So start training your mindset to focus on the POSITIVE in life!

You’ve totally got this!

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4) There is a Q&A Google doc for those of you who want to post your questions anonymously that I will answer within…

5) Each topic/unit. We have a topic discussion thread so you can post your questions in there as well. I will post the answers from both the Google Doc sheet & from your questions within the discussion thread INSIDE the topic’s discussion thread.

This way there is further discussion & even more Q&A available within each discussion thread/topic. So everything is there in one place to keep your momentum going with ManiFASTing!

Ready to MASTER MANIFESTING all of your soul’s desires into your NEW reality!? I’ll see you in the VIP Membership Group, Master ManiFASTer!


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XOXO Jaclyn

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